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  1. We're 4/1 to not finish in the top 4. That's either an incredible bet given our disastrous form, or, given that bookies win more than they lose, it's a positive sign.
  2. I can’t make it down to Leicester for this and so I have 2 memberships that I can buy tickets with. If anyone on here buying in general sale wants me to buy them a couple of tickets with the ST holder / members discount send me a direct message.
  3. To be fair considering we could be just 6 points clear within the next few hours, 7/2 not to finish top 4 is actually quite good odds in my opinion, given our form since December.
  4. I genuinely don’t think we’ll finish top 4. The gap to 5th is likely to be 7 points at the end of the weekend. In the last 10 games we still have to play Arsenal, Spurs, Man United, Everton, and Sheff United. Based on that run in and our form I can absolutely see Chelsea and Man United getting 7 more points than us.
  5. There are no play off rounds for the champions league anymore in England. All 4 English teams go into the group stages.
  6. Mahrez is probably in an airport lounge already...
  7. As someone that works and lives in Leeds, I’d like them to go up (although if they bottle it that will be quite fun too). Leeds is a great city and would be a good away day. Leeds United is a massive club in a single club city, I think they’d be a good addition to the league.
  8. Last home game of the season is always a popular one. Given it’s against Man United too will make it that bit more popular. Without a membership I’d imagine your options are look out for people selling on here or hospitality (not a cheap option!).
  9. As a Yorkshire based fox I selfishly hope Burnley stay up as it’s not too far to travel. I’m pleased Sheff Utd have done well for this reason too. Personally I think Norwich have already gone. 7 points adrift at this stage is an enormous mountain to climb as winning two games in a row (not easy when you’re bottom of the league) still won’t get you out of the bottom 3. I’d love West Ham to join them, but I think it will be Watford and Brighton.
  10. Unfortunately I may not be able to get down for this on Saturday. If anyone would like a single ticket in G2 (back row) let me know. It’s an e-ticket so will be sent by email. PayPal preferred given I’m based in Leeds. Face value of course - £40 Cheers **NOW SOLD**
  11. So excited for tonight. So glad we finally have a manager that understands a club our size should take the cups seriously - silverware is ultimately what every club dreams of winning!!
  12. Anyone that has been to the emirates or watched highlights regularly knows it is not 99.3% full. These figures are clearly massaged and pivoted.
  13. I can’t lie I’ve come away from the Burnley game far more unhappy than I did the Southampton game. I put the Southampton game down to one of them games, but for me Burnley was exactly the same. Take the lead and then not take chances and give away silly goals. On top of that we just don’t look like we are looking forward, instead we’re constantly looking for the sideways pass with 5 mins to go. I have every faith in BR, but if we have genuine ambitions of the top 4 today has to be a turning point. Perform like the last couple of games for the next few and we’ll be out of the European places.
  14. Is anybody able to check these and let me know how likely they are to make it to members tomorrow? Thanks!
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