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  1. Now Bilic gets a red. Don't know how this game has turned so badly for Brom
  2. Forest 2 down at home to Cardiff. Looks like the only way they'll ever get out of the championship is relegation
  3. I've never heard of that rule. Why does it matter if he headered it deliberately or not?
  4. Diangana looks a serious player. We did well to keep him quiet
  5. Took them a while to get that right. Looked clear cut
  6. Honestly don't know what anyone sees in Jordan Pickford. He's the modern day David James
  7. Do the Everton players wanna back off anymore there?
  8. Love him but ain't happening is it
  9. I think with defenders their deterioration as a player is easily exposed at that age. Cambiasso wasn't the most mobile with us but he could still influence games with his immense technical ability
  10. Loved him at Chelsea, genuinely superb right back. But yeah it's a strange signing at that age
  11. Also saw they were linked with that Sorloth guy that played for Palace. No goals in 12 appearances for them
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