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  1. Mahrez v Gray. Gray v Mahrez

    The pitch simply isn't big enough for the two egos. They need to sort it out between them and soon! Gray behaviour tonight goes along way towards justifying what has been written about him in terms of attitude. The dummy spit when he didn't get the ball but we were still on the attack was almost unforgivable. Then getting booked for reacting to a foul with a silly childish push. If he seriously wants to spoken about as an England chance he weds to work on this.
  2. West Ham post match 1-1

    Not good enough! We looked happy with a point very early in another away game we should have been looking to win. Poor officiating didn't help, stonewall penalty and Ayew should have been sent off - booking for the dive, that. The ref clearly saw and one for the tackle on gray which could have been red on its own. Gray and Mahrez poor attitudes. Positives: Iborra and Maguire were outstanding
  3. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Mahrez and Gray need to sort their shit out or one/both of them need to go off. The ref has screwed us again, stonewall penalty and at 0-2 this game is dead. We need to learn to defend set pieces much better.
  4. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Mahrez played the pass, he had two choices and chose Vardy. The only reason we didn't score there was because Gray was having a suck like a petulant 5 year old rather than carrying on with the game and getting into the six yard box.
  5. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Terrible attitude from Gray there, get on with the game and you had a tap in.
  6. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Still fuming, how can that be a fouls by Wes and not one on Albrighton
  7. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    **** me they're getting everything from this ref.
  8. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    I would say Mahrez, Albrighton and Gray to interchange in the 10 role.
  9. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    TBF as long as he knows: you've got to hold and give, but do it at the right time, you can be fast or slow, but you must get to the line.There going to hit you and hurt you, defend and attack, there's only one way to beat them, get around the back. Catch him if you can, he'll be the England man.
  10. The joke thread

    Mate after looking after her like that, I hope she made it worth your while and went up on you.
  11. Red a 7?? He had one big decision to make and he bottled it. Yes they were better than us in almost every department, but 10 v 11 for almost the whole game and it changes the whole game. I can't see beyond a 1 for a ref that makes a poor decision that good change the game. Man City are as good as it gets, the way they calmly break down even the most stubborn rear guard is breathtaking. I gave them a 10, no way do United catch them this season.
  12. Musical Maths Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 37/100 My Time 157 seconds  
  13. The "nonsensical things that Leicester do" thread

    TBF neither "donkey" has been given an extended run in the team. Shakespeare earnt a go at the top job after results last season - didn't lose a game to a non top 6 side. Amartey has looked good at RB every time he has played there. Andy King has been trusted by manager after manager clearly. Doing something right! A true club legend who deserves ore respect. James deserved. New contract and has played well this season when asked to do a job. When fit again will play the role Albrighton did yesterday with more success, until Silva is available.
  14. The "nonsensical things that Leicester do" thread

    Just a question and I could be wrong here, but has he delivered a long throw since Puel took over?