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  1. As lovely as the pen and the wallet are, has anyone else noticed that the advertised voucher booklet of discounts is missing?
  2. rn9013

    Cardiff 29th Dec

    Your best bet if you don’t want to pay £60 each for memberships is to try and get them on here. Alternatively you could wait for general sale but the club is keeping general sale tickets limited to the final week before the game so it’s a risk, especially as you need 3 tickets together.
  3. If I'm honest I do find losing easier, but I don't think that's a bad thing, if anything I'm enjoying supporting Leicester more than I did. Before the title win a loss would certainly put me in a bad mood for the day, if not ruin the weekend! But since winning the PL and reaching the CL QF's I feel we've experienced something incredibly magical and I feel lucky to have been there to witness it. Ultimately this means I am content and find myself dealing with losing better, and I feel able to actually enjoy the football more as I don't constantly fret as much about the final result.
  4. Definitely. I'm confident it will be the best pen I've ever used* *at least it should be for £60
  5. No not yet. I did ask the club a couple of weeks ago when we would receive these and was told the end of the month.
  6. rn9013

    You're the manager: LCFC vs Everton

    To be honest I'm not sure what I would have done following the sending off. For me Morgan has to take responsibility because he's experienced enough to know better, but he should have been replaced as soon as he was on a final warning. Everyone around me could see he was in serious trouble and unfortunately as soon as he was sent off we were almost waiting for the inevitable. For me Puel did everything how I would have done after the sending off, but he should have made a change beforehand that would have meant there was no need to be in that reactionary situation.
  7. As soon as he stepped up I was thinking I wouldn’t be too confident as a Man City fan. Mahrez was never a clinical penalty taker.
  8. rn9013

    LCFC Adidas Adult's Stadium Parka

    It is what it is unfortunately and it’s the same up and down the country. I promise you our club isn’t the worst. I work for a University and last year I volunteered to take a group of new international students for a tour at old Trafford, and honestly the prices for some of the crap on sale there were eye watering. However, these students were paying it without a second thought because it’s a way of buying into the club you support. People need to realise rightly or wrongly football clubs are businesses, with the retail division often actually run seperately to the football side of things, so if people are willing to buy a £120 coat they’ll be selling it.
  9. rn9013

    18/19 Away Tickets Sell Outs

    I assume you’re either joking or you just haven’t seen the ‘free’ pen and wallet you get with every membership. Only downside is you have to wait until Christmas to receive these exciting membership goodies. Fantastic value for money.
  10. rn9013

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Brilliant. Cheers. I was clearly looking in the wrong area of the website.
  11. rn9013

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Cool. Thanks for that. I might have to give them a ring then as I don’t live in Leicester to collect. I assume the fan store takes orders over the phone too.
  12. rn9013

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Out of interest, does anyone know where you can purchase an OH Leuven shirt? I know they sometimes sell them in the LCFC fan store but they don’t seem to be available online.
  13. rn9013

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Heading to Cuba for the second time next Month. Can't wait.
  14. rn9013

    Your last Pint?

    My last pint...Punk IPA. Tends to be my go to pint these days.
  15. rn9013

    Your last Pint?

    I personally would never choose to drink Carling, Coors, Fosters etc unless there was no other choice on offer because of the beer quality, it's really not great. For example, much of these brands actually brew their beer to an ABV of around 8%, but then water down the beer to a more appropriate level for the mass market, which in my eyes isn't a great quality product. That being said, I do agree that if someone enjoys a pint of Carling, then I wouldn't knock them, I hope they enjoy their pint.