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  1. Yes, as did Nikos Dabizas
  2. I’m sure in world football there are numerous examples of Greek and Turkish players being in the same team and playing well together. I’m not sure it would be an issue.
  3. All three of our nominations come third in their category imo.
  4. The sooner football brings in a spending cap the better in my opinion. Every team gets the same budget in the PL, whatever they make the budget it includes all spending, wages, transfer fees etc. Would really even up the competition, the best players would still want to join the big clubs with the big history and crowds. But the pressure would be on to spend wisely.
  5. Of course is there any other way of judging a manager. For next season he has 3 competitions, a season similar to Wolves this season would be the expectation. If we can finish top 7 have a good run in the EL and get back into Europe again, it will be a successful season. It will be tough as the so called “top 6” all look in a better position next season than they did this season. Wolves will not have Europe unless they win the EL and teams like Everton and Southampton I think will be better than they are this year. Add to this, I think Leeds, WBA and Fulham are all better teams with better managers than the three who have dropped. Never the less we should be looking to contour rise, and if we don’t that will as always lie at the managers door.
  6. Pretty sure that sounds like a Match of the Day interview from the start of the Century. Lineker: Do you think history will remember Junior Lewis? Taylor: I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. Junior Lewis he chose not to be my captain. I don’t know Junior Lewis. I never met Junior Lewis I don’t believe.
  7. To be fair this was the room any player was sent to if they got the arse.
  8. A bit of a long shot with this one but sometimes they just come to you. Acute like the angle 40o would be an acute angle. I never heard of CADs before and took a punt that they might be an old term for buttons.
  9. I wouldn’t say Vaz sounded French. Also, I’ve got no idea what this is related to, I just remember Vaz deleting all his social media accounts, and if there’s a scandal he can’t be far away.
  10. I see they’ve kept on the VAR officials though.
  11. The sex stories were the big rumours which are still unconfirmed, but obviously if true are shocking. But from someone I know close to the events, the biggest problem was the same security guards were working days shifts at the hotels and then doing night shifts as UBER drivers - hence the mass spread of the virus across the state. Then there is the selfishness of some people 130 people with confirmation of the virus not being home when random checks were carried out is beyond selfish and bordering on criminal. If I lost someone close to me due to the direct link to someone not doing the right thing I’d lose my shit. The volume of people still having parties, carrying on as normal is baffling to say the least and is so frustrating for those of us sitting back and doing the right thing. I know quite a few people nervously waiting for tomorrow’s announcement about jobs and industry which will be shut down for 6 weeks. It’s certainly not the place to be right now.
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