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  1. Personally I'd rather have an 'easier' start as the strugglers always seem to put up more of a fight towards the end as relegation looms.
  2. The more I see it the more it's growing on me to be fair. It's the gold dots and the ridiculous flaps on the sleeves that just doesn't look great whatever way you look at it. We've had worse shirts.
  3. I won't be disappointed to see Shakey get the job, but equally if I'm honest I won't be disappointed to see him not get it either. Don't get me wrong, he's done wonders for us, along with Pearson, Ranieri et al, and like the others I will always hold him in the highest regard for what has been achieved. But something inside me just feels appointing him on a full time basis might be a mistake. I really hope I'm proven wrong, and of course if he does get the job next week I'll be fully behind him and the squad, but Thursdays performance for me just confirmed my feeling that this squad needs a bit of a mini overhaul if we are to seriously progress as a club. Personally, I think a new manager might be best to do that. Whoever is in charge, this summer is absolutely massive for the club. Mahrez will go (which I don't think is a bad thing given his recent dip in attitude, I think it's time for him to move on), we are also likely to lose a couple more (such as Kasper, which will be a huge loss) and I think we need to change a couple of others (such as Musa and the CB pairing). Get this summer right, and we can push on to compete for a place in Europe (Europa League), but get it wrong and we could easily be fighting a relegation battle next season. The owners have got some massive calls to make, but on their record I trust them to make the right decision.
  4. Yeah fair point. Like you say though, next year if we are a mid table side or lower, I expect the demand won't be there for people to be able to buy tickets to sell on. Plus STH's will be able to sell match tickets so there will be more available than previous years. I don't think this years membership has been bad. I think the big problem was 15/16, when the club sold so many memberships in the final 2 months to people who used it to buy tickets for the last few games only.
  5. That's not actually a bad idea, I wouldn't mind this system. So essentially the longer you have a consecutive membership, the more chance you have of getting match tickets. Personally I think that's better than a points based system, as the points system is so open for abuse (as we see with away games).
  6. Just logged on to buy the new shirt and saw there were quite a few yellow areas with tonnes of tickets for this game left. Where have these come from? It's so frustrating as a gold member because I wanted a ticket for this last week, but thought they had all sold out so have made other plans for the weekend now. Yet 2 days before the game the club suddenly finds a bunch of spare tickets?? I understand a handful might become available a day or 2 before the match, but this many is taking the p**s
  7. 5%. IMO it should be 10% though given the £90 membership fee!
  8. What are the little gold flaps on the sleeve about?? At least Kasper is modelling it and not Ron-Robert Zieler I suppose
  9. I'm completely unimpressed with that. I buy the home shirt every year, but I may just keep this seasons to be honest.
  10. Exactly this. Perfect demonstration of the lack of effort from some last night was Okazaki before the second goal. He fell over (again) and then proceded to spend the next 30 seconds fiddling with his socks while the attack and goal went on around him. I honestly don't think Shakey is a full gone conclusion for the job. I don't know why, but something just says the owners have got it in them to surprise us all.
  11. The Fourth goal against United in 2014. I remember watching him run through 1 v 1 in what seemed like very slow motion thinking 'please don't mess this up'. Obviously his record breaking streak in the PL last season too. But also his celebrations in front of opposing fans can be fun to watch too
  12. He's done really well so far in every aspect. But in fairness that will have been made easier by results. The real test will be when we have bad run of results.
  13. I'm quite impressed by some of the stuff on show from Huddersfield in that second half.
  14. I think we'll get that anyway next season mate. The general consensus amongst Huddersfield fans is that he will be on his way to a PL club if they don't go up this season. And in fairness he's done wonders for Huddersfield.
  15. I agree mate. Would be good to have a Yorkshire club promoted.