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  1. I would say that it's better to be written off. Less pressure.
  2. TBH I feel that Maguire's departure has thrown a spanner in the works of Leicester's plans for this season.
  3. Ovie was the true winner given that he applied to go on the show. The others had no right to be on Love Island.
  4. I prefer the all blue look.
  5. Brexit would be a disaster for Britain. The British people were stupid to vote to leave the EU.
  6. Once and for all, the House backs racism nowadays.
  7. Honestly, Donald Trump is a lying, odious, racist POS. It just goes to show the direction America is heading with Trump being President and the Republican Party's acceptance of his racism.
  8. Donald Trump is an out-and-out racist. Anyone who defends him is also a racist.
  9. I can't believe there are people that defend racists.
  10. Donald Trump is the biggest twat ever. The UK should not be doing business with the USA. We will come off worse in any trade deal with the USA.
  11. These girls are as thick as planks.
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