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  1. frany104


    We don’t need this guy do we.😂😂 We’re desperate for some more quality.
  2. Wrong formation. Bottle jobs the lot of them. Brendan Rodgers proving why he’s not elite. Piss poor
  3. frany104


    I probably haven’t explained what I meant very well. I didn’t mean a direct replacement. I meant he offers another alternative skill set in midfield which we don’t have and therefore for some games would replace Maddison. He clearly isn’t a number 10. Against the likes of City and Liverpool we could play 3 in midfield and use Soumare, Ndidi and Tielemans. That would be stronger defensively.
  4. frany104


    I actually don’t think he’s a stand in for anyone. I think he’s a Maddison replacement. Different type of player but offers us something that we don’t have in the squad. Ball carrying ability from midfield. For me he would be the most important signing we could make. He plays like Yaya Toure.
  5. frany104


    For me this is our most exciting link. He has everything. We’re crying out for a ball carrier in midfield.
  6. You don’t half spout some rubbish. Every post I see from you is just plain wrong.
  7. Have you seen the amount of people on Twitter replying to the official LCFC account all saying they now support Leicester 😂😂. It could actually help us financially with shirt sales etc.
  8. I thought he had been poor for a few games. I do think having soyuncu back and not babysitting amartey massively helped yesterday. He was able to focus solely on his job and he was solid. Good on him.
  9. Perez is useless. Two good chances he’s over run whilst dribbling now. Looks like a competition winner
  10. This formation hasn’t and doesn’t work for us. bring back the back 4.
  11. Awful today. Worst I’ve seen him play in a long time. Doesn’t help him having to babysit amartey. As good as Evans has been for us he doesn’t half slow down our play and allow the oppo to set up.
  12. He just isn’t good enough. He’s ok as a backup squad player but having to start important games for us is showing how out his depth he is. If possible we should sell and look to replace with a promising youngster or experienced head. He doesn’t offer anything and it’s not like the games he’s playing in is making him better. Sooner have an academy prospect playing and developing.
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