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  1. Sometimes we (certainly I) forget that these guys are young lads, moving to a foreign country, having to learn a foreign language, find new friends, new home, new everything. I know they get help and astronomical wages to soften the blow, but there is a regular person in there and some people settle quicker than others. Sounds like he has a good attitude and is prepared to work hard to push on. Good luck to him.
  2. Unhappy with the lack of PL football? He could come back here and be first name on the team sheet every week, but for half the money. I think he'll suck it up and stay put.
  3. I completely agree. Get rid of Puel, bring in Pep, Klopp and have Sir Alex as DoF and we'd still be competing for 7th at best.
  4. Of course we could do with more of a goal threat. I know a bit about football and this fact isn't lost on me. Claude Puel is a Premier League manager with vast experience of football at the highest level across Europe. I'm pretty sure he can see this issue too. However, I reckon he's been told there's no money to spend in January so he'll just have to get on with what we've got. I'm sure it will be a different story in the summer.
  5. nnfox

    The biggest issue we need to solve...

    I tend to agree with the OP, although Vardy does possess technical ability and deserves more credit. The elephant in the room has been Jamie Vardy for a couple of years now. We played a style that suited him down to the ground and benefitted massively from it, but there has always been an issue around succession planning. If we change our style of play, or JV's pace starts to decline then we would have a problem... Just like we do now,. It should have been addressed at least 12 months ago but Vardy is one of those players who are almost guaranteed to start, so getting a striker in to take his place whilst he is still at the club is a problem and I can see it being a problem next season too. The problem might be bigger than just finding a suitable replacement, maybe it's football in general, but there seems to be less top quality strikers around now than before. Either that or the skill and tactics of defenders have improved to limit the chances for the strikers. It is a real problem for clubs outside the top 6. Just a quick look at the stats shows that all of the top 6 have at least two players on 9 or more goals so far this season, in fact there are 18 players in all in those top 6 that have reached that number. In the rest of the league, amongst those 14 other teams, there are just 3 players to get 9 or more. Callum Wilson is top with 10.
  6. nnfox

    I love Claude

    This is such a good point. Whilst I don't particularly care if we are a laughing stock or not, we do have an unjust reputation of sacking managers for no reason... Pearson went after the Great Escape, Ranieri went after winning the league and seeing us through the group stage of the Champions League, Shakespeare went after one of the best starts to a Premier League managerial career of all time. Accepting that we aren't going to finish in the top 6, sacking Puel when we are right in the mix for a 7th placed finish would make any potential incoming manager question what they would have to do to keep their job, it would be a big risk to them and their reputation. A promising, highly regarded, up and coming manager earmarked as a future manager of a European giant isn't going to want a sacking from a mid-table team on their CV.
  7. nnfox

    Who then......

    Well said. People need to realise the composition of the Premier League. Top class managers want to manage at the highest level and that means competing for league titles and in the Champions League regularly. In the Premier League, there are 6 teams battling for 4 Champions League spots and those 6 teams are a miles ahead of everyone else in the league. I would argue that there is space for a team to bridge the gap and become the 7th placed team in a top 7. We could do it, West Ham could do it or Everton, but realistically we would be competing to finish 7th in the league every season, perhaps challenging 6th. To gain Champions League qualification, any team would have to fininsh above at least 3 of the current top 6 and that just isn't going to happen again anytime soon. It will be really difficult to attract a manager from anywhere who has a sniff of Champions League football. How do you sell the job to them? Come to Leicester, which isn't in London or Manchester and try to finish 7th in the league every year? I can see that world class managers from all over Europe will be queuing up to get a slice of that action. Not. If you can't get one of the elite, or close to elite level manager then you either have to go for someone with Premier League experience (Moyes, Allardyce, Pulis, Hughes, Pardew, Dyche, Hughton) or take a risk on an unproven manager. And I think we're too big to take a risk, we have too much to lose should we get it wrong. Puel will see us as a solid top half team and in a coupe of years, perhaps we could be knocking on the door of that top 6 club, but until then, if anyone thinks there is a manager out there who can come in and turn our squad into world beaters overnight, on a limited budget, then you are deluded.
  8. nnfox

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    Short version: The transition is still a work in progress. We are not going to be relegated. Some of our young players are thriving under Puel. Cut him some slack, it'll be OK in the end.
  9. nnfox

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    Here is my rational, sensible explanation as to why Puel has to stay: We are Leicester City and I have followed this club through thick and thin for more than 25 years. Aside from a few wonderful years under MON where we finished 8th once, we have always had ambitions to compete in the premier league. Most of those seasons have been hard work and during the pre-season build up, most Leicester fans craved a boring season of mid-table stability. The last few seasons have been nothing short of amazing. The 2015/2016 started in exactly the same way as many other Leicester City Premier League seasons - with hopes of mid-table consolidation and an avoidance of the drama of the final 9 games of the preceding season. We ended up with winning the title - the greatest sports story in the history of sport. We were 5,000 - 1 to win the league that season. To put that into some perspective, Burton Albion are 4,500 - 1 to win the League Cup and to do that, they, of League One, will have to beat Chelsea or Spurs in the final with their squads of international superstars. And that is if they somehow manage to beat Manchester City 10-0 in the second leg of the semi final first. The stars alligned for us that season and what a wonderful experience that was. Something I shall cherish for the rest of my life. But that title win didn't give us a devine right to mix it with the big boys every year and our league form was abysmal by comparison the following season but still two positions and 3 points better than 2015. In 2018 we improved on the previous season. Take the title win anomoly out of the equation and we have finished on 41pts, 44pts and 47pts. After the title win, we spent some big money and gave some of our stars big, some would say over-inflated contracts. The squad has aged and we are in transition, in need of someone to navigate us through this period. Enter Claude Puel. Puel came in with a clear brief to transform the squad, utilising as much of the youth as possible. Why do we need to do that? Afterall, we are massive. Recent Champions of England. Champions League quarter finalists. We have fabulously wealthy, generous owners. Let's just buy a whole new squad of players! Or perhaps when our late, fantastic, genius chairman hired Mr. Puel, he was told to reduce the wage bill, that there wasn't the huge transfer funds previously available. Maybe to achieve the vision of long term sustainable success in the Premier League, we needed to consolidate a mid table position and build a squad with a solid foundation to keep the club in the Premier League for the next 10 years? All whilst cutting our cloth accordingly. Leicester City PLC is a business that needs to balance its books. And so to transition. From the old guard to the new. Claude Puel, who has spent a lifetime at the elite level of European football has said that our squad is unbalanced. This is not rocket science. Puel also says that there are no plans to bring in a new striker which is odd considering it is plainly obvious to anyone who has a slight interest in football, that we desperately need someone to play the lead striker role, with our current No.9 not showing the world beating form of two or three years ago. Not a huge surprise for a striker who has turned 32 and has a game based on pace who now plays in a system that no longer suits his preferred style of play. How should we go about re-balancing the squad? Well, we could try this: Off load some players in January. A couple of panic buys from other teams might see us get great value for some of the fringe players. On the other side of the same coin, let's not be held to ransom and spend more fortunes on overpriced players in January. Instead, without the threat of relegation, let's see who amongst the youth ranks can fit into the Leicester City of the future. Yes we might have some bad results, but we have 16, dare I say, competitive friendlies in which to hone this. Then, after this season, spend some money filling the gaps. Of course, some will say that Puel has had long enough to sort this out and we should be bearing the fruits now. But I'd argue that there is still a distance to go to get the squad right and in a sense, we are bearing those fruits. Take a look at our squad and the sheer potential that is in there: Chilwell, Gray, Maddison, Ndidi, Amartey, Hamza, Barnes, Iheanacho - all still very young. Add to that Mendy and Maguire who are arguably still to reach their prime and you have the makings of a really good team. In a year or two from now. Puel has put in a lot of ground work but we are close to being able to really progress. And what is the target that fans would like to see us achieve? Another league title? It isn't going to happen. Champions League qualification? Top 6? I don't think the existing top 6 will be dislodged for a few years yet. Meaning that the best we can hope for is 7th. We might even get 7th this season, it isn't out of the question. 7th. Leicester City. In the Premier League. MON didn't quite manage that and Pearson (for all the great things he did) got nowhere near. I say we allow Puel to continue with his long term vision of the rebalancing of the squad. Let him continue to develop the youth players and give him some money in the summer. I'd then review the situation again in December. The alternatives out there are too frightening to think about - Allardyce, Pardew, Pulis, Hughes, Mourinho and even if we poached Pep from Man City, he wouldn't turn us into a Champions League team for quite some time. Football fans are never truly happy and the emotion of a bad result can quickly empty a glass half empty, but look at the bigger picture. Please. I was desperately disappointed with the FA Cup exit last week, but I'll have to forgive Claude for that, there isn't much else I can do. C'est la vie. This journey is generally up but there have been and will be some downs. We just have to ride them out. I'm convinced that the destination will make it all worth while.
  10. nnfox

    Everton Away Match Thread

    The worst 45 minutes of Premier League football I have ever seen. From both sides.
  11. Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, United and Arsenal are the top six sides in the country. By a distance. Next come probably us, Everton and West Ham all battling for 7th. If they hit a good bit of form, the likes of Watford and Wolves could join that battle. We should be finishing between 7th and 10th. I would argue that 7th would represent an excellent season, 10th slightly disappointing, lower than 10th would be bad. We're currently 8th and with some ups and downs in our performances but we are about where we should be. To take our club to the next level, we need to be nailed on for 7th and regularly challenging those massive top 6 teams. I'm not sure what people expect, but I doubt there is a manager in the world that could come in, click his fingers and transform us into a top 6 team. What we need is someone with a long term plan who invests in youth and carry us through a transitional period where we might not win every game we should be winning on paper. What we don't need is instabilty and someone coming in and starting again with a new plan.
  12. Eddie Howe has done a great job at Bournemouth but he is a Bournemouth man through and through. He has been given lots of time there to build his brand of football from a very low base. I seem to remember he went to Burnley for a short time but results didn't go his way and he got home sick and managed to get his old job back at Bournemouth where he picked up where he left off with an established "Eddie Howe" brand of football. I have a lot of respect for Eddie Howe but I am not convinced he is anything but a one-club wonder. He should stay in his comfort zone, with his family, amongst a fan base that rightly love him. Being thrown into a Premier League club looking for an immediate change of fortunes and a quick transition to sustained success is not what Eddie Howe is about.