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  1. i agree with you there with the 4-3-3 feels like Maddison is better in cental areas along with Youri, personally feel at times we play better in a 4-1-4-1 formation. game of 2 halfs for use, shocking at times in the first, great in the second, unlucky not to win it too but i guess thats how it goes
  2. tbh you can say that about a number of our players.....not just CS the lad has shown why we spent £19mi on him, hes looked brilliant these first couple of games
  3. we tried that formation against Wolves and now Chelsea, it clearly isnt working, why not change it up, we dont have much pace out wide either changes needed imo
  4. JM wide doesnt work.....needs to be in the middle, we look well off it today
  5. think it might have been better to play JJ at LB than Fuchs,
  6. this formation we are playing looks shocking at times,
  7. a certain % of Liverpool fans(dont get me wrong there are more than enough decent ones too) but there are some right mongy one, who just say meh when things happen to other fans but if they same happened to theirs then there would be up roar with a full scale petition in the works and i thought our fans base could be annoying as hell somethings, they are a different breed
  8. id like to see Curran in for Denly but i dont think that will happen tbh, and we know Leach and Archer should be in for Ali and Anderson as said already, cant see any play happening today with the weather about, must not lose game
  9. did they tho? but you could see from his first appearance that Benny was a bit rash and that, only a run of games will tell how good(or not) CS will be but the signs are there he should do well for us
  10. thanks for clearing that up clearly someone at the club who thought of the idea of pink hats was on the booze at the time, i get why there is a bit of an uproar about it tbh, some of the sh*t on social media about it is getting stupid now tbh, weve not even kicked a ball and some are already starting with the verbal fights
  11. I keep seeing people saying on social media that some are "missing the point" in regards all of this cap stuff what point do they mean by that? as stated already in the thread there is no football fund or anything and all these "gifts" are from the owners(probably didnt think of this caps idea mind)
  12. thats a good thread to go through tbh, but some of our fans will still moan about it all, i think if the caps werent pink there wouldnt be an issue some are moaning about other embarrassing the rest with the pink hats, but tbh some of our fans can be embarrassing all by themselves without the hat its a hat, meh take or leave it
  13. last chance saloon for Gray i think this season, if he doesnt perform......he'll be out
  14. Your welcome needs to be the sky sports news transfer theme tune as well tbh, would make more blooming sense
  15. thank you kind SIr i just have the magic roundabout tune in my head atm with all these "rumours" and shiz
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