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  1. The pessimist in me thinks its gonna be kanes last game for Tottenham and he’ll go out with a bang
  2. We could've lost 6-0 and it still would be the right decision. These cvnts put themselves ahead of the club, which should be given a severe punishment
  3. Tbf to him, he has been out for 3months
  4. They have their best 2 players out and we’ve barely had a chance
  5. There it is. Another contender for worst corner of the year. Gonna be a tasty contest at the end of the season
  6. The worst thing is, myself as well as im sure many other fans, have spent the last week absolutely bricking this game. And to see these bunch of self entitled wânkers not caring a bit is just blood boiling. Cvnts
  7. Maddison Perez Hamza you bunch of selfish willy pullers
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