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  1. That’s from Live Score app. Not sure how accurate it is at this level, but the PL and European game it is usually pretty accurate
  2. Looks more like a straight CM roll from this, but I haven’t actually seen the game.
  3. Which one exactly would we be talking about after today? Do you think seriously anyone would be complaining about Man City’s goal not being disallowed? What big decisions would have been missed today?
  4. A full day of Saturday football, some cracking goals and perform along the way, rounded of with two of the top 3 in the country playing out an entertaining 4 goal game and all we have here is post after post discussing the merits of VAR. Everywhere I read or listen all anyone is talking about is VAR, it appears to have about a 50/50 split of people who are in favour / against. This for me isn’t what footballs about, we should be talking Pukki’s hat-trick, still no wins for Watford or how Brighton are looking far better than anyone have them credit for preseason.
  5. Joy Division- love will tear you apart Barnes, Barnes will year you apart again and repeat Like the Barmy Army used to do for Swann - not sure if any football teams do it. Simple and sounds great.
  6. I wonder if he’ll let Stevie G look at his Premier League winners medal.
  7. Also if anyone does think this is a good idea worth sharing - I don’t do social media Facebook, Twitter and all that Jazz, so if you think it’s worth sharing could you? I’ll even let you take the credit for the idea
  8. With this being a season long loan and his contract expiring at the end of the season. We won’t see him play for us again, if all goes well up there I would imagine he will sign for them on a free at the end of the season. He hasn’t gone unrewarded for his efforts, but he has also given so much on that time too.
  9. Now, first of all, my apologies for starting a new thread as I am aware there are other threads about the First King of Filbert Way and feel free to merge if you think it’s appropriate. However, I wanted to find a way to say thank you to a true legend of our club and arguably the first legend to grace our new stadium. As the user name suggests I won’t be there, but I was wondering if at the Bournemouth home game coming up, in the 62nd minute, we can stand and sing Andy Kings song to say thank you. I don’t think as a club we always recognise our heroes that have left and I for one think it would be a fitting way to start recognising those players who have contributed to our joy over the years. For anyone who doubts his status as a legend: 379 games (10th in all time records) 62 goals (18th all time) Leagues won: League one Championship Premier League Joined the club aged just 15 scored at least one goal for us in 10 consecutive seasons. young player of the year 08/09 Players player of the year 09/10 Captained the club Kept playing through a billion different managers Gave his squad number to Madders when he realised it was for the benefit of the whole club 50 International caps played in both the Football League Trophy and the Champions League - how many other players have done that? And so many vital and great goals along the way. So please get behind this, or come up with a better idea to say thank you to an instrumental part of our squad for so long. Long live the King
  10. What a career, winning League 1, the championship and Premier League, Player in the Champions League and now has the chance to play in the Europa League and possibly win some more silverware add to that 50+ international caps, including a Euro semi final. Many so called greats of the game would kills for all that. Now time for the next chapter, surely if he makes a permanent move up there a Leicester Rangers testimonial in the coming years! Thanks for memories Kingy - a true Leicester legend in every sense of the word!
  11. Glad VAR has cleared up all the refereeing decisions and we can get back to talking about the actual football...
  12. Great deal for all, made even sweeter when Chris Sutton realises a Leicester reserve player has scored the winner in an old Firm Derby.
  13. The fear players had coming up against Roy Keane and Paul Ince imagine if it was Roy Bean and Paul Mince
  14. Bastard Schweinsteiger Bacary Lasagna Danny Shitt who
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