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  1. 3 episodes in. Can't make my mind up whether I like it or not yet
  2. What did you make of the back 3 mate? Thought we played it really well to be honest although obviously Athletico were sitting back
  3. What did everyone make of the formation second half? I thought it suited us really well. Is it something we could transition to for next season? What sort of games would it benefit us?
  4. Can we all show our appreciation for this man. Had a torrid time against Everton but to bounce back with those two performances against Athletico shows the character of the man. Crazy to me that CR didn't give him a chance when you look how well he can play. Potential starter next season maybe? Still rate Huth and Wes individually but not so sure about them as a pair now
  5. OK what do he do wrong? The only slight criticism I had was Amartey for Wes (should've been Gray) but other than that he got us through Sevilla, nearly masterminded a 0-0 in Madrid but for a dodgy pen call and then made a massive call at half time last night that quite clearly worked
  6. The crazy thing is we needed 3 goals in 45 minutes against arguably the best defensive side in the world, and we probably should have done. Some last ditch blocks from them the only thing stopping us. Amazing second half performance!
  7. Love this club. Absolutely heroic tonight and for me we deserved to go through
  8. Whatever happens I'm beaming with pride
  9. Benny and Was superb!
  10. Wasn't blaming him for the goal. Read my post
  11. Well if you don't agree with that you're an idiot.
  12. Left backs job to defend far post for me
  13. Not to blame for the goal but inexplicable to not give it Vary earlier a couple of minutes before
  14. Fuchs non existent defending the back post
  15. Yeah same really. If we miss out by one goal though that penalty decision is going to hurt.