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  1. Good observation. I wonder though if it is because of a desire to fit in - to not be branded selfish and not be shouted at by Chilwell constantly, like the little brother under the shadow of his bigger brother. This is why he seemed to play better without Chilwell. Anyway, if he can get away from that, whatever it is that holds him back, he can get very far.
  2. http://amp/s/www.givemesport.com/1540449-manchester-united-fans-comments-about-harry-maguire-from-september-have-gone-viral%3famp Not to rub it in, but a lot us here (me included) thought he was an average defender at best and our defence was (and is) so much better without him. He was overhyped because of his runs which 99% of the times ended up producing nothing. So glad he left.
  3. It may be wishful thinking, but hopefully Mendy can sign a 1 year extension.
  4. Nah, he has had off games particularly earlier in his career with us.
  5. Agree. He responded positively and we should indeed get behind him.
  6. No. You have obviously not been watching Chilwell close enough for years. He is different. When he makes a bad pass, he would often gesture to teammates or at least show a facial expression to put the blame on teammates. Someone who always blame others for own faults can never really get to their full potential. This is the thing I had with him. It is fine to be confident like Maddison - different when you go around and blame others. Also compare to Vardy - when someone makes a bad pass to him, he would often still put the thumbs up to encourage his teammates. Just different. I am all for Chilwell improving and look forward to it.
  7. Haha. Was walking typing that. What I was saying is that he was just getting a taste of his own medicine. I really feel this is good for him - to help him stay humble and learn.
  8. It is good that he listened to the crowd and tried to be more positive and responded. Seems Rodgers is aware too. Good signs. Others played better but still overall a good reaction. He could still do more to control his ego (especially when he himself is not playing well) and not moan at Barnes and Perez. On the other hand, good to see Soy shouted at him too for a dangerous backward pass.
  9. Agree especially with this. He was excellent and really helped the defenders get the ball out of our own half better than Wilf can.
  10. Would have loved to see Nacho scored. He was so happy to see Perez scored the penalty too. Nacho did well today. So did Perez with 2 goals and Barnes with a goal, an assist, a few good runs, better defending, a few other shots on target and some lovely touches (eg. one to Maddison to allow him to strike at goal).
  11. VAR wording should change. From: Penalty Decision - Foul. To: No clear and obvious error to overrule. Clearer.
  12. Not a penalty. Minimal contact. But silly challenge by Ndidi.
  13. Agree re Maddison (poor touch and missing something) - just not getting it right. But Perez has done well I thought. Linking up and pressing forward. Good game from him actually.
  14. Summary: - Very costly clearance by Vardy. Oh dear. He is the one player we do not need to be injured. - Great game otherwise overall. - Mendy was playing very well. Best player until he was off. - Surprised Ndidi is actually playing after his injury. - Tielemans and Perez doing well with their respective roles. - Barnes with a goal and an assist. Surpassed Mendy now as the best player on the pitch. - Maddison, quiet, quiet a few bad touches and just missing something. Praet should come in for a spell in place of Maddison. - Ricardo, what a menace on the right. We need to pay this guy more. - Chilwell, better game from him but I wish he could stop moaning at his teammates (at Barnes and then Perez). - Soyuncu, great defending so far. Won everything. - Evans organising well at the back.
  15. Good game so far. Mendy for me the standout performer so far. Barnes and Perez both doing well. Tielemans not too bad though Maddison still a bit off - maintain that Praet should be there instead. But so far excellent play by the boys.
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