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  1. For the season as a whole I think it’s important Iheanacho and Barnes get back on the horse and play this one. I want us to go pretty strong, while maybe giving Vardy and Madison and the two full backs a rest. We are going through a great period in the club’s history, I would be disappointed if we come out of it without any silverware. Liverpool with the team they have available will struggle to beat Villa, if Villa put out a strong line up. The 2 Manchester clubs you’d expect to go through, but I’d fancy us to do over United in the semis and City If we go full strength. For what it’s worth I’d go: Kasper Justin Soyuncu Evans Fuchs Madison/ Tielemans (rest one, not both) Praet Ndidi Perez Iheanacho Barnes I don’t think that leaves us too much weaker.
  2. Not really, it was well known that the independence vote would have seen Scotland removed from the EU. Gaining independence from the union does not mean Scotland will stay a part of the EU, in fact quite the opposite. There as far as I am aware no poll that shows clearly a change that people didn’t want. The General Election shows people are fed up with the Tories and didn’t trust either Corbyn or Libs to look after their interests. It shows they want a strong voice in Westminster, it does not show in anyway that any of the 2,000,000 people who voted remain have changed their minds. In the aftermath of the last independence vote the SNP has 56 seats, compared to the 48 now, and with their popular vote less than the amount of people who voted leave. Despite what Sturgeon or any media says there is no mandate for a second vote and with Borris having a sizeable majority and no seats in Scotland to lose, there is no way there is a second vote any time soon.
  3. Why should he just give in to them? Nicola Sturgeon herself said, this is a once in a lifetime vote. I cannot stand this global phenomenon of anti democracy, whereby people vote on something and if they don’t like the result they protest and demand a revote. A lot of entitlement and people who believe their voice is more important than that of others. Sorry Nicola, you’ve had your vote, now kindly move on.
  4. You can’t win them all, bad day at the office which will always happen. Had chances, but overall disappointing afternoon, on to the cup game midweek and we go again.
  5. How else do you expect young players to develop? Not great today, but was anyone? Lads Gita huge future ahead of him, just needs a bit of confidence and more games.
  6. This Norwich team is one of the worst I’ve seen for niggly fouls, handballs and whinging and whining.
  7. BLoody hell these farmers don’t stop moaning! Constantly surrounding the ref!
  8. I didn’t have Norwich down as a bunch of whingers!
  9. Could we come up with a Leicester city 12 Days of Christmas song? Fill in the blanks 1 2 3 league cups 4 5 thousand to one 6 Flying Swans 7 8 9 away at southampton 10 11 Goals for Vardy 12
  10. I just asked the whole of the United Kingdom who they would like to win the Premier League and here are my findings: Red: Liverpool Blue: Leicester City Green: Rugby Yellow: Couldn’t understand their response Orange: What’s a Premier League
  11. Can’t see Borris allowing a second once in a lifetime referendum any time soon.
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