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  1. No. We should never question or boo Vardy, even if one day he becomes that. Sorry, just no way.
  2. I think he has the technical abilities to be a great player, but he is far from the finished product. Things to work on: - stay on feet more (he slips too often) - be more consistent with freekicks and corners: too often he can’t even clear the first man and his corners to be honest are usually crap (but he can do much better) - pass better and earlier (he needs to learn from Albrighton) - put more weight behind his through balls (he can make the right pass, but his through balls are usually underweight) - he needs to work on his power (maybe this explains why he often under-hits - he needs to make better decisions (he is way better than Gray, but again he can learn from Albrighton)
  3. Indeed it was a good lesson for the team. I think the players did well, but hats off to Guadiola, his tactics were far superior compared to Rogers’. He saw that we wanted to play from the back and were using Schmichel a lot, but Schmichel was a weakness and Ndidi and Hamza were not good enough to rescue the back four with good positioning to receive a pass and go forward. When pressured, he saw that Ndidi and Hamza would pass backwards and ultimately to Schmichel who had no choice but to pump it upfield. I mean, if we have to just pump it upfield, I rather Albrighton do this (or indeed any other player but Kasper). As a result, Guadiola pushed his team higher and higher up the pitch because he knew that 95% of the time we would pass backwards and the risk of a counter was negligible. This constant press high up field meant that we were not able to even get past our own half. Rogers should have dealt with this by changing tactics as I said during the game - including to drop Maddison deeper to help rescue the back four but also to have more forwards upfield so Guadiola could not press as high to reduce risk of a counter. Outplayed on tactics. Guadiola 1 - Rogers 0
  4. Nacho should have let the ball run to his right foot before striking it with that right foot. The keeper had the left covered and so the only way around the keeper was out of bounds - exactly as he did. Should have been more aware where the goal was. Vardy would not have missed.
  5. Thoroughly outplayed. Poor set up. No attacking intent until late. Rogers should have made the changes at half time when it was clear we could not even get out of our half. We were never going to be able to hang on.
  6. Stop passing backwards. It always end up in a long ball anyway. Might as well go forward.
  7. Stop playing Puel ball. Hit it forward.
  8. Something needs to change. Pass it upfield for a start.
  9. Unless something changes, Man City is looking increasingly like getting a goal soon. We need to press higher and I feel like we need Barnes but I wouldnt know who to take off.
  10. Fully agree. Such investigations can also be counterproductive. No one will say anything anymore, bottle it all inside, and no one can help educate them. None of us are perfect, but we learn through life lessons as we grow old. Kids should be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. He apologised and we should all move on. But the person who received the complaint at the FA cares more about his/her job and not be scrutinised for not following protocols - standing in the way of common sense. Applying the same standards to politicians, it means we will never elect someone who has genuinely given life a go, made mistakes and therefore experienced and wiser, to lead us. We will instead elect bookworms who have never taken any risk in life.
  11. I think this is just sensational journalism and I think it misses the point. The problem is not having the Big Six. 20 years ago, it was the Big Three (Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool). Then it became Big Four when Chelsea turned into Chelski. Then Big Five with Man City being acquired by Middle East riches. Then might as well add the Spurs to make it the Big Six. Once you make it, of course you want to consolidate and prevent others from joining. Very normal. Every year, some ambitious owner wants to give it a go, but it is a difficult game and many failed - just ask Fulham: despite spending millions, staying in the EPL is not easy in itself let alone joining the Big Six. But the point is, over the course of even the last 20 years, that has changed. The real problem is more fundamental. Why are we being dictated so much by financial muscles of the owners (many are foreign) which have so little to do with history, fan base, homegrown football talents and infrastructure, how well clubs are run, etc. Unlike Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool (maybe even the Spurs), if the Middle Eastern owners of Man C sell out next year, that could well be the end of Man C dominance. We need a better system where the riches of the owners have less to do with success. The Americans are worst when it comes to fair play (door to competition is actually shut), but I think there are a few things we can borrow from their professional leagues (like a draft system; salary caps; penalty tax; etc). They are rules, yes, which are actually designed to protect the profits of the clubs/teams (another topic), but they could be useful in our context.
  12. Fully agree. There cannot ever be phasing out of the values that Vardy represents at Leicester City FC. They are amongst others values of loyalty, family, determination and hard work. They need to be celebrated constantly. At no point in time would I want to see fans here talk about phasing out Vardy because he is getting old and not banging in goals as frequently as fans like, because it would also mean phasing out of the much more important values that he represent and which we as a football club need to keep in order to generate the sort of spirit and family atmosphere that the club has.
  13. Dont fall for it. Tielemans’ agent is just playing tricks. The 40mil figure first came from some unknown random paper quoting no one. Then someone picked it up, and then all the pundits referred to the 40mil figure as if they heard it direct from Monaco and it became something that is “apparently known”. Stop making rumours up to our disadvantage. For all those reporters out there, Tielemans is only worth about 10mil at best.
  14. Vardy is one of a kind. His story is inspirational in itself, and I reckon it is because of his humble beginnings that he treasures what he has and Leicester more than others. He is just happy to play for Leicester, doing his best, and of course earn some money along the way. He is on a paltry 100k a week salary (or less) which for a player of his calibre could easily get a 50-100% uplift elsewhere. He is not getting any younger too so last few years were his best chance to earn that mega buck move. He gave that up for the Foxes. So please please I reiterate no one should ever doubt him. He can play til he is 40 here if he likes and just be walking around the park and I would support him 100% regardless.
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