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  1. Micah Richards is the happiest person I've ever seen
  2. Brilliant result for a team without anything to play for really. That's how you defend
  3. Quite like Southampton to be honest. Always seek to have had a decent model in terms of how the clubs run. OK they have their bad spells and never really threaten the European places but they bring some quality players through
  4. I must've missed that. That's a worry
  5. Offside It's just what I expect from every goal now, or handball
  6. An attacker does that and then puts it in the net its disallowed. The rule is a joke
  7. We said that about Chelsea. Although we did have good chances against them so you could be right
  8. I have a feeling this isn't going to be pretty viewing
  9. Have they edited out Maguire getting destroyed?
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