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  1. Very useful information. Thanks for sharing. In all seriousness, I hope the victim is OK and I hope they catch the baddies. Make the video available to the cops.
  2. Not too shabby. Some missed opportunities for sure, but lots of teams can say that. More good than bad. I'm happy.
  3. Concentrate on the league.
  4. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Iheanacho should have passed in front of Mahrez. Mahrez should have crossed it instead of taking three defenders on. Ndidi should have fouled Willian. Simpson should have run with Morata instead of getting sucked towards the ball. Bad goal to give away.
  5. Vardy's Volleys

    West Brom by a mile. Long ball over his shoulder, weak foot, defender breathing down his neck, instinctively knew where the goal was. I haven't seen a better goal in years. The Liverpool goal is third for me. Brilliant. But the bounce slowed the ball right down. With the ball in front of him he was able to see the keeper off his line. Anyone drawing comparison between that and Van Basten's against Russia seriously needs their heads testing.
  6. West Brom away match thread

    Pitch invasion! Settled down then Burnley went 2-0 up hahahaha
  7. West Brom away match thread

    All kicking off at West Ham, gonna be sone stoppage time there!
  8. Disgusting, or just business?

    Free would of course be the best but I can imagine the waiting list would be obscene. My lad is 9 but could be 23 by the time he got to the front of the queue. I'm also a little sceptical about "free" lists as they are open to some abuse - sponsors, players friends/families etc. So, I don't have a massive problem with the club charging a premium on the experience. £600 is way too steep in my mind though. A £200 donation to the Foxes Foundation would be easier to swallow. I guess it is supply and demand. If people pay it, then the club (business) will charge it.
  9. Dogs

    Well, I am pleased to announce that we did not get a dog and the situation has gone quiet. For now. Please don't think that I am a dog hater, I'm not. I just knew they take a lot of looking after and I don't have the time (or inclination) at this point in my life. I'm sure the conversation will come up again in the future but for now I have absolutely no regrets about not getting one. Thanks for all the comments!
  10. The Walking Dead

    TWD has kind of backed itself into a corner. The story has gone a little stale now with no obvious way out. Realistically Negan needs to die but he is one of the best characters on the show (although not loving his recent softer side) I saw some rumours at the beginning of series 7 that the Whisperers were going to make an appearance and fans of the comic were excited by that prospect but no sign of them yet. It needs something to shake it up.
  11. Puel’s KPI’s

    Focus on getting players to run further and faster, increase passing accuracy (a biggy), improve shots on target ratio, increase tackles, increase interceptions, increase headers won. Do this and the results will look after themselves.
  12. Recent Leicester City managers

    We are a fickle bunch, but always right
  13. Puel

    This club has gone on a huge and very quick journey from League 1 to Premier League champions in less than a decade. The foundations were put in place by Pearson and he got us playing a particular brand of football that was based on largely on pace and work rate of our players and quick passing and quick thinking. Over the years the squad was developed with that ethos and transfers were brought in to compliment that particular style. When Pearson left, Ranieri came in and inherited a squad that had, after several years in its making, reached its peak. The addition of Kante and Fuchs that summer were the missing pieces. Time moves on though. Morgan isn't quite what he was, same with Fuchs. Drinkwater and Kante have left and whilst still absolutely vital, Mahrez is wanting to leave and Vardy isn't getting any younger. The point being that, the squad built by Pearson, nurtured by Ranieri has been and is still being broken up. Shakespeare tried to carry on the predictable counter attacking style but the personnel just weren't there. Now we have Puel and I place my trust in him. I also realise that we need to continue with the evolution of the squad and it is up to Puel to steer the team in a direction and style of his choosing. At the moment we have a hybrid squad, some players excel at fast counter attacks, others are better suited for possession based football. We aren't one or the other at the moment. Dare I say we lack a bit of identity? The team is built around Vardy. And Vardy represents one of those "good to have" problems. His strength is in using his pace to run in behind the opposition defence. It works well when he is a lone striker, supported by pacey, attacking midfielders. He doesn't have so much success when the play is slower with more time in the final third. I wouldn't want to ever line up with one striker at home against a team lower than us but Vardy can't be dropped because his finishing is world class and he could get us a goal at any time. Eventually Vardy will slow and he will have a spell of not scoring which may be the key to properly changing the style. I see a future built around Nacho upfront with a Shinji style second striker supported by Gray or Diabate as a sort of front 3. Behind them, the likes of Ndidi, Iborra and Silva would be a strong midfield in my opinion. I think the back line could be a 3 or a 4. This summer should be interesting. I would expect the defence to be overhauled and that would give a good indication as to whether we'll set up as 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 next season. What we shouldn't be doing is sacking a manager half a season after taking on a squad that is in transition. Back in the days of League 1 and the Championship, we had time to build the squad to prepare us for life in the Premier League. We now need to finish rebuilding this next generation squad that will see the next 3-5+ years, but given our recent relative success and the expectations of the supporters, Puel won't be given the time some of his predecessors were afforded by some fans. Our owners want long term sustainable success. Setting that up isn't a five minute job. It takes years. Calling for the manager's head everytime we don't win a game we think we should win is counter productive. People need to look at the long game. There will be ups and downs along the way. More than likely there will be more downs than ups in the short term, but in the end it'll be fine. I am confident of that.
  14. Short corners

    Got to agree with this bit. Short corners have their place. It changes the angle of the cross which can be of benefit, especially against a zonal marking system. As with anything in football though, use it as an option to change things up, not as the only option.
  15. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    I wouldn't read too much into their Barcelona game on the preceding Wednesday. There is an international break the week after the quarter final and a high chance that Chelsea will have been knocked out of the Champions League by the time they come to us, making the FA Cup the only trophy they could win. The FA Cup game will likely be moved to the Sunday, if not Monday night, giving Chelsea up to 5 days to recover which is ample time. They then have nearly two weeks before their next game. Actually think it will be a cracking good tie and I'm so glad we are at home for it. It's going to be tough, but possible. One to look forward to for sure.