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  1. Do not get me wrong maybe he will fancy going back to Huddersfield but as for all of these things I think there will definitely be other offers for him- wouldn't it be nice to have someone who was comfortable on the ball in the centre of the park- I do not think we would have to change our ways at all but someone like him may well add that bit of composure that is needed in certain situations
  2. Huddersfield do not own him - he was on loan from Man City and looks like they will be selling this summer- 8-10m asking price according to Manc eve news- we could well be one of the 12 clubs interested- may well fit the Shaky bill perfectly- 26yrs old - not to much of a gamble at that price- kind of player I am hopeful we are looking at
  3. Aaron Mooy Watched this guy on tv a few times this season and always looked a class above everyone on the pitch- creative hard working centre midfielder Could and should be right up or street and be a very decent buy for the kind of money they are talking Not strictly mentioned in a Manchester eve news article yesterday but says 12 clubs vying for his signiture Just my opinion and I am not saying he would be the answer for all our problems but would certainly be an upgrade on King and Amartey and give Drinkwater some competition
  4. This might be a stupid question as i realise the online sales are not until 25th but can you actually ring up and order one to be posted and pay over the phone? I'm guessing not but maybe someone knows more
  5. So let's hope the Everton fans fancy a big old party - no way anyone is sitting on their hands for this is there
  6. In any other circumstances I would not dream of sitting in the other teams end no matter home or away but this is not normal far from it - so to witness what might be a once in a lifetime thing I'll deal with it
  7. Do we think the stewards or police would actually remove us if we are in the away end? Have been thinking about this - say somehow there are a few hundred of us in there - how the hell are we going to sit on our hands for this one and not celebrate etc - it is going to be very strange
  8. davbison- to be honest looks like we had a lucky escape there as he basically told us both exactly the same thing- maybe minus the cash envelope to you but then i wasnt going to manchester to pick them up any time soon-
  9. I will admit I also pmd this guy just to see what he had to say- this is probably the funniest / ridiculous one yet- he told me I was first to reply and they are mine if wanted- the pm conversation went a bit like this- me 'can you prove they are real- a photo or something'- him- 'no they are at my 70 yr old dads house and he cant take photos'- me- 'can you give me any proof at all and also take payment by paypal or something safe ish'- him 'will only accept cash by special delivery'- WOW i honestly thought id heard it all- 200 quid in cash in an envelope sent to some random address on the hope he would then send me the tickets- these people really must think they are going to have a hey day on this forum- no surprise the guy has now disappeared offline- I really hope someone else on here did not agree to do that- MENTAL
  10. sounds like a man with a plan- if reality is we cant get a ticket then maybe the stewards outside after the game might let us peak in through some kind of entrance ha ha ha- obviously they wont but worth a try
  11. Hopefully nothing that could possibly make us miserable that day- even not getting into the ground- going to be a hell of a party
  12. think think me and my dad are going to do exactly the same- we will need to have a ticketless pub meet if we continue to miss out ha ha
  13. Agreed- yes we are obviously desperate to get into the stadium to see the biggest game ever but fair play if someone got there before us and fair play to the guy who made the tickets available for leicester fans instead of trying to massively fleece everyone- he doesnt have to answer to anyone on who he sold them to- just have to hope one of these times it will be me- ha ha and dont worry ill tell you as ill be bloody over the moon
  14. Ha ha- Beat once again-- I guess you have to laugh rather than cry- this post went up at 11.57 and my pm was 11.57 but got no reply so guessing someone must have beaten me by seconds- note to self must type quicker