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  1. Could they also buyout the cricket club too? Now that could be amazing - redevelop the ground and make a play to take the test matches from down the road.
  2. Really? Chelsea should go for him? They hate him, do you not remember last time he was there?
  3. A bit of potential and a couple of half decent loans and the lad wants 75k a week. **** me this is everything wrong with our game.
  4. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a new house, but the ad was really convincing.
  5. I think the unpopular opinions thread is exactly where this needs to be. Imagine how we’d feel if we suddenly got up rooted and became the Devonshire Foxes. Then set up our own Phoenix club, when we played them it would be more than a little petty.
  6. This would be a terrible idea and would not work due in part to the league system, but also due to the global nature of the game. We have promotion and relegation over at least 4 divisions, imagine the best young talent going down and playing in League 2 and The Premier League teams getting the left overs.
  7. When the last leg of your multi is over 1.5 goals and the French miss two penalties! Come on Madders, give us a late worldie!
  8. If you read the article it’s 14 arrests over 4 years, which is actually really low when you think of 32000 in the stadium week in week out. I do wonder in a city like Leicester if we are also more willing to report those idiots who stand out. I would also like more information about the arrests, which games, was it one group of lads 3 years ago or is it consistently 3/4 being arrested every season? A statistic without any more evidence is pretty useless.
  9. This is what marketing has conditioned us to believe. The money doesn’t necessarily go. It may be reduced initially, but the product is still there. Its not an ideal situation I agree, but if teams want to go chasing a closed door big money competition let them go for it, but they will long term be the ones with egg on their faces. A closed European league simply will not get the core following that the premier league gets. Grounds will be full of fair weather supporters, more so than they are now, who won’t make a noise. Fans simply won’t travel week in week out away ends will become similar to Spain where you get a few hundred rather than the big numbers. and if you have a couple of poor seasons you will play in front of empty stadiums
  10. Like when Junior Lewis went out a got his Brazilian Passport sorted
  11. **** em, **** the lot of them! Would the Premier League really be a worse place if you replaced Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Man united and Liverpool with Leeds, WBA, Derby, Middlesbrough, Forest and Sheffield Wednesday? We replace 6 dominant teams with billionaire owners with 6 well supported teams. Thus giving anyone a chance at winning the league, a truely fully competitive league with everyone roughly in a similar position financially and supporter wise. Let the top dogs see how well they do when the loyal supporters move on because and they fall on their faces, while we have a fully competitive league.
  12. I look at that team and I don’t think there is a major prize in world football they haven’t won between them. World Cup, European Championships, Champions League, Europa League, top divisions in England, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, club World Cup. you name it they’ve won it and whole load of individual awards too.
  13. With Arsenal, United and Chelsea possibly on the slide and some mid table team rising up: who would make a dream premier league team, if you couldn’t select players from Man City and Liverpool?
  14. It always makes me laugh this mix of optimistic and pessimistic supporters who argue over who is better out of the mid table teams and whether or not we can make the top 6. The reality is that the Premier League is split into three divisions. The top 6, in terms of finances, global supporter base and sponsorship appeal are miles ahead of the rest, and only a set of extraordinary circumstances will stop these being the top 6 every season. The next 8 are the clubs who are all capable of pushing to be the best of the rest, without really fearing relegation. This is where we lie and regardless of who has more money, better players, better fan base etc. which ever of these clubs who is the most consistent across the season will ultimately finish higher. the bottom 6 is made up of the teams newly promoted and those teams with limited resources, Crystal Palace, Burnley, Brighton. Now any team is a capable of having a good one off season - Burnley a couple of years ago or us winning the PL. Ultimately though teams will revert back to the group of teams most like themselves. The thing with sport however, is you are one or two good or bad decisions from having that bad season, and if it goes pear shaped you can be royally in the shit. What makes next season truely exciting for the 8 mid table clubs is, at least 3 of theirs top 6 clubs are experiencing those extraordinary circumstances and are there for the taking. Long term Arsenal, Chelsea and Man United will rise again, they are too big, too much money not to. However for one season, we have an opportunity to join them! Last season there was nothing between the sides chasing 7th. If In our game at Wolves we had got the last minute winner against them instead of them getting it, we would have finished 7th. We didn’t and they qualified for Europe, but it just highlights how fine the margins are in the league. I love the start of a new season as it gives all supporters the chance to be optimistic about the season ahead.
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