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  1. It's an incredible amount of money.
  2. I'm confident that next season the top 6 will not be the same as this season's. Top 4 is probably out of reach but 5th and 6th are up for grabs with Utd being poor generally and the Chelsea transfer issue - especially if Hazard leaves. Arsenal need a few players too. Next season will be genuinely fascinating.
  3. Four English teams in the two major European finals. Like them or loathe them, that is some achievement And does our co-efficient the power of good!
  4. Played such a vital part in our title win. His role as second striker/attacking midfielder/advanced defensive midfielder was fulfilled brilliantly and he ran himself into the ground every game (and fell onto the ground quite a lot too!) I for one am very thankful that he was here and I wish him well wherever he goes next. I'll miss his smile
  5. We'll get at least a draw tonight, but for the good of football, Liverpool cannot win the league.
  6. It's entirely possible that despite Spurs being in a one horse race for 3rd position all season, they could end up finishing 6th!
  7. We'll definitely get something from the game. Just hoping that Newcastle or Wolves can get something from their Liverpool games. I'll puke if Liverpool win the league.
  8. The race for the top 4 next season will be pretty boring. I can see City and Liverpool finishing 1st and 2nd again, Spurs consolidating 3rd, but maybe getting closer. Arsenal will improve and will finish 4th. Chelsea and Utd should finish top 6 but with a transfer embargo and Hazard leaving and if OGS is still in charge at Utd after the summer, I can see the gap between 4th and 5th widening but the gap between 6th and 7th narrowing. There is every chance that one or both of Chelsea and Utd could drop out of the top 6. It effectively means the top 6 becomes a top 8 where most of the quality reside. We are well placed to take advantage of that but we need stability next season. Our foundation makes us best placed at this time to seriously challenge the top 6, but it will be tough. Wolves and Everton can equally say that they are close and with some consistency, you'd have to acknowledge Watford and West Ham should be in the mix too. Target for us should be 60pts or very close. Just concentrate on our game and don't worry about anyone else. At the other end, Brighton have gone from OK to poor which is a direction which will be worrying for their fans. I can see them going. Bournemouth too... As much as there is a love in from some on here about Eddie Howe, I just don't see that they have enough quality. Add to that one of the promoted teams and there's your bottom 3. I don't expect Southampton to struggle as much next season. Burnley, Palace and Newcastle will all be fine. Those three with Norwich will compete for the top of the bottom half
  9. Two more wins for our joint 3rd best Premier League points tally. I'd settle for that. Whether or not that's good enough for 7th I'm not sure, but I'm more interested in making progress and having some stability to the club for the next few years.
  10. Yep. They will declare themselves the greatest team of all time. The BBC and Sky will have wall to wall ex Liverpool players lapping it all up. Pep and Man City have gone about their job brilliantly and with humility. Their brand of football is a joy. Klopp has an arrogance about him, and it isn't a good arrogance. They play and he speaks like they are owed the title because they were a good team 30 years ago.
  11. Hard to imagine replacing any of the top 6. More likely, in my opinion, that the current top 6 lock out will become a top 7 lock out and there's no reason why we can't be part of that. It'll be tough though because Everton, West Ham and even Wolves can have legitimate similar ambitions. We are well placed though, with a talented young squad and solid infrastructure. All the pieces are in place, we just need to embrace the potential. Failing to live up to that would be a source of massive of regret.
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