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  1. Claude Puel - Contender

    Nah, that is enough dull defensive managers. Should be nowhere near the list.
  2. Matias Almeyda

    If he plays beautiful attacking football, gerrimin now.
  3. Next City Manager?

    Get someone who plays all out attacking football.
  4. Ryan Giggs?

    Great player but not a Premier League manager.
  5. Ohhhayoh Adrem

    What is with the thread title?
  6. Rudkin

    Get rid of the Director of Football. They are useless and serve no purpose but to undermine the manager. Let the new manager have full control over everything.
  7. Eduardo Macia

    Directors of Football are absolutely useless and are nothing but glorified desk monkeys that undermine the manager.
  8. Shakey back as number 2???

    It is time for something different. So, no way.
  9. Next City Manager?

    Get a manager that plays beautiful attacking football. DO NOT HIRE A DEFENSIVE DULLARD!
  10. Rudkin

    Get rid, and don't ever get a Director of Football again. They are nothing but glorified desk monkeys. Let the manager have full control over player control because at the end of they decide the tactics and pick the team for matchday.
  11. Come Home Nigel

    No way. Time for something different.
  12. Name this Leicester team

    Hal Robson kanu
  13. Name this Leicester team

    Francis benali
  14. Name this Leicester team

    Patrick kisnorbo