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  1. I agree, some of the comments are actually laughable to be honest. Could someone tell me what Timmy or albrighton offered that was different to Thomas? Timmy did a silly foul and Southampton score from this? If Thomas did the same thing he would have been hammered as he was in the arsenal game. No player can walk away from this game with any credit, we were poor across the park yet I just knew that somehow Thomas would get the blame and I absolutely knew the first person to comment would be happy.
  2. You are looking at this from an individual game though aren’t you? Did you review his stats in other games where he played well such as Leeds and Villa and was probably man of the match in both games?
  3. he’s scored this season and has linked up very well with Barnes at times causes some teams some real problems. This is not zero threat is it? even tonight in the second half he played some nice passes in and around the box. I’m not sure want? Are you are expecting him to run down the line take his man on and whip the ball into our extremely tall strikers who win all of their headers and score lots of goals this way?
  4. I’d love to hear your justification for this comment. At 19 he is Leicesters youngest goal scorer in Europe but he’s not ready for the first team?
  5. How is he not ready for first team football. Do you honestly think Rodgers would have trusted him in any games this season If he didn’t think he was ready? With respect you are talking absolute bollocks
  6. Some of the goals he’s scored over the last few months have been unreal. If Rashford or Kane had of scored some of his goals then sky would be wanking all over it.
  7. He came into in the second half. Whilst it want his best game he got forward more which people have been asking for and always showed for the ball even after a few poor passes/crosses. What I found laughable was he was being blamed for the goal with a poor throw in. Some people seem to attack Thomas when he makes a mistake but some of the big boys don’t get the same hammering if they make a mistake. He still young and will be inconsistent
  8. Some interesting information in this for those that are suggesting Luke goes out on loan. https://www.footballfancast.com/leicester-city-news/leicester-city-team-injury-news-premier-league-crystal-palace-luke-thomas-ricardo-pereira-statistics-analysis-tactics-opinion there is another balance article below too https://foxesofleicester.com/2021/04/25/next-leicester-city-star-foxes-academy/
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