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  1. If we drop out then there's no way back imo. Looking at Man Utds remaining fixtures I cant see where they will drop any points.
  2. Are they going with neutral grounds?
  3. When did he say this? Can't imagine they'll be getting anyone else in now as there's a very good possibility we won't be seeing any cricket this summer.
  4. Unfortunately I can't see any t20 being played this year when there's talk of social distancing measures being kept in place for months to come.
  5. Fulop is a good shout actually. Berner over Van aanholt, Lingard no. Harry Kane didn't really do it for us.
  6. Sorry meant since the Premier league was invented. I should've been more clear.
  7. I'm looking for a best 11 that have not played in the Premier League for us since the league was formed in 1992 I'll get the ball rolling with my thoughts. Chris Weale Kyle Naughton Jack Hobbs Alexander Tunchev Bruno Berner Max Gradel Joey Gudjonson Mark Davies Lloyd Dyer Matty Fryatt Martyn Waghorn
  8. Interesting that Lancashire have cancelled the contracts of all their Overseas players. Something tells me we won't be seeing g any cricket this year 😥
  9. I'll start. Man City away the year we won the league. It was a toss up between that one and Arsenal as i couldn't make both. I chose the wrong one clearly.
  10. What we have at the moment:- Malan Cosgrove Lilley Ackermann Swindells Hill Taylor Mike Parkinson Griffiths Davis
  11. Just hope that if it's a toss up between keeping the hundred or t20 then they scrap the hundred!
  12. In other news Pepe Reina is still sprinting out of his goal!
  13. Yep. It's what you get with a capitalist government. Socialism ideology in a crisis or capitalist? I know what I'd rather have.
  14. Walshy5

    Jarrod Bowen

    I dont understand why everyone is so against this. We have a good recent record of picking up quality players from Lower leagues. Maddison, Maguire (albeit for a 2 years) Justin looks like he's going to be a quality signing too.
  15. They'll probably still make us play on the Friday as the final is on Sunday. As the FA would prefer one of the Manchester clubs to win it. And I'm not even joking!
  16. Not happy about Norwich being a Friday night!
  17. Is that a premier league record for us? Even in the year we won it I believe our most consecutive wins was 5. Edit:- sorry didn't see the other thread.
  18. Possibly had his head turned by speculation linking him to bigger clubs and wants out? Not that this should be an excuse of course.
  19. Or I'd be tempted to have a look at bringing Kevin O'Brian back. Wouldnt be too expensive I'd imagine and we could do alot worse.
  20. Announcement delayed until next Monday.
  21. Can't believe we've offered Klein a new deal. I'd rather have Patsy Klein!
  22. Kasper Evans Soyuncu Fuchs Ricardo Chilwell N'didi Tielimans Maddison Vardy Perez
  23. Of the out of contract list, I'd like to see us keep hold of Swindells. Abbas aswell but I can't see that happening. The rest I'm not bothered.
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