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  1. Now that they've got their first prem game and first home prem game out of their system, it's time they got a proper taste of Premier League football. We've negotiated our way through two tricky opening fixtures. Now we need to lay a marker down that states our intention for the season. I like how Sheff Utd have gone about their business and I'd like to see them stay up, but on Saturday, we should be smashing them off the park.
  2. Chelsea, like Utd and Arsenal this season are there to be attacked. I'd be a little disappointed if we set up too defensively. If we have serious aspirations of breaking into the top 6 this season which I think is achievable, then these games are a good measure as to where we are and we can't set up scared against them, let other teams do that.
  3. This is a positive step imo. Talking to someone on the phone takes a lot of concentration because you only have the words to go on, unlike speaking to someone you are with where you can pick up on their actions and more easily distinguish their tone or volume. I accept that some people find it easier and less distracting than others, but those that really struggle can be a real danger. I agree with the points about it being difficult to police, but legislation needs to reflect the objectives. Retrospectively investigating a serious collision where someone is killed is easier to show that the phone was in use than random stop checks. Make it an offence to use a mobile whilst driving. Acknowledge the difficulty in prosecuting the majority of casual users, but if someone is killed in a collision because a driver was using the mobile (which would be easier to prove as part of a thorough investigation) then it should be a serious aggravating factor when it comes to sentencing.
  4. The League Cup has established itself as English football's sideshow, but it has its uses. Many teams use it to give game time to their fringe players and lower league teams and fans love testing themselves against Premier League opposition and gives those players a decent chance at playing in the best stadiums. Calls for Premier League clubs to not even enter the competition are ridiculous. There is already a massive gap between the Premier League and the Football League. Just imagine the snobbery of not even turning up! And there isn't a Leicester fan in here who wouldn't relish a Wembley final, the chance of winning a trophy and the European qualification that comes with it.
  5. We are gearing up a squad to tackle a European campaign, but with no European football this season. Without that distraction, we should be aiming to go deep in the cups.
  6. Sounds like we are going to give the cups a real good effort.
  7. He's never forgiven us for winning the league. Back then, throughout that season, he continually compared us to his beloved Norwich City who had a fantastic season circa 1993. They were top for a while and then it fell apart and they finished a creditable 3rd. He kept on saying that the same would happen to Leicester. Except it didn't. We won and honestly, I think he has sour grapes over it. As a technical pundit, he brings nothing to the table; no tactical analysis, no insights to what goes on in football, he isn't funny either. He just has personal opinions which are based on his own weird way of looking at the game.
  8. I can't believe the cheek of Bournemouth. Who the hell do they think they are???? Do they not know about the football pyramid and where they sit? We should offer 40m and they should be grateful that a far superior club like ours is willing to do business with them! Ake isn't worth 75m.
  9. I think we might be at 10,000 replies to this post. Amazing
  10. There is a degree of this. From a footballing perspective, Utd would want to get him in sooner rather than later. Get him into the squad and playing and training with the rest of their team. From a money angle though, the longer they wait, the greater the potential saving. We say they can have him for 90m but they don't want to spend more than 80m. Utd are in a position to chance their arm here because there isn't really any competition for his signature with only Man City indicating that they would potentially match the offer. If Utd present themselves in fashion that suggests it's a really difficult decision for them and they really don't want to fork out the asking price, then they are in a position to do it as there is no pressure to make the signing straight away. They can spend a lot of time presenting to Leicester how they have come up with their valuation and can put some pressure on us in the hope that we cave in. If all this posturing saves them 10m then, from a business perspective, it makes perfect sense. I'm sure that Top and the team will hold their nerve though and Utd will pay the full asking price next week.
  11. I think this will be rejected. 90m with at least 85m up front. However, if the offer is 80m up front and it is still on the table next Wednesday/Thursday then I can see Top sitting down with Harry and I believe IF he really wants to go, then Top will let him.
  12. If £90m is what we want, and we'll accept £85m + add ons, then if that's been our stance since May and we're not budging, then I believe Utd will pay up next week. They can legitimately try and haggle the price (why wouldn't you?) But there is a firm deadline for this deal. When that starts getting close, they'll just have to pay up. Utd desperately need a quality centre back and they now appear short on options and short on time. Unless they sign someone else for less money, then this will happen next week IMO.
  13. This is our best chance for a while and it is a crucial season. If we fail to qualify for Europe as a minimum this season then next summer I can see the likes of Chilwell, Maddison, Ndidi, Tielemans et al having their heads turned and it will be hard to keep hold of all of them. Then we enter into another transitonal period for two or three years. All that with Jamie Vardy who isn't getting any younger. Make no mistake, this season is huge for us.
  14. The thing I want now, more than anything (presuming he leaves), is that Utd finally have a bid accepted, only for Man City to rock up and say "Yeah fine, we'll match that" and then Harry signs for City instead. I know that Harry's heros Ferdinand and Vidic didn't play for City but I can't imagine a player on the planet who, if offered either of the Manchester clubs, would choose Utd at the moment.
  15. Sky Sports News have just spoken for 5 minutes about Maguire's desire to join Utd and that "his camp" are now going to change tactics because they are frustrated about a deal not being sorted yet. Utd know the price. Pay it and he's yours. It's Utd that are the problem here. THE VERY NEXT ARTICLE from them was about Lukaku's proposed move to Inter Milan. Utd want £79m but Inter have only offered £65m... "They're going to have to do better than that, they know the price". There wasn't even an ad break between them. You literally couldn't make this stuff up!
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