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  1. rn9013

    Free speech

    Just gave the Forest forum a read on the commute to work. Other than that one individual going on about FFP rules etc it’s an interesting read. I think they have a point, perhaps we need to take a step back and look at things objectively: with the exception of potentially 10 clubs or so, every other club in England would swap places with us now. Yes I think Puel has made errors of judgment by not going for the cups, and I think he’ll pay the price for that in the summer. But we’ve recently won the premier league, we’ve recently experienced champions league football, we’re currently 8th in the premier league, we have begun the construction of a brand new world class training ground, we have plans submitted and preparations under way for a stadium expansion. We’re incredibly lucky as a fan base at the moment and we should enjoy these good times - we’ve literally never had a period of time as good as the last 3-4 years in our history.
  2. rn9013

    Wolves (A)..next up.

    Wolves haven’t scored more than 2 goals at home in the league all season...so you can guarantee we’ll need to score at least 3 to get anything from this. It’s the Leicester way.
  3. rn9013

    Free speech

    If that’s the case they should really be removing her rather than her ridiculous but completely inoffensive piece of A4 paper.
  4. Match of the day seem to indicate the club carried out its own form of censorship today 😂
  5. rn9013

    Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha

    He was there for the Cardiff match, although I did notice he was gone by the final whistle. But as others have indicated, I imagine it’s very difficult for him at the minute.
  6. I fear the two wins over Christmas against Chelsea and Man City, as good as they were, have masked over underlying issues. If we hadn’t of got those two unexpected wins we’d be on 25 points and in a real relegation scrap.
  7. rn9013

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    Nonsense. a) The owners have proven time and time again that they will not sell a player until the time is right for both parties (which now really would not be) and; b) I can't imagine Vardy himself would be pushing for this move, he'd be moving from a club where he is held up as a star to a club where he would likely be out of the team within 18 months (plus he's seen what has happened to his mate Danny Drinkwater).
  8. rn9013

    The away kit

    The best non-home shirt of recent years for me was the 15/16 and 16/17 white shirts. Loved both of those.
  9. rn9013

    The away kit

    We will always need to play in alternative colours in order to fulfil commercial contracts. Adidas will always want 3 different kits to help sales and we will need to play in all of them.
  10. rn9013

    Europa League

    I honestly can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to be involved in the Europa league. The champions league was my first experience of European football (I was just too young to remember the 97 European campaign), and it provided me with some of the best memories I have as an lcfc fan. Obviously the Europa won’t be the same as the CL, but it’s still European football, which going back a few years would have been a dream for us. I get the point that it would take its toll on the squad, and in my opinion our league form would undoubtedly suffer. But I don’t think it’d be as bad as Burnley. Purely because we have owners who have the ambition and pockets to invest in the squad to compete. Surely a few places down the league the following season is a price worth paying though for a European adventure.
  11. rn9013

    Who is our best value for money signing?

    Purely financial you’d have to say Mahrez. £400k into £60m. But taking into account the kudos and status brought to the club, Vardy.
  12. That’s a fair point. I’d probably retract my earlier comment based on that. Certainly one of the worst signings in my opinion, but maybe not such poor value.
  13. Musa has to be right up there for me. There was so much anticipation that was only fuelled by his goal against Barcelona. But I can honestly say every time I saw him play I was amazed in a bad way. A truly awful footballer in my opinion (at least in an lcfc shirt). I guess the scouting team must have seen something in him, so I do wonder what went wrong. He did well at CSKA and even for Nigeria in the World Cup, so who knows.
  14. Surely has to be Albrighton. Villa reject on a free. Can’t say any of us were that excited about signing him, but he’s turned out to be an incredible signing. Scored our first ever champions league goal in the history of our club to name one of his legendary achievements.
  15. rn9013

    Train fare increase from 2019

    Again, true. But my wider point stands. The railways are a vital aspect of our economy, and therefore if they require a government subsidy to maintain the network, which is after all a national asset, then so be it (as long as the subsidy is not excessive in relation to the contribution to the economy).There are plenty of government expenditure streams that have no direct benefit to me, but I accept that in a general taxation system that will be the case, but I will benefit in other areas.