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  1. Watched the standard YouTube vid. Looks to have good feet, a bit of acceleration and good balance. He is very left footed, but seemingly plays most on the right. Surely this is the end of either Gray, Albrighton or both?
  2. I believe this is why we haven't done much recruitment. Yet!! We need to streamline the bloated squad. Get the chaff out.
  3. I think with wingers. It really is pot luck whether they'll come good and be successful. This chap is capped, plays at top level in Italy, scores a few goals and is still quiet young. The elements are there. But will he end up better than Diabete or Ghezzal - feck knows!!
  4. Id happily cut our ties. The penny will never drop for Dimi in a Leicester shirt. There is a player in there. But bar the odd 20 min cameo. We've all waited so long for the 'real player' to appear. Move him on and take the money.
  5. Now we're on the eve of the season. Surely Burnley will play proper hardball. We'd have to pay north of 35 to win this now. Is he worth it? I never understand why clubs leave it do late. The selling club are limited in their recruitment alternatives so will likely fend offers off.
  6. This fella is very young and raw. If we do buy him. He will need time to develop and assimilate. If we want an immediate guaranteed Prem CB it has to be Tarks.
  7. No way we pay more for him than we trousered for Engs no.1 Left Back.
  8. That video montage elevates him above the plethora of random continental names touted. He's showing his tricks already in the Prem. So he is not a risk really. As you know he can do it at the top level. The question is, how will that be reflected in Burnley's asking price? I expect they would want big bucks unless he's on a short contract.
  9. They'll never get £50 mil if he's only got 2 years left on the contract. Dreaming in the NW they are!!
  10. I'm happy with this. In my opinion that gives us at least 3 good FBs (Riccy, JJ and Timmy). They can rotate to cover the games. With the young lad and Fuchs dipping in and out.
  11. It's only us and the press who seem to view this signing as a like for like replacement for Chillers. Assembling a squad is a tad more complicated than one out / one in. This signing has perhaps more to say about Riccy P's future. JJs long term position. And the young lads stock at LB. Is TC shite? - clearly not!! So let's embrace it, if and when it happens.
  12. I watched the standard YouTube video. He looks very tidy and mobile. But he was almost entirely at RB for the whole montage. Is he really the no.1 in our LB search?
  13. I can't believe we'd sell Chillers without a like for like replacement completely lined up. He's our only real LB. The young lad is too raw & Fuchs legs can't handle too many games.
  14. 50 mil is great business if we use it wisely. However that's a big IF!!!
  15. Possibly. Although I think our wider squad is quite bloated anyway. So many players on our books who never ever get picked or near the team. Some of these are on hefty wages. I think we need to clear out before we can buy.
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