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  1. Nothing less than 5 CDMs will do. Can't believe how gung ho Brendan went against Burnley with 2 attacking players on the pitch. The guys a mad man I tell thee
  2. Nah people will still try and convince us that 2 points from those games is a good return
  3. I'm not sure I see the relevance? United ain't the ones we need to be worried about
  4. Boring, negative shite. And that's not even talking about Burnley
  5. It's genuinely depressing that we've got 11 more games of this shit to watch this season
  6. Can't even do basics. Love to know what we practice in training. It isn't set pieces or passing that's for sure
  7. Pathetic. Long wait for the 75th minute now for some changes
  8. That's a stat for the ever obliging Leicester City thread later
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