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  1. If you attended and don’t want the scarf and decide to flog it that’s your prerogative. Not sure I agree with it necessarily but it is yours and we live in a free and capitalist society. But if I’d have seen someone taking more than their own before the match I’d have had no problem reporting to a steward. It’s theft.
  2. This is absolutely brilliant. What a week of fun watching spurs capitulate
  3. Skybet have a boost for tonight. Leicester Arsenal Southampton all to win at 9/2 from 5/2 which I think is good value!
  4. Unfortunately work commitments mean I have a single ticket available for this located in G2 (at the very back). Its a print at home ticket so will send via e-mail. PayPal preferred as I don’t live in Leicester. Face value of course - £40. PM me if interested - thanks!
  5. Loving this line up. No excuses today - get at them from the off!
  6. Just had a read through their thread and I can’t understand why they’ve taken our comments so badly. Other than the odd comment I think most Leicester fans have been very complimentary of them. Walking back from the ground and in the train station I spoke to a few blades fans and we all seemed to agree that they were possibly a tad unlucky not to get a point, but they all saw us as a ‘top 8 side’ and so a ‘free hit’.
  7. He’s trying to push an England call up. That’s all - let’s see if it works.
  8. Are Carabao on a deliberate mission to cheapen this completion as far as possible? That pot they’re using looks high quality plastic.
  9. If you’re right then I take it back. But I thought that if there was a foul within the direct build up to a goal it would be disallowed. Maybe this is something that will be ironed out in the coming weeks and months as we get used to it. I have reservations though.
  10. This for me was exactly the sort of issue I was worried about with VAR. Myself and others around me found ourselves in a bizarre situation of not wanting the attack to result in a goal, because we knew it would be disallowed. So when it goes out for a corner everyone is thinking ‘better than scoring’. Just an odd situation to be in.
  11. Completely get your frustration. But as long as the catering in the concourses is contracted out, frankly the club have no will or incentive to improve things.
  12. To be honest I haven’t bought anything from the kiosks for years. But always amazes me that people who sit near me are willing to go down 10 minutes early and miss 10 minutes of the second half to get a (ridiculously overpriced) pint in. But each to their own. Going cashless is the right idea though, if it helps keeps queuing down and speeds up service for those that want a pie and a pint, great.
  13. I believe much of the matchday staff are not actually employed by the club though are they? For example the staff in the catering kiosks are employed by the company that they're leased to. That being said any directly employed staff should absolutely be receiving the living wage. The fact that we are a PL club is irrelevant, even if we were in the championship I'd rather we cut players wages by 1% to ensure everyone behind the scenes received a living wage. It's not much to ask for really.
  14. Other than Barnes and Ward, I'd argue everyone on that list isn't too far from a transfer out if an offer came in. Barnes I imagine the club would want to keep given his age and potential, and Ward was always signed as a back up keeper.
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