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  1. Getting into the ground

    tbh im not surprised LCFC have the problem every year in one form or the other, happened to a good number of people last season too, including me, though my new ST worked this year surprisingly
  2. Security checks at the K.P

    im not surprised thyeve released a statement like that, going by what I saw last season, there was loads of people in there using kids tickets even though they was clearly adults etc, and the club cant mask it either, they are just as bad, im pretty sure theyve sold single tickets to adults in there and a like last season oh no we cant have that in PC Britain, you cant fart without it offending someone tbf
  3. Drinkwater

    tbf theyve sent out on loan Lewis Baker too, so theyve sent out/sold a good few english players this transfer window, glad to see we've put a high price tag on him, if Conte rates DD so highly then Chelsea wont mind paying what we want, wouldnt want DD to go mind
  4. Drinkwater

    if Chelsea want DD that bad then they should put in a sensible bid, not a laughable one like Roma have been doing with Riyad, either way tbh i think we should reject it anyway, wouldnt a good move for DD unless hes playing week in and out and i cant imagine he will once all the injured and suspended chelsea players are back
  5. Drinkwater

    They have options tbf, Luiz can play there tbf, DD wouldn't be fit to play Sunday either I wouldn't have thought if he did sign for them. All due respect to Drinkwater he won't be in their first 11 when everyone is fit
  6. Drinkwater

    Ah the English player tax,
  7. Mahrez to .......................?

    i have to admit, i do like seeing some of the Roma ans saying we should accept the bid from them, its kind of funny tbh, like theyd accept £10mill for Kevin Strooman or Dzecko think we should just bid £10mil for them both for the reaction
  8. Mahrez to .......................?

    i agree with you there, i thought at times he was quite half hearted going in for balls and such
  9. Arsenal post match 4-3

    thats actually pretty funny tbf, from the team of bottlers who do it just about every single year in one way or another
  10. Mike Dean Stuffed Us Yet Again.

    stonewall, where the ball has been hit against his arm from less that a foot away, would have been harsh in the extreme to give that, either way, Arsenal more than got the decisions in the rest of the game
  11. Embarrassing

    spot there, cant just blame Shakey for the result, many facts in it tbh like the officials, poor defending etc while the result is really disappointing, we need to move on from it, take heart in the fact we played reasonably well at times and scored from 2 corners, but need to improve in some areas
  12. Who do you want Summer 2017

    Kara Mbodji would be decent cb for us i think
  13. Mike Dean Stuffed Us Yet Again.

    dont get me wrong we need to work on a few things in the defence but we cant ignore the facts the officials played a massive part in some of the goals, makes me wonder it was us would they have gone our way, i highly doubt it
  14. Mike Dean Stuffed Us Yet Again.

    i dont know, that handball from Ozil was clear to see, and the Ndidi handball was like 2 feet away and he couldnt get out the way of that, think most would have said that would have been really harsh to give, feels like we have been sort of robbed by the officials tbh
  15. Arsenal post match 4-3

    gutted about the result, pleased with the performance and everything, feel pretty annoyed with the officials, 3 of their goals could be be chalked off, 2nd offside, 3rd Ozil handball, 4th Giroud pushing on Maguire, they want us to respect officias and everything but when they, mainly Mike Dean misses a handball like that from Ozil on the way to the 3rd goal you cant as it was clear as day for him to see, we go on to the next game