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  1. The ability to have our plan b of just being massive bastards will prove useful I reckon.
  2. One thing I was happy with was at one point we had a corner and it was a bit of a throwback to the MON land of the giants days. Ulloa 6ft 3 Ibora 6ft 3 Maguire 6ft 3 Morgan 6ft 2 Ndidi 6ft 1 Fuchs 6ft 1 Shame the corner didnt clear the 1st man but hey ho.
  3. I thought he was just ok. Loads of crap long balls. I really hope we dont play 4-5-1 too much this season. Boring as **** to watch.
  4. The first fifteen we looked quite bright. After that every single one of our players looked like utter shit. Would read anything into this game at all.
  5. I've only just finished a ban from the transfer forum so I need to be careful here. But i've just seen him in MORRISSONS!!
  6. I like Gray but right now, he is nowhere near good enough to be considered a replacement for Mahrez. His performances from the bench have been indifferent and I cant remember seeing him start a game and visibly deserve it. If his game develops and he realises the potential that everyone assumes he has, he'll be an excellent player and on that basis we should be looking to keep him but for me, his role in the squad shouldn't be changing that much in the immediate future.
  7. Krabi Island, Thailand. Was ****ing wonderful.
  8. I'm trying it out.
  9. One of the main problems I have when discussing the economic migrant/asylum seeker issue is it's essentially all guess work. Everyone can quote sources and reports on who these people are and their intention, but nobody actually knows so making a judgement is pretty hard. Syria is a really odd situation. Before the shit hit the fan there, it was a pretty affluent place. There were more in terms of rising middle class than falling into poverty so the perception that people are heading here for benefits alone isn't one that particularly rings true. If anything, whilst they are asylum seekers, their skill sets could push them into the economic migrant category as there are many skilled workers in healthcare, science, manufacturing and engineering which were all growth industries there but obviously there lives have disappeared and turned to shit. The bottom line for me is, the UK is a fvcking amazing country. I absolutely love it and can well understand why people are drawn to it rather than countries like Germany, France, Spain or Italy. The people here are just a different class. Yes there's some arseholes but generally, we have the best country in the world. Everyone knows it so everyone wants to live here. Any state benefit they might get is a secondary consideration in my opinion. Firstly people just want to be a part of our country.
  10. They are gonna screw us.
  11. Arguably we're one of the biggest economies as we've been a part of the EU and more importantly, the single market. Until there are some actual trade agreements on the table, everybody is just guessing as to how we'll cope and this is the whole issue. By now, over a year since the referendum, there should at the very least be indications from trade areas outside of the single market as to what can be offered to the UK and vice versa. The fact that there hasn't been is the biggest worry. All this side of the bus bullshit that keeps getting re-hashed is purely a distraction tactic.
  12. Even in the unlikely event that Labour were elected, they would be no worse than the Tories in terms of the countries economics. If they were to be elected, their majority would be so small (probably a minority government) that none of their extreme left policy would pass. Again, IF, they were to be elected, it would be for 1 term only for the reason above. They'd be a government that wouldn't be able to govern. The picture that Foxin_mad paints just wouldnt ever happen.
  13. Both sides of this argument are a disgrace. 'It was down to cuts', 'Why did Labour councils do it'." etc etc. Stop trying to catch each other out. There's a 24 storey graveyard because it turns out that the cladding option used was dangerous. Not just at Grenfell but on 181 out of 181 tower blocks up and down the country. At the time, both cladding options were deemed safe but one was cheaper. It matters not about cuts or councils or anything else. In any walk of life in any situation, if you're faced with 2 options of seemingly equal situation, you go for the most economical. There is no conspiracy, no agenda against the poor. The councils all acted on advice from experts. The suppliers of the panels and those that passed them are at fault, nobody else. How it was handled afterwards was and still is pretty shambolic but please, enough with the point scoring.
  14. I'm pretty sure they could manage!
  15. I think they may be seeing that there is no version of Brexit that doesnt make them look like shit. The way its been described to me with the Hammond option basically has Hammond blaming May leaving himself absolved, then when he steps aside, whoever takes over can be absolved. Then come next election, it'll actually be run on a concrete version of what the country looks like and not guess work. Labour will have no position to argue and the Tories will retain power for another 5 years.