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  1. Yeah all down to taste I guess. I love his music
  2. I decree today that life is simply taking and not giving, England is mine it owes me a living
  3. Any Tupac fans on here? Never seems to sound dated whenever I listen to his music. GOAT for me
  4. This Cardiff/Sala business is so tacky. They want to mourn him as "forever a bluebird" yet they don't want to be liable for the fee. Whether he was registered or not he was going to be there player and Nantes could've used some of that money to sign other players etc. Leaves a bad taste
  5. Riyad's had a horrible night to be honest
  6. Has Mahrez got greedier? Seems to have tunnel vision to cut in and shoot everytime he gets the ball
  7. Nope. Those days have been stored in a special part of my brain never to be opened
  8. He's been poor this season to be honest. I like his character and do think he's a good player but for the right money I would be adverse to us selling amd strengthening the team
  9. To start The Sopranos all over again or not? Some serious time commitment right there
  10. Unfortunately we have no patience with young players unless they're unbelievable straight away so alot of them are highly rated by other fans. Also I still see people refer to Vardy as a one season wonder
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