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  1. with Kompany leaving Man City, I wouldnt be surprised at all if Man City came in for him tbh, all in all though now i think he'll be gone in the summer if a big bid comes in
  2. hey i wouldnt mind derby winning it, they could give us the points and they could go try beat their premier league record of the lowest points too
  3. if you take out the 3 loan players they wouldnt even be in the play offs, bang average is about right tbf
  4. far play to Derby getting through theyve got a bang average team without the 3 loan players theyve got in Mount, Wilson and Tomori, ive always rated Marriott tbh i woudnt mind us going for him if they dont go up, theyll be pulling up trees trying to keep them next season if they do go up, I cant see them beating Villa tho, think theyll shade it 2-1
  5. watching this and the game yesterday, i think Villa will go up tbh, the play off games have served up some real entertainment too
  6. as much as i like Rondon, while if we didnt have Vardy id say we should go for him, but i think we need another forward of the vardy type but younger, since hes not going to last forever and a day sadly as a plan B i think Rondon would be a decent buy but i cant say he'd come here to just come of the bench from time to time
  7. for me now the season is over, if we was to get a bid around £70mil then we have to consider it, we have a few talent CB's at the club with Soyuncu and Benkovic, not to mention Knight and Johnson, while it would be a bit of a blow to lose him, we have younger and as able players(potential as good imo) that can step up.
  8. clearly the club want it done asap if they can agree on a deal, just give them the £40mil and Silva, they'll want a sell on clause too im guessing, i just hope we don put in a buy out clause, Tielemans signing and the release of the new away shirts on the same day with him in them incoming if we do get him
  9. Spurs will bid |£20mil for Maddison and Ricky P thinking is a fair price for the both least be right here, they got money to spend but not that much on a few other names, Maupay at Brentford is a good shout tbh, from what ive seen of him, hes a fox in the box type of forward at times which i think we need, would be a gamble but cant be any worse than what weve spent on some forward in the last few years
  10. lets be right here, a selling point to the club is what we are about, the club in general future ambition etc, not just the players, we have some really talent in the CB department in Soyuncu Benkovic, knight, johnson....all under 25 while it would be great to keep HM, i think if we got a bid of £75/80 mil the club will accept it and it would be good for us, given we've got some real talent who can step up On southampton and VVD, there are alot of issues there, he wanted to go etc, shame they spent the money poorly
  11. cant imagine Martial coming here, and certainly not to be on the bench and he'd easily be wanting to be the highest earner too on the striker front and after last night,we do need another forward to come in 1/2 think it would be worth going in for Che Adams, know there could be a few clubs after him but could be one that doesnt break the bank and fits the model of transfers we've been doing of late,local lad too so im sure that could help out case too, you'd think we'd be able to get him for around 12-20 million though we certai
  12. should have scored that, all due respect to Nacho, but id be surprised if hes here next season,
  13. even though we've all seen the kits, theyll still drip feed it all to us, tbh after seeing it, i dont mind the blue home shirt, its something different for a change, tho seeing them all now, they all look decent to me
  14. ive the premier league years thing that sky does, but nothing like documentaries and stuff would also like some more if anyone has links etc
  15. or Happy Eden Hazard Day but its all guff as we would have won it the next week anyway, still feels strange(as i never expected it ever in my life) but wonderful even now seeing pictures from that Monday night when we was confirmed Champions
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