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  1. Yeah it’s all grays fault we were losing. He was one of a few players who came out of the last 10 games with any credit. People are so blind and biased against him even when he does well he gets slated.
  2. That’s a real run of game starting isn’t it. He’s never been given the same luxury as Perez. If Gray started 15 games in a row his confidence would soar and his stats would be far better than Perez’s. He always under pressure to perform well every game or he knows he’s dropped. The same can’t be said with others. I feel for him. He’s not the best winger in the league but he shouldn’t be getting slated on here.
  3. What a load of rubbish. He was one of our best players after lockdown. He gets some unwarranted stick on here. He’s a far better player than Perez and offers a lot more. If he had the chances Perez has had he would have much better goals and assist stats.
  4. Can’t believe we’re going to sell Gray and keep Albrighton. Ridiculous.
  5. Superb today. Never understood the stick he gets. His finishing needs working on but he’s young and will improve. Without him in the side we don’t have anyone else to run at teams and cause havoc. Hopefully Under can do this as well. IMO he’s our most important player in the team.
  6. Great performers so far. Looks a real find. Good to know when Ricardo eventually does leave we have a ready made replacement. Hopefully he’s just as comfortable at lb.
  7. Barnes is our most dangerous player. He makes things happen.
  8. And who does he replace??? He isn’t good enough to be in the 11.
  9. Hopefully he replaces Perez and starts on the RW. We’ve been crying out for a proper winger, let’s hope he hits the ground running and adds another threat so the oppos defence is stretched. We’re too easy to defend against at times as we don’t really create a lot via the wings. This will now gives us a threat down both flanks as well as our dangerous passing game.
  10. Because he’s shocking. Literally any right winger is better Perez.
  11. Exactly. It’s the same every game. Zero attacking threat, can’t beat a man, no pace, no strength. Very average.
  12. Offers nothing. Got played in one on one and a terrible first touch meant he got tackled. Should’ve made it 1-0. He’s just average. Replace him with a proper winger and we are in business. He’s a squad player at most.
  13. Was poor today. Need an upgrade on him ASAP and then we will look a real threat going forward.
  14. A lot of good performances today. Perez again showed himself to be a weak link. The sooner we replace him in the line up the better.
  15. We’re never going to be able to sign a top forward ready made. We’re always going to have to buy young players or players who have flopped at other clubs. He has always been highly rated and with some guidance could turn into a real star. If the price isn’t out of this world it’s well worth a gamble on him.
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