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  1. I think the issue is that they aren't any old young lads though. They are Premier League footballers earning an absolute fortune doing something that they love. They are in a priveliged position and looked up to by thousands of people. Being a premier league footballer is about way more than kicking a ball about. There are off the field responsibilities that go with it, including high standards of behaviour. Yes, lads will be lads but come on, you get paid 80k per week, all you have to do is not be a complete idiot. We will move on from this and I expect those that
  2. West Ham scored three entirely preventable goals, but Kasper was not at fault for any of them. That said, he maybe could have done better with the second. Seemed quite uncharacteristic of him to come rushing out the way he did. I wonder if he had it in his head that Bowen was offside and that influenced his decision making?
  3. We're done for then as both West Ham and Chelsea have winnable games before our next Premier League fixture. Furthermore Spurs and Liverpool could be just a point behind us and Man U out of sight.
  4. I actually want Spurs to win, which is even weirder than wanting Utd to win. If Utd win, we ain't catching them, but Spurs would still be well in the mix for the top four. Spurs are currently playing for one of two spots in CL. We are playing for one of three. I'd rather keep it that way. I think.
  5. Technically he is one of the best players we have. He rarely gives the ball away, is always super composed on the ball. The problem is that his best position is actually where Tielemans plays. He's definitely not a winger, he isn't an out and out defensive midfielder but he's not creative enough to be a number 10. When he plays in the team with Tielemans, I'd actually prefer to see Tielemans play that slightly more advanced role. If Tielemans is injured, then Praet starts every game.
  6. I'm really disappointed in them. They have let us fans down and the rest of the squad. It isn't the type of behaviour I'd expect of people who are elite professionals in their field. Complete stupidity. That said, it's done now. They have rightly been dropped from the squad. That should be that. Draw a line under it and move on now.
  7. The team is the team I was expecting anyway. Desperately disappointed with the three that have been rightly dropped but at least we don't have two keepers on the bench like West Ham do.
  8. 5 minute tactical time-outs half way through the second half. Final substitutions to take place during the time-out and no subs after (concussion/serious injury subs can be made) Ban kick off from the centre spot after a goal has been scored. Play restarts with a goal kick and can happen as quickly as the goalkeeper can get the ball out of the net. Mic up the ref Introduction of an orange card - 10 minute sinbin for tactical fouls/diving. Offside rule is a tricky one. It isn't quite right, especially with VAR but not sure I'd get rid of it. H
  9. Played his role in supporting the Queen perfectly. RIP.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-56682336 Sickening.
  11. 100% West Ham have benefited most from having no fans at home games. Atmosphere always seems toxic.
  12. I think Lingard will be fine unfortunately, haven't heard anything about him so I'll take no news as bad news.
  13. Rice is out, Antonio is out and Ogbonna has only returned to training this week after 4 weeks out so should be doubtful. Those three are the spine of their team and were great when we played them in October, but West Ham are a different beast without them. Not an easy game by any stretch and Lingard will definitely score, so could do with Iheanacho continuing his form and Vardy finding his.
  14. Our fate is in our hands. I'd love to see all the teams around us lose, but it isn't going to happen. Some weeks will be better than others. Personally I'm more excited about chasing Utd down over the next 8 games and would rather do that then be sat praying that Crystal Palace might somehow get a result against Chelsea. There is no more risk in trying to finish 2nd, in fact the nervousness around trying to cling to 4th is more risky. If Spurs do beat Utd at the weekend, guess what? If we get 4 wins between now and the end of the season, Spurs will still probably hav
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