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  1. Adrien Silva

    The one that went out for the throw in was my personal favourite. Nobody anywhere near him, players and options a plenty, but he played a weird, chipped square ball between 2 City players and straight out for a throw. I’m still not seeing him provide anything that any of the other CM’s we have couldnt provide. Massive downgrade on Drinkwater so far.
  2. Adrien Silva

    These risky passes that people are referring too aren’t the ones where he gives the ball away. He gets caught in possession shitloads and its the shorter, square, easy passes that he screws up. Personally, I think he looks pretty shit so far.
  3. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    There is a bit of an issue now. The team cant play the way Puel wants, that’s quite obvious. But there’s a hell of a lot of players that need replacing in order to do so. Now we could get another manager in thats happy to revert back to twatting it up to Vardy, but realistically, the players comfortable with that only have a couple of seasons left in them at best. Puel wants us to be more positive and move the ball quicker, he’s said it enough times now so the problem is in the personnel so we really have little choice but to say goodbye to Wes, Simpson, Fuchs and Shinji for definite. Gray, Chilwell and Iheanacho i’d persist with but they need to improve markedly and realise their potential. From about the 20th minute today we were the better team and absolutely battered them. We should really have been level at half time and overall, it’s a game we should have won. Now. 7th is gone. There aren’t enough games left for us to put a run together and Burnley to evaporate away a 9 point lead so what do we do for the remainder of the season? Personally, I think Hamza has shown enough to keep his spot and Wes has definitely done enough to lose his. For the next game, i’d like to see:- Kasper Albrighton Dragovic Maguire Chilwell Choudhury Ndidi Gray Iheanacho Diabate Vardy
  4. Leicester 1- Newcastle 2 post match thread.

    We dont deserve 7th really. We’ve been shit since January. Puel’s game relies on players being very comfortable on the ball with both feet and to move it quickly. Morgan, Chilwell, Albrighton, Simpson and Okazaki just aren’t up to it. We were bad today just as we were against every other struggling team we’ve played at home. 7th will be put to bed when Burnley beat us next week and we can all just allow the season to fizzle out.
  5. Leicester City Vs Newcastle United

  6. Hobbies forum

    Is watching Porn a hobby? Been doin it years consistently and never fell out of love with it.
  7. Boxing

    I’m fighting in one in Plymouth this Saturday!
  8. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Of course not but this is more about covering our arse more than anything. I’d have hoped after all the **** ups in the past we’d have learned this lesson. Even if we’re not required to do it, sending them a sample shows we’re not the aggressive party and are happy to exhaust every opportunity before take ng action which is completely the correct thing to do. May is trying to re-establish the strong leader position but this is completely the wrong tool to do so and is potentially very dangerous. As for the Labour MP’s. Anybody who bought into the party being in harmony are ostriches with their heads in the sand. Labour have been divided since Corbyn took charge and they’ll stay that way until he’s gone. All they’ve been waiting for is a moment like this. Personally, I can’t really see anything wrong with what he said today but because of the recent smear campaigns, the old adage is true. Throw enough shit, some of it eventually sticks.
  9. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Why couldn’t we do those numbers? I’m sick of people doing this country down.
  10. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Problem with May is she’s done decent speeches in the past and then followed them up with the total sum of fook all which no doubt will happen here.
  11. Game of Thrones Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 89 seconds  
  12. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    You can switch it to a dubbed version and enjoy it in Gods own language. Her majesty the queens language. The best language. 👍
  13. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Money Heist on Netflix is bloody brilliant.
  14. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Unbelievable that it makes Littlejohn look uncomfortable!
  15. Boxing

    None of the big name heavyweights are particularly skilful but thats making for very entertaining fights. Wilder is like a bowl of spaghetti but it really seems effective. The swings are so wild that something is bound to catch. AJ is pretty static but has a fairly good jab and also dynamic power. I think both would struggle with a prime Tyson Fury but I doubt we’ll see that version again.