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  1. I think of late, he's trying to beat a man a lot more. Quite successfully. But he hasn't the Fuchs or Guppy wand to capitalise.
  2. I think Ben offers a great outlet and forward drive. He could probably skin a lot of LM & LBs. But once he approaches the box, the 'vision' and execution isnt there. This is where Robertson is much superior. If the penny drops in this aspect of his game, he will be a top player.
  3. Not a good sign this. Something has gone massively backwards since the injury at Celtic. Not looking like the future is he?
  4. This ones not on Chillers. He was probably our busiest player. Yes he cant cross for shite. But he's not on his own there. Back off the lad as he's the wrong patsy tonight.
  5. He is well of form. Forget the touches count. Its the absence of drive and intensity that worries me. He's been poor since the December injury. But he's actually come back from lockdown worse. Nacho offered so much more. Come back the real Vards we miss you!!
  6. Feck i get all the prem games on my Now TV phone only subscription. But its only the Prem channel. They have stuck this on a channel i dont have. Help!!!
  7. Our attacking 4 or 5 players need to cop on. I know Brendan is getting a lot of stick. But there will be 4+ players on the park today tasked with creating goals or scoring them. Post lockdown they've all been shite. No creativity, no clinical shooting - nothing. So yes BR needs to motivate them. But those lads need to wake up and justify there huge salaries.
  8. He's off form no doubt. But his attacking support are all off it as well. He's getting nothing from Gray, Barnes, Maddison, Perez etc etc. The malaise is much bigger than Jamie. But as he's our heartbeat it stands out a lot more. To be fair he's been poor since his return from injury. That December off did not help him or us at all.
  9. I'd say if the first team aren't knackered they should play. Only regular games is going to shift them into form. They look so ponderous currently. I fear a rest would set them even further back!!
  10. Would be so harsh on the Pool. It's their title. About the only position that is nailed on right now.
  11. Enough of all this Covid 19 chat. Plain and simple, do I need to get up at 6.00am on Saturday to drive to Watford, or can I go on the piss tonight instead?
  12. If the league ended today, no one would have the chance to do a miracle run ala Leicester. You can't be relegated when you had ample time to manafacture survival. Saying that, I'd happily give Pool the title though.
  13. Im in corporate for this. I've got eggs Benedict and champers promised. Am I going to have it snatched from me??
  14. Given our wide boys are generally doggo currently, I'd have played Nacho & Vards together. I fear Nacho will be isolated if Barnes & Albrighton are off it again.
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