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  1. Exactly the sort of players we should be trying to sign. We're never going to sign the top top players so getting promising youngsters is the way to go. Hope this one comes off.
  2. He's had a rusty touch since he's been here. Get into the positions all you want if you can't control a ball it's pointless. Difference between Vardy and Slimani is Vardy has proved himself and you don't need to worry about him, Slimani hasn't.
  3. He is shocking. £30 million!! Get rid ASAP
  4. I'd take him. Arsenal clearly have something wrong on the injury front. Get him fit he'd be class. Especially at that price.
  5. If Siggurdson is going Everton we should be in for Barkley. He won't cost too much. Nowhere as much as Siggurdson will cost. He will thrive at Leicester. He needs some love and some responsibility which I believe he would get here.
  6. Why?? We don't need either of those players in those positions. We need a younger cb not one who is he same age as Huth and Morgan.
  7. Obviously lies. He'd tell you if it was true.
  8. No he doesn't have the RIGHT. We own his rights and we will do with them what we please. 50 million or get back to training and start putting some effort in.
  9. Great signing if it goes through. He's top drawer
  10. Obviously only a highlights reel but I like the look of him. He seems to be making late runs into the box that are well timed. Seems a no 10 to me and not a CM. Not a bad signing for 12 Million.
  11. Dear god. Grow up. That's never been racist.
  12. What an embarrassment to support a player over a club. As much as I want Riyad to stay i can't wait for him to leave to get rid of his sad "fans"
  13. He played CM for Spain U-21's and looked quality. He looked better than Saul in general play. I would definitely be in for him with a cheap release clause. Im not surprised Barca and Madrid are sniffing.
  14. Dani Ceballos - Looked really good for Spain U21's
  15. Ban this guy ... Total Idiot