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  1. If anyone wants to try Hello Fresh for meals, discount code for you:- HS-CL1A4YEOG
  2. Yes. Unfortunately for you, when an in-swinging corner comes into the box, every opposition player in the area is interfering with play.
  3. Also, despite him being pretty small, apparantly he’s got a massive wang.
  4. What a nob. Him and his Uncle Bald Fanny manager need to wind their ****ing necks in.
  5. He’s been great these first three games. Again, if he keeps this form consistent, he can become unplayable.
  6. Was superb yesterday. Having been disappointed by his career with us up the start of the season, I wasn’t that happy about him getting a new deal. How he’s performing is really showing how wrong I was on that front. If he can continue to show this consistency, it makes Wilf’s absence a lot more tolerable.
  7. There’s a service coming shortly to Leicester that’ll be held at the King Power called Goal Difference. It’s held at a few other clubs already.
  8. He played well. Lets see how he does on Saturday before we start considering having his babies.
  9. Very, very harsh. They were 13 unbeaten before tonight.
  10. I cant see us winning another league game this season. This is worse than under Puel.
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