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  1. This got me thinking about the great players we’ve had over the years towards the end of their career: Sir Les, Kevin Phillips, Roberto Mancini, Martin Keown, Stan Collymore there are many more. Could you pick an X1 if we had them in their prime. Sir Les even at 38 was a wonderful player and at the start of a terrible period for the club a real joy to watch.
  2. Imagine thinking you’re going to win the quadruple and ending up with just the league cup.
  3. Stop lion, it was a cockroach called Brett and he didn’t escape he was just off to CrossFit.
  4. I think I’ll leave this here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RmFnarFSj_U
  5. In 2019 only Aguero has been directly involved in more goals than Vardy.
  6. Realistically though, who in the league outside Liverpool and Man City have been consistent. Look at Wolves record vs Top 6 compared to their record over the bottom 6. Over the course of a season you finish where you deserve. With 4 games to go we are 7th, Wolves are level on points and Everton and Watford a further point behind. Yes Watford and Wolves have a game in hand, but they also play each other. We have 4 games left and in the reverse fixtures of these games we picked up 7 points. I see no reason we can’t match that now and that would mean Wolves would need 8 points from 5 games, Watford and Everton 9 points. I don’t get why everyone is so down on our chances and some of the words used on this thread are embarrassing. Also don’t get any fan that doesn’t want us to get Europe this season based on the fact it might make it harder for us to get Europe next season. Lets go all out and do this! I look forward to seeing you all for Getafe away!
  7. It’s the classic King Power move, relegation fight all season- Sack Pearson- win the league next season. @Lizhang do you think many of those youngsters doing so well, will be in the first team next season?
  8. BigWes: Anyone think we should swap the dug outs and the Family’s stand to improve the atmosphere? Vardz9: Should I bring the inflatable dinosaur I stole at the Everton game on the end of season trip?
  9. The back 4 picks itself when everyone is fit and available Ricardo Evans Maguire Chilwell they are our best back 4, can’t see why you’d drop any of them. They may make mistakes or have bad games, but if they didn’t they wouldn’t play for us! Fuchs and Morgan are great cover but shouldn’t be anymore than that at this stage.
  10. For me it’s Chilwell followed by Ricardo followed by Vardy, however, if Vardy can score 5 in the remaining 4 games, big ask but he always does well against the top teams then it’s hard to look beyond a 20 goal striker for these awards, particularly in a mid table side
  11. TheKing10 started a new thread: Managers you had forgotten managed us. TheKing10: Anyone remember that posh European bloke who came in and thought he was a real ladies man, but he was crap can’t remember his name. Kasperthefriendlykeeper: Sven TheKing10: no the other one VardyParty9: Puel BigWestley: Vards you just say that because he thought you were crap Bennytheloon: He was a dick, no one leaves Benny in the ressies. WellchilledBen: fool off back to the Forest boards Benny, how’s promotion coming along say hello to Molly for me. jamesMatt: not a manager but remember the guy with the big arms, he gave me a knee rub once and I was out for another 6 months. Woodnotwoods: Hey boys, having a good season I see, anyone remember Pearson being here? I banged his daughter and got sent off to the championship. TheKing10: Nah guys help me out here, Portuguese guy, I was captain for a while under him. HeresJohnny: You were Captain kingy? I thought you were an overgrown mascot? Didn’t realise you played a bit. Shinji: I miss Claudio, he let me play good times Dilly Ding dilly dong.
  12. Players you had forgotten played for us thread was made for this guy...
  13. This says more about you than anything. Look at our squad we have a mixture of experienced pros Kasper, Wes, Vardy etc who may not get another chance at playing in Europe and will want to end there careers with a few more big European nights under their belt. Then we have the Madison, Chilwell type young players who play with a swagger and want to show the world what they can do on the big stage. This isn’t like. Painting and decorating job, where you get the job done go home and have a cuppa. This is about showing off what you can do at the highest level and maybe for some younger lads getting a big move to Spain or Somewhere.
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