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  1. Jonny Hayes might get another shot at the Championship with Birmingham. Can't believe he is now a full international.
  2. Josh Eppiah named player of the tournament, 8 goals in 6 games looks a real handful. Would love him to go on loan in League One next season and see what he can do, big, powerful, quick and a good finisher, looks a real prospect. i find it strange I havent heard of him before now. Looking forward to watching him develop.
  3. and our game for those who missed it
  4. Two assist also for the big man, legend
  5. About 10 minutes for the final
  6. If you get the chance check out Emile Heskey's free kick in the masters earlier today. Last couple of minutes, 2-2 and Heskey suddenly turns into Beckham in his prime 3-2 win.
  7. Semi final live in about half an hour v Rangers
  8. 3-1 win, Flash with the third and we meet Rangers in the semi later on.
  9. 2-1 at half time, Iverson threw one into his own net for them, Eppiah on the stroke of half time making it 2-1. Eppiah looks really good, big, powerful, strong and can finish almost reminds me of Heskey when he first came through.
  10. Josh Eppiah strikes again, 1-0 in the first minute.
  11. West Ham in the quarter finals today, about 4am uk time I think live on youtube. We are the only team with a 100% record after the group stages. Josh Eppiah looks our main threat, we haven't really been challenged so far though.
  12. 2-0 win in the second game and cruising into the quarter finals without really breaking a sweat.
  13. 1-0 win in the first game of the HK sevens. Martis with the goal. All games streamed live on youtube. Next game in about 1 hours time.
  14. Good old Jimmy P, hope he gets it back! Well played OP! Making a late run for our Player of the Year
  15. Time for a mass clear out, as much as I love Shakey and what he has done for the club, starting at the top - this needs to happen this week imo. Then a mass clear out of anyone who either dosent want to be here or isn't good enough for where we want to be. Bring in some young quality to go with what we already have. Let's start again, would love to see one of Maguire or Gibson start the ball rolling, then a CM of real quality on the ball.