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  1. Blanesta

    Palace Home Match Thread

    It’s just not our day today unfortunately.
  2. Blanesta

    CL Quarter Final Draw

    Truly amazing!!!
  3. Blanesta


    lets put the kids in, they deserve it more.
  4. Blanesta

    Millwall (a) FA Cup match thread

    Please leave the club Renieri! Save us and leave.
  5. Blanesta

    Millwall (a) FA Cup match thread

    This is the worst team since league 1 relegation. They're embarrassing to this club!
  6. Blanesta

    Millwall (a) FA Cup match thread

    When the ball goes in their 6 yard box not a single Leicester player challenges for it, it's woeful.
  7. Blanesta

    Millwall (a) FA Cup match thread

    We struggle against everyone on planet earth. Amazing......
  8. Blanesta

    Swansea post match 2-0

    We're in free fall. Only we could do this! Pathetic stuff.
  9. Blanesta

    Swansea (a) Match Thread

    We need to change managers now to give him a chance, this season looks hopeless
  10. Blanesta

    Swansea (a) Match Thread

    I'm glad Renieri had a word with the players, otherwise this would be much worse.
  11. Blanesta

    Swansea (a) Match Thread

    Vardy and Drinkwater are stealing a living!
  12. Blanesta

    Swansea (a) Match Thread

    We need some fresh thinking at our football club
  13. Blanesta

    Swansea (a) Match Thread

    Well we don't know what to do with the ball! This is so embarrassing.
  14. Blanesta

    Derby Match Thread

    it wasn't even in the penalty area so you're probably right it wasn't a penalty.
  15. Blanesta

    Derby Match Thread

    I think these officials need to call it a day, they're terrible at it!