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  1. Good people on both sides. Just fake news.
  2. Sean from Enderby is the worst. ‘Just been on Whatsapp with Top’.
  3. High Plains Drifter and Predator are definitely two of the most underrated films of all time.
  4. Dunk is quality and £40m is a fair price. Get it done.
  5. Better than Ghezzal and Diabate. Get it done for £25m.
  6. Unfortunately an old school friend and big City fan committed suicide on Sunday aged 37. RIP Dale Jarvis.
  7. We should be looking to spend at least £40m on a striker. Enough of this bargain basement shit.
  8. He was the guy always banging on about being a Christian?
  9. Sell the little bastard.
  10. Some of the most painful TV was watching Farron asked about that belief.
  11. There is no need for anyone to donate for it’s rebuilding. Hopefully the Church recognise this and donate the money to a deserving charity.
  12. Mark Francois is gonna milk this 15 minutes of fame for all its worth. How long before some removes his mask to reveal a massive bellend?
  13. If there is a 2nd referendum (which I doubt there will be), the choices should truly represent the nations views which I think should be:- 1 - May’s deal 2 - No deal 3 - Revoke A50 and remain 4 - Revoke A50 on condition of a cross party brexit cabinet forming to actually plan something genuinely workable. Despite me being absolutely anti-brexit now, i’d vote for option 4. There should be chapter and verse information made available to the public on all 4 and absolutely NO ****ING CAMPAIGNING ALLOWED!!
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