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  1. Fuchs is a more efficient and effective player and has a wiser head. Chilwell can still learn a thing or two from Fuchs, if he is humbled enough (which is really my concern). Otherwise, whilst he is not the finished product yet he has huge potential.
  2. Not at all. Would have been really pi*sed if the ref did give a penalty.
  3. A bit of an interesting change with Maddison off. I would have taken Chilwell instead.
  4. Ndidi!! Positioning all wrong! did not close down
  5. Why yellow? There should be some compassion here.
  6. Ndidi still needs to learn to control the ball better (much better).
  7. MacGuire out of position and silly error. Typical of MacGuire really. Maybe it is a good thing that Rogers get to see that.
  8. Absolutely. Most Leicester fans who have been watching him this season know that he has been pretty average this season. The stats do not show at all the quality of those chances. See various Maddison threads. He has done a little bit better in the last two games but far far from being Europe’s most creative player!! Putting him even in the same sentence as Messi and Hazard is a real embassment really - the author knows nothing about football.
  9. You will have to say Pereira! He may turn out to be a bargain. Evans is second for me given he was signed for only 3.5 mil!
  10. I don’t know why we are speculating who will gain or lose under Rogers so early in the day. None of us is Rogers and we have not seen enough of games he has been in charge to be able to see what his preferences are so as to even allow us to have this conversation. This is simply a discussion about who YOU want to see let go or given new lease of life.
  11. Yes, I was baffled (putting in very mildly) that Evans did a back pass on the freekick with minutes left on the clock and everyone was expecting it to be a long ball into the box. Incredible. Even Vardy made a similar baffling decision to send the ball 50 yards backwards when he was on a fast break but the pass unfortunately took him to the corner. Instead of putting the ball into the box, he made a long back pass. He was probably expecting his teammate to quickly pass it forward as he made his run into the box. Instead, his teammate passed it another 50 yards backwards. Watford killed off a counter attacking move without even touching the ball or did any pressing! It was just very ugly to see.
  12. Arguably we were more defensive than it had been under Puel the last two months. We had an extra defender - fine - allowing Chilwell and Pierera to roam forward more. But the overall attitude was worst with players going for backpasses all the way from the final third to our half on quite a few occasions. We were going to lose the ball anyway, so why not have a go. I can sense Rogers edging for a summer spending spree, but I hope he tries to develop what is there already at the club. Got a lot of work to do.
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