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  1. one rule for one , one rule for another comes to mind buts its the usual for the premier league
  2. imagine if that was a Liverpool goal that got ruled out, theyd be a bloody petition, Klopp going crazy etc at times VAR is a farce as it just isnt consistent at all
  3. how the hell isnt that a goal, they get a dodgy decision first half when it should have been an drop ball to them which lead to a goal, then get away with that what a farce
  4. if they are moaning about that then **** me, hope the lads turn up on Tuesday and hopefully we can sh*thouse a result
  5. think Karma has finally been put in order now, also forgot weve got the community shield in august too now
  6. it all feels kind of surreal atm,like a dream of sorts.... and frankly it feels like karma has finally came around, making up for the dive Erland Johnson did in the 96/97(i think) season can sleep easy tonight if i can
  7. well one was "it was a lucky goal" another say the VAR decision was a "disgrace" massive amounts of salt, frankly it makes up for Erland Johnsons dive imo
  8. right if anyone has watched sky sports news, watch the chelsea fans, wow salty afs its brilliant
  9. think goal of the season is already sorted after today
  10. excited and a bit annoyed; annoyed cos of Covid and the fact its stopped a good many of us from going,
  11. fingers crossed and a big middle finger to covid for stopping many of us not being able to go
  12. if NG's pain issue is bad, they might not risk him tbh, since i can imagine theyd want him back for the UCL final above all, more so than our 2 games
  13. said it numerous times tbf, our home form will more than likely cost us a UCL place imo
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