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  1. The Scandinavian Branch can usually provide tickets for its members, PM me for more details
  2. SwedeFox

    international members

    I would think they didn't include such access for several reasons, the main one being that international membership costs only a third of the price of 'normal' membership. Could be wrong though
  3. SwedeFox

    international members

    No chance for international members to have access to away games (unless it's on general sale of course), home games you should get pretty decent odds. But Arsenal will be one of the more popular ones of course
  4. SwedeFox

    Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    Don't expect sympathy for this, should have done my research better I guess. Just a heads-up for the rest of you @Smiithy Fox announced on Thursday he had a spare for Arsenal, I PM'd him asking if it was still available. He confirmed it was and suggested we meet at the ground before the game. I sent him my phone number and asked him to confirm a time and place. As he didn't reply to that I sent him another message a few hours before the game, then several others as kick-off approached. Still not got a reply to this day. What annoyed me most was that he read my messages but didn't even bother saying he couldn't make it. At least that would have allowed me the chance to get another ticket. Not the best feeling in the world seeing your mates go in while you're trying to find a pub outside Emirates. I've bought and sold tickets through this site before without any problems so every now and then you're bound to find a rotten apple I suppose. Just urging the rest of you to really make sure you know the seller is genuine to avoid wasting a lot of money on travel arrangements
  5. Looking for two Arsenal adults please. Can meet in London this week or at ground on Friday. Post would work as well obviously
  6. We might get them in the cup again
  7. I can't even get to that stage. No response when I try to sign in
  8. SwedeFox

    Membership 17/18

    You should definitely look into international membership, it's cheaper and the ballot results are announced way ahead of games
  9. SwedeFox

    Membership 17/18

    Just had a reply saying that it was due to me having a UK address linked to my account. You have to live overseas to be eligible for the international membership. Switched to my Swedish address and it seems to work now.
  10. SwedeFox

    Membership 17/18

    I went to four home games last season but not sure how many I'll get to this year as I live abroad so have opted for international membership. Trying to buy in time for the Brighton ballot closing at 6pm - but I get an error message when I try to add membership to basket. Couldn't make this up...
  11. SwedeFox

    17/18 season tickets

    Not a bad idea. E-mailing her, I mean, using a professional tone, urging her to look into it. It's clear that Jim really doesn't have a clue (and I don't think that's only his fault). Fans deserve more transparency than this.
  12. SwedeFox

    Membership 17/18

    Will away games not be included in the count? I got one for Sunderland away which would push me up from 14 to 15 - not a lot but I'm thinking it could be a new bracket.
  13. SwedeFox

    Sunderland & Stoke

    Stoke is sold out. Sunderland:
  14. SwedeFox

    Millwall Away

    They were £25 for non-STH so maybe that's why?
  15. SwedeFox

    Millwall Away

    How far will this go do you think?