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  1. Looking at the positions of Villa, Birmingham, Wolves and WBA this was clearly made by a Villa fan.
  2. GK Pavel Srnicek DF Igor Stimac MF Paul Warhurst MF Hugo Porfírio St Paulo Wanchop
  3. Seriously?? You honestly believe what you are writing? You seriously need to leave that privileged little world of yours and grow up. When this is all over you can have your precious party others won’t bring loved ones back, they won’t be able to replace all that is lost. One day you will see what real sacrifice is and get some perspective.
  4. Doesn’t really compare to the real problems out in the world at the minute does it? People are dying, many are sick, thousands of not millions ha lost their jobs and can’t support their families, domestic violence is going through the roof with many locked down with their abusers, kids can’t go to school, and you can’t have your little party and get your pie Ce of paper? Come on, join the real world and get over yourself!
  5. Euro 96 was and always will be the greatest of all football tournaments. The football was great, the atmosphere was great, the music was amazing at the time everything was a buzz from the first kick to the last. What a time to be a football fan!
  6. Someone, somewhere obviously knows the answer to this question as it will have been discussed by now. When trying to work out what decisions will be made, look at who stands to gain the most out of the final decision and that will usually tell you what’s going to happen.
  7. Forget the football coming back, you’re already doing the post porn gallop
  8. If they declared the season null and void, does the Premier League keep all the prize money it would have handed out?
  9. I think football has a way of really underestimating how good reliable players, who just do there job are. I look at players at Liverpool like Milner and Henderson and they don’t just get underrated, some actually call them shit. Danny Simpson is another for us, nothing flash, just came in did his job and that was it.
  10. 1) Matty James - He’s had his injuries which most people focus on, but I think some forget how good a fully fit Matty James was. So comfortable on the ball and made the game look easy at times. Don’t know if he’ll ever get fully fit and play again, but I’d love to see him spend a full season on loan at an Aston Villa type team where he would play every week in the Premier League. Genuinely think he would have played for England if he had stayed injury free. 2) Harvey Barnes is criminally underrated outside of Leicester. His goals/assists combined are on a par with Grealish and outweigh Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Fidel and any other English player aside from Sterling, Vardy and TAA - yet never spoken about in terms of an England call up, or in the same bracket as those guys. 3) See the worst Leicester X1 thread, so many names in there that weren’t that bad! Keith Gillespie, Hernandez, Big Benny always had a bad rap too, yet had some solid performances at the back for us.
  11. I would disagree here, they don’t offer feck all, they offer quite a lot. Anywhere near the amount they’re paid? Absolutely not. But they offer an escape, for many they offer hope, aspiration and at very least a distraction and the ability to be part of something. For the years I had my season ticket at Filbert St. No matter what was happening in the real world: losing jobs, break ups, losing loved ones etc. I always knew for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon I had a place to be where I was part of something. Where I could forget the real world troubles I had, where instead of the hurt I was feeling or the loneliness, my biggest problem for a couple of hours were caused by Brian Carey and a sloppy back pass, Lee Philpott crossing into the first man or Walshy being sent off. The elation of a last minute winner, or gathering with friends, for a few pints, a sing song some of the best laughs I’ve had, above all no matter how bad my mental health was, I had a reason to leave the house. Footballers offer a way out for kids in poverty, they offer a career to aspire to, and even the vast majority who don’t make it as pros, get regular exercise and the experience of working in a team environment towards a common goal and new connections, for many it’s their reason to go to school. So I don’t agree footballers offer nothing. Yes there are some massive flogs amongst them, but they offer more than society gives them credit for.
  12. Aus Fox

    Corona Virus

    Anyone know his FoxesTalk user name?
  13. You’d imagine stadiums, be it football, or for music events or whatever form of entertainment will be the last thing to reopen when this is all under control. Sport will initially start back behind closed doors and I don’t expect any crowds at this seasons remaining games. At some point though, they will open and every man and his dog will hit the pubs and head over to the ground to experience what they have missed. As I’ve got older has kids etc. and moving away from Leicester and not having a team I am passionate for, I have attended less and less live sport games. I cannot now wait to experience the game again, and will be in attendance at the first live game I can get to when this is all over.
  14. The weekend the gates open again every club in the country from Premier League to the bottom will sell out. Many clubs will get record attendance.
  15. Absolutely, remember in particular a game away at WBA, where we played some of the best football I’d ever seen from us and were 3-0 up at half time. Taylor ran the show with Gary Parker that day and we played modern day Barcelona style possession football perfectly. - I may be remembering this over fondly but remember at half time thinking this could be 10 here the way we are playing. At the other end Kalac made a name for himself for the wrong reasons and dropped cross after cross and it finishes 3-2 but Taylor was magnificent that day.
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