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  1. They are awful! Anything other than 3 points even with this team is bad.
  2. Not quite. Just thinks he’s anonymous. No one can actually say what he’s good at.
  3. Again “superior” football knowledge. Please explain what the rest of us are not seeing... and rodgers who rarely picks him
  4. Its because he does “unnoticed stuff”. Anonymous as usual. to think people want this joker starting!
  5. Prset does a lot of “unnoticed stuff”. Roughly translated to a clogger.
  6. The manager agrees with me... not doing too badly are we. You will just say Praet does “unnoticed stuff”.
  7. Sorry but a 50% fit Maddison is a far better player than Praet.
  8. Praet is one of them players people will make out does a lot of “unnoticed stuff” to show their “superior” football knowledge. In reality he does not a lot
  9. It’s because the broadcasters want on as many games possible ... do as they say
  10. It is from a goal he scored for barnsley.
  11. Where can I see the top 10? Can you post it?
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