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  1. Some good points, but I'm not sure they hold much weight really... take Francisco Trincao... 1) He is definitely better than anything we've got. You just need to see his YouTube reel to know that. 2) He's a Barcelona player but has been playing in Portugal. I first heard of him when he was 17 and have been following his progress in the Portugal League since then and he is definitely well good. 3) All transfers are a gamble? Err, not this one mate. 4) There will be some backwards and forwards to get the deal done but once Brendan gets to flash him a smile and put his arm around him, the deal's as good as done. 5) High player turnover is always possible. Get him in on loan for two years. He wouldn't stay for much longer anyway (he's really good, I've watched him in the Portugal league). It's best to plan in advance and not get upset about players leaving. 6) He definitely would want to sign for us. He could live miles away from London in a country where he doesn't know the language or have many friends, for a team that nearly qualified for the Champions League. It's inconceivable that he'd want to chance his arm at Barcelona when he can come to Leicester. 7) Fill the team with world class players, then fill the bench with world class players as well. They are all in it for the glory of Leicester trying to get to the FA Cup final and won't mind doing their bit.
  2. I'd like him to stay as I think he can be an excellent finisher. I think the thing with Nacho is that he is fundamentally a different type of player to Vardy. We all know what Vardy can do and how he plays and the team is set up to allow Vardy to do what Vardy does best. I see Nacho of much more of a six yard box poacher with a few screamers in his locker. To get the best out of Nacho, the team needs to adapt to one that can get the ball into the box with quick low crosses and clever passes around the edge of the box. Do that and I honestly believe he'll bag 20 goals per season.
  3. Don't let that put you off, you can get a USB C to 3.5mm jack adapter for less than a tenner on Amazon, if the phone doesn't come with one in the box.
  4. Admittedly I am a fan of OnePlus, but if anyone is in the market for a mid-range smartphone, the new OnePlus Nord looks immense. Looks like it sits around the £380-£470 range depending on spec.
  5. £40m + a Barca player of our choice.
  6. Well he's ours and they can't have him.
  7. Even if we bought him, two years is a long time in football. There's no guarantee he'd be here for a third year anyway.
  8. Young, English, much-hyped. I would be disappointed if we let him go for anything less than the 65-75m bracket. He isn't 80m+ but he is definitely way over 50m.
  9. And before that, Man Utd and Arsenal were the top 2.
  10. One of the most biased referee performances I've ever seen. Terrible.
  11. If real, that must be the cooler of all coolers! Bet fails in the 98th minute of the final game of the season
  12. This is a really good point. Our owners, through Vichai and Top, have always been very ambitious and pushing the boundaries of what's possible, encouraging the fans to dream and really have taken us on a dream journey over the years. Brendan, on the other hand, actively tries to play us down, virtually admitting that top 4 is out of our reach and we'll never be part of football's elite. The two messages are poles apart and that tells me that Brendan doesn't really believe in the dreams of the owners and fans. This is a problem.
  13. OP is right. We do need to evolve into a new way of playing that gets us goals from elsewhere. It's a necessary transition. I get the love in for Vardy and he is still our best threat in front of goal, but people seem so resistant to phase him out it's crazy. Maybe he has another two seasons left in him? We have the added challenge of Europe next season so more games, not less. Do people want to wait until his form drops off a cliff and he announces his retirement before we get a replacement? I like the idea of a interchangeable front 3. Barnes/Iheanacho/Perez could be a basis for it, but in reality we'd need at least one quality signing to bolster that, and next season at least, there is no reason why Vardy can't be part of that. We do have a big reliance on Vardy and teams have got good at limiting his chances by cutting off his supply and we are struggling to create many chances at all. The Man Utd game was a must win game, but how many chances did we get? How many times were we able to play Vardy in? The time has come to change it up a bit. Get a front three that can score 40-50 goals per season between them, a midfield who can contribute 15 and get better at set pieces as a team and we will be looking good.
  14. Next season depends entirely on the mentality of the players. We have a lot of youth in the squad and this season was the first time many of them had experienced a weight of expectation. A weight they didn't handle very well. My hope is that they will learn that they all need to turn up to every game. If a couple of our draws had been wins or a few of our defeats had been draws, then we would have Champions League football. It has been a stark illustration of "fine margins" that are often spoken about. We need a couple of quality signings, to strengthen us at the back and someone who could put away chances at the other end more often. Maybe Barnes or Maddison could be that player. I'm sure Nacho could if he had more game time. A stronger squad is necessary in any case due to European commitments. No reason why we can't have another strong season. Champions League qualification through league position will be a tough ask but we should aim for back to back top 6 finishes. That would be a phenomenal achievement.
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