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  1. Kel-amity looming

    It's all part of the plan. To prevent Man City from activating the buy back clause, we'll just have him down as injured for the next 4 years. Man City will forget all about him. We'll then start playing and he'll score 200 goals a season before we sell him to Qatar for £3bn. Smart business imo.
  2. Mahrez to .......................?

    What? He wants to leave, nobody wants him and he therefore has to stay. But he still wants to leave. Unless he makes another public statement before the end of the window closes saying that he believes in the team and he wants to fight tooth and nail to get us back in the Champions League or similar, then at no point will the rest of the team have any "mental belief" that because he has stayed he must want to win trophies here. He wants out and he will go I am almost sure of it. We won't get £50m for him but can see us cutting the price as the end of the window draws closer.
  3. Andros Townsend...

    Yes please. Make it so.
  4. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Now would be a great time to offer £55m.
  5. Ulloa - back to Brighton?

    Modern football is all about the 25 man squad. You can't sign 25 players and play them all. All footballers want to play football of course, but there are more footballers than places available in the starting 11. So, some players need to understand that their playing time is going to be limited to a few cameo roles. By signing a new contract, Ulloa will accept this. He always gives his best and whilst his touch with his feet is somewhat questionable, he is solid in the air and does offer something different to the Kelechi/Oka/Vardy combination should the need arise. On paper, Slimani should be Ulloa+. However, after arriving for nearly 30m thinking he would be getting regular first team action and then not, and with his best mate seemingly likely to depart, then "unsettled" would seem an apt description. If Ulloa left, then we would be one injury away from being very one-dimensional. And Slimani doesn't have the greatest injury record. Of course, if Slimani stays and stays fit, then he would be ahead in the pecking order. But if Ulloa leaves and Slimani is injured then we don't have a lot of choices available to change a game. If that does happen, do we then have to venture out and buy a replacement? Players that are happy to sit on the bench, especially when newly transferred into a club, are few and far between. Andy Carroll perhaps? No thank you. If the likes of Schmichel, Simpson, Ndidi and Vardy are solid starters, then Ulloa certainly takes his place in the 25 man squad every day of the week for me.
  6. Tom Lawrence

    Well I don't care what he wants. I wanted him to stay.
  7. Tom Lawrence

    Championship clubs are in for him because they know he will smash the league like he did last season. At what point is a top 5% player in the Championship worth a run out in the prem? I expect he will have a very good career, I just think he would have been worth a one year extension on his contract and some game time with us this season.
  8. Tom Lawrence

    I don't get it. At times this club has me scratching my head. We are desperately short of creativity. We have Mahrez who only turns up 20% of the time. Gray who only plays 20% of the time (with questionable contribution) and Lawrence. Which one do we sell? I feel we might regret this one.
  9. Chillax man. We are three points off the top of the league! We got this.
  10. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Oh mate, I can assure if I had a choice, my life would be very different tonight.
  11. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    I'm stuck at a wedding with no Sky Sports! Relying on you guys tonight!!!
  12. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Whatever happens, just remember that Arsenal beat us twice in 15/16 and we still finished 10 points ahead of them.
  13. Like Northampton Town - geographical local team now Buckie Thistle - my ancestral home (on my dad's side) Newcastle United (the 1995 Les Ferdinand/David Ginola/Phillipe Albert version) Preston N E - been a couple of times with a mate who is a big fan. Dislikes (in order) Spurs/Arsenal West Ham Leeds Wolves Bristol Rovers
  14. Who do you sorely want to do-over this year?

    West Ham. Can't stand their fans. Bournemouth. It's Bournemouth! Liverpool away. Always fun watching Klopp trying to shrug a bad result off. Everton home and away. They think they're us. Stoke home and away. Hughes just does my head in. WBA at home. About time. Swansea home or away. Can't stand Clement. If we achieve those results this season + 12 points from Arsenal and Spurs, I'd be happy. I think 39 points will be enough to stay up and do it all again the following season.
  15. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Just a smoke screen to put us off.