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  1. Your issue with Maddison appears to be much deeper than this. We all, as supporters felt let down by the actions of the five players involved last week. They have all been handed a punishment for their actions and now we move on. Jack Grealish is a very good player, as is James Maddison. There is not a single metric you can measure them on which says Grealish is twice the player Maddison. This, as far as I am aware is Maddison’s first disciplinary issue since he’s arrived at the club - I’m not having going to a casino in your free time as an issue. Let it go mate, he’s produc
  2. Your survey is of poor quality, and many of the questions do not make sense. Like someone else has posted I gave up half way through. In terms of our rivalries, we don’t have a big one like a Man City V Utd or Villa Birmingham. Our rivalries tend to depend on what is happening on the pitch, due to a few games many years ago Spurs became a bit of a rival, this has been reignited in recent years due to the closeness in league position and the title race in 15/16. We had a decent rivalry with wolves at one point Walsh v Bull and this intensified when Mark Maghee left for Wolves cla
  3. No way on earth does Vardy not start in a game like this, absolutely clueless to even suggest an 11 without him unless he’s injured or suspended.
  4. How can anyone have a “Sat on the Bench” 11 and not have Conrad Logan in goal? Or is he even on the bench for the sat on the bench 11
  5. Not really, you don’t usually dive for a diving head until after the ball has been played. If you looked at feet when the ball is played this isn’t an issue. We
  6. Time to add Brighton to the list: 1.Sheff United 2. WBA 3. Fulham 4.Newcastle United 5. Burnley 6. Brighton
  7. Two things on this, the club didn’t make this public attention seeking nobodies on the internet made this public. As much as we all want the inside word as to what’s happening at the club, this needs to stop. Once it was posted on the internet the club had no choice but to respond to it. Not sure any other club would do the same thing, I think you’re correct here, but, for me that’s what makes our club great and we will see the benefits of this, you can’t have players doing what they feel like. If as we are led to believe they were all given a warning on return from internationa
  8. Apart from at Celtic and Swansea, let’s not forget he got both us and Liverpool into great positions in the first place. Today was different, something doesn’t look right, the effort, the basic errors, this just strikes me as something bigger is going on this week. Obviously we know about the party, but what impact has that had on the preparation, the harmony within the squad, is there a bigger division. I’m not sure what is happening and what went so wrong today but that wasn’t the Leicester I have watched this season.
  9. Does that get checked? he looked onside to me and is definitely fouled in the area.
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