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  1. I have done this. The message was read, remains unanswered however.
  2. Oh, I see. This explains everything.
  3. For some reason I'm not allowed to contribute to the coronavirus topic. How do I address this issue ?
  4. A few replies in the virus thread and posts just gone. Really ?? A balanced & advisory view. What is wrong with you people ??
  5. That's why we don't tell people irl
  6. Ok. My two pence on this. I'm in no camp with regards to over reaction or under reaction. The numbers game is giving me a headache with trying to get some perspective, 133 dying in a day really does sound bad, however 1400 people die in the UK every day for whatever reason. Mostly age related. 500,000+ deaths per year. That's inc accidents, cancer, heart, old age etc. So Italy ( if it were us ) of a similar population to us has a 10%increase death rate on this day. This as a current standing does not make me worried.
  7. Was flying to Brisbane/gold coast end of may. Had flights cancelled by Singapore airlines due to lack of demand because of the virus. Looks like Devon this summer. 😎
  8. Yes. Was half term for skiing trips and there was a biggish comp going on too.
  9. I don't understand this statement. I've tried, but maybe I'm just too dumb.
  10. Having been the victim of racism in the workplace, I have encountered both ignorant stereotyping/ banter & hateful people who just want to make my day as shit as it could be. One of them I could have taken the bloke outside for a chat. The other was just given back with my own ignorant stereotyping/ banter. There's a massive difference.
  11. Got me there, ya bugger.
  12. Nope, I didn't say generalising ethnic groups is ok .
  13. I disagree, I believe the people you are describing are just ignorant, which we all are to some degree. Hate is a much stronger word than you are giving it credit for.
  14. Shall we question the definition of the word 'hate' ?? Generalisations and stereotypes do not equate to hate. IMO.
  15. I shall play along. What did I say that was racist ?
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