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  1. Not so much a Twitter room than a TV rumour: I’m just watching the France v Hungary build up and they just mentioned Roland Sallia had been linked with a move to us and West Ham. Anyone heard this? Any rumours over there?
  2. If we are going to be a top team and regularly play in Europe we need two top class keepers. Since Kasper arrived we’ve had some absolute stickers and if he has a sustained period out of the side we lose points because Zieler, Hamer, etc were not up to scratch. Yes, Ward could be first choice at another Premier League club, but so could Henderson, Kepe, Steffen etc.
  3. Let’s be real, Kasper just a couple of weeks a go made some out of this world saves to win us the FA Cup, Danny Ward has a decent game against Switzerland and you think Kasper is only in the side for his personality around the team? Must be the reason Morgan, Fuchs and James started so many game last season? He’s our number one, because he’s one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. Ward is a good backup keeper, and has not ever let us down, but he’s not even close to Kasper’s level as a goalkeeper.
  4. Youready Salted or Roast Chilwell?
  5. Give us the big guns early please, Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea in the first six. Leave us with teams like Southampton, Wolves and Newcastle with little to play for in the final 3 games.
  6. Amazingly, so far in the tournament there hasn’t been a game without a Leicester player past or present involved. We are massive!
  7. He’s one of the worst for me, rarely hear him say anything I agree with and appears to have very little understanding of the game.
  8. Sterling has to come off at half time surely, so much attacking talent on the bench and we have the one who is woefully out of form starting and playing like a player out of form. Can’t remember the last time I saw him have a good game. Walker also rubbish, if only we had a decent right back somewhere.
  9. If I were in charge they’d run a lap every time they had a lapse in concentration- that could more laps than lap dances Kyle Walker had in lockdown.
  10. Walker and Sterling have been abysmal so far and Kane doesn’t look fit at all. If we’re going to do anything Foden is the man to make it happen. I've been impressed with Phillips too, we do look shaky at the back and both cb have a laps in concentration in them.
  11. Reminds me of a Garth Crooks team of the week, when a whole lot of players are thrown in with no thought of set up or how they’ll perform together. A few regulars who are in on reputation, not on what they’ve done that week.
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