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  1. Ashes 2017

    Looking forward to waking up either us being all out or austrialia being 359-2
  2. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    Live images from vardys house as he sees becky and wise close together
  3. Thought we should have a thread on things the players do on the pitch that make absolutely no sense to you. This isnt meant to be a thread to actively criticise but rather opinions on tiny matters during a game and would otherwise go unnoticed An example of this personally would be against Man city. Stones just went off injured, had a 5 min stoppage. We have been camped in our own half for the whole of the first half and have a throw in on the LHS. New CB comes on in Mangala whose hardly played and a recently returning kompany. A great opportunity for Fuchs to launch it in the box. What we do, take it short Another would be Liverpool in the Carabao cup. Final minute of the first half. We have played completely shit for 45mins but have a free kick just inside their half. We are playing with 2 giant strikers against a defence who cant defende free kicks. What does the free kick taker do, take it short
  4. FIFA 18

    Bunch of cvnts. Bs that they rather deal with the minority than the majority
  5. FIFA 18

    They need to extend WL to at least Monday. Couldnt play any games today so I dont see the point playing this round as im not gonna get up to gold
  6. FIFA 18

    lost the first 2 of the 5 . Got around 1mil to play with so hopefully with the investments I can get to elite
  7. FIFA 18

    Ah the wum that is rakitic in my WL rewards
  8. FIFA 18

    Its personally my favourite since fifa 13
  9. FIFA 18

    Still cant sell my otw lukaku for profit
  10. FIFA 18

    Yeah its got much more difficult. For me, I found that long as the chemistry is shit I can win but if the team is both highly rated as has high chemistry I have to drop down to WC
  11. Mahrez so bad

    I am very high up in leicester city so this can easily be arranged. Please message me your bank details
  12. Mahrez so bad

    oriental prince
  13. Let's have a films thread.

    Thor ragnarok was very good I thought. Much more comedy than I expected Annoyingly I cant stop saying "hey man" is a new zealand accent
  14. FIFA 18

    Just had some guy on WL league message me, all annoyed, cuz he thinks he should of won because he had like 10 more shots on target than me now I admit, I have both benefitted and suffered from Eaids but this **** was shooting from any and all angles with every player. Its amazing the amount of people who dont understand how football actually works! on a side note, need to win 4 from last 5 to get elite 🙏🏽
  15. FIFA 18

    I was 9 from 10 now 9 from 14 players pass like theyve just discovered how to pick the ball, go completely out of position and as you say run like theyve lost 1 leg just fvck the fvck off fifa you cvnts