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  1. HoChiMinhFOX

    Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Fed up with arsenal always getting lucky against us...😡 playing well though!
  2. HoChiMinhFOX

    Ahmed Musa, Why??

    Looks like it says Herrera on the back, so can assume it was one he got when he played against them. Bit silly reacting to it at all really. If I played for a football team, I'd still be wearing my city shirt...
  3. HoChiMinhFOX

    Hull City Match Thread

    Guess it's fuch the league and win the champions league?
  4. HoChiMinhFOX

    Leicester vs Barcelona - Match Thread

    No defence is safe from Musa
  5. HoChiMinhFOX

    Leicester vs Barcelona - Match Thread

    Holy sh*t sauce Musa!!! What a goal
  6. HoChiMinhFOX

    The Battle of Britain. Celtic up next

    Chilwell really looks quality!