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  1. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Bored of this. He should be clammering to get a move to us. We represent a huge step up in league, club, money etc. So sorted mate or trot on!! Too assertive??
  2. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Danny Amartey

    He will go to pasture, if not already. He should force a move for his own development. Warming our bench is totally arresting his development and will ultimately dictate his career. In a way it's sad as he could grow, but not here.
  3. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    My gut instinct says he is a top keeper for our current level of club. Of course we could try a young pretender, but I think that is spinning the roulette wheel in hope that they are better. Given the choices I'd stick rather than twist.
  4. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    We will not acquire a better keeper. He is not faultless, but no keeper is. His influence on this team is huge. Unless he wants to go to a massive CL club, we should not entertain it, regardless of the offer.
  5. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Danny Amartey

    The thing with Dan is he looks all physical attributes and no footballing brain. The lack of instinctive awareness was really apparent. He is so far behind Wilf in that department that I think he needs to drop a level quick.
  6. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Ahmed Musa

    We'd take anything north of 8 in a flash I'd say. 40 would be lottery win
  7. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Less than a month till the transfer window shuts!

    10 + lads at the WC should indicate we have ample resources. How many did Burnley have? The clue is to find the blend and lose a few shite ones!!
  8. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Namplys Mendy

    What happened last season in France? Did he play at all and if not why?
  9. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Ahmed Musa

    Please make this true. I've told all my mates now. Sorry, I got so excited!!!
  10. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Demarai Gray

    I'm fairly bored of Demarai now. He has undoubted ability, but his footballing brain is on a par with Walcott. Has he got the motivation or intelligence to develop and improve. I'm just not sure. He's had opportunities, but aside from the odd 15min hot streak, he inevitably disappoints. Maybe he should move on. Wrong club, wrong player, wrong time??
  11. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Ahmed Musa

    Ruskin the genius. Always rated his business acumen.
  12. Marshall Cockney Fox


    No need to panic unless some numpty agreed a release fee. Our recruitment team aren't that stupid!!🤔
  13. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Has a relatively recent PFA player of the year ever been so hard to flog? The absence of clubs clammering for his services is interesting. Unless we believe MCFC was sewn up weeks ago?
  14. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Danny Amartey

    You need to send the lad an advance memo to track the player or ball! He needs to play an awful lot more footie to read the game better. Alas he won't get that here.
  15. Marshall Cockney Fox

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    Errrrrr yuk!!