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  1. Recommend you give it a go. Makes you think about what we give our footballers a hard time about
  2. If I can't do it I'll just try automatic
  3. Anybody watched the Aaron Hernandez (NFL player) documentary? Crazy story!
  4. That's really helpful thank you. Did my first bit of driving in my own car today. The biting point is basically non existent compared to the diesel I've been driving So desperate to nail it this year
  5. And they actually didn't take much time to make the decision at all
  6. Yeah I've already discovered that. Petrol is a nightmare to find the bite
  7. Followed some of the advice on here and purchased my very first car. Pick it up tomorrow, can't wait to get going!
  8. Bournemouth really are woeful. Watford have gone past them with ease today
  9. Is that when he plays the Christmas tree formation?
  10. When are you getting your Nigel Pearson tattoo?
  11. I can see them doing a Burnley and keeping him despite them being relegated
  12. Incredible what Nige has done so far with Watford. Every player has raised their game for him
  13. Nah luckily I didn't. What are Bournemouth playing at there? Is Eddie Howe sackable at Bournemouth?
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