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  1. Unfortunately with him and Maddison out it is unlikely we will get top 4 as they were both contributing greatly. Unless Vardy gets some form out of nowhere or Under steps up we are in trouble....
  2. It was the same in another game. Under had a great chance to pass the ball back and just aimlessly shot. Luke Thomas, who I presume isn’t part of the clique yet, threw his arms in the air. This wasn’t a key first team player, it was a young player just getting into the team. I dread to think what the senior lads think of him!
  3. Yes I think. As long as Maddison isn’t out for long. Last season we relied mostly on Vardy for goals and not much from midfield or wings. Now there isn’t as much reliance on Vardy, he can have an off day or month and we can still win games. See Sunday.
  4. It comes from a reliable journalist. Also Lingard would be pretty good as a back up I think...
  5. Maddison and Barnes stepping up for Vardy I think this is what will get us top 4... they didn’t score many last season
  6. Wtf. Defensive... hope we don’t lose 1-0 or we are in trouble .
  7. Imagine Barnes, Maddison, Mahrez and Vardy as a front 4..
  8. 10 goals and 10 assists this season in 30 games according to Transfermarket!
  9. 12 goals and 3 assists in 32 games this season according to Transfermarket!
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