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  1. All due respect to Hamza, he should have left in January, clearly needs to up his game, as he isn't covering himself in glory at the minute. All his fault for the goal
  2. while we usually sell a player for decent money every year, it wouldnt surprise me if we didnt this year, we sold a few fringe players, Kel, Hamza and maybe even Mendy to name a few but knowing the club theyll already have targets in mind should one of the bigger names leave too
  3. if brighton were to go down, i wouldnt mind us going for someone like Aaron Connolly from them pretty sure we was linked to him too a good few years back too
  4. i still see a fair few unrealistic names being mentioned tbh, as much as the like of grealish etc would be good on paper, the boat has sailed on us getting them, they'll go to the likes of Man City/Utd
  5. that would be decent signing tbf, suspect hamza would be on the way out if we got him mind
  6. glad we didnt go for Jamal Lewis, looks like a fish out of water with some of the defending ive seen him do this season
  7. as stated already the ones doing VAR dont like to over rule their mates on the pitch, as much as i think VAR is a decent thing for the game, it seems like the clowns make up things as they go along. and at times decisions in one game arent given in the next, like the matty cash handball which wasnt given but would be given in another game, thought VAR would bring a half decent level of consistency but in all honesty it hasnt; and the worse fact with it all, officials are still not accountable for their performances/decisions on the pitch its basically same shit different day
  8. reports Tuchel will be the new chelsea manager,
  9. imore likly be Tuchel since hes out of work, maybe even allegri but we know what the UK media is like
  10. tbh they have rushed the vaccine through but and its a big but, its gone through all the correct processess to get the go ahead, and the increased interval between the 2 jabs is there as i think more people will be able to have it(given the 1 jab gives a decent % of protection against covid)so more ppl having protection is better all around i doubt theyd ve cutting corners with this as its too important and there would be quite the uproar imo,
  11. id be surprised if they call him back given how well hes doing at Luton, only way that will happen is if Hamza is a dead cert on going this window
  12. just saw that Utd pen, how is that not overturned, farce after farce and Utd are getting away with a shit ton atm too
  13. as stated already within the thread by others, he can be decent at times but sadly its not on a consistent level, he can go from a world beater to bambi on ice id be very surprised if hes still at the club come next summer, and i think a move to a club(probably one in Turkey i guess) where hes the number 1 striker would help him
  14. all im seeing atm from some is "Manchester been in tier 3 for months", Leicesters been in tier 3 longer than anyone else dont know why all of leicestershire is in tier 3 too tbh, pretty sure case numbers have gone down
  15. jesus the sky comms really want a fulham win dont they, worse than when BT have Liverpool on
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