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  1. Got the job
  2. Love the heat but nothing wore than a sweaty back
  3. Sounds like they know their stuff though. I'd be inclined to take their advice
  4. Two shocking spellings of the word write! I expect better from you boys!
  5. Literally living out my dream by the sound of it. Enjoy!
  6. But Delph is? Sorry mate but you're talking rubbish
  7. Phew! Not just me then
  8. I'm not suggesting they would
  9. Good man. First job, sign Musa!
  10. Swansea (h) Palace (a) Spurs (a)
  11. Stop talking out of your arse
  12. True but I really think Vardy is a special character. Don't see the same hunger and determination from Slim unfortunately
  13. Not totally against this signing just so long as he's willing to work hard for a starting place. Wouldn't be my first choice but he's definitely a good player
  14. This. The thought of Huth being responsible for defending out wide against pacey wingers is the stuff of nightmares