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  1. They don’t tend to do well with South Americans there for some reason
  2. foxfanazer

    Your kid being bullied

    It happened months ago and the school weren’t interested, they even sat one of the bullies next to her in one of her classes. Now miraculously they’re taking it seriously because the police are involve and my girlfriend has written them a letter saying she’s going to inform the governors and ofsted
  3. foxfanazer

    Your kid being bullied

    I’m seriously tempted to get involved and it ain’t even my kid. Horrible to see her looking so helpless and broken. I’m not an overly confrontational person but it riled me up
  4. foxfanazer

    Your kid being bullied

    It seems that girls are a lot more vindictive and malicious in these situations. There also seems to be a trend of somebody recording it on their phones so they can have a good laugh about it, which is dumb as that’s how they get caught out. It’s hard to look at the bullies as kids sometimes
  5. foxfanazer


    Send him off to a club like Norwich or Wednesday etc. He’d get game time and we could evaluate whether he’s gonna cut the mustard here
  6. foxfanazer

    You Beauts

    My mum says I’m handsome and she has no reason to lie to me
  7. foxfanazer

    Your kid being bullied

    Great post thanks and I agree so much about the guilt of what we’re bringing our kids into. Although she’s only 3 my daughter is already quite feisty so hopefully she’ll have no problems. As for the girl being bullied we’ve watched her go from a bubbly, outgoing teenager to a quivering mess who’s talking about killing herself. So sad to see
  8. foxfanazer

    Your kid being bullied

    It’s boys as well which I find really shocking. Never bullied anyone in my life but the thought of bullying a girl is sickening
  9. foxfanazer

    Your kid being bullied

    Have any of you had experience of your children being bullied at their schools? If so do you have any good advice on how to tackle it, aside from kidnap and torture (joking) I’m asking for a friend but the subject terrifies me as I have a 3 year old daughter and I don’t know how I’d cope if it was happening to her. The school have been useless up to now until one of the kids told her to go kill herself so the police are now involved. She’s also not eating because they’ve called her fat despite her being the skinniest girl I’ve ever seen
  10. foxfanazer


    No way he’s going this summer. We need to sign more defenders not sell our best one
  11. foxfanazer

    You Beauts

    Another thing Spurs don’t get a look in for
  12. foxfanazer

    You Beauts

    So we’re a bunch of teetotal stunners apparently. Who’d have thought it
  13. foxfanazer

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    Could see Wolves going in for him. Certainly not shy with their money. No loss to us imo
  14. foxfanazer

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Is Schurlle getting regular game time at Dortmund? Always admired him when he played for Chelsea
  15. foxfanazer

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Be good to get this done so early in the window. Are we actually doing business in the correct manner this summer?