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  1. Hope Rodgers isn't stubborn enough to stick with a formation and game plan that doesn't suit us
  2. What's the point in having talented players if you're gonna put a system in place that negates their strengths?
  3. Don't get what the plan is at all. Sort it out Rodgers
  4. Get ****ed Leicester. Pathetic start
  5. What a wonderful player Sadio Mane is. One of the very best in the league, better than Salah imo
  6. I have to say I was a fan of how VAR was implemented during the World Cup but so far it hasn't worked well in the premier League. The PL is fast paced and exciting and this just doesn't fit in. Also how did Man City not get a penalty?
  7. Beautiful. Man city look so comfortable. No edge to this game whatsoever
  8. Too easy. The one thing Burnley are meant to be good at
  9. Yeah the older I get (I'm only 30) the less I care about material things. You just realise how much shit you buy and don't actually use or need
  10. Ah I see. So like Pokemon cards for the homeless?
  11. If they're useless things why does it matter?
  12. In 2016 I started collecting the salty tears of North London football fans. Got gallons of the stuff now
  13. Newcastle away and to top it off the Nigel Clough derby
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