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  1. Also, despite him being pretty small, apparantly he’s got a massive wang.
  2. The logic is he’s fookin well good. Nowt else needed.
  3. Hmmm. Its the kind of signing that if Everton made, i’d say, ‘****s sake. Another one we’ve missed out on. The people dealing with our transfers are an absolute JOKE!!’ If we just signed him under the radar, I’d probably say, ‘****ing hell, what a waste of money’
  4. What a nob. Him and his Uncle Bald Fanny manager need to wind their ****ing necks in.
  5. He’s been great these first three games. Again, if he keeps this form consistent, he can become unplayable.
  6. Was superb yesterday. Having been disappointed by his career with us up the start of the season, I wasn’t that happy about him getting a new deal. How he’s performing is really showing how wrong I was on that front. If he can continue to show this consistency, it makes Wilf’s absence a lot more tolerable.
  7. Defender in his prime that needs no time to settle. This would be a great bit of business.
  8. Rogers said early on that Hamza needed to show more in his game going forward and he hasn’t done that at all. People had a go at Chilwell for sidewards or backwards passing but Hamza is by far the worst for it. He never looks at all comfortable in possession and whilst he’s really good in a tackle, Ndidi shows that you don’t have to fly in and crunch someone to win the ball back. It’s sad when an academy player looks like breaking through only to fade away but that’s the case here. Seems that KDH and Tavares have impressed more in pre-season and could take Hamza’s place in the squad should he go.
  9. I’d love it if they didn’t do anything until matchday and just had him in the film poster matchday posts. Midnight Express is set in Turkey isn’t it?
  10. Exactly. I’d have all the birds from Hollyoaks round my house permanantly warming their fannies on a fire of £50 notes. What’s the ****ing problem? Let them enjoy the dollar.
  11. 6ft 5in of centre back hunk. Oooh matron.
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