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  1. Tom12345

    How did Barnes do?

    Chilwell is overated. Noticed too he missed opportunities to pass to Barnes and passed backwards instead. Glad a few have seen the same as a few others on other threads seem to think I was dreaming.
  2. Tom12345

    Who do you want January 2019

    Is it worth bringing Drinkwater back? He is not good enough for Chelsea but can still do a job for us given our problem in CM. He is also linked with Ranieri at Fulham.
  3. Tom12345

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Back to Maddison, does anyone think he is a bit too much of a selfish player? He wants glory too much for himself and that is affecting his game?
  4. Tom12345

    James Maddison Confirmed

    If you compare against Chilwell, then yes.
  5. Tom12345

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Agree. I still don’t know why King is sidelined so much. He is not as bad as many makes him out to be. He goes forward and links up well with Vardy.
  6. Tom12345

    James Maddison Confirmed

    He needs to let Barnes or Albrington take some of the set pieces.
  7. As in he knows how good Barnes is, but he feels superior to Barnes, so he didn’t want to let Barnes shine in his first game back
  8. Tom12345

    Barnes coming back

    No, that’s not what Bezzanator meant. His teammates, ie. Chilwell, Gray, Ndidi and the like just are not good enough to find him. This is a more general problem. He should work well with Vardy, Maddison, Ricardo, Albrington and Ghezzal though
  9. Granted, Chiwell is a good LB, but we cannot rely on him to be our winger as well delivering crosses. His crosses are far too predictable and late. He should only be a support on the wing and not the attacking focal point. Fuchs is much better in that regard.
  10. Agree. Chiwell holds on the ball far too long all the time. His crosses are often too late, behind the forward line, or are just out of bounds. This is not a one off. He also has a tendency to blame others which is annoying. Agree also re his refusal to release Barnes. I mentioned in the match thread too - seems like many mentioned the same. Maybe jealousy. Maybe it is simply his poor decision making.
  11. Tom12345

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Not sure about Chilwell either
  12. Tom12345

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Our crosses were mostly of very poor quality - most couldn’t even beat the first defender. Puel is a stubborn man. Slimani would have been very useful today and free up Vardy. Vardy had 3 tall blokes dealing with crosses around him all day. No chance for a striker not known for his aerial ability.
  13. Tom12345

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Barnes is really good. The main positive from this game. Hamza had another great game. Maddison also played better after Barnes came on. Chiwell - he is a good LB but we need to rely less on him to be our attacking focal point. So many plays get to him and than they slow down. Play precisely into Southampton’s strategy of parking the bus after having only 10 men. Ricardo had a decent game but he could not cross the whole game.
  14. Tom12345

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Come on. Ridiculous to blame Vardy. Did you not watch the game? Vardy always makes intelligent runs - but he needs his teammates to release him early! But the likes of Chiwell and Gray always wait. So then Vardy has 7 defenders ahead of him.