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  1. foxfanazer

    FIFA 19

    Went for rank 1 untradeables and bombed massively. Think the best I got was Diego Costa and totw Rondon
  2. foxfanazer

    FIFA 19

    Some you lot have some crazy squads! mines a bit more modest Need to get Alex Sandro back in
  3. foxfanazer

    FIFA 19

    At least wait until Man City inevitably get out of their group before selling
  4. foxfanazer

    FIFA 19

    I’ve never got coins
  5. foxfanazer

    Social anxiety

    It was fine thanks, was too pissed to care for most of it
  6. foxfanazer

    FIFA 19

    Gonna be a tough decision on what rewards to take from rivals tomorrow. I just can’t bring myself to take the untradeables even though they’re the best packs. Coins are the safe bet I suppose
  7. foxfanazer

    FIFA 19

    Glad it’s not just me
  8. foxfanazer

    FIFA 19

    Since the update today the game play feels worse than ever. So sluggish! And I’m winning games so it’s not just a moan about losing games
  9. foxfanazer

    An outsider's view on LCFC

    I give it a week until he’s Puel out
  10. foxfanazer

    Puel in, but the debate should be there.

    @Suzie the Fox I was joking, hence the emoji at the bottom of my post. Its definitely up for discussion and I think whilst he’s here it always will be. I’ve never been so 50/50 on a manager. I admire a lot of the off field things he’s brought to club and the fact he’s persevered in trying to transform us into a better ball playing side. Some of his in game management is a little baffling at times but I think that’s true of most managers
  11. foxfanazer

    Puel in, but the debate should be there.

    Close thread
  12. foxfanazer

    FIFA 19

    Will there be new promo packs tonight? I’ve got a few thousand points to use but don’t like the look of the packs in the store at the moment
  13. foxfanazer

    FIFA 19

    Got my road to the final Milinkovic-Savic Also got Kyle Walker out of one of the packs which made it a hell of a lot cheaper
  14. foxfanazer

    Places in the UK you'd erase off the map

    Reading, Aldershot, Bracknell. Didcot, Yateley, you know. Winnersh.
  15. foxfanazer

    FIFA 19

    Would appreciate a DM if you don’t mind