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  1. Please wake up 2nd half. Don’t ruin this beautiful bank holiday weekend you fckwits
  2. When facing a coin flip, Are you a heads guy or a tails guy?
  3. Nobody knows the correct answer. That’s the problem.
  4. That’s disappointing to read. I haven’t watched much of the development team this year but last season and Lee season I thought he was going to work through the ranks as he looked a quality player
  5. Also, absolutely convinced we will win this. But no f**king idea why I feel this way.
  6. Hello. I’m not sure what the score will be tonight but what I do know is Liverpool score 2 goals, no more no less. Here’s hoping we can score 3!
  7. I’m really glad you’ve said that. It’s been bugging me who had been doing this
  8. He looked like he was a player towards the of last season and pre season. What happened.
  9. Glanced at their team and thought they’ve got 12 players, no wonder they’ve been doing so well.
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