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  1. I wanna get off this world ow please
  2. It's as good as broken for me. The issues I'm having 1) Non responsive defending 2) feels like it's dragging players away from where I'm moving them 3) Players want to take a touch when I want to play a first time ball 4) Passes under hit most of the time 5) speed up lag, which I always get punished for it seems No enjoyment online whatsoever. Oh and I thought people were exaggerating about career mode but nope. Every club plays their reserves
  3. I think you'll still make it as a Leicester player eventually mate
  4. This! It's the only thing I enjoyed in fifa 19
  5. Gran Turismo. Would have to have the OG soundtrack though
  6. How can you check how many weekend league games you've played. Can't see it on this one?
  7. Maguire must be loving his football at the moment
  8. Surprising result given how amazing we were in the world Cup last year where we beat a load of farmers but then rolled over for anyone with an ounce of quality. And Southgate the master tactician. We'll be as bad as Scotland and Wales before long
  9. Laughable how bang average this side is. Sterling the only exciting player Its OK though because Harry the saviour will probably bang in another pen soon
  10. When you win a game and think its FUT champs but you've accidentally gone on to rivals
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