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  1. I'd have Jasskelainen over David James
  2. It's probably been posted on here somewhere but if not here's the link
  3. Brilliant player. Probably the best CB we've had in my lifetime
  4. I don't know who Roger is but I'm sure he'll be made up with it
  5. That O'Nien kid has got to be the nicest footballer in England
  6. Same here. Makes you even more grateful for the owners we got. They've been run like shit for years
  7. And this is why the transfer section should remain closed for now
  8. Sunderland till I die season 2 tomorrow. Should be a laugh at least
  9. As soon as it said 2 other Premier league stars, Chilwell instantly came to mind. I really hope it's not the case but if it is I hope the club come down hard on him
  10. Judging by Maddison's social media activity over the weekend if be shocked if he was somehow involved. Never can be sure though. Chilwell is mates with him as well I know Ross McCormack and Tony Capaldi have been mentioned although they don't fit those descriptions
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