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  1. I went to almost every game that season, and I have absolutely no recollection of this game even taking place let alone the score!
  2. If every player who went down with a head injury had to go off for a concussion test, you’d have far less players claiming to have just been elbowed in the head to get someone sent off. it would lso be a lot safer for players.
  3. Favourites: Notts County Northampton Town West Brom Port Vale AFC Wimbledon Least Favourites Mk Dons Manchester United Arsenal Portsmouth Stoke City
  4. Before we all go patting Congerton on the back, let’s look at the facts - Nigel finished work at Carlisle at the end of the 1998/99 season, and wasn’t seen back in football again until 2006, where he resurfaced at Newcastle. Around the same time Steve Walsh mysteriously leaves a good job at Chelsea, goes missing for a few years and then resurfaces at, yes you’ve guessed it Newcastle with Big Nige. Now what’s this got to do with Little Wes, well around the time both of these blokes are missing a young lad is conceived in France and born in late 2000, funnily enough given the same name at
  5. This is where clubs need to get their recruiting bang on, I know a few on here talk about the like of Morgan and Fuchs going on for ever, but these are the sort of blokes young lads need to see in the dressing room. I could imagine Big Wes pulling a couple of the young lads aside and letting them know their responsibilities.
  6. Mark Draper was one of those who it was clear to everyone from the first minute he was a class above anyone else in a pretty poor side.
  7. Just going from the original post, if we ever do get everyone fit, we’ll have some big decisions to make.
  8. With Wilf sitting in front of them!!! Get them all on the park and we’ll never concede again!
  9. Imagine getting everyone fit and playing that line up with a bench of Ward, Justin, Fofana, Praet, Ünder, Perez Mandy Real quality in every position and a great replacement for everyone on the bench too.
  10. I don’t think any of it is patronising, she has a great game and far better than what we are used to in the Premier League. It’s quite sad that you chose to see it that way.
  11. Good comfortable win, they kept the ball very well for the first half an hour or so, but after we scored it was very comfortable. Very similar to the West Brom game at the start of the season. Fofana looked outstanding and will score a few goals with his big leap, unlucky not to get one tonight. Tielemans oozes class, everything good came through him and he controlled the game. Barnes tore them a new one and was outstanding. Iheanacho is a brilliant number 10, dont expect him to be a 9 and do what Vardy does, he plays his own game and does his job very well. Reall
  12. I actually think Hamza’s game will be really suited to Europa League football.
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