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  1. I was talking more about the horrific Goal let in around the 14:10 mark
  2. Weekly moan about scripting in fifa. Thats my 88 rated schmeichel btw
  3. albrighton goal vs sevilla
  4. If and only if it isnt shakey then yeah I would. I mean I dont think for a second he would consider us but if he wants to, surely there isnt a better manager out there think of the names linked before we got ranieri and even after we sacked him. He stands head and shoulders above the rest. The argument that hes on a downward spiral. I mean sure if you're arsenal you could argue that but delivering top four year after year and they arent miles off this year shows hes still got something about him. Maybe a fresh start would do him good.. .worked pretty well with raneiri....
  5. I woke up with a semi on today if there ever was a sign, its that
  6. This should be read out pre match- birchy style build up
  7. Be Innit
  8. theyll survive. Mainly because blackburn are even more dogshit and birmingham have fell off a cliff
  9. I think im a bit broken guys. Dont know why but this game is nowhere near the excitement I had for sevilla. Dont know if its me currently concentration hard on uni work or what but it isnt crossing my mind as much as sevilla did could be that I felt we had a much better chance against sevilla and that I really struggle to see us getting through on tuesday. (Not that I think atletico are completely unbeatable, more to do with the fact that i cant imagine us in A CL semi final!) Hopefully I feel different tuesday, regardless proud of the lads to get this far and whateve happens im thankful ive had the opportunity to be part of it
  10. Hmmm interesting. Honestly ive always just had one tbf. I play games then make changes with the reserves once stamina hits below 85 might give this a go!
  11. 13 reasons why was amazing Anyone in school or has a relative in school HAS TO watch it. It will really open your eyes and could even really help out these people
  12. Im convinced EA hate me started the fut as usual, 8 wins from 11. next 4 games, I counted.... I had 50 shots to about 15. I scored 4 measly goals agains the likex of butland and sirigu, making ridiculous save after ridiculous save. Conceded 12, with courtois in goal. After 50caps it seems courtois no longer wants to make saves for my team. Also seems my SIF benteke doesnt feel like scoring 1on1s either EA can go fvck themselves
  13. Just thinking outside the box. Something this ref wouldnt understand
  14. The ref can drown in his own piss the fvcking vagina
  15. jesus man. Whats your team like?!