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  1. I hope we have a few contingencies lined up. I'm not overly confident about this transfer now.
  2. I know he was doggo yesterday. But do you think scouting decisions and spanking 70+mil is based on one off games? Pep saw first hand how he locked his strike force down in that tight game in Manc. He also saw him slalom upfield with the ball. His price will not have shifted. Just a bad day at the office.
  3. I'd bloody hope we had internal replacements having spent nearly 30min on back ups last summer. If BR doesn't feel their up to it then he needs to buy a CB before we flog Maguire. If not Burnley will want 25mil for bloody Mee!!
  4. Played lads. Great shape and effort in defence. Look bright when going forward. Let's keep running at Vincent chopper Kompany. We can win this.
  5. Anyone know why my post is saying I've only posted 5 times when previously it was in the 500s??
  6. Lots of eyes on this tonight. Great platform to advertise ourselves, showcase our bright young things and lure future signings. Plus I know one Man City fan who will be frothing for 90mins. I'd love Jamie to wipe his smug smile away!!
  7. This is a very dubious precedent to set. The FA are going to be very busy moving forwards. Every team will recruit a social media analyst now to trawl through opponent players online foot print. There should always be some discretion applied to age and time lapsed. Bonkers!!
  8. Thing is he's not a dud though is he? Maybe just playing like one currently. However Nacho, well he could be!!
  9. Just angry fans venting. Need a scapegoat because they were bang average last night.
  10. I don't get all the judgemental angry comments. Most good players move on at some point. He gave us good service and I feel his contribution at times was critical in us being where we are today. Thanks Danny D. It's just bloody sad and a waste on so many levels. On a professional and personal level. Should have gone to Euro France instead of Crappy Whilshire. I blame Woy for everything!!
  11. Spurs are keen to shift a dozen lads I hear. They will definitely be recruiting, particularly if they sell anyone of value i.e. Erikson. They have a lot of tidy, defensive centre mids, but not anyone in the YT mold. Anyway we can't really stress about other clubs agendas. We need to just make it very hard for the lad to say farewell to us.
  12. There's two issues I have observed. A) Riyad played every game for us, got into his flair groove and was amazing. At City he isn't able to get his groove on. B) every time I have seen him he is completely stuck to the flank and never shifts. This is clearly his instructions, but negates his opportunity to drift and find space. Effectively reducing his impact. He is definitely told to create the width and make the pitch big. But he was never more than 5 meters from the touchline at any point. I've seen this in other games he's played. I think they use him as a threatening decoy to create space for others. A £60million decoy!!
  13. He's over thinking it. Just pull the trigger lad!!!
  14. Four in a row and I will believe we are in a new era. I think this one will be surprisingly difficult. But we must win if 7th is the goal.
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