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  1. People used to accuse Andy King of disappearing in games. This guy takes it to another level
  2. Not even sure why last night was a surprise to me. His and our limitations were exposed massively last night
  3. Granted he's shit but violence isn't the answer
  4. Well that's that then. But it's alright as we were in league one years ago so can't be mad
  5. There's a mental block with this manager and these players
  6. I wonder if we'll give the Europa league a go next season?
  7. Yeah definitely. Don't understand the outrage from some about the result. Although Parker didn't look confident he'd won. Guess that was more a case of the fight being in England
  8. Seen a few people getting upset about the Chisora v Parker result last night. Have to say i thought the scorecards were dodgy but the right result was reached. Thought Parker was the better boxer overall
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