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  1. Who are the wingers in the U23s keeping the 3 you mentioned in the U18s from stepping up? Do the u23s play the same formation as the first team?
  2. They have at least 5 players in their squad that they paid more than the 40 million we paid for Tielemans. They have spent close to half a billion quid assembling their squad. They have spent it differently to other big teams and haven’t gone for over the top superstars, but to pretend they haven’t bought their position at the top is ignoring the amount they have spent.
  3. I take it the ECA have voted on this? From that I’d say any club voting in favour of this wave their right to complain about fixture congestion. The top clubs/managers appear to moan constantly, then agree to 4 extra unnecessary games and travel. 4 extra games for loyal supporters to find the funds to watch their team. 4 extra games that will adversely affect national cup competitions and smaller teams. Football should be about everyone not the few elite clubs making sure they can stay their. A sad day for football in my opinion if this is passed.
  4. When I last spoke, to my old man he told me he’s seen the next Zidane He plays for Leicester and wins us games surname Madison and first name James
  5. Maybe clubs should ask UEFA to return European competition to straight knock out comp and reduce games that way if they’re so bothered about fixture congestion?
  6. It surely has to be the same rules for everyone, how’s it fair that if say Wolves and Man Utd agreed to not have a replay, but we had to have one because we drew with a lower league team, who needed it. If a club really doesn’t want a replay, play a full strength attacking team.
  7. One of you should have tried to win the ****ing game first time then. 2 shots on target for the whole game (correct me if I’m wrong) watching it, it looked like two teams playing not to lose, rather than playing to win.
  8. Without knowing all of the ins and outs of Russian politics, it would appear so. From what I can gather he wants a system change more similar to the Chinese model, allowing him to be head of state in Russia with no limits on his tenure. His reign should end in 2024, but he appears to be changing the constitution to allow him to stay in control beyond this. I think he had his puppet as Prime Minister, who I am guess was told he would take over in 2024, and has now cracked it. Putin now puts in place a political unknown into the Prime Minister role who will do as he’s told basically. This is me reading between the lines, and if anyone knows more please correct me if I’m wrong.
  9. I think it was introduced last year, I remember reading about it after Newport knocked us out of the cup. They made over a million quid out of beating us, which while crap for us was amazing for them.
  10. The last remaining club from each division this year pockets £250,000. With Carlisle going out they are the last League 2 team in the competition.
  11. Cardiff’s win tonight is a massive bonus for Northampton Town! A cool £250,000 for a league two team without playing tonight is massive.
  12. The Newcastle situation is interesting, as I think it’s more to do with Steve Bruce and his training methods. Do a bit of research and look at his past, this happens everywhere he goes. For some reason he has an inability to manage players and their fitness. Any changes to the League or FA Cup would be done to benefit any teams playing in Europe at the expense of teams lower down the pyramid. If the Clubs, Premier League and UEFA we’re serious about player welfare they’d revert the Europa League back to a knock out competition, reduce the number of teams in CL this freeing up more midweek dates for league and cup and clubs not having to play 2/3 games per week, when European competition isn’t happening. But hey, that would affect their money in, which at the end of the day is all they care about.
  13. Even if we make both cup finals, we’ll still play less games this season than every other top 8 challenger, bar Sheffield United. Let’s go for it on all fronts! We have a maximum of 23 games remaining this season over 4 months. We do have a couple of players out of form, but Vards has had a good rest, we have Ndidi to come back and Iheanacho starting to look like the player we all thought we had signed. We only have Kasper, Chilwell, Evans, Soyuncu and Tielemans who are regulars for their country too, so the international breaks will largely give most of our players a couple of weeks off.
  14. Imagine how Mavis and Margret are going to feel when they have to give up their seats in the Kop to move to the away corner. Any idea what their allocation will be? Be funny if they pulled what Norwich did to us a few years ago and reduces their allocation.
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