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  1. I have spoken to both Spurs and Arsenal supporting mates recently. The talk amongst them re Mahrez was that he went entirely missing last year and he is perceived as being moody and lazy.
  2. Surely if we were going to let him go on the cheap it would have happened weeks ago. I'm assuming LCFC for once don't want their pants pulled down!!
  3. He's going to be doggo after all this.
  4. Oh lads - you still doing this?
  5. Their not a big spender so any agreed figure now will be conservative.
  6. Whilst I think all this delay is worrying, the lack of chatter about any other striker transfer action leads me to assume that LCFC are confident of getting their man - eventually!! Or am I being deluded?
  7. And I was starting to be impressed by Everton's recruitment. Walshy don't be so silly!!
  8. I agree with those who suggest he gets his head down, tare the Premiership up early season and he can have his pick in Jan. He sadly damaged his stock last season and needs to rebrand himself.
  9. I've never overly judged Mendy due to the injuries affecting his fitness and form. But the lad needs to shed a few pounds and get a proper run of games to find form. Is that really going to happen here? If he sits on our bench he will just go to pasture and tip the scales at who knows!!
  10. May check out a bit of German footie to see how he gets on.
  11. I recognise what your saying but he looks really mechanical and just seems to react rather than predict/read the game. He is so off the standard Ndidi sets. He may improve, but it all looks far too alien to him currently.
  12. Whilst it's borderline hilarious that were going to bin the lot, it also proves that our well oiled recruitment team is not all it's made out to be. Of which Mr Walsh was a major part. Some of those he will of endorsed, so Claudio (bless) shouldn't take all the heat.
  13. Would he suit Italian football? Not so sure.
  14. Please close this thread. I'm worried for your mental health lads. Move on.
  15. To be honest the moody Kraut can trot on. Most no.2's can go a whole season barely getting a game. This guy had a fair crack of the whip and sadly failed to shine. Bang average RRZ. No great loss.