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  1. Theon aint a coward, theon is smart
  2. Unfortunately he isnt coming. Hes a little tied down at the moment
  3. Well played England women! Also credit to India for a truly inspirational bottling. Spurs would be proud of that one
  4. Announce tutankhamun
  5. FA Cup Winner: Chelsea League Cup Winner : Liverpool Champions League winner: Barcelona First Managerial Casualty: Bilic Top goal scorer (Premier League): Aguero Golden Boot (Europe): Messi World Cup Winner (Russia 2018): France One bonus prediction of your own choice: match at world cup to be suspended due to crowd trouble(racism related)
  6. Dafuq we offering ulloa a new contract for??
  7. They have Coutinho we have king...
  8. Its amazing how much people dont realise how fvcked we would be without mahrez
  9. Slimani > ulloa any day any week any year
  10. Tell the roma representatives to take the offer and shove it up their arse. Cheeky cvnts
  11. Thats me out
  12. How much are the sbc for lampard and gerrard costing?