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  1. Jamie Carragher spitting

    I'm with you there tbh, I'm not even a fan if carragher tbh and it isn't right at all what he did, but something is wrong with the bloke filming it all tbh, clearly filming it while driving and that is against the law by all all counts, And filming it too since his probably got what he wanted was a reaction. Think the whole situation is messed up and both parties are in the wrong imo, hopefully he doesn't lose his job at sky since they'll probably employ someone worse in his place
  2. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    thats true, every STH should do, they managed to in the community shield last season cant wait for the moan fest from "fans" if we do get past Chelsea and the fact they wont be able to get tickets
  3. Chelsea FA Cup 1997

    was a right joke then and still is now, to say i was annoyed at the time wouldnt even come close, still think we won have won the FA cup that year if it wasnt for Johnsen tbh
  4. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    hopefully revenge for the whole Erland Johnson dive incident back in 97'
  5. FA Cup 2017-18

    that Rondon goal was something special, wouldnt mind having him here if WBA went down. hopefully we get a someone like Southampton or Swansea/Sheff Weds. but knowing the way its all going to go all the big clubs will miss each other
  6. Sheffield United Pre Match

    id love us to go full strength with a us playing Gray, Diabate, Mahrez and Vardy in the team but i think Puel wont play a full strength team sadly, hope im wrong though
  7. does anyone really trust them Sky sources though? only a few sources about in the media to really trust with it all and frankly we know what Sky are like as they want views and such, but its good to have RIyad back, even though sadly i do think he'll be off in the summer
  8. be good to have him back if hes in the right frame of mind and how he was playing before all the mardy bum stuff happened, I wonder if its finally clicked that the way hes acting the past week or so will have a reaction in terms of clubs wanting him, amazing how hes suddenly coming back to training after stories of Man City's interest in him is fading
  9. probably the first sensible thing Wise has said about us tbh
  10. according to the mirror(always take with a pinch of salt) https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/manchester-city-ready-scrap-riyad-11988248 Man City are ready to scrap interest in a move for Mahrez....... .....as Pep isnt impressed with how hes dealt with the move in January not going through. if they do scrap any interest in him then frankly hes only got himself to blame for the way hes reacted to it all.
  11. you'd think that any sensible person would come back and get their head done and work harder to show a club(Man City or whoever wants him)that he is worth the value we have on him, of course at the start he'd be angry and that but hes still on a very good wage at a club where hes able to showcase his talents week in and out(not at the minute), im sure some of this is down to his agent too imo though its all getting out of hand now for me, and really isnt reflecting well on him more so than the club, all hes doing in the long run is giving himself a label, in having an attitude problem if he doesnt get his way and tarnishing his imagine with it all too
  12. fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    i can imagine the club wont put a release clause in, think they might have been more flexible with any deal if they have enough time to get a replacement in, still hope the club try and get near the £90mil mark as hes worth it tbh, even if most dont believe so.....well since he plays for little old Leicester
  13. still have to laugh at some of the other clubs fans and ones from abroad who think we are ungrateful and should let him leave on the cheap, shame they dont have a clue the longer this goes on the worse its reflecting on Mahrez imo, shame hes gots some right idiots advising him and an agent whos just after money and no really interest in the player
  14. The "do they mean us?" thread

    tbh I dont blame the club for not dealing with West Ham, as shown during the summer transfer window they are a hack job when it comes to transfer and a like, plus they dont need Islam either, good fit going newcastle imo since they need another striker
  15. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    on that Spurs 2nd penalty it was a penalty tbh and credit to the linesman for giving it...even though there was an offside in the build up heres the linesman/touchline view of it looks pretty nailed on from this view