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  1. He and Vards are very different players. But I really think they could complement each other. They just need to click and find form at the same time. Shame Nacho undercooked all of his attempted through balls.
  2. His return will help our cause. As he's good on the ball and can pick a pass. He will help us move the play up the park quicker.
  3. Two cameos. And I won't form an opinion yet, as I've seen him do nothing. Can't say I'm excited though.
  4. We best not mention him again. Only frustration will come of it. Seems BR would rather play the kit man than ...........🤫
  5. Totally. He was developing some real play 1st half. But he is always viewed second to Vards in BRs mind. I'd have subbed Vards off. Not Nacho.
  6. I have to say Hamza was the worst offender. But Big Dan and a few others passing tonight resembled Div 1 at best. Shocking passes over and over again. Against a better team we would have been buried.
  7. Whose going to create in that line-up. This will only work if Timmy & Riccy have blinders.
  8. I think we call that a line up not to lose. Rather than one to win. I trust the irony isn't lost on my foxes talk brethren.
  9. Spot on. No fan with a brain cell would have criticized Brendan for trying to rest him in some of those. Logic states you can't keep going non-stop.
  10. The one thing about this team as compared to MON lot is that this lot struggle to 'dog' a goal out. We either play well and score lovely goals. Or we struggle. Sometimes you need the option of swinging a ball over in the 89 min and let a big lad nod it in. We don't have that plan B,C at all. Watch Burnley demonstrate that art this evening.
  11. I saw Brendan in an interview saying he regrets not being able to rest him as currently he's the only fit creative centre mid. However the issue to me is not why he can't rest him NOW. It's why he was not given a break weeks ago in FA cup, Europa games. There was opportunities a while back that were no taken. Now he has no choice due to the injuries. Sadly I expect Youri's form will tail off now.
  12. We have reached a point where I have no sense of how this match will play out. We are shorn of some of our quality. And those that are playing are not firing. Im not overly optimistic really. So hope to be pleasantly surprised.
  13. I've liked it when he's really hugged that right touchline and focussed on skinning the full back. When he takes it and then drifts in on the left peg into traffic. Well bloody anything can usually happen then.
  14. But not quite as simple as that is it. With Barnes & Madders he would be one of multiple creative attackers. Now the burden is entirely on him. Different picture. Still hope he does well.
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