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  1. Membership 17/18

    Yes I can see how getting seats together is a pain in the backside under this scheme. It will be interesting to see what they do for next season, I suspect they'll make a change somewhere. Fingers crossed for you this year!!
  2. Membership 17/18

    It was a special day. I just remember getting zero work done in the office, instead we were all on here anxiously waiting for something that never came, for any of us! From what I remember @ramboacdc has been in the ballot before too so really hope you get one this time mate! I would imagine they will allocate new ST's to those with the highest number of loyalty points, that would make the most sense I think. So that probably means they'll not do that actually. Ballot it is! How have you found the membership scheme this year?
  3. Membership 17/18

    I won't be unfortunately. I tend to get to around 10 games a season, so my loyalty points won't be anywhere near the required amount for a ST I wanted one as a gold member because the amount of games I get to means it would work out cheaper to miss a few with a ST than continue as a member! Madness.
  4. Membership 17/18

    Cheers Deb. I’ve just logged in to see where I’m at with loyalty points, although they’ll probably change it all in the summer again anyway.
  5. Membership 17/18

    Are home loyalty points awarded to members who purchase tickets for cup games? Or is it just Premier League games?
  6. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    Stop talking absolute sense.
  7. FT charity of the Season 2018/19

    @NorthfieldsFox fantastic idea and something I’d definitely get behind. Personally i wouldn't rule out a nationwide charity, for example Mind as an extension to @Aus Fox‘s suggestion.
  8. Bournemouth at home on Saturday 3 March

    Glad you managed to get tickets sorted for yourself 👍🏻
  9. Adidas

    Correct. I used to work for the Adidas group and essentially one brother went his own way and formed puma.
  10. FA Cup 2018

    Fantastic game of football....well done Wigan. Shame to see the pitch invasion at the end, I’m not a fan of pitch invasions personally. I find it uncomfortable to watch losing players surrounded and taunted like that. Disgraceful behaviour by Man City fans at the end too. I think the money and victories have got to their heads.
  11. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    Personally I agree with the slight increase in ticket prices for non STH’s and members. The reason being that most games now are making general sale, and members for example have had to pay £60 in advance, so charging an extra few quid to those who haven’t made that commitment seems fair. Just my opinion though, and I accept others will disagree
  12. Goal.com, we demand an apology!

    I remember watching this and thinking “blimey....Musa looks decent”. I was very wrong.
  13. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    I think all members who want a ticket will probably get one. Just really hope they put it on a Saturday because train times on a Sunday make travelling down difficult for Sunday games. Fingers crossed for a decent Saturday KO
  14. Fuchs or Chilwell

    Fuchs at the moment. If I’m honest I’ve been a little disappointed with Chilwells defending at times in the little run he’s had in the starting 11. I know he’s still young and I’m sure there’s more to come from him so I’m not criticising him too much, but he’s probably not been as good as I had hoped so far.
  15. Vardy miles too good for City

    I have to admit and hold my hands up that when Arsenal came in for him I thought he’d be mad to go because he wouldn’t have had game time etc. However Vardy has gone from strength to strength in my opinion and I think if he had of gone to Arsenal he’d have been a great success. Im glad he didn’t go though, I’ve said it many times before but he is Mr Leicester City. His story represents everything we’ve done over the last few seasons really, and I do get the impression he loves playing for Leicester too.