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  1. Did we really want Europa League?

    Chelsea you might have a point, but Man City was there for the taking had we of taken it seriously. We rested players left right and centre which to my mind is not prioritising a cup competition. Don't get me wrong I think the guys that played did very well, but as a club I don't feel we really went for them with any conviction.
  2. 12 months ago today

    I don't think I've ever been prouder than that night. Every single one of us in that stadium sang our hearts out even as we realised our adventure was coming to an end. Considering we were supposed to be an embarrassment to English football, we didn't do too bad did we!
  3. Membership Scheme 18/19

    This would be my argument. I don’t mind necessarily paying £60 for the membership, but I want something more than a desk calendar (that even has factual errors in it) and a crappy iPad case. If it was £60 for renewal with a £20 shop voucher or a voucher towards a ticket I would be happy with that.
  4. Membership Scheme 18/19

    Routing for you this year @FoxesDeb!!
  5. Membership Scheme 18/19

    From the little info I've got from the club there 'will be no large scale changes' so I suspect the format will stay roughly the same. Potentially a change in priority brackets? How much would you increase the brackets by (if at all)?.
  6. No announcement yet about next seasons membership scheme, however I was wondering what current members' thoughts have been this season on what was a new scheme, has it worked for you?...what changes do you think will be made/if any? I'd also be interested to know what sort of home priority points people are now on at the end of this campaign? Due to distance (I don't live in Leicester) I make about 8 games a season and so I am wondering how that fares in relation to other members, and whether I'm likely to maintain any kind of priority. I was incredibly critical of this scheme when it was announced last year, however I need to take some humble pie as in my opinion it has worked quite well. I have managed to get tickets for every game that I have wanted to (having only needed to enter the ballot for the first home game). I also think it is fair to use a points based system, as long as it isn't abused (which I don't think it has been as far as I can tell). The only negative has been that it is quite difficult to get tickets together when members of the family are all on different points, however I think this is a stadium capacity issue more than a membership scheme problem. Interested in others thoughts.
  7. Slimani

    He did play very well yesterday for Newcastle when he came on, however as long as Vardy is our main striker he simply won't fit in with our style of play, so I would sell.
  8. Did we really want Europa League?

    I absolutely did and I’m gutted we’ve missed out on a glorious opportunity to do it. At the end end of the day people need to reset their expectations. The chances of us making the champions league again are incredibly slim, and so for clubs of our size the Europa league is the realistic way into a European competition. If you don’t want that then what exactly are your ambitions for the club? Mid table in the premier league? I have to be honest that the way in which we’ve fizzled out once safety has been achieved has left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. We had a real opportunity this year to win a cup or finish 7th, and we’ve barely even put up a fight for any of them.
  9. I'm gutted but I've been told I may need to go away for work the weekend of the West Ham game. If anyone is interested in two tickets together for West Ham in G2 let me know. I'm based in Leeds so I would need to post down to you, unless you happen to be up this way and would rather collect. (Paypal preferred). Face Value of course (£72 for both tickets) SOLD
  10. West Ham-Saturday 5th May

    I'm gutted but I've been told I may need to go away for work this weekend. If anyone is interested in two tickets together for this in G2 let me know. I'm based in Leeds so I would need to post down to you, unless you happen to be up this way and would rather collect. (Paypal preferred). Face Value of course (£72 for both tickets) SOLD
  11. Safe standing - time to act

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43701400?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_match_of_the_day&ns_source=facebook&ns_linkname=sport A very interesting read and imo ridiculous. As long as it is properly implemented and controlled there is no danger with safe standing at all. I like the Celtic concept, where the seats remain but are locked into position for all games apart from Europe, but they are available when needed.
  12. I was thinking this the other day actually, I suppose it depends if he stays as our main man for 3 or 4 years. If he decides to retire here he would only need an average of 10 goals per season over the next 4 years-which would still be a tough ask but a real possibility. However if he decides to move on once he becomes lower down the pecking order then he won't unfortunately.
  13. Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Let’s be honest the cost of expansion will likely be a tax write off coming from King Power rather than Lcfc. As you say, our owners are very good businessmen, they know what they’re doing.
  14. City v The Geordies Scoreline Prediction

    I fancy us to win this one and win it well. I'm going 4-0 city
  15. Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Yeah definitely. There seems to be demand as well with most hospitality packages selling out every week. Every now and again some Fosse club seats are released for sale but most of the time it is all sold out. I'm not against expansion of hospitality though, as long as it is in proportion to the expansion for us regular fans.