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  1. rn9013

    Owners into UK Horse Racing now

    Come on Leicester came 5th in a large field yesterday at ascot. I know because I had a couple of quid e/w and 5th paid out with bet365.
  2. After uni I worked at Paul Smith and I met quite a few famous people during my time there, mostly soap stars to be honest. However the one that stands out is Gareth Southgate. Really enjoyed serving him and he came across as really quite shy. Nice guy though. Little did I know that a few years later he’d be managing the England team in a World Cup finals.
  3. rn9013

    Membership Scheme 18/19

    I think the scheme has worked relatively well to be fair. As you say the initial cost is ridiculous and I get the impression the initial cost last year may have led to disappointing sales. Not sure how they can address the ticket cost issue though. Ultimately if a member is going to go to every home game on a match by match basis they are always going to pay more than a season ticket holder. The only suggestion I can think of is that members get a discount on tickets in comparison to general sale tickets. This would potentially also justify an initial membership outlay and encourage sales of memberships. Fair play lay to the club for listening though.
  4. rn9013

    Membership Scheme 18/19

    Really? They’re leaving it a bit late.
  5. rn9013

    Membership Scheme 18/19

    Still no news for next season...I don't suppose anyone has any inside info?
  6. I can only go by my experience at Elland Road but if it’s the same I found the cheapest tickets went to those willing to sign up as an England member (although the second priority is free to sign up to). Plenty of tickets went to general sale but were priced at more like £40-£55 for an adult ticket rather than £25-£35 in the areas taken up by the first two bands. I imagine it’ll be similar.
  7. Assuming it will work the same as it did at Elland Road: 1st priority: England travellers club 2nd priority: England supporters club 3rd priority: General sale.
  8. I went to the game at Elland Road and the atmosphere was fantastic. I'm all for England games being taken around the country as it allows kids and others who can't get to Wembley (especially on a weekday night) to watch their national side, so this is a great idea, great to have a fixture at the KP of course too!
  9. rn9013

    Thursday 7th June - England vs Costa Rica

    I live just over 2 miles away from Elland Road stadium so I’ve got tickets for this one. Looking forward to hopefully seeing Vardy and Maguire in an England shirt. Really glad to see England play away from Wembley. The only other time I have seen England play was at the Walkers as it was then in 2003. I think it’s really important personally for England to play at least some of their games away from London.
  10. rn9013

    Big Banter Ben Departs....

    Definitely number 2 at Huddersfield. I work in Huddersfield so have a lot of mates who support Town and Lossl is very highly thought of. Good luck to him though, I wish him all the best.
  11. The problem with your reasoning is that British football clubs operate in a very unique bubble within a larger capitalist system. Unlike every other market, supporters of clubs can’t simply ‘spend their money elsewhere’. Therefore if we feel a 10% increase in the price of a replica shirt is unfair, given the economic climate within which the club is operating, then supporters have a right to voice this as most aren’t going to decide to opt for a Burton Albion shirt instead because it represents better value for money.
  12. Seriously?! That’s steep!
  13. Does anyone in the know have any idea on price points for the new shirt? I’m assuming it’ll be £50 for an adult. Im a bit disappointed that the club have deliberately timed it so that reward points can only be used until today, meaning they can’t be used against the new shirt. It means I’ve ended up with some flags and other tat I don’t want.
  14. I should have taken the topic heading caution seriously. That is horrendous.