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  1. What has this got to do with Claudio Ranieri?
  2. She’s on Insta our Becky never missed her so when hubby’s out with an old spinster She’s gonna need more time Cause I’ll say it’s you and you’ll say it’s me I’ve posted it for the world to see Lots and lots for us to do shes on Insta can I be on insta tooo She’s attention seeking She said the old basements leaking but when old pipes get wet its usually to do with Wayne Cause I'll say it’s you and you’ll say it’s me I’ve posted it for the world to see lots and lots for us to do shes on insta, can I be on insta too can i be on insta too can I be on insta too can I be on insta too
  3. It’s deals like this where I feels sorry for the ITKs. They post deal done or deal close and we all get excited, then an agent does something dodgy and the players goes off to Spain and the ITK gets shit all over the place, for sharing what everyone thinks is a done deal.
  4. Pope John Paul I heard was great at dealing with crosses, but had very little experience commanding the box!
  5. Can’t think of a player since Ronaldo if I’m honest.
  6. This is an interesting one as we haven’t seen a penalty given that was overturned yet, would the Johnssen one qualify as a clear and obvious error?
  7. International break is here, the WAGs are fighting it out and we don’t have to much to complain about at the minute. So let’s look at some classic city goals and ask if they were scored today would VAR overturn them? (This is not a thread about the merits of VAR) I will start with the Steve Walsh equaliser against the Sheep I the playoff final. 3:15 for the goal
  8. Can I get Paul Williams ducking under Walshes header at Wembley.
  9. It’s all how you sell it, Rooney needs rusty basement pipes servicing. Colleen gets wet and dirty in basement. Colleens leaky pipes serviced while Wazza plays away.
  10. Now just imagine for a second, a newspaper journalist, maybe hacking a celebrities phone to get a story? i know it’s far fetched and no reputable journalists or newspaper would ever condone this, but, what if over the years, a news corporation hacked phones, checked social media, listened to voice mail, read texts etc. hey just another wild conspiracy theorist here!
  11. Bit late for that she’s already 6 months gone
  12. It’s actually about 1.1 point per game, giving them around 42 points per season, in a good year teams have dropped on 42 points before. Even if they survived any team finishing on 42 points has definitely been in a fight!
  13. If that starting X1 for United against Newcastle was Villa, we’d all be saying they’re going down. If they are still in a mess in February who would you want in your corner in a relegation dog fight? Lingaard or Grealish Mings or Tuanzebe Rashford or Wesley Pogba or Mcginn De gea or Heaton I used Villa players as an example as I had them as my team to finish bottom at the start of the season. If it did come to a dog fight do United have the characters that would be up for a fight?
  14. If done well, they would end up looking like a proper dickhead.
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