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  1. Lifting the Premier League trophy is a given as a special moment for any Leicester fan, but I voted for the goal against Sevilla as the best Wes moment...It really kick-started a match that I will never forget, it was simply the best atmosphere I've ever witnessed as a football fan. Incredible night.
  2. I'm not sure what sort of thing you're hoping to get signed or by who, but I do recommend icons.com as a legit way of buying signed merchandise. Admittedly they only seem to have Vardy and Maguire signed merch from a Leicester point of view, but some of the Vardy stuff in particular is heavily discounted at the moment. eg. £49.99 for a signed and framed Vardy England photo: https://www.icons.com/pre-framed-jamie-vardy-official-england-signed-card-and-photo-frame-goal-vs-wales.html As I say, might be of no interest to the OP, but thought it was worth mentioning as it is a lot cheaper than the same sort of items for sale in the club shop!
  3. My expectations for next season are a top 10 finish and to give the cups a good go. My hopes are that we finish in a European place and win a cup. I think a lot of our fans mix expectation with hope.
  4. Completely agree. Barring the top 6, I can envisage anyone from the remaining 14 teams being relegated in the next 10 years under the right circumstances. In fact, I’d go as far as to argue that the day we as fans, and more importantly the owners and staff, believe we’re ‘too big to go down’ is the season we are likely to end up in serious trouble.
  5. Definitely possible and I would love for us to do it, but realistically we’d probably have to win 5 or 6 of our remaining 7 games, which is a tough ask given our last 3 fixtures. Particularly as Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea are all likely to have something to play for until the end this year. Either a title or top 4.
  6. I’d say you’re right, but bookies would probably only offer you 500-1 at best. Apparently something happened a few years ago that burnt the bookie fingers, so they don’t offer 5000-1 odds anymore. Can’t think what 🤔
  7. Does it automatically when you check out (or did for me anyway)
  8. £27.50 for the grey shirt isn't bad at all, I've bought one and used the free printing offer to print 'VICHAI' on the back as a tribute to the best owner we could ever have wished for.
  9. Agreed. If you’re a craft beer fan Arcade Beers is a minute from the train station and a good spot for a drink.
  10. I was really happy to be successful in the members ballot for this because I thought it would sell quicker than it has to be fair, still around 800 left with a whole block still to open yet. So probably just over half left I'd say.
  11. I love the guy too, and I agree we wouldn't have won the title without him. BUT...there are people I would rather see a statue of at the KP ahead of Claudio Ranieri. Vichai, Top, Vardy, Mahrez, and Morgan to name a few, all of whom had a larger impact on the football club than Claudio (imo).
  12. As far as I'm aware you need to be under 22 (ie 21 or under). That being said if you are 22 and came into possession of an u22 ticket I doubt you'd be questioned using it.
  13. I really can't see the TV companies fighting over a 'mid table v relegated' match.
  14. Regardless of who the manager is, I would expect a top 10 finish with our squad, anything less is an underachievement. Given the dross we've put up with at times this season, I would be satisfied with that to be honest, anything better is a bonus.
  15. To put another argument into the mix...perhaps now we have won and witnessed our club win a major trophy, we can all empathise with Forest fans of a certain age who have witnessed European Cups etc. That doesn’t mean we have to bang on about it for the next 40 years to everyone that will listen, but I sure as hell will remember it forever and I will applaud it every time I watch that moment back just as it will always probably bring a lump to my throat. A special moment for all of us.
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