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  1. I have every confidence JJ will come back even better. He is one of the most determined self- improvers I have seen. He will work and work until he becomes the best he can be. He is one to keep for the next seven or eight years.
  2. That's where Chelsea look to Mason Mount . He is no creative genius but he brings it out of defense and runs at the opposition. He works his butt off yet rarely gets the kudos the big money signings get.
  3. Josh apparently player of the year at Wycombe. Trying to compensate for his teammates mistakes probably meant he had to play out of his skin most of the time.
  4. Absolutely agree ,Gosens would be very good but is not top priority , we still have periods when our control is not turning into goals. If we had had less of those we would be not far behind Man.City.
  5. Maddison's poor technique aside , with all that possession and control we should have won easily. You have to outthink the defensive traps. In the end that is the definition of top team.
  6. Nope, if they lose a man I would expect us to hammer them. We should have done that to Southampton say the stats.
  7. I really cannot think of one viable excuse for not winning this match bar an unwarranted sending off.
  8. He probably isn't in that class yet but neither is Dan and he is our bench option at the moment. High class defenders will never come and sit on our bench.
  9. He has been with the club for a very long time Ric and and Leicester City means a great deal to him. He is definitely one of our better home grown players of the last ten years and I hope Rodgers finds a role for him.
  10. Better organise a flag day, King Power are down 100s millions because of the pandemic. If we make C.L. it will be 30 to 40 million max. Unless of course somebody is going we know nothing about.
  11. Morgan and Fuchs retiring , so on the bench next season for me , you don't know what you've got etc. He is more than useful as a D.M. as well.
  12. If we bought Gosens, Edouard and say M. Pereira we would not get much change out of 75 million. If we sold Praet because KDH is coming back and Hamza , we could realise about 30 million. Are the club prepared to invest the rest on the basis that income from Europe , TV rights and club promotion should cover most of that is the fundamental question that none of us know an answer to.
  13. If Castagne was told to play on the left , most of this thread would be unnecessary. Luke would be on the bench and covering for any injuries . He has done a pretty decent job but Castagne is an experienced international player who we bought to replace Chilwell. He is keeping Ricci out of the team but that cannot continue.
  14. He definitely seems in the Andy Robertson class which tells me if he is that good why aren't Inter or Juve pushing hard to get him.They could probably go to 40 million even now. He is pushing 27 so he would want a big pay day before it is too late.
  15. Something about this suggests we are being played by Gosens and his agent briefing the media to renegotiate his contract. The last time we bought an experienced current International defender was when? Atalanta will certainly need him if they qualify for the C.L. If we were experiencing the same situation with one of our key players we would certainly be suspicious. Before you correct me ,Yes Jonny of course and he has been one of the best signings in our history.
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