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  1. If Caceres is fit he'd be a great addition. If the wages are ok I'd be willing to give it a go.
  2. I agree. For me a fully fit Delph is better than Drinkwater.
  3. I'd take Sam Allardyce every day of the week.
  4. For me it's an absolute must. We've outgrown our currency capacity. We need to start playing with the big boys or we will forever be a lower end prem club with no ambition to get bigger.
  5. Gray goes by players with pace like they arnt there. He's going to be a hell of a player in a couple of years, hopefully with us. There's a reason you don't see many players like him.... their hard to find! MUST keep hold of him and start playing him week in week out.
  6. Patrick Roberts is a great shout. We are not going to be able to buy players in their prime so we should carry on looking at players with potential. Hes never going to be able to break into the City team so we should be all over this.
  7. Definitely. Hes been treated awfully by Arsenal and is a solid prem defender. Hes young as is only going to get better too.
  8. Never thought I'd say this... thank god Andy King is back. I couldnt watch Amartey in CM again.
  9. I love Mahrez and I'm one of his biggest fans but he clearly isnt interested at all anymore. He was an absolute disgrace last night. His performances this year have been terrible. After seeing the interview before the Man City game he clearly is still sulking that he didn't get to leave last year. Ungrateful bloke. £100,000 a week for the performances he has put in this year. I hope he has played his way out of a move to the big clubs.
  10. Only player to come out with any credit tonight. We've got a gem on our hands if coached correctly.
  11. Another who tonight showed hes nowhere near good enugh is benaloune. Keep him as 4th choice cb to replace Amartey but unfortunately another signing who isn't good enough. The amount of money we have spent on new signings recently and only ndidi is any good. What a shame we didn't really cash in on our golden period. What a chance to push on and establish ourselves as a top top club. Missed the boat massively.
  12. Mahrez was a disgrace tonight. Sell him for as much as possible. At least Gray gave it a go when he came on.
  13. I've been an advocate of giving him time and hoping he will come good. Tonight showed he isn't anywhere near good enough. Sell him and get somebody else in.
  14. I genuinely believe Maguire would be the best cb signing out of him, Keane and Gibson. Better value for money and I think he has a better all round game.
  15. FM legend. Not sure if he's any good in real life! He looks very raw in the video with some good atributes. I'd take him if the price was right.