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  1. There goes Hamer again...
  2. rn9013

    Vardy red is not a sending off

    Well if that’s the case I hope we never have a return to pre-modern football. I don’t think I would ever describe a tackle as great when it results in the breaking of an opponents leg. In fact I’d argue a great tackle is when a player manages to win the ball without breaking the leg of their opponent.
  3. rn9013

    La Liga to go Abroad

    This happening to the PL would be one of the only things that would make me compelled to hand in my membership and boycott the club I love. I find the idea of football being exported thousands of miles away from its traditional routes in the name of money sickening to be honest. The thought of the average fan being marginalised (even if only for one game) because they can't afford to travel to the US would not feel right and would I imagine help me lose my love for the PL. That being said, I genuinely think British culture and society is very different and this would never be allowed to happen. Scudamore touted this back in 2008 and quickly had to give it up because of the public backlash, and I don't think much has changed. The PL as a product is incredibly valuable, but much of what makes that product so valuable to TV firms is the unique fan base in this country, lose this and you lose a significant part of the product.
  4. rn9013

    Potential Problems With Selling Tickets On

    It's a difficult one for me. Over the last 3 seasons I have sold 4 tickets. In each case I bought the ticket for myself with the intention of being bale to attend, however for work/personal reasons something has stopped me from attending on all 4 occasions. As a result I resorted to selling the tickets as the club wouldn't accept returns, however I research the buyers as far as possible (for example on here I do check their past forum posts by quantity and quality to check they are an LCFC fan, and if on the facebook group I check their profile for the same reasons). Obviously neither option is 100% guaranteed to work, and there is risk involved, but it's an educated guess that the person buying my ticket is genuine. However...I think there's a big difference between the above and those that buy tickets for every game with the intention to sell on from the outset to gain priority points. For me it's a moral issue rather than anything else, however I appreciate people have differing views on it.
  5. rn9013

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    I hope I'm wrong and that this turns out to be a comfortable win for us but my gut is going with a score draw. Vardy to start and score, 1-1.
  6. rn9013

    Can we avoid the drop?

    This has to be a wind up... We have just controlled much of the game against Manchester United at Old Trafford. To put our current situation into context...after last nights game I had texts from mates of mine who support the likes of Everton and Boro, each of whom said we played incredibly well and were unlucky. All thought we were nailed on for top half and some were adamant Leicester would be challenging for Europe. I then had the pleasure of telling some of my mates about how we were currently building a new world class training facility and plans for a stadium expansion have been submitted. The point is we have a strong squad, playing decent football, with an incredibly bright future as we improve the infrastructure of the club, there are probably 85 (ish) other football league clubs who would do anything to be in our position. For once let's just please try and enjoy it. FFS it was only 10 years ago last week we began our season in league 1.
  7. rn9013

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    A very encouraging display. In my opinion if we play like that against sides outside of the top 6 we will win more times than not. The two weak links for me were Morgan and Amartey (Amartey particularly), but we probably knew that would be the case. Maddison looks a cracking buy, as does Ricardo. To go to old Trafford and play with such control is a credit to the team, I’m as pleased as you can be with a defeat.
  8. Still the only opposition goal I've ever applauded, even if not very enthusiastically. It was incredible.
  9. I think you're about right, but I think Iheanacho will start. Maybe Vardy to come off the bench later on if needed.
  10. Something tells me we can get something tonight. Whatever happens though I'm excited to have the football season back, I already can't wait to get home from work to watch some Premier League football!
  11. Legend. Absolutely love the guy so over the moon that he’s more than likely going to finish his career with us.
  12. rn9013

    Compass (catering) at LCFC

    To be fair I’d probably look that smug too if I was able to serve up the dross they do knowing they’re untouchable because of a stupidly lengthy contract.
  13. rn9013

    'Lucky' Leicester

    As has been pointed out, added time is a 'minimum of...'. To be honest I actually think most games that are tight should really over run if the referee is on the ball, as the winning team usually wastes time in the added on time, so theoretically the referee should rightly add extra time onto the minimum.
  14. rn9013

    first away game -- any advice?

    Welcome! Just enjoy it mate, but obviously use common sense. Personally I would wear something over my city shirt until I'm inside the ground, but that's just my personal preference, chances are you'll be fine. As long as you don't do anything stupid to antagonise someone I usually find opposition fans are happy to chat and discuss all things football. As I say, just enjoy it
  15. rn9013

    Drug Taking at games

    It is a topic that needs to be discussed more in the public domain that’s for sure. Being honest my natural reaction would be to avoid people who take illegal drugs. However as some have pointed out, alcohol is a drug but is just socially acceptable, and I enjoy 3 or 4 pints before a match, so whose to say alcohol is a better form of drug. Like I say, the topic needs more discussion.