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  1. Embarrassing. The manager and lads need to take a long hard look in the mirror. not even threatening against Slavic Prague is embarrassing. not bolstering the squad in January is really hitting home now. also Brendan needs to take a lot of the blame here. Start your strongest team for god sake.
  2. This is awful. What a shocking performance over two legs. Don’t deserve to go through.
  3. Deserve everything we’re getting at the minute. Why the negative selection though.? I know we have players who need a rest but now they’ve got to come on and perform. Silly, play then and get the lead then bring them off
  4. I’ve never heard of him but that video made him look like Yaya Toure. Looks big and powerful whilst having great ball control.
  5. They don’t try and beat a player because they physically cannot. They haven’t got it in the locker. Under has and that’s why he tries it.
  6. Didn’t realise he’s on free as well. That would be a really sensible signing. He looked a real handful last night.
  7. Wow our attacking player has great defensive stats. He’s a winger/forward. That’s not what he is there for. The reason he has good defensive stats is because he’s recovering the ball he has lost. not good enough for a team challenging for Champions League.
  8. Wilf is our most important player. He’s truly world class. He provides the defensive screen but has now added the passing ability to his game. He’s such a calming influence on the team. He’s an exceptional player and we are so lucky to have him. Get him a new contract with a 1 billion pound release clause!
  9. Albrighton is having a mare. Get under on to run at them. We need to push them back
  10. That for me is the issue. They are massively struggling on midfield and defence and you just know we’re going to sit back and allow them onto us just like the last game. if we want to get anything out of the game we must attack them and push them back. The last game we played against them was embarrassing. We showed far too much respect and their makeshift back 4 would never have had such an easy game.
  11. But you stick up for Perez?? Your watching a completely different game to me.
  12. Far better option than Perez. It’s criminal how under used Kelechi is. He should be starting most of our games. The lad scores goals.
  13. No he shouldn’t. He’s offers nothing. He needs to be sold. Useless
  14. Isn’t good enough for our starting eleven but I’d be playing him ahead of Perez at the minute!
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