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  1. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    I feel I need to explain my comment. Sarcasm doesn't always travel well on the internet, some of you got it but obviously not everyone! For the record, Burnley mixing it up at the top is brilliant. I would love them to stay there and win the 4th place trophy and i would be first in line to point and laugh at all the Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool entitled fans who would be complaining that such a small team could gate crash the party. I loved it when it was us, but taking my Leicester hat off for a second and looking at it from a neutral's perspective, this type of event is why football is the glorious game it is and long may it last. Good luck to them. Oh and @Fox92, please don't tell me to fvck off again. I obviously don't want a closed league do I? I wouldn't be on a Leicester City forum if I did.
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Burnley are 4th. BURNLEY. Whilst I love the smaller teams mixing it with the establishment, I can't help but worry about what would happen to our coefficient if they actually qualified for the Champions League. This is a dark day for English football.
  3. Capital Cities Quiz

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  4. The article had too many words and not enough pictures. Either legalise all drugs, regulate it, tax it and sell it at Boots, OR go zero tolerance on all drugs. Really tough sentences for simple possession, don't worry about having to prove the "supply" element. Do away with classifications, it's either a controlled substance or it isn't, none of this class A, B or C, this creates too much of a grey area.
  5. Man City Match Thread

    Well done.
  6. The crinkly music quiz no. 1

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  7. England squad

    The Premier League has become too powerful. The wages are too high. When players give away their England match fees, there is literally no point in playing for England and risk getting injured. I would like to see a set up like in rugby, where playing for the national team is considered the pinnacle of the sport. Players boost their pay considerably through enhanced sponsorhip deals and league fixtures continue without international breaks. It will never happen in football though. Or maybe the players can't stand Southgate.
  8. How do you start your day...?

    90% of the time. 5.30 get up, have cereal and tea 5.45 start studying my distance learning course 6.45 rest of the family start to get up, I start to get ready for work, talk to kids and listen to wife. 7.30 leave for work
  9. Shooting at Texas Church

    I was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Despite the mind-boggling numbers involved, talking to residents there, you get a different perspective on the issue. Gun culture is so ingrained in their heritage, it is highly unlikely that any meaningful laws will be passed anytime soon. Americans view the world very differently to us. It is very difficult for us to understand their apparent tolerance to such terrible events.
  10. Shooting at Texas Church

    So sad. Just an awful situation with no clear resolution. Weird though how, for me at least, the most surprising thing is that it has happened on a Sunday morning. In church.
  11. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    Could have been out of sight before they scored their first goal. Iborra was class today - so calm with the ball at his feet, although extra training for him for attacking offensive headers, missed one today and one a week or so ago, he is an absolute giant so if he can add that to his game, he would be a real weapon. Really missed him when he went off. Kasper - what a save at the end! Would have lost without him. Gray had a good game I thought; I'm not sure if Albrighton touched the ball when he came on to replace him. Lots of positives. Away from home, lots of good chances created, on another day we could have had 5 or 6 but wasn't to be today.
  12. Interest Rates

    Society has definitely changed and there is a lot of debt created by the green-eyed monster that gets caught up in the wall to wall celebrity lifestyle and social "look at how perfect my life is" media. Mobile phones are a great example of this. I know people who go shopping for a laptop and agonise over spending £300 on something they hope to use for 3-4 years, yet will think nothing of getting the latest smartphone at a cost of £600+, to be used for two years when in fact, for the functionality that they use it for (calling, alarm clock, streaming music, using whatsapp, taking photos and using a handful of apps) would be more than catered for by a sub £200 moto g5. Getting the thread back on track though, I doubt the rate rise will see anyone out on the street, but increased mortgage payments means stuff like my mate's missus not getting her nails done every month at £50 a pop. Things like that might mean that high street spending sees a slight squeeze for a little while. I don't think there will be a major problem though.
  13. Interest Rates

    Meh, I'm not so sure. To get into debt in the first place is easy and usually down to poor decision making. It is easier and quicker to get into debt than it is to get out of it. Some people who are in debt got their through 2 or 3 very poor, quick decisions and then spend sometimes years of sensible money management to get back out. I'm not overly sympathetic to those in debt, but it is a sweeping generalisation to presume that everyone in debt leads a life of permanent economic stupidity. It just isn't the case.
  14. Everton Fans Throwing Objects into the Family Stand

    Throwing stuff into the family stand really is a pretty low thing to do. Kids need to be and feel safe at the ground, they are our next generation of fans. I'm not sure what can be done to prevent this in future, perhaps the club could consider relocating the family stand to another part of the ground?