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  1. I dont have a problem with people eating meat its people who actively go out and enjoy killing things i.e having there picture taken next to a massive deer theyve just killed (Even if it was killed for food) that i do. Killing an animal shouldnt be enjoyable even if necessary
  2. No, because im not a **** who enjoys killing animals? Pest control for farming i completley understand but then there are just w*nkers who love killing things..nah
  3. Shame he couldnt do that at Monaco when we shelled out 12 million for him
  4. Nice simple one for Wes Fofana to the tune of Dario G - Sunchyme Wes Fo faa na ahhh hey hey hey Wes Fo faa na ahhh hey hey hey (repeat)
  5. Stingrays in Jamaica, Muntjac on the A6 near Market Harborough ๐Ÿ‘€
  6. What did he do wrong tonight for the people slating him? general question? Couple of poor touches but the whole team was like that all night. He is 19 years old in his first full season so just a boy really, you can see just by looking at him hes got alot of growing to do physically. A good championship loan next season where he is playing week in week out next year would be a great step for his development imo. Just give him a chance ffs
  7. The way we performed against 10 men i honestly dont think we deserved anything. We were absolutley ****ing garbage, generally felt like the whole team had been that inspired by Fofana that they decided to fast themselves. Cant blame anyone but ourselves for that, we kept giving away stupid freekicks and letting them slow the game now and they milked it as any team would. Didnt feel for one instance in the last 10 minutes that we were going to knick that, just a complete lack of quality and composure. So so dissapointing, they are the games you have to put to bed if you want Champions league.
  8. This game has got shithoused written all over it
  9. Generally think if they hadnt got their man sent off weโ€™d of been behind in that half with how it was going
  10. Has our whole team been fasting for this one? **** me the whole halfs been played in slow motion. Youre playing against 10 men so zip the ball about and create the gaps, not pee rollers side ways and watch the opposition get back into position. Got to be so much quicker and sharper second half. Ref needs to nip the time wasting by their goalkeeper in the bud aswell, must be about two minutes that goes by from the ball going out to him kicking it
  11. โ€˜It could cost us the cupโ€˜ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ deary me. I think anyone with even an ounce of football knowledge will know our starting 11 tonight is almost certainly going to be the team we start in the final with maybe the exception of Thomas.
  12. Ralph Hassunhutel will have known all week what team/system he would be playing against us. Not waiting on a tweet from a Leicester fan account to take it as gospel before deciding ๐Ÿ˜‚. It has no impact whatsoever. It is Samuel Martin and his 15k Leicester City followers, not Sky Sports millions where itd become public knowledge
  13. I would of thought with the stats hes been putting up this year that even if Besiktas wont pay the 7 million weโ€™re asking for, someone else will
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