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  1. I honestly believe that we are actually quite an easy team to play against. Closely mark Vardy and stop the supply to Vardy and we have very few other workable ideas. There is a real reluctance to change the system, particularly mid game. When I looked back at the last 20 games of last season, in 10 games we scored first and in those games we scored 19 goals in all. The real shocker was that in 8 games where the opposition scored first we only scored a total of 4 goals, and two of those were in the same game. We have a shaky defence and a lack of options up front in
  2. Spot on. The big mobile phone manufacturers are less technology firms and more marketing firms (Apple being the best at that). The rate of technological advancement has slowed in recent years and the overall build quality has improved. Realistically, with the incremental improvements now being released, it is easy to go three years without upgrading without fear of missing out on new tech. Yet Apple and Samsung (and others) have got into this now well defined pattern of releasing a new flagship phone and a suite of spin offs every year. Their schedule is defined by the calendar
  3. I've statto'd myself and our downturn in form last season was quite interesting. In the final 20 games (from Man City A) we drew two games 0-0. We scored first in 10 games. Of those 10, we went on to win just 5, drew 1 and lost 4. We scored 19 goals and conceded 13 in those games. So scoring first gave a mixed bag of results and performances. Where our opponent scored first, our confidence was completely shot. In 8 games where they scored first we went on to lose 6 and salvage a draw in 2. We didn't win any. Most worrying though is that we conceded 16 goals in those 8 games
  4. We are totally a confidence team, to the point where I'd say (and some statto will correct me) 9 times out of 10 when we score first we win and 9 times out of 10 if we concede first not only do we lose, but we lose without scoring.
  5. My issue with Brendan is that he wants to play a certain type of football, which is fine, if you have the players to do it. Perhaps we do if we have no injuries but that isn't likely to happen this season with the fixture list as it is. The best managers adapt the system to get the best out of the players they put on the pitch. The worst managers stick to the system, regardless of players available and use that as a base, even if it means playing seven players out of position. Brendan is also guilty of picking the "best" players and playing them out of position, rather than benc
  6. There is so much wrong right now. The set up was horrendous last night. Everything we did was down the right, presumably to keep the ball away from JJ in defence. It meant that Barnes didn't get a chance to get into the game. Praet played out of position again. People are slagging Nacho off in here but I thought he was OK in the first half. It actually felt like we had a team of 11 players rather than Vardy never getting a touch. He dropped a bit deeper and tried to make things happen with the round pegs in square holes around him The thing with Nacho i
  7. The proposal about TV income being distributed based on Premier League performance over 3 seasons absolutely stinks. It's designed to prevent the smaller prem teams from building on the success of one season whilst compensating the big clubs for underperforming. Absolutely disgusting.
  8. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see PPV stay even after the Covid restrictions are lifted. This is a slippery slope.
  9. Every player's performance fluctuates. JJ has had some very good performances. Today he was poor. That doesn't make him a bad player. He has some way to go (further than some of the others) but there is clearly a player in there.
  10. To be fair, there were a few people identifying it as a defensive line up which is a frustration at home against a team we should be beating 6 or 7 times out of 10. Personally, given the injuries, I wasn't too upset about the line up at the start. To be honest, I thought it gave us good flexibility. I thought we would start with three at the back but with Amartey we had the option of pushing him into the middle and switch to a back four. And that is where the problem lies. Despite flexibility in the line up, there is little or no flexibility in the game. At half time today we
  11. Vardy virtually always has the fewest numbers of touches. West Ham were just better than us. Today.
  12. Chill out. He's hoing nowhere having just signed a new contract
  13. Good point. Maddison will always be more creative than Praet but I can't help but think that the Tielemans/Praet midfield partnership actually makes us a stronger, more balanced team.
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