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  1. Ive no doubt hes a good player but do we really need him? We play with one upfront (usually) and weve got a more then capable replacement in Kelechi. Should be looking at a tricky direct winger and abit of physicality at CM imo.
  2. Not a single one of them would get in our first 11 IMO. We should be going out looking for players to improve the first 11 and take us to the next level.
  3. So if Mcgregor’s that good that he can ‘dominate’ these sort of players why is it only ever Leicester thats linked with him? I personally would be very miffed if we get in the champions league and spend a whole window chasing Celtic players.. should be aiming so much higher.
  4. ‘Mark Albrighton hes won more then you’.. state of some of the ****** that go to our away games. Utterly embarrassing.
  5. Well tbf he was born and raised in Coventry so its not all rosy for the lad..
  6. “James Maddison, he shags who he wants” atleast thats his song sorted then.. 👀
  7. To the tune Leeds sang for Beckford. James Maddison scores some ****ing great goals away from that Cov shithole away from that Cov shithole
  8. He scores from the left he scores from the right that boy James Maddison would make Beckham look shite .. 👀
  9. Suggested this a few weeks ago in the ‘New chants’ thread (knock off of Ronaldos at United) Viva Ricardo viva Ricardo running down the wing the Leicester sing Viva Ricardo Think it’d sound class the whole ground singing it.
  10. Spot on. Our vocal support could be the extra push the team needs to get over the line. Could also make it more intimidating for the opposition team and put them off their game. All about gaining advantages!
  11. Most people cant by the sounds of it.
  12. Think its a combination of: Shite boring songs that almost feel like a chore to have to start belting out. Too many people going to games just to ‘spectate’ rather then supporting and getting behind the team.
  13. James Maddison just needs the simple “MADDDDDISON.. MADDDDISON” chant that Norwich fans sang whenever he took a corner infront of their end.
  14. It sounded good pre match and first 10 minutes but just died off completely after that. Think our problem is the proportion of silent old timers who seem to occupy our away ends as appose to other teams. Was like the Bowls club day out last week at Burnley 😂
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