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  1. The Europa League special programme is sold out on the online club store. 😩
  2. Yeah obviously but I mean why couldn't they have released it like they did with the maroon away TSWY jerseys which isn't limited edition?! Surely there's demand for it!
  3. I was disappointed to find that the limited edition TSWY home shirts are sold out in some sizes of which I need one of and emailed lcfc help and they said they're not restocking it any more, only restocking the away one with TSWY logo. I'm really sad about that as I don't like the look of the King Power logo on this season's home shirt and really wanted the TSWY version as it looks way better but left it waiting too long to buy it thinking I could get a Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount but ended up missing out. 😞
  4. Exactly same here mate, he has people manipulated into believing he's some kind of a saint. The guy is a twat at times.
  5. It's all subjective and selective occasions of him doing the right thing, often he has no tactfulness or dexterity in his words and actions, causes more harm than good, I prefer avoiding him from past experience. The guy is out of his depth and just does stuff like this so that sycophants can praise him online, I see through his bullshit. No offence.
  6. Tell that to Jim who was apparently saying that quote to someone who sent lcfc help an email from this forum! Jim is not suitable for his job! Just got some fame from that celebration when everyone else celebrated the same and he was just there in front of the camera in the right place at the right time. Overrated guy. He's always disappointed me with how he communicates with supporters. Needs some diplomatic skills.
  7. Not a fan of Jim, he's a wind up. Has caused more problems than solutions for supporters of late... including myself.
  8. But I do agree they should have been more informative about this policy...
  9. Oh I thought you were referring to the upcoming season as that's what it seemed like sorry.
  10. I've had issues with Jim too, he isn't very diplomatic and always says the wrong things to wind people up. Don't worry about him though, he'll be retired soon enough and is totally expendable anyway. If you feel he treated you wrongly and you feel strongly about it then send an official complaint into the senior management of the club by asking lcfc help to help you lodge a formal complaint, they'll then provide you with the email address you need to send the complaint into. I'm speaking from personal experience as I've had to use this once myself too but can't remember what the email address
  11. I guess they never mentioned it because the resale process works on a game by game basis and since there'll be no full capacity due to covid, they can't offer you that at the moment.
  12. I've done the same myself many times last season due to not being able to attend due to my health.
  13. I am completely on your side, empathise and sympathise with you however there is the resale process which was introduced at the start of last season, you should have used that instead mate.
  14. So did you manage to get your season ticket back? I really hope you did!
  15. Same, Jim isn't as good as he is made out to be... ran into an issue with him myself too.
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