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  1. Wow for a moment I thought I was on the “birds you fancy off the tv” thread
  2. Just don’t concede early and I’m sure whatever side we put out we will pick them off at some stage with our extra quality. I just fear a headed goal from a set piece being our undoing and them then sitting back playing for a dour 1-0. Wilf gives us extra height from the first game against them but I wouldn’t be amazed if Brendan goes with 3 centre halves for this game to help nullify their main threat. As others have already said a draw will be a decent result here in the scheme of things.
  3. I won’t consider life anything resembling normal until I can book a holiday without worrying about quarantine being an issue, walking in a packed pub and standing 3 deep at the bar praying I get served soon, sitting in a packed football stadium, not having people run out into the road in fear that they are about to catch the Black Plague as I’m out running towards them and not forever having to remember to take a mask with me. Obviously those who consider last summer was normal don’t live the life I do and I feel sorry for them.
  4. Do I have to have a meal with my beer in that tier ? I lost track.
  5. Never happen as such measures would favour West Brom and Sheffield Utd and not Man Utd and Liverpool 😜
  6. Just been a sad old man and gone on to Catch Up to watch Monday’s The Chase. Wow Pepe !
  7. I couldn’t watch live after the sending off. I actually went for a run during most of the second half. Such was my adrenaline I would have competed in the Olympics on that run. Anyway got back in home with us now 2-1 down and stood there sweating like a pig when we got the peno to equalise. Still didn’t know whether to be happy or not for the rest of the day. Felt robbed but then the emotion of the late goal almost made me feel okay.
  8. Wow I wouldn’t bother doing the postcode lottery there as you’ll probably only win £1.34 if your postcode wins.
  9. Just re watched that West Ham game highlights. I still can’t believe the Vardy red.
  10. Said on central news the good looking girls from Ashby have had the fine quashed already. Hancock a bit behind the times.
  11. Sport to stop and allowed out once a week. I’m dreading that but how must people who live alone or live in small houses with big families be feeling. Horrendous for some. Imagine living in a bedsit and having to get through that.
  12. Man City away and the if we win we play the winners of Liverpool v Man Utd.
  13. The handling of the schools as really been poor. Like you say there was no thought put into it. The amount of holidays schools have could have easily been played around with so as to allow January and part of February to have been holidays. Yet instead the kids were still having half term in October and will still be having a fortnight at Easter with another half term not long before and after. That’s 4 or 5 weeks without even thinking about reductions to the summer break. Yes it would have been a bit inconvenient for some people but a lot less inconvenient that cancelling exams and trying t
  14. I can’t spend money at the moment. Still got clothes people bought me from last Xmas and my birthday I haven’t worn so dont need or want any new clothes. Can’t go for a beer a meal or weekend away and had two holidays cancelled. So likely if they are like me they have plenty of spare cash but unlike me they’ve found something to spend it on 😂
  15. If what they say happened is the truth you can understand their annoyance and if those were the facts they win in Court reading what the legal expert says. Whether their version is correct is far from certain and we may never know.
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