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  1. That's me in the ballot for Brighton. Should be fun....it's like the ST ballot all over again
  2. Thanks to my dad I've never known anything else. Ever since I could kick a ball it has always been LCFC. My first senior game was the first match at the Walkers (as it was then) against Watford I believe (I think we won 4-0). But I had been to plenty of FNF fixtures at Filbert Street before that with my dad.
  3. You'll be absolutely fine getting tickets on general sale. Even if (they won't) they do sell out, Jim has said they will open more stands.
  4. When it works....I have to say the ticket buying process was much slicker than previously. Surprised at how many tickets are available though-very few STH's have taken this up by the looks of it. To be fair though we were very undecided up until about 8 this morning! But decided to make the trip down to Leicester for the day because I'm missing my footy more than anything.
  5. Has anybody called the TO? I can't really make a phone call so I just keep checking the website every 5 mins but I can't do that all day.
  6. Not just me then. I was sat in the office contemplating whether it was actually Thursday 20th at all.....
  7. To an extent this is true. However what I worry about happening is top priority members will buy tickets to every game, regardless of whether they can go, to keep their priority high. Meanwhile anyone on under 20 points is entering a ballot where they may only get 1 in 3 tickets they go for which means the gap between new members and the top priority will just increase further and further. I'm reserving full judgment until a few games into the season-lets see what happens.
  8. Is anyone unable to purchase tickets for this despite being a member? I've logged in and there's no option to buy tickets-it's still greyed out.
  9. Is this a genuine post? If so where have you been?? But just in case.......there are no gold memberships any more. It's all about loyalty points now.
  10. Members complain because it's unfair, although I understand why STH's do it. I understand why members will now do the same-it's just a shame that rather than the club addressing the unfairness, they've decided to extend the unfairness to members too.
  11. I find myself after that match quietly hopeful that Mahrez could stay with us at least until January. I think our starting 11 is far better with him than without.
  12. Nothing can be as bad as being in Hull in October 2015 watching a league cup penalty shoot out with Mark Shwarzer in goal.
  13. All just a bit of fun. Probably the result of no football over the last couple of months
  14. Oh come on vards.....should have buried that