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  1. Decided to have a small wager on British airline shares (EasyJet, Jet2, IAG). My educated gamble is that they’ll start to pick up over the course of 2021. Particularly easyJet and Jet2 as the holiday / short haul market is likely to have a lot of pent-up demand unlike long haul business travel.
  2. Oh bad memories. Closest I’ve ever come to crying over football - which is coming from someone that is very much of the persuasion no one should be crying over what is ultimately a game. But it was definitely the most hurt I’ve suffered supporting the club I love. If only we knew at the time that this was the medicine needed for the magic that was to come!
  3. Absolutely buzzin! That point is massive - means we should not only qualify but also win the group with relative ease.
  4. Only negative for that half of football is that we haven’t scored more. Hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us.
  5. Agreed. But ticketing again is what let’s the club down. I’d argue though that this is the first time many season ticket holders are experiencing first hand the ticketing rip-off that members have to tolerate every year. If there can be any positive from this it’s that I hope the ticketing shambles at our club is highlighted more widely. Edit: but I won’t hold my breath
  6. I’ve always defended players earning what they do...after all it’s a free market and most of it comes from TV deals rather than ticket sales. However this whole money grab for £35 from members and £70 from season ticket holders at a time many are likely to either lose their job, or at least have the threat of it hanging over them, has made me question the ethics of modern football in a way I’ve not done before. Probably not helped by seeing most of the premier league playing squad living it up in the sun sipping champagne when the majority have had holidays cancelled etc. The whole si
  7. So let me get this straight. As a member I paid a £40 fee last summer for access to tickets, but received no refund despite not actually having access to tickets for a good number of games. You can forgive that though just about given the circumstances. Now they want us to pay another £35 for access to significantly reduced tickets while also charging everyone £1.50 in admin fees. Season ticket holders are in the same boat. Personally I feel the ballot scheme is quite fair in the sense that whatever tickets can be made available should be made available to STH’s and members
  8. I’m excited for the Europa League...As a member I just hope I’m able to watch at the KP let alone abroad. Fingers crossed.
  9. I seem to remember most home games got to general sale (albeit briefly) although the group stage tickets were sold as a bundle. Away games got to general sale for the less glamorous...Copenhagen and Porto I think.
  10. I got my Crystal Palace match ticket refund on Friday...to be fair to the club they gave a date by which they promised a refund and met it. They’ve been a lot better with refund communication than other businesses I’ve dealt with the last few months.
  11. I’ve only ever done it once - v Sevilla (first leg). It has to be remembered in the context that we were awful at the time, and I had a ticket for the home leg. So I backed us at quite high odds to be beat by 2 goals or more. I think I put about a tenner on at about 5/1. My thought process was that in the best case scenario we get a result or a narrow defeat and there’s everything to play for in the second leg. Worst case scenario we get thumped and at least the return legs ticket was effectively free. Best tenner I’ve ever lost.
  12. Really fancy a good game today, could be quite a few goals as both sides genuinely need to win it. Bournemouth are basically at the stage of ‘nothing to lose’ so will probably roll the dice.
  13. We're 4/1 to not finish in the top 4. That's either an incredible bet given our disastrous form, or, given that bookies win more than they lose, it's a positive sign.
  14. I can’t make it down to Leicester for this and so I have 2 memberships that I can buy tickets with. If anyone on here buying in general sale wants me to buy them a couple of tickets with the ST holder / members discount send me a direct message.
  15. To be fair considering we could be just 6 points clear within the next few hours, 7/2 not to finish top 4 is actually quite good odds in my opinion, given our form since December.
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