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  1. davelcfc100

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    No, you lost 2-0 to us. Im not sure you know how football works?
  2. davelcfc100

    Vardy red is not a sending off

    It is, it was, and nothings going to change. Love Vardy to bits like all of us do but he made a poor decision, we have to move on. sometimes he loses it a bit, it’s part of who he is and I wouldn’t have him any other way. Sometimes though, you have to accept, shit happens.
  3. davelcfc100

    Gray ??

    I don’t think much has been mentioned about Grays performances so far. Think he has been brilliant in his first two games. I’ve never been a big fan of him, always thought his decision making has been poor but over the last two games I don’t think he has put a foot wrong. Really impressed and hope he continues playing like he has in the last couple of games.
  4. davelcfc100

    Wolves (H) match thread

    You are not alone.
  5. davelcfc100

    Wolves.. Score prediction thread :

    3-0 Leicester, with plenty more chances. Will feel like we should of put 6 or 7 past them.
  6. davelcfc100

    Danny Amartey

    For me he’s our worst player. Ten seconds before he gave the pen away i said he’s a liability. Only my opinion of course.
  7. davelcfc100

    How did we do?

    This. A better Mahrez replacement and it would of been a 10/10. That said, as we all know replacing Mahrez was near on impossible so I think we have done as well as we could. Very very pleased with our activity.
  8. davelcfc100

    Net spend table

    Meh. That’s too easy and I’m too impatient. i was wondering if there was a site that did live updates or something similar
  9. davelcfc100

    Net spend table

    Evening all. ive seen a few people posting a net spend table for teams in the prem over the last couple of weeks. I’ve just tried to find an updated table on google but can’t seem to find a link. Can anyone help?
  10. davelcfc100

    As a new season starts....

    I was 100% certain we were going down. Loved Pearson and thought Claudio was a poor replacement.
  11. davelcfc100

    Musa Departs - Confirmed

    Looks some player in that video, sign him up I say!
  12. davelcfc100

    Ahmed Musa

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here but here goes... I know Mahrez threw his fair share of tantrums and had the occasional off day but I actually thought he was okay, maybe even valuable. We should think about a replacement.
  13. davelcfc100

    Who do you blame? (not entirely serious)

    Theres only one real weatherman