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  1. Don’t just look at stats but watch the games, what how he plays, watch how others play, take note of formation and other players around him. Barnes is a very talented naturally gifted footballer, but he has things to learn especially as one poster said above how he can force his way into a game when he is not getting much of the ball. On this, he can learn a bit from Nachos. Someone compared him with Maddison. Different sort of player but Barnes’ final ball is much better. As another poster said above, he does all the work and the final ball is often putting it more on a platter for others. Maddison has the right ideas, but he needs to improve on that final ball - too often it is too short, too long, too much away from the best path or a second too late, and the recipient needs to do a lot more to get to it or then try to take a good shot. And he takes all our corners and freekicks. Someone also mentioned Grealish - he is a gem. He can do much better if he plays in a better team than Villa. What I am saying is, there seems to be too much focus on stats and what pundits say. We have also separately concluded that most pundits do not know what they are talking about because they just read stats and don’t watch games.
  2. Actually we were starting to get on top before the sent off. I feel we could actually win if the sent off did not occur and they would not sit back as much.
  3. Lack of desire to win from some is disappointing. We were not like this 2 years ago.
  4. It is not just because of big 6 bias, but it is mainly because many pundits do not actually watch games and do not know what they are talking about. They just rely on “gut” so they talk based on preconceptions (influenced by big 6 biased history), what headlines in papers say, and what other pundits say (ie. bullshit).
  5. Agree. He should have been able to prevent their goal. I was shouting for Fuchs to sub in for him and let Soy play on the right of back 3.
  6. Now that I have gotten over the disappointment of the last 10 mins which I felt we should and could have tried harder, I think the performance overall (together with the Palace game) is more encouraging considering where we have been since December - we have been very poor. I am also happy that BR seems to agree with FT with the selection and formation in the last game - which apart from Bennett starting instead of Fuchs - he had taken our advice on board (just kidding obviously he does what he does). In the next game, I like to see us start Fuchs as he offers more defensively and going forward. I also like to see Praet in for Ndidi - that guy needs a rest anyway and also I like to see us attack a bit more with movements in the middle which Praet can offer more than Ndidi. Mind you - he was immense, but if we stick with 3 at the back, we don’t need Ndidi as much.
  7. The linesman was at fault here. She raised the flag not having a clear vision and the Ref got influenced by her and blew his whistle without going to VaR
  8. Just was not clear and obvious. This line is drawn by the VaR ref at an angle that is difficult to tell. Plus, given we were robbed of the first half goal from Nachos, they could not possibly disallow another goal for that.
  9. Actually we should have won. Nachos did score in the first half.
  10. Yeah. We had an additional man and we should have kept pumping it up. Particularly disappointed with Tielemans - he is meant to be our most creative midfielder out there but he just kept passing sideways or backwards with no urgency to Evans or Soy in the last 10 mins! At least Gray and Justin did try to go forward while Praet was trying to make runs (though often ignored).
  11. What the hell were the last 8 mins?? No urgency. And there should be at least 1 more min of stoppage time as Arsenal had a substitution. Should have gone harder for the win.
  12. Albrighton plays a lot better on left with Fuchs. Need Fuchs on for Bennett.
  13. By the way, is it just me or Bennett should have been a bit more forward to be able to intercept the pass for the Arsenal goal? Fuchs on for Bennett please.
  14. Agree. Need Fuchs on for Bennett and move Soy to the other side. Soy Evans Fuchs
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