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  1. Yeah middle of July last year, I'd expect the same this year. To to be honest I expect the same as this year, maybe with a different set of 'goodies' handed out. If that is the case though I suspect a few golds will opt to downgrade, but equally they'll probably be silvers wanting to take their place.
  2. I agree with you. I'm not complaining about this years structure at all. I paid my £90 and I have been happy with my return. I paid it to guarantee CL tickets and PL tickets for the games I could attend. I got that. My my original post was more wondering where the club may go for this year, seeing as CL Football is no longer a factor, and as a result I'm not sure a £90 fee could be commanded this time round. Will be interesting to see what happens.
  3. You are right of course, if you compare us to other PL teams I wouldn't swap our owners for anyone else and we have a fair pricing structure overall. However making bournemouth a category A fixture to charge an extra fiver per ticket seems a bit silly.
  4. Second best moment though would have to be hearing the champions league music at the KP for the first time. I wouldn't cry over football, but I'd be lying if it wasn't an emotional moment. To be honest I remember before that first game against Porto I was in the local hero and the DJ in there played the champions league music, and I remember just realising that I was about to watch my club play in the CL. Excited would have been a massive understatement.
  5. I hadn't really looked at the prices until now. £40/50 for Bournemouth is steep! I supppose the club know they can sell out but a bit cheeky really considering the extra revenue already generated through CL ticket sales.
  6. Yeah it's a valid point. I was a silver member for 14/15 and 15/16. Only game I couldn't get to was Everton. Upgraded to gold for this season because of the CL (and I'm glad I did for the sake of £20). I guess that's the issue. If I buy a silver for £70, you may as well spend the extra £20 and buy that extra security. It was different in the previous seasons because it used to be £40 vs £75
  7. Sevilla at home by quite a long way. The atmosphere from start to finish was like nothing I had experienced before. I was there for the 5-3 Man United game and I didn't think that could be topped, but I was wrong! The look on peoples faces after the final whistle as everyone realised what the club had just achieved will stay with me forever.
  8. Yeah I think you're probably right......here's to another pin badge and cheap pen then I'm just not sure I can seriously justify another £90 for essentially being on a priority booking list (but still not guaranteed a ticket).
  9. As the last tickets have been released for gold members.....what do people think the club will do with regards to memberships next season? As a gold member I'm facing a real dilemma. I normally try to get to at least 7 or 8 games per season (this season has been more with the CL games), which means I am slightly better off financially than if I were paying for a season ticket, however only just! So half of me wants to try my luck at getting a season ticket, but it seems a shame as I know at least half of the games the seat will be empty (I wouldn't want to give out my season card to strangers, and most of my mates etc have ST's already). Gut instinct says I'll probably stick with a membership. Do people think they will keep the same system/prices for membership next season? I imagine demand will be lower with no CL football, so will this result in a reduction in membership prices?
  10. I was hoping to get to this, but a 3 PM kick off on a Sunday made it too difficult to get back to Leeds after the match. Could have done it but would mean getting back really late on a Sunday night-shame really, would have been better to have all games kick off at 1 pm or something.
  11. We're officially as good as Barcelona and Bayern Munich. We're better than PSG. It's all official.
  12. I have to say credit where it's due, the Atletico fans were great last night. Very loud and classy in victory. However as said above, no less than our players and supporters deserve. Still brimming with pride
  13. I said last summer and I'll say it again this summer: I would rather keep Vardy over anyone else. Of course he's not necessarily the best player in the squad, but Vardy is Mr Leicester City of this era. Our whole signature play is set around the way Vardy plays. If we lose Vardy we have to completely rebuild.
  14. It's nice to hear mate. Especially with how bad things have been going for them of late. To to be fair I have a cov fan in my office and despite the rivalry even I couldn't bare to rib him about relegation. Rivals or not it's always sad to see a football club run so poorly, because it's the fans that suffer. Anyway my point is that it's nice to hear you can watch our success in Nottingham with no bother. I live in Leeds and I have watched our European away games in pubs up here, and every single Leeds united fan has had nothing but best wishes for us. I think what our club has done has really touched the footballing world more than we probably realise.
  15. I don't really know Nottingham, but my initial thought on the title of this thread was "they're brave".