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  1. Rogers said that Praet was the player for this kind of game. Lets see it.
  2. Exactly. £30m for Alex Iwobi???? That’s just stupid especially when you consider what we’ve paid for Praet.
  3. Want to try Mcktv this year. Can someone give me a link to sign up??
  4. Would love to see him go there and do fvck all.
  5. Never played played in the Prem. Too risky if we’re pushing for top 6.
  6. People always underestimate the importance of a physical presence at the back. Ake is under 6ft and whilst the league isn’t stacked out with Duncan Ferguson esque strikers, our weakness from set pieces isn’t going to improve by removing height and physicality from our defensive line.
  7. Ake isn’t that much better (if at all) than Dunk. They’re all much of a muchness. Seen them all play well and i’ve seen them all play dogshit. If we’re losing Maguire we have to replace him as closely as possible in terms of ability, physicality and experience. If you do a matrix scoring system, i’d imagine Dunk would come out on top. Experienced at this level, a leader, good with the ball at his feet, good in the air, physically dominant (6ft 4 in height and not far off in width!!). The price is high. It’s really high but dont be scared by it. The overall picture of the team with him in it would be more valuable than without.
  8. They’re both much of a muchness for their respected teams, mainly because the players they play with week in, week out are fairly average. Either will improve no end playing for us under Brenneh.
  9. Easy for the first reaction to be critical. However if Dunk is the man that we want to replace Maguire, i’d much rather we pay £40m, get it done and get him in and settled than pissing about and wasting time (which we’ve all been hugely critical of the club in the past for doing).
  10. Well **** me with a can of spam. Must be happening then.
  11. Tune of ‘Moves like Jagger’ The free kicks ****ing miles out Who’s gonna take it, gonna make it count You got to shoot like Maddeh Got to shoot like Maddeh Got to shoooooooot like Maddeh
  12. That is 100% concrete, water tight evidence right there.
  13. Good people on both sides. Just fake news.
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