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  1. Amazon are advertising that live Premier League games from Boxing Day will be streamed on the 26th and 27th December.
  2. Not being fit for work when your job is international, elite level, professional sport is not the same as not being fit for work to go into an office. Madders is probably 95% fit and able to function perfectly well as a human. It doesn't mean he has to be bed-ridden for the duration of the international break.
  3. Amazon are showing all the midweek fixtures at the beginning of December. They have an option to show some of those games on the Thursday night, so if our game vs Villa is moved to the Sunday, the Watford game could be shifted to the Thursday! Amazon also have all the Boxing Day fixtures. They will all be on the 26th or 27th, so the Liverpool game could well be moved too.
  4. We are virtually a quarter of the way through the season and Manchester United are 2 points above the relegation zone. Let that sink in for a minute. Brilliant.
  5. Please win this! There is a real feel good factor around the club at the moment. If we get the three points here then we go into the international break with at least 14 points from 8 games having already played Chelsea, Wolves, Spurs, Utd and Liverpool. Incredible really.
  6. That's how we should have lined up against Utd. I promise I won't moan if we lose.
  7. Tottenham haven't won away from home in the Premier League since January either
  8. I suspect that will be how we line up. Which is a shame. The mentality here is to keep things tight at the beginning, then make a couple of attacking substitutions in the second half to try and win the game. In my opinion, we have it the wrong way around. Have Barnes or Perez start in place of Hamza and let Maddison play in the middle. Get the goals first, then, if needed, bring Hamza on to defend a lead.
  9. So annoyed with the result today. Utd were there for the taking and we could have put a real marker down. But we line up with two defensive midfielders in a system that doesn't work. We look good with Tielemans and Madders in the middle and we cause everyone problems. I don't understand why we would show so much respect to Utd in the current circumstances. BR was too complimentary of them during the build up in my opinion. Every chance he got he was saying that Utd are massive, it's always a challenge, we haven't won there in 21 years blah blah blah. There would have been no problems with saying something about Utd are a great club with an amazing history. It's always a pleasure to play there, we expect it to be tough but we want to win.
  10. Wan-Bissaka and Lingard doubts too
  11. Lots of comments questioning Maddison's omission. At least Rashford gets rested before the big game at the weekend.
  12. Pretty bad article to be honest. It sounds like it's based on a rumour from one source and the DM love an opportunity to sensationalise something and put someone in the public eye down at the same time It's all about having a go at Danny and takes joy in sticking the boot in, almost with a smirk, about his career. It completely misses the point that 6 mindless, violent thugs have supposedly tried to inflict GBH on a professional athlete. No comment from Danny or his agent. No comment from Burnley or Chelsea. No comments from the club where it happened. No comments from the police. Not even a call from the mail for anyone who witnessed the attack to get in touch with the police so they can be brought to justice. The Daily Mail really is the pits.
  13. Maddison will come on for Barkley. Sancho on for Rashford.
  14. Absolutely brilliant for us. He could spot a pass too. I'll always remember he played a pass out to his left that split the defence (can't recall the opposition). The whole crowd seemed to groan as it looked like a wasted ball to no-one but it turned to complete applause when the crowd realised that he had spotted Schlupp making a run and got onto the end of it in acres of space. Just a shame there wasn't an end product to the move.
  15. I expect Newcastle to lose away against Spurs tomorrow, meaning 3 defeats on the bounce under a new manager. They will want to get a win from anywhere and I would expect them to field a strong side. We should be fine but this could be a banana skin.
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