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  1. So would I. Would be £250 better off if he does. Charley Hoffman would win me the big bucks though
  2. I work in a bookies too and have been told that they are within their rights to claim money back if they've self excluded. Same with under 18's. seemed odd to me too when I was told
  3. Only read up to your post but I'm pretty sure being a self excluded customer you can claim that money back if you wanted to. Would get them into hot water letting you play. On on the other hand you knew you were deceiving them so it's probably not very ethical to do this
  4. Started going to games around 93-94 with my dad
  5. Are you ok?
  6. Gonna have to get Knocky back if Mahrez leaves
  7. Nah not for me
  8. Don't know how some of you cope with everyday life
  9. Will we be the first team to trial them
  10. He was born to play there. Who needs Siggy
  11. Elaborate. Not watching second half
  12. Albrighton was our best outfield player last season imo
  13. Dominating possession. This isn't Leicester!