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  1. Some of the most painful TV was watching Farron asked about that belief.
  2. There is no need for anyone to donate for it’s rebuilding. Hopefully the Church recognise this and donate the money to a deserving charity.
  3. Mark Francois is gonna milk this 15 minutes of fame for all its worth. How long before some removes his mask to reveal a massive bellend?
  4. If there is a 2nd referendum (which I doubt there will be), the choices should truly represent the nations views which I think should be:- 1 - May’s deal 2 - No deal 3 - Revoke A50 and remain 4 - Revoke A50 on condition of a cross party brexit cabinet forming to actually plan something genuinely workable. Despite me being absolutely anti-brexit now, i’d vote for option 4. There should be chapter and verse information made available to the public on all 4 and absolutely NO ****ING CAMPAIGNING ALLOWED!!
  5. Whilst my level of sympathy for politicians is pretty low, it must be a little bit tricky for them. 17.4m said leave without a definition of what leave was (spare me any leave means leave comments. It’s lazy) and a proportion of that vote is saying if you dont leave in a way we want, we’re gonna smash up the country. Then you have 16.4m who want to remain, a million of which (spare me arguments on the actual number) took to the streets to re-enforce that view and now another 6m (spare me the ‘I signed it a million times’ bullshit) petitioning to cancel the whole thing. There’s big business and politicians on all sides of the argument. There are now also proven illegalities that some want explored and others want ignored. On top of all this, there’s a rise of the far-right and the far-left, both of which are to be frank, ****ing idiotic. You have a small number of career Eurosceptics who despite wanting to leave the EU their entire lives, don’t seem to have a grip on how it works, why it works, the legalities, procedures and timescales needed to organise leaving. It’s truly bizarre. They had a ****ing lesson on what the Customs Union is and how it works despite having voted on it already. What the actual ****?? How exactly did the PM think this would turn out when she triggered Article 50 without even a smidgen of an idea of what the plan was?? Personally, I’ve reached a point of anger where if anyone does take to the streets to physically cause chaos, whichever side of the argument they’re on, I’ll be there to fight them. It feels like that’s all that’s left. I’ve lost my job over this, my savings have now vanished, I have people in the pub telling me I need to ‘go home’ as i’m not welcome in the country anymore (born and ****ing bred here but my mother is asian). Truly I have nothing left other than to take a hammer to someone and at the minute, that feels like an inevitability.
  6. He’s been superb. Offered a great balance on that left hand side. Can beat a man on the inside or outside. He’s an absolute livewire. There were times on Saturday he was in acres of space screaming for the ball but the option to try and play Vardy in was always taken. I think next season he’s going to be absolutely mustard.
  7. Remember the good old days when she was getting standing ovations for saying, ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. Could she be the worst politician in history?
  8. Revoke A50 then a GE with manifestos based on EXACTLY what the fvck you ACTUALLY want to do next. No more fudge, no more blind faith, no more smoke and mirrors. Has to be agreed with the EU prior to the election. Option to remain cannot be included neither can no deal. Its time for everyone (not just politicians but the public too) to grow up. The namecalling, petty squabbling, political point scoring, fake promises, bullshit arguments have to stop. If not, we’re stuck in this god damn cycle forever.
  9. This. There were quite a few occasions first half where a pass to Gray was on after him making really good runs but he wasn’t picked out.
  10. Really hope they dont go easy on the sex.
  11. I think its worth trying the 3-4-3 again with slightly different personnel. Kasper Soyoncu Evans Maguire Ricardo Mendy Ndidi Chilwell Maddison Vardy Tielemans
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