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  1. There are some games which you look at on paper and think we should win, some where you'd be happy with a point and others that are really tricky and could go either way. This is a tricky game for sure - and one of considerable consequence. This is the moment when we either break away and hang on to Utd and Man City with a Champions League cushion, or we get sucked back into the pack fighting for 3rd-7th. Huge game and a real test.
  2. If rotation is needed, I'd prefer to swap one or two players every game or two. Not play the same team for 6 in a row and then have to make 10 changes for one game, which will end up being a really important game (they all are at the moment). Consistency is key.
  3. It definitely was and I think everyone outside of Chelsea could see that. If big clubs want to base the recruitment of their key people on romance and nepotism, then let them.
  4. The candidates shouldn't put themselves forward if the job is too big for them and if they do, the club should do due diligence and objectively assess whether they are the right candidate. Everyone involved in the appointment was a grown up and went into the contract with their eyes open.
  5. I think that might be Frank finished in management now. It looked pretty clear that he got into management to one day manage Chelsea. That's happened now, a bit too soon in my opinion. He is a very wealthy man, settled family life after a quite brilliant career. It feels like he'll have to start again if he wants to succeed as a manager. The sensible thing would be for him to go as a number 2 somewhere for a few years. Frank Lampard the player has gone, if he wants to be known as Frank Lampard the manager he is going to have to work for it. I'm not sure the desire is there.
  6. Nacho for me. He's a proper striker and more of a poacher than Perez. If he had two positions, I'd say he was 80% a no. 9 and 20% a no. 10 As for Barnes, he is brilliant on the wing and carries a real goal threat. His mere presence out there gives the opposition something to think about. Moving him to a central position and filling his natural position with any other player would be a backward step for the overall team. Perez can do a job, but I see him more as a 10 than a 9. I actually think that Perez and Nacho could be a good partnership up front together, but r
  7. He's in the form of his life at the moment - a joy to watch. His assist for Under's goal was great. What was particularly pleasing was that a couple of months ago, he would have most likely gone down under the incoming challenges to try and win a free kick in a dangerous position. Today he didn't, he stayed on his feet and got the assist. Long may it continue.
  8. It was Ulloa's too, but he got more than double, as you've pointed out. All I'm saying is to be patient. He's a young lad who has spent his entire premier league career as a bit part player. I'm certain that if he were to have a prolonged run in the team, with the team playing to his strengths as they do for Vardy, then Kels would post some solid numbers.
  9. And Vardy scored 5 goals all season that season, but we don't talk about that. Fickle bunch, us Leicester fans.
  10. Also, these next few weeks will tell a lot about our squad and our manager in how the rest of the team adapt to playing without Vardy. It's not all on Kels (or Perez).
  11. Statistics mean nothing for Iheanacho's Leicester career. You can't go on about goal ratios for a player whose appearances are, for the most part, limited to 10-15 minutes here and there. I can't remember the last time he played 180 consecutive minutes! Much fairer to judge him after 5 or 6 full games in a row.
  12. He's not coming here. Reading between the lines, I think that he is happy at Southampton and there is a contract on the table for him to sign, he is just seeing if there is a possible of one last move to a huge club. He might leave Southampton for a Manchester Club or maybe a one of the big two London clubs, but he won't leave Southampton (his boyhood team) to come here.
  13. Iheanacho is a very good finisher, especially in and around the 6 yard box. The issue is that the team need to play in a way that creates more chances for him. We have been spoilt by having Vardy who can produce something out of nothing and turn half chances into goals. You can't take Vardy out and replace him with Iheanacho and expect him to perform in the same way and privide the same return, they are two entirely different players. A small change in style and Iheanacho will be more prolific.
  14. Exactly what Iheanacho needs, a run in the team. This is a career defining moment for him, I really hope he proves his doubters wrong.
  15. For those wanting to plot ahead, please don't get too excited. If we're going to win the league this season then we'll need to win 14 or 15 of our next 19 games, dropping points in no more than 4 or 5 games. With all the will in the world, it ain't gonna happen. Take each game as it comes, focus on playing well, enjoy the ride and see where we are at the end of the season.
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