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  1. Think he's got a big future ahead. Overall he's done remarkably well. Especially with his passing/crossing.
  2. He is very limited with the ball. Almost always lateral. He's tidy, has lots of energy and combative. But to develop, he needs to spot the odd forward pass. Even CDMs need to be able to use the ball. In this area I think both Wilf & Mendy are better.
  3. Not a good day at the office. We were proper schooled. I could slate a few individual performances. But I won't. As most of the team were bang average tonight.
  4. Bless Wes. That was a real mixed bag. More towards the shocker end of the spectrum. Best forget that one Fof. Move on.
  5. Whose getting close to Vards in that line up? He may be a tad isolated unless Madders & Praet proper push on
  6. He certainly made himself available and wasn't shy of asking for the ball. He was very busy all night. Played well to me. Although his passing is mostly lateral. But with madders & Youri ahead that's okay. I think ultimately for his career to kick on he needs to move to a top championship or lower Prem team. I think now Mendy is boss and wilf is not too far away Hamza might stagnate a bit. That would be a real shame
  7. Perez is proper in the bad books. Rogers clearly lost patience. Not getting a sniff at all. Quite agree.
  8. The Fof is going to have to boss it. I fear this is another behind the ball job and pray for a fast break. Brendan has regressed so much in his tactics.
  9. For a lot of the game Youri & Madders were simply rotating around one another doing harmless 10 meter passes. Got a bit frustrating to be honest But Youri always has a killer ball in the locker. I think if people make runs and move, he will always give it a go as he's a great passer. Maybe it was a failure of others movement that held him in check for an hour
  10. Let's remember he's really a RB. The lads done very well.
  11. He bosses it very well. He plays to his strengths. Keeps it simple and retains possession. How great is it to have 2 options at CDM. Wilf has been overplayed since he arrived.
  12. Yeah I know. And it's a bogey venue. So I should leave it. Just a whine. Apologies
  13. Jammy buggers. Yeah we take the points. But anyone else notice we have a team of internationals and talented footballers. Any chance we can let them play some footie????
  14. Looked good in a lively cameo. More to come I think.
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