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  1. Do you not think congregating fans in J1 would be a better idea as the L1, K1 boys wouldn’t have to move far and would be next to the Birmingham fans which would automatically improve the atmosphere.
  2. Have 4 tickets available for this game.
  3. Feel free to put forward your ideas of some new songs considering you find it “shit and boring”
  4. Looking for an under 17 ticket for this but will take an under 21 cheers
  5. Got two tickets together in SK1. Will take less than face value
  6. Could possibly change soyuncu to Evans
  7. Club needs to get rid of the light show and never bring it back again. Kills any chance of a pre match atmosphere and that carries into the game.
  8. Planning on bringing a couple of smoke bombs to the game. Anyone thinking of joining?
  9. Anyone wanna swap a top tier ticket for a bottom tier?
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