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  1. nnfox

    Puel’s arrogance (or blindness).

    Transfers is what is needed. As others have said, we have a seriously unbalanced squad and it needs addressing asap with an urgent need for a proper No. 9 type striker. Yesterday against Spurs, not long after we went 2-0 down, Albrighton got the ball on the left, about 40 yards out. As soon as he received the ball he looked up and shaped to ping a cross in as he does, but despite being 2-0 down at home and in desperate need of a goal, there was not a single Leicester player in the penalty box. I put this down to us really only having one proper striker in Jamie Vardy. When he is not available we have Iheanacho who, when confident, is a great finisher, but is best suited to playing behind the main striker. Or we have Okazaki, who is a weird hybrid of a striker/defensive midfielder. What we need is a quality striker who will lead the line. Slimani would have been great to bring on against Spurs because he would have done that job. Our problem is that our default setting is to play a style of play where Jamie Vardy is the number 1 striker and anyone else coming in is playing for a supporting role only. Top strikers want to play every week and every top striker knows that that isn't going to happen here without an horrific injury to Jamie. Creativity isn't our problem so much. We have Iheanacho who is creative, Maddison is creative, Gray is creative, Albrighton is creative and Ghezzal is creative. What we lack are options for these players to pass to! It's a difficult one because Vardy is an exceptional player, but we need some succession planning and having been stung in the past with big fees on the likes of Musa and Slimani, I'd be tempted to spend £15-20m on 4 or 5 lower league, young, hungry players that can be developed into the team, rather than £30m on someone who might or might not play or who might not suit our style.
  2. nnfox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Two things: 1. We desperately need a quality leading striker, who knows how to play as a lone striker as a a two. Okazaki and Iheanacho are both second strikers. Without Vardy we are utterly toothless. 2. Too many youngsters and too many old players. Not enough players who have quality AND experience. Most of that team have one or the other, not both.
  3. nnfox

    Saints Cup Home Match Thread

    Yay, Mark Hughes gets to keep his job a little longer!
  4. nnfox

    Brands Brands Brands

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  5. That would be the end of football. But a few people will become very wealthy so it could happen.
  6. nnfox

    RIP Vichai banner crowdfunding for Cardiff

    Needs another "." after the "P".
  7. nnfox

    How to pronounce Srivaddhanaprabha

    This is Leicester. There are quite a few here that struggle with Iheanacho and Ulloa. Heck, there are some that can't spell "Gray" correctly! But there's no disrespect intended and I don't believe any would be taken. When people here say it, however it comes out, we all know that there us nothing but love for the man and his family.
  8. He's going nowhere this season. The club is in turmoil and there is too much that needs sorting out now before they even think about changing the manager. We need as much stability as possible right now.
  9. Would love a 90 minute standing applause.
  10. Rob Dorsett on SSN saying that Birch placed a wreath that had been purchased by the West Ham first team squad. Mark Noble's idea apparently. Class if true.
  11. If anyone ever needed an example of how to live life with class, then look no further than Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. From his big visions and strategic direction to the charitable donations to the simpler acts of kindness, Mr. Srivaddhanaprabha carried himself with a sophistication that is so rare. Aside being the greatest owner we could have ever wished for, he was a shining example, on a global scale, of how good the human soul can be.
  12. nnfox

    Helicopter crash

    This is just terrible. I'm in a state of shock. Thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved.
  13. nnfox

    What's that thing called quiz.

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  14. Just logging in. Have I missed anything?