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  1. I watched on tv and thought it sounded pretty decent to be honest. Better than normal, especially until they scored then it quietened a little. Maybe I just had the volume on my TV turned up a little louder than normal
  2. So was I and I’m saying it’s going to be a 4-3 win. Merrier Christmas
  3. Really tough one to take. Kills the dream a bit. Thought Vardy was unlucky not to have a goal or two but other than that we were a bit poor all over today tbh. Can’t play brilliantly every week though I guess.
  4. I think that’s why he was annoyed. He made a mistake which Pickford was claiming put him off. It didn’t but I understand his point.
  5. If Maddison’s header goes wide. VAR doesn’t get involved and it stays 1-0 is that correct?
  6. It was a failed attempt at a joke. He would need to score 90 more to reach a 100 this season.
  7. I know he’s started well but I can’t see him getting 100. 90 at a push.
  8. I’ve seen us score 9 countless times... over the last 48 hours thanks to YouTube.
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