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  1. Why is Gray Starting

    So bored of Demari now. He used to offer the hope of something mercurial/exciting, maybe a goal. Now he just infuriates. He either can't be arsed or has been terribly coached as he's less effective than 18months ago.
  2. Attacking football - what happened?

    Agree. We had ample 2nd half chances to win at a canter. Problem yesterday was terrible 1st half, gave them something to cling on to.
  3. Kasper Schmeichel

    Didn't he keep us in the FA cup last game with a corking save towards the end, tipping it round the post? Keepers are always there to be criticised and people quickly forget the saves. Clangers get the attention so much more. That said, I do recognise that overall he has not had a great season, certainly by the standards he's capable of.
  4. V The Blades - Match thread

    That should be more than strong enough.
  5. Sheffield United Pre Match

    Could you send one over my way please?
  6. Sheffield United Pre Match

    Why is it on Fri Eve if not for TV broadcasting?
  7. Iborra could face a six year ban from football

    Given the complexity and big clubs involved I'd expect this to be locked in courts and appeals for decades. Not a problem.
  8. Matty Fryatt Retires

    Matty was bloody talented and when he hit his straps looked destined for big things. I think fitness and form buggered his development and he really tailed off, such a shame.
  9. I said earlier in the week he couldn't be swanning in on Friday, 24 hours before a match. And so he has. I'm gobsmacked re the timing, whose fecking running the show at LCFC. I now wonder whether he may even travel to Manc now.
  10. Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    That's a massive leap squire, have you been hanging out with the lads, assessing the vibe. It can be small things that galvanise a squad. Jose swears by have a parriah in the squad, makes everyone else feel all warm and fuzzy.
  11. Money Can’t buy my Love , but it’s killing it.....

    All this is really true and once you join the crazy money carnival, there are still no guarantees unless you go whole hog. I'd be happy if our club never spent north of ten million again and worked on a basis of grow your own or find gems. Then what will be will be.
  12. Should Riyad Mahrez play for the club again?

    I'm interested to garner opinion on how clubs manage this sort of situation. Does the club captain pop round and informally talk man to man with him. Do they send his best mate in the squad? Or is it done from higher up the food chain i.e Puel or the Thais? Surely these latter two (manager/owner) are the parties he's most pissed off with. Or is it all done through intermediaries i.e agents/lawyers? Surely to God just send Shinji round to put a smile on his face and tell him to grow up.
  13. Should Riyad Mahrez play for the club again?

    This. His days are numbered, be it now or the summer. Let's plan for the post Riyad era by trying out other options.
  14. Should Riyad Mahrez play for the club again?

    If he hasn't shown today and was expected I'm inclined to shift my position. We can't plan for the run in and assault on the FA cup with the uncertainty of he may one day return. Puel can't plan and organise a professional sports team like that. He returns tomorrow or bin him for the season. You can't have him swaggering in Thurs/Fri on the eve of a match. My good will is now almost depleted.
  15. Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    Albrighton will play for his work rate.