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  1. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/youri-tielemans-lap-of-honour-5530583 Can we not have the same story blown up, repeated, repackaged etc over and over again??
  2. If only we kept our 2-1 lead over Spurs, he would more likely stay. Those last 15 mins of that game may have costed us Tielemans and 60m or so in lost revenue.
  3. Not trying to raise expectations to a level that could be counterproductive, but bearing in mind that it is more difficult to perform to his full potential as a deep lying midfielder (as whether he can make that decisive pass also depends on the quality of the players and runs around him so naturally at Luton his qualities may be undermined compared to when he comes back to Leicester), as opposed to someone like Barnes who does much of the running into the final third himself, I do think KDH is a special player. Hope he makes it.
  4. Yeah, 2 points deduction seems fair. They started it.
  5. PL should definitely deduct points from Chelsea now. Relegate them to fifth. Leicester goes up to fourth. All should be happy.
  6. In fairness, at that point, I thought we did ok. We should’t have just sat back and invited pressure. We were unlucky in that respect that Kasper punched the ball in. After that though, I do question our tactics. We needed to chase so I thought we should have kept Albrighton on instead of Mendy (for Perez).
  7. Even when we needed to score after getting to 2-2, he substituted Albrighton out for Perez. We needed to score, so not sure why not take Mendy out? Albrighton did ok before then and his long passes remained probably our most effective way in getting the ball forward at the time. So yes, Rodgers is too conservative even when our season was down to the wire and we needed to score!
  8. And be sacked after a season potentially
  9. Yeah ... unfortunately it is more Rodgers. If you play a defensive formation and emphasise on safety first, that’s what you get. Players need to play with freedom and focus only with the game in mind. Rodgers’ job is to take away from the players the nervousness and hesitation by telling them just to play at their best and attack. If you have a coach that tells you to control the game, that instills hesitation and lack of self belief. Pep, Klopp, Ferguson etc never ask their team to defend a lead and stop playing. Overtime, this becomes a mentality issue.
  10. Yeah ... I wanted Ricardo to come on but I wasn’t sure Maddison should have come off. Without Ndidi, he helped to keep the ball in midfield even though his passes were a bit off. I thought Mendy should have come off for Ricardo. Oh well.
  11. He has never been good with punching. Should have just tried to catch it ... better chance at deflecting it away
  12. But we stuffed it up ... wondered why they allowed their third goal though. It was a handball in the box. Seen it given by VAR before.
  13. Gutted. Villa did us a favour. We couldn’t hang on. Lost to 2 corners really. If only Kasper punched it. But overall, Fofana getting injured was the key moment. Injuries hitting us hard this season. But if Ndidi stayed in midfield we may have controlled the midfield better. Gutted, but proud of the boys.
  14. Oh come on we still need Albrighton with his long balls
  15. Praet for Mendy. Need to go for it
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