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  1. Good point. Under can use his right too, as we saw with his pretty accurate right footed crosses, so he can probably play either wing.
  2. The whole team were suffering from frost bites during the first half, including Amartey, whose passes were often short and running with no energy. He was much better second half.
  3. I wonder if Under can play left winger? Under does have a good left foot.
  4. Ok with me except I prefer Cags over Fofana and Ricardo for Justin with Castagne moved to the left. I like Under’s combo with Ricardo so I like to watch another game with this combo. Harsh on Justin and Albrighton, but without Vardy, I think we need more movements further up which Under and Ricardo can provide more of. We lose the workrate of Albrighton but Vardy is not here and Under is not too bad. We can bring Albrighton and Justin on to shore things up at 70.
  5. Not quite there yet but improving, agree. In fairness, we need to recognise the effort of Puel too. Often I hear commentators say on TV that Leicester used to be a counter attacking team and it was Rodgers who added possession based football to the team. Actually, Puel was the brave one who started this and let’s admit it it was ugly but he did make progress. (We are not really a counter attacking team anymore and when a punter still say that on TV now, I know he knows nothing about Leicester and he is still reading a script from 3 years ago).
  6. Who were you thinking about? I am a massive Barnes fan since the beginning but I do have to say that he does still need to improve on his positioning, anticipation and runs. He is much better now, but he does not see enough of the ball because his does not make his position welcoming enough for his teammates to pass to him. Whether his teammates can pass is another matter, as Vardy knows and whose positioning and runs often beg the ball to be passed to him (but more that his teammates often fail him). He also needs to make more intelligent runs - he does run but again I think they
  7. Agree with many that Maddison has been improving massively of late coinciding with his playing further upfield and being disciplined about not dropping too deep and clash with Tielemans (who is and should be our midfield maestro that pull things together - Tielemans is our best midfielder). However, Maddison is still poor with his corners and long balls - as the commentator said on the channel I was watching the Brentford game on, “Maddison is not a good long ball passer is he, he is better at short passing around the box, but Leicester does have Tielemans to make those long ball passes” (or w
  8. Maybe that was what Rodgers threatened at half time because they looked different afterwards?
  9. Our final balls can still be better generally. Nachos had got himself into good positions but no one could pass to him.
  10. Disappointed to see Under substituted. Would love to see more of him before he returns to the bench next game. Should have sub off Maddison, especially as it means we still have a right winger instead of moving Perez.
  11. Under has been our best player today overall, I think.
  12. Ricardo!! He is still our no. 1 RB. How did Under miss the target from there though?
  13. Great. Soy made a good tackle. Maddison - good to see you come out with that. Nice finish by Under.
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