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  1. My kids go to a really nice village school. The school has been rated Good by OFSTED for the whole time they've been there and we as a family are really happy with it. In October/November last year, the head teacher handed in his resignation and will be leaving at Easter, citing family reasons as the deciding factor, which is fair enough. The governors appeared to drag their feet a little before advertising for his replacement, but it now emerges that they are pushing through with an application to join an academy trust. I'm fairly open minded about the situation but some parents are a bit disgruntled and perceive the application has been done in a slightly underhand way. There has certainly not been any sort of consultation process or any information given to the parents, not that there necessarily has to be, as I understand it. I've heard some horror stories though, of Local Authority Maintained schools being taken over by an Academy Trust and the experienced teachers effectively being shown the door and replaced with NQTs which has had a detrimental effect on the children's education. I'd be interested if anyone else has experience of going through the process of moving from a maintained school to an academy. What was good? What was bad? Would they do it again etc etc
  2. I get it and on paper at least I can see where you're coming from, but this is January, it's a tough market and we are far from having a guarantee of CL football next season. Our preference might be for Player A, who would be available for say 50m in the summer if we offered CL football. Why then go for Player B now at a cost of 30m? You then have a situation where you spend another 50m on Player A and have your January 30m Player B sit on the bench, or miss out altogether on Player A and go into a CL campaign with your second choice player - not ideal for anyone. I think we just need to be a bit patient in this window unless there is an unbelievable offer available.
  3. Nothing in football is guaranteed. Our club is sensibly run for sustainable growth within our means.
  4. We'll have two lists of targets. One in case of CL qualification, one without. No point in spending big money on a player in January if CL qualification brings the possibility of a different class of player in the summer.
  5. There is something in this and I think it comes from the manager unfortunately. OK against Southampton we were tired and they were obviously well up for it and we couldn't handle them, but I look at the Utd game where in the lead up, Brendan was going on about what a fantastic club Utd are and how Old Trafford is always a difficult place to go, blah, blah, blah. At the time, Utd were TERRIBLE and were there to be got at, but the tactics and the formation that we were sent out with were like we were setting up for a damage limitation exercise. It should have been Utd setting up like that. The same can be said for the Man City and Liverpool games, we looked an absolute shell of the team we had been. In all three of those games we completely failed to impose our game on them and I'm pretty sure that their fans will point to the games with us as amongst the easiest they've had. Those tactics come from the manager. Villa will be a huge test. It's a two legged game and Villa did what an away team needs to do in the first leg. By us getting the equaliser in that game, it means that Villa shouldn't park the bus, so I expect it to be a much more open game which will suit us. I do sometimes wonder about the players too. I am starting to detect a degree of cockiness amongst some of them, an over-confidence I suppose. These are really young guys, dripping with cash, playing for a brilliant team right at the top end of one of the toughest leagues around with all the media attention that it brings. I still think there is another level of maturity in them, and when we get there, we'll be even better.
  6. Harry is under the thumb and this will be mainly Meghan not liking everything that comes with being a member of the Royal Family. I'm quite sure if it wasn't for her, Harry would continue just fine. That said, Harry is sufficiently far from the throne to mean he will never be the monarch, so if he and his family want to do something else, then fine. If they use their profile on both sides of the Atlantic to pursue charitable work and have a positive effect on the world, then fair play and good luck to them. I hope it works out.
  7. I'm at work in a quiet office. I have literally just spat my tea out and laughed out loud Post of the day
  8. Andy King's winning goal versus West Ham in 2015. The start of The Great Escape. When that went in it was like a whole new mentality around the team, the stadium and the wider fans. That goal meant that we weren't dead and buried and gave us the belief that we could survive. That and Vardy's winner in the following West Brom game Jamie Vardy's left foot volley when yhe ball dropped over his shoulder against West Bron was sublime.
  9. I was just thinking about this over the last couple of days. I really like it and remember Ranieri doing it, leaving Vardy Mahrez and one other up. The opposition have to leave four behind because they would be scared if we take possession from the corner. Not sure why more teams don't do it. We would definitely benefit I think. More, more, more please.
  10. VAR isn't the problem. The offside rule is the problem. They brought the rule in a few years ago that said a player is in an offside position if a part of the attacker's body that is capable of scoring a goal (i.e. not the hand) is ahead of the defender. It gave assistant referees opportunity to have an acceptable degree of human error. Calling offsides, especially in tight, high speed scenarios is exceptionally difficult. That rule might have been ok in the past but for football played in the VAR age and the scrutiny it brings it makes a joke of it. The problem is that the laws of the game are universal and VAR is only used in a tiny proportion of leagues worldwide. That said, the offside rule is overly complicated. It needs simplifying or even completely rewriting. Take the measure from the feet. Have it so it's only offside if there is clear daylight between attack and defender. Draw another line on the pitch 30 yards from goal and make it so you can't be offside there. Scrap it altogether. Do something! VAR isn't the problem. The rule is.
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