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  1. Totally agree. I said something similar to this last week too many ridiculous teams making fifa less and less enjoyable. Whats crazy is as much as I enjoy all the new game modes such as WL, meaning I play the game much more than previous Fifas, Its becoming less of a hobby more of a job to play the game
  2. Seeing Son getting another IF
  3. With one chance to spare, finally win the tourny. Phew
  4. Says alot about this season when this is only our fourth worst performance
  5. Dont know whats ahappened with me. Used to consistently get at least gold 2. This week played 6, lost 6. think I need a little break from fifa
  6. St, winger, cam
  7. Please no more son IFs. Please
  8. Play no centre backs and you concede goals apparently #learningcurve
  9. Well thats just ridiculous . I guess it is untradable so shouldnt be too expensive to do but I mean 200K for who personally I think is the best player on the game is a bit stupid (perhaps im just slightly jealous I didnt catch on sooner and do the SBC myself!)
  10. The only reason he shouldn't get the job is IF a massive name is lined up. Off the top of my head I cant think of anyone who a) is available and b) would want to come to us
  11. this, this and this again. I cannot believe the amount of times ive come up againt either the ST, the 88 LF or the POTM Son. The guy is ridiculous. I can handle toty ronaldo, toty messi etc but this fvcker will score at least 1 against me every game also, how have so many people got the POTM. how easy was the SBC for him?!
  12. If anyones looking for tickets, check out soccer am on twitter. They are hiding 4 tickets in the Leicester vicinity at 2:30 today
  13. Man city are utter doggo. 300mil for that, you must be joking
  14. Some of you are fvcking pathetic. What do you think, mahrez slipped on purpose did he?
  15. Sees that but not an elbow the fat bald cvnt