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  1. Buy him and build the team around him.
  2. Ronaldo as he has been the driving force behind Man Utd, Real Madrid and Portugal's triumphs.
  3. Prefer Brighton's fans to Millwall's. Millwall fans cause trouble a lot. Hate that club.
  4. So happy that Brighton won. I wouldn't want a club with a violent fanbase going all the way in the Cup.
  5. What do you mean? Going from struggling in the Championship to challenging for a European place in the Premier League, in addition to reaching the FA Cup semi final is a remarkable achievement. Their manager has done a fantastic job in transforming the team.
  6. Huddersfield are absolute dogshit. They cannot even hold a 2 goal lead against West Ham.
  7. Leeds will never be promoted to the Premier League again.
  8. The stadium looks nice enough, but boy are they left with little room to take their corners on the pitch.
  9. There is no way he should come. His recruitment of players at Sunderland ran the club to the ground, and left them with huge problems.
  10. Cheat's ending did seem disappointing
  11. Just seems silly for Spurs to move stadium now, considering we are in the later stages of the season. They should be made to play their remaining games at Wembley. Their fault for not getting their stadium finished on time.
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