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  1. Hit the onion bag = we win. Simple game lads. Not Puels fault at all today. Barnes would have buried all his for WBA!!
  2. How can we blame the manager for the lads missing a bundle of sitters??
  3. Stowell been reading this thread and counselled Puel. Fan power!!!
  4. Genius or lunacy? We will know shortly. In fact in exactly 28 mins!!
  5. All the stick Mendy/Ndidi get completely ignores the fact that they have got 4 attacking lads in front of them. Puel sets it up deliberately that the two CMs do ALL of the donkey work and the front 4 create and score. I think we're pointing the finger in the wrong direction. Either slate the front 4 or Puels tactics.
  6. Let's not talk shite, on that 2nd half showing we could have easily drawn or won another game. We are playing with one aging striker and some very young lads. The issue is the crazy early goals. Sort that out and we will massively improve.
  7. Back in the day if MON had signed you by noon, you were playing at 7:45. Not sure why he needs to bed in. Is he fit - yes, has he played recently - yes, us he better than what we have - yes/no? If the latter, why the feck did we get him.
  8. Will he be a hit there though? Answers on a post card.
  9. His resale value plummets by the minute. So play the lad or sell him. It is in no one's interest for him to sit twiddling this thumbs whilst taking an LCFC salary. This is surely crazy business and even worse football??
  10. This is sadly so true. The two Iberians for all their disputed failings, can pick a pass. Our first choice pairing are so limited in possession. Shocking
  11. Surely away fixtures with tricky oppos is when we play the 433 with the three tackling centre mids? I can't fathom the logic. This is a formation that could get over run by wolves passing ability.
  12. It's a beautiful end for kamikaze Beni to leave us for Forest. All the best squire.
  13. Our delusions of grandeur. Were little old Leicester FC. We should know our place!!😉
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