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  1. United was the first time he got things wrong, maybe even Wolves. He's proven that he learns from those mistakes though with the run we put together
  2. Yeah no drama whatsoever. Incredible run that had to come to an end at some point. Didn't expect it to be today and maybe the players didn't either but we got out with a point so onwards and upwards
  3. Yeah and Man City have a tricky game tomorrow potentially. We could actually make more ground on them with this point
  4. Clever by Rodgers to take the spotlight off of us before we play Man City and Liverpool. In all seriousness I can't be too hard on us. 8 wins and the bounce and still picked up a point despite the poor performance. You can't win them all. Rodgers has proven he learns from his mistakes
  5. Soyuncu has had a mare with Pukki today
  6. Wow! They're gonna slip out of this top 4 soon
  7. We have been poor but the Wolves and United performances were worse
  8. Not sure if its fatigue or we've just underestimated them
  9. Certainly the best side in Norfolk
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