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  1. i guess if a fans leaves because they are ill or something they'd be called as well then, i dont care if people leave early, think the only gripe id have is if they left within the first half but i honestly couldnt care either way, its upto the person so people need to get off their high horse about this crap
  2. going by the jobs hes done, imo we should really steer clear of him, hopefully he goes to the MLS or another over seas team
  3. shrup you, dont want anyone else knowing hes good, hes worth 10mil in all honest though, he ticks all the boxes and a player of his talent and the way hes been looking in games(given hes still getting there atm imo)hes worth every penny and id be over the moon if we got him in
  4. surey we could get that done to say around £34 ot something with Silva in the deal and say maybe 10% sell on clause, would suit all i think still if i was in charge id be making calls to get the deal done now for £40mi so we dont lose out, good age with experience, a player with the qualities we need and looks the part too, id honestly be pleased in the summer window if we got YT and a striker in and didnt lose any of our star players
  5. certainly cant disagree with this, dont get me wrong i like the guy and rate KS alot but i think even by his standard this season hasnt been up there for him and its just annoying as hell that this season it feels like most of the goals we've let in have come from our own mistakes
  6. what I dont get is, how some of our fans think its wrong to even criticise KS for the watford winning yesterday, yes he might have done some important saves this season etc, but the stars show he hasnt been in his best form this season but hasnt been crap either and i think its the 2nd time this season his poor kick has lead to a oppo goal(first being the home game against Southampton), dont get me wrong hes a legend and hes a great goalkeeper on his day but while all other areas seem to have improved while hes been here, his kicking distribution hasnt at all, its still more hit than miss,
  7. tbf they said KS distribution had improved too
  8. hes a decent keeper, but his distrubtion is terrible, hes cost us a few goals this season as i remember with his crap kick, last one i remember till today was one that lead to a Southampton goal the other month back
  9. for all the ponts Kasper saves us sometimes, he hasnt half cost us some, thats the 2nd time this season one of his poor kicks has came right back and cost us a goal, same thing happened against Southampton, imo id like Danny Ward to be starting next week but we know he wont thought we deserved at least a draw but as usual of this season we shot ourselves in the foot
  10. decent line up that, I thught the line up was more a 3-4-2-1
  11. they say the largest stadium in the easy midlands too, well that wont last or even be true when the KP gets extended
  12. have to admit its the first game in a while that im actually looking forward too, always had the element of not knowing what to expect with Puel
  13. get them the tissues to wipe them wee tears
  14. Im surprised weve managed to get him in at this time tbh, but a part of me isnt, given its been said Rodgers and the board at Celtic have had words and not seeing eye to eye, good appointment for us i think and hopefully all the fans will be on side and give him a chance too actually looking forward to #LCFC games again, that feeling is back....huzah
  15. they now know the feeling we had when they stole MON, Lennon and Guppy from us.........the swines
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