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  1. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    One saving grace is that Rose was completely shite and turned out pretty well
  2. This just screams we’ll have a player sent off for a nothing challenge today
  3. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Should be a way to filter replies on twitter and foxestalk so you only see the people who responded from uk Had fvcking enough of algerian and nigerian virgins commenting freemahrez on every post leicester put out
  4. Everton (A) Match Thread

    Just get iheanacho on ffs
  5. Albrighton cannot play right wing

    Even when he crosses we got 5ft defenders against 6ft defenders. Smart of us to let 2 big guys go
  6. Peterborough Away FA Cup Match Thread

    I was obviously referring to the father. And understand the agro? next week we’ll have dozens of people asking for vardy and mahrezs shirt. What then
  7. Peterborough Away FA Cup Match Thread

    Some tosser had a poster requesting fuchs shirt
  8. Peterborough Away FA Cup Match Thread

    Christ the request for fuchs shirt. Its getting embarrassing
  9. Peterborough Away FA Cup Match Thread

    sexy football show both on the bench and on the pitch
  10. Watford.. Score predictions:-

    Dont be naive like we were against palace and we’ll be fine
  11. Chilwell had to have got sent off. If that was the other way we would be absolutely livid if we didn’t get it
  12. FIFA 18

    Yes for me
  13. Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    Cmon lads, thats never a yellow on kante
  14. Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    Fvcking useless refs
  15. Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread