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  1. Beyond squeeky bum this is. It's going to go right to the wire. I can't see Pool or Chelsea dropping points in any other fixture. So we really do have two back to back cup finals in 4 days. Strap yourself in chaps!!
  2. To me he is simply a footballing black hole. When the ball goes there. Nothing, nothing ever happens. It's dark and endless nothingness.
  3. Good job as well. As lord Farquhar was looking a tad scratchy at times. Though sorted the winner out.
  4. Utterly wasted in there. Our best FB currently. But all attacking skills negated by tactics.
  5. In his earlier games for us he looked good going forward. Was happy to get into good positions and a competent passer. However since returning into the starting 11 that attacking verve appears almost non existent. Is this him following strict instructions or is he a tad nervous?
  6. I think neither he or Timmy offer a great deal as LWBs. Both are more comfortable and show their true talent marauding on the right. So I'm not going to be overly critical with him today. However he is a long way off the explosive and confident player of the pre injury era. Hopefully we see that again next season.
  7. We lost that game in the midweek tactics meeting. Yeah we played averagely in possession. But we sat so deep in shape, that there was no space to move forwards with the ball when we got it. BR has tried these tactics a few times against big boys. Whilst the odd result ensues. It's really regressive football that chucks our talent in the bin for 90 mins. I'd love to know what his tactics would be if we had our strongest/fittest 11. My instinct tells me it might not be much different.
  8. Best all round game in a foxes shirt. He was sensational in holding the ball up and linking play. Plus of course the two goals. In such a good groove currently. Long may it last.
  9. I think that's the best position for him and gives him the best chance to shine. His technical ability can thrive there. And his absence of pace and strength isn't so exposed. But as others have said. He needs to back that up a few more times, before I'll be convinced we weren't fleeced by NUFC.
  10. It's remarkable isn't it. A crocked Big Wes would have him in a foot race!
  11. He is definitely not as effective going forwards on the left. I think JJ really was exceptional in his attacking on the left side. Timmy is clearly a top right back and a solid left back. Not bad for the price.
  12. Agree. Undoubtedly the skies the limit. So in potential, he is the best. But I'm fairly sure that currently if all the options being available. Rogers would have Evans pencilled in as no.1. Evans is not flashy. But rarely makes a mistake of gets pulled out of position. The Fof does. But it's not a real issue as it will get ironed out with experience.
  13. Thats a interesting view. I think he will become our best. But Evans is the most reliable one we have currently. Fof has all the attributes. But due to his age he has a rick in him a game. Once is ironed out. He's going to be phenomenal.
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