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  1. YouTube nepenthez bronze method. It's time consuming and quite dull but it works
  2. Packed my first ever icon today. Was just doing some league sbc's and packed 88 Vieira from small electrum pack. £1.2m banked
  3. All of the Wolves hype this season has converted me
  4. Ourselves and Everton should have the resources to do so imo
  5. So it's been a good season in your opinion then? We're 'in the hunt' for 7th because there's 5 or 6 teams as horribly inconsistent as us. Everton beating United isn't that important
  6. My point was exactly that. The players don't look desperate to finish 7th so why should I care if Everton beat United?
  7. Who cares about this season? Been garbage so we finish where we finish
  8. Thanks mate I am happy with it. Although everyone says it a wolf Can't imagine sitting there for 8 hours!
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