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  1. If we ever want to win the league again, we need more proven Premeir League players like the ones who won us the league. Morgan Simpson Fuchs Dribkwater Mahrez Kante Vardy Okazaki
  2. His major problem is he doesn't appear to have a position. He is maybe 6th choice CM, 6th choice CB and not really a RB. I think a loan out to the championship or a Huddersfield/ Brighton where he might be able to play week in week out. A few cameos here and there and he will never come on.
  3. Go home, you're drunk!
  4. Ultimate Leicester City Hardmen X1 wothout question Steve '13 reds, deck off Steve Bull' Walsh is captain. Wasyl at right back Manager Nigel Pearson with Appleton as assistant. David Speedie could be worth a shout as a forward. Remember well him all 4ft6 of him taking on Kaspers dad.
  5. Goal Keeper, left back, centre midfield and up front look sorted (if Iheanacho comes in). Wingers look sorted if Magrez stays. So would like a RB capable of pushing Simpson for a start and Would like one more centre back, this depends though on Huths injury and how much we trust Bemny to keep improving. Kasper Simpson Morgan/Huth Maguire Fuchs/Chilwell Mahrez Drinkwater/James/Iborra Ndidi Albrighton Iheanacho Vardy With Slimani, Gray, Barnes, Lawrence, King, Ulloa fighting for a spot on the bench. The squad looks better than last year and without the demands of the Champions League.
  6. SO they have a 50 million quid left back, a 50 million quid right back and a 50 million quid centre back. The worlds most expensive goal keeper.Fook me, if I am writing those sort of cheques I want to go the whole season without conceding a single goal.
  7. Mahrez is on fire!! Looks absolutely filthy out there
  8. Get in! what a build up, what a goal!
  9. Just gone off injured against palace dodgy ankle. Dodged a bullet
  10. Cracking free kick for Palace, some quality goals in this tournament so far.
  11. Always loved the way big Gerry Taggart went about his business
  12. I was pissed off when I wore my spurs shirt, didn't even realise Dave was in the room.
  13. Start Kasper Amartey Norgan Maguire Elder Mahrez Drinkwater James Lawrence Okazaki Vardy 2nd half Kasper Simpson Benny Moore Fuchs Barnes Ndidi King Albrighton Slimani Ulloa