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  1. I wonder how Pep would feel if it is true Mahrez is regretting not going to Arsenal when he is now at Man City?
  2. Did he not sign a contract and made a commitment? Leicester was within its powers to demand that he fulfilled his commitment. Also did he forget that he was picked up from no where by Leicester? Talk about being ungrateful too. Plus, was not he one of the senior players who should feel responsible for the club fighting relegation because he was part of the team. Blame culture in abundance. I hope the article is indeed fake news.
  3. Yeah, really happy with the defense this year. Last year, with Maguire, there was always that feeling we will concede due to Maguire being out of position or being too slow. As you may recall, even last year, when Maguire was out for a few games, our defense was much more solid. We stuck with him so someone will pay £80m for him and also for fear that we lose his mazy runs or forward passing. With Rodgers, that is not necessary as the team in front of Evans and Soy are playing so much better. And of course Soy is more than capable. He is awesome.
  4. Yeah, some old head who can still offer a lot coming off the bench but has the pedigree for the young players to learn from would be good. Robben would be a good one?
  5. What did Rodgers do to him that the other managers could not do the past few years I wonder? His decision making has significantly improved last few games. Or maybe he is just more direct.
  6. It will be difficult to sustain, but with Sheffield United conceding, we now have the least amount of goals scored against us in the league. Best defense in the league. Well done.
  7. Agree. Tielemans and Praet seem to play really well with each other as we saw a few games ago.
  8. @StriderHiryu I can see that you enjoyed this game so much to write such a nice long piece 👍 It was a very pleasurable game to watch indeed. Arsenal was just Arsenal. I didn’t think they played badly and I felt at times they could nick a goal against run of play and get that win against us (something that happened a bit last season or two). Their team is full of attacking talents but they were suspect in defence and definitely in spirit. Our team on the other hand, boy, as you said were just a class above them backed up by a wonderful team spirit - which I think we always have but which Rodgers has reinforced. They did very well to shut them out. The midfield trio of Tielemans, Maddison and Ndidi are, as you also said, just still getting better and better. Ndidi is really a monster now in terms of recovering possession but he is also good now in quickly laying it off for his teammates. Maddison - he has really stepped up this season - last 6 or so games in particular. His positional sense has gotten better and he keeps getting into good positions to help link up play between our defenders and the front line; and he is releasing the ball much better. Really good stuff from him. As for Tielemans, just well done to the club for getting him. What a class player. And then we still have Perez, Barnes and Gray who are getting better, and of course Praet (who is a really good player already), boy, I am just excited. I do get worried though about Vardy getting a knock though as he is just irreplaceable.
  9. Don’t get me wrong Jay. I don’t hate them at all. I support the team and only look and see how things can be improved. In fact, I think Maddison has really gone up a few notches even since 6 months ago. Rodgers have done wonders with his coaching and the whole team are reaping benefits. Another player I used to criticise a bit during the Puel era - Ndidi - he has turned into an absolute machine. He has always been a good tackler, but he was asked to try to do too much and ended up regularly disrupting plays. Now he knows his role, and he does an awesome job. And it is not just about individual plays, but also about how how team gels and plays together to get the best out of each other.
  10. Harsh rating for Barnes. He did more than Perez and Chiwell at least and was part of that great move for Vardy’s first goal. Barnes plays better in the middle away from Chilwell. Chilwell was the worst in the very good team performance today. His defending was quite poor today, didnt close down enough and let in far too many crosses from the left. Soy even had to come across to help once and shouted at Chilwell another occasion.
  11. Please remove this thread ... Liverpool and Man City are still in another league and Chelsea are playing very well. Just take (enjoy) it one game at a time, as Rodgers would say.
  12. Should have kept going to get a third
  13. Arsenal were not that bad, agree. We were just superb.
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