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  1. Would be so harsh on the Pool. It's their title. About the only position that is nailed on right now.
  2. Enough of all this Covid 19 chat. Plain and simple, do I need to get up at 6.00am on Saturday to drive to Watford, or can I go on the piss tonight instead?
  3. If the league ended today, no one would have the chance to do a miracle run ala Leicester. You can't be relegated when you had ample time to manafacture survival. Saying that, I'd happily give Pool the title though.
  4. Im in corporate for this. I've got eggs Benedict and champers promised. Am I going to have it snatched from me??
  5. Given our wide boys are generally doggo currently, I'd have played Nacho & Vards together. I fear Nacho will be isolated if Barnes & Albrighton are off it again.
  6. He's a good player and has a solid all round game. He isn't good enough to carry the other off form midfielders. But who could??
  7. Matches will be cancelled at this rate because of the absence of loo roll in the grounds. Strange times!!
  8. Crap. He's a talent vacuum. He's sucked his career up his @#£#!! Even Rogers can't arrest the slide.
  9. Wow. Our early season mojo has gone the way of Demari Gray's career. Down hill rapid!!
  10. Strong line up. Good call. Feed the Nacho and he will score.
  11. So this is live on Facebook? Can anyone direct me to how I find it? Cheers
  12. I actually think he's a really tricky technical player. But he's not fast at all and can only influence in certain areas. He's the least likely winger since we used to play Scowcroft out there.
  13. Yep. If Vards isn't playing, let him tuck in behind Nacho. If he turns out shite in that position, then we probably have been mugged.
  14. Absolutely. Our fragile confidence needs a real boost. Don't invite a morale sapping defeat by going underpowered. I'd send the full troops in. Confidence and results breeds more of the same.
  15. He's very frustrating. His abilities can not be maximised out wide. In fact his fragilities are more exposed. Just stop in Brendan. Down the middle or not at all.
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