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  1. Ballot unsuccessful. Never mind, the hassle involved does make it slightly easier to get over I’m not going to lie. Best of luck to everyone in getting tickets! My dream scenario for the rest of the season now goes like this: 1) We win the FA Cup 2) I somehow get a ticket for Spurs at home 3) We beat Spurs to clinch a top 4 spot and watch the trophy being paraded. 4) Ticket for the Community Shield - thanks @Ricey 🤣 We can dream...
  2. You’re essentially the internet equivalent of camping outside the ticket office 🤣
  3. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what happens if you’re lucky enough to to get a ticket but then unlucky enough to test positive for Covid the day before the game? Will the club refund the ticket and transport cost or is that a risk you have to take? A lot of money to lose for no football (sterile or not)
  4. I'm not sure that's a fair sentiment to be honest. Members being afforded the opportunity to enter a ballot for 2% of the allocation is hardly preferential treatment over season ticket holders in my opinion. I know which camp I'd rather be in. Many members have also been forking out for years and often spend more on match tickets to be fair over the course of a season than a STH...oh and that £40 they've paid will be retained by the club at the end of the season, the £70 paid by STH's will be rolled over to next years season ticket.
  5. I have just emailed the club to check if there are any plans to roll over memberships to next season free of charge. As has been pointed out, paying £40 to essentially remain in a que would be frankly offensive given there has been no opportunity to purchase tickets and while season ticket holders at least have a guarantee that their £70 will be rolled over to the next campaign (quite rightly). I’d encourage any members that feel the same to get in touch and lobby for a rollover of memberships - it’s the right thing to do. membersinfo@lcfc.co.uk
  6. Completely agree. Sport is all about competing. Take the competition away like that and for me it’s not sport.
  7. It’s the genuine fans of these clubs I feel sorry for. I doubt these clubs even really want to breakaway, they’re probably using it as a bargaining chip to get the changes they want (eg a guaranteed champions league space regardless of performance). But I’m at a point now where I actually want them to go. The remaining 87 clubs (and beyond) will be poorer financially but healthier in other ways and we’d simply cut our new cloth accordingly. I really feel most genuine football fans would probably end up preferring it without the ‘favoured 6’ and the accompanying plastic.
  8. Completely agree. I only want to see them apologise if it’s genuinely sincere and they understand why it was wrong and has upset so many people. If they don’t get it I’d respect them for saying so and rather than demanding an apology perhaps the club can arrange for the lads to spend a shift at the LRI to see if that helps them understand.
  9. Decided to have a small wager on British airline shares (EasyJet, Jet2, IAG). My educated gamble is that they’ll start to pick up over the course of 2021. Particularly easyJet and Jet2 as the holiday / short haul market is likely to have a lot of pent-up demand unlike long haul business travel.
  10. Oh bad memories. Closest I’ve ever come to crying over football - which is coming from someone that is very much of the persuasion no one should be crying over what is ultimately a game. But it was definitely the most hurt I’ve suffered supporting the club I love. If only we knew at the time that this was the medicine needed for the magic that was to come!
  11. Absolutely buzzin! That point is massive - means we should not only qualify but also win the group with relative ease.
  12. Only negative for that half of football is that we haven’t scored more. Hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us.
  13. Agreed. But ticketing again is what let’s the club down. I’d argue though that this is the first time many season ticket holders are experiencing first hand the ticketing rip-off that members have to tolerate every year. If there can be any positive from this it’s that I hope the ticketing shambles at our club is highlighted more widely. Edit: but I won’t hold my breath
  14. I’ve always defended players earning what they do...after all it’s a free market and most of it comes from TV deals rather than ticket sales. However this whole money grab for £35 from members and £70 from season ticket holders at a time many are likely to either lose their job, or at least have the threat of it hanging over them, has made me question the ethics of modern football in a way I’ve not done before. Probably not helped by seeing most of the premier league playing squad living it up in the sun sipping champagne when the majority have had holidays cancelled etc. The whole si
  15. So let me get this straight. As a member I paid a £40 fee last summer for access to tickets, but received no refund despite not actually having access to tickets for a good number of games. You can forgive that though just about given the circumstances. Now they want us to pay another £35 for access to significantly reduced tickets while also charging everyone £1.50 in admin fees. Season ticket holders are in the same boat. Personally I feel the ballot scheme is quite fair in the sense that whatever tickets can be made available should be made available to STH’s and members
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