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  1. I think it's testament to how improved Wilf's passing has become, that I was getting really bored of lateral Hamza last night. Just because your tasked with holding, doesn't mean you can't pick a forward pass. Madders and Youri were too deep as Hamza was shovelling it sideways constantly.
  2. Harvey is a great talent, who hopefully will become a legend. But I think the knockers, whilst harsh, have a point re his weaknesses. For all the good bits, I think he has missed more 'sitters' than anyone else in the team this season. I'd love to see a conversion rate stat. As my instinct says it would be awful. Hopefully someone can iron out this obvious weakness in his game. If they do, boy will he be a threat.
  3. Just goes to prove there are bargains to be had. Quality doesn't always come with a £40+ million price-tag
  4. I haven't heard any pundit since say it 'wasn't' a peno. But I've heard a few say it was a stonewall one. The gods didn't want us to win that semi. It was just a frustrating 180mins all round.
  5. So true. Let's not let the Haribo cup loss define this season. The top four finish and FA cup trophy will be what is remembered in years to come!! Keep the Faith
  6. He is shocking at corners. Stays rooted to the line mostly, even when the ball is in the six yard box. Not a strength of his.
  7. Yes when he doesn't click, he looks a liability. Offered nout tonight.
  8. Lost this in the first leg. So dominate and yet we limped away with a draw. When the same repeated in the first 15 mins of tonight, i knew we were fecked.
  9. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good stream site. My Now TV sports pack isn't showing tonight - feckers!!
  10. Yep. Need to get ahead of them early. If we're not leading at h/t we're in trouble.
  11. Musa was captain of Nigeria. Your point?
  12. Dennis is a very capable player. I think he's got a solid all round game, just doesn't 'currently' excel in anyone facet. He's almost the perfect blend between Wilf (tackler) & Madders/Youri (creative). He will improve and represents very good scouting as he was an unknown to me.
  13. Yep, I'm so over Demarai. The penny just won't drop. If someone offers 10mil or more, I'd get rid. All the best Dimi!!
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