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  1. Yeah. And what we did is called an offside trap. They should respond by moving up the line with our last defender but they didn’t. Also, if they were not there, Justin could have challenged for the ball but no doubt when he saw a man in front of him he decided in that mini second not to slide in to block it because it could cause injury. That is enough interference.
  2. We have not used up that token then. This is clearly offside. Why were the Arsenal players standing on the goal line to begin with?
  3. Exactly. There is a risk to everything. We took a risk too in deciding not to have any player standing on the goal line in hope of an offside decision like this or to force the opposition back - they didn’t stand back and it backfired on them. Also, sometimes, it is best that decisions are made by the ref real time which is what the linesman - good on him. When things are slowed down to 1/10 of real time, everything looks a bit different.
  4. Yeah. It was offside. You can’t hang around the goal, trying to block the keeper and in an offside position and then try to say you are not offside.
  5. Absolutely. And he is more. He is super determined. His constant running for lost causes - compared that to Barnes and Maddison when they were up there; it is like day and night. It may seem easy just to run, but it is more then just fitness, it is psychology, it is being fearless, it is actually thinking that you may get there when many would give up without even running. His passing, crosses and linkup work are also underrated. He is pretty good and this adds to him being unplayable and irreplaceable because he has so many tricks up his sleeves. You may think teams have figured h
  6. Agree. I can understand why fans are happy and I am too of course. But when we lose to the likes of West Ham the same fans will come back, complain and wonder why we can beat Man City and now Arsenal (luckily - if they converted any one of their half dozen first half chances the game would have been long gone) but we cannot beat West Ham and Villa. We are too negative to beat well organised teams that also know how to sit back or press. (Seems fans are forgetting the patterns of negativity shown during this entire 2020.) Mind you, we only managed 2 chances the whole game. Lucky we have Vardy t
  7. Remember Man City ... and then the next two games after that ... Let’s see if Rodgers has learnt
  8. Agree!! Though Albrighton did a good job on the left after he came on including that pass to Vardy
  9. Not sure about being more threatening on the break: we kept pulling back to the half way line. We were very negative apart from the two passing moves that led to Vardy’s goal scoring opportunities. One involved Tielemans and the brilliant Under. The other involved an excellent pass from Albrighton which if it was any other player it would have been a backpass. Mendy and Fofana were indeed excellent. Evans solid as ever. Vardy’s runs are just amazing. He slowed his run to make it loads of space for Under to pass. Under definitively did not intend to pass it on the ground.
  10. Very matured display. Plays like a £30m pound signing and not one just for the future. Apart from one or two errors in positioning I can recall, he was brilliant.
  11. Sorry. No. Just lucky. We will follow up with defeats like we did with Villa and West Ham if this sort of negativity continues.
  12. Nah ... we were lucky not to concede first half. We just created a total of 2 chances in the entire game. Sorry, this is just a false impression that the manager’s plan worked. We will follow this with performances like we put up against Villa and West Ham just in recent games past.
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