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  1. that jade and navy shirt was a classic for me im with you there, ive been pretty impressed with Under Armours kits of recently,the new Southampton shirts looks pretty nice
  2. tbf we were pretty decent during the first half, we could have been out of sight within the first 30mins,but headers from Chalobah and Abraham went over or straight at the keeper and DG had a good chance too, but it was same old same old, when we got the 2nd we kinda sat back and from then you could see Germany would get a goal and probably win it as we didnt look to have a plan B and no out ball since TA kept losing the ball whenever it was kicked up to him, tbh though we never stood a chance this tournament; if we'd have got through Spain would have had a field day
  3. needs to do more than that, got a good a first touch as Musa and we know what his can be like
  4. dont get why people are really having a go at Redmond, Abraham had the chance to give us the lead in the shoot out and his pen was awful, looked like he about tripped over taking it
  5. really dont get the hype around Abraham, pretty average imo
  6. be typical for us to lose on pens tbh...hope im wrong
  7. Lewis Cook
  8. wonder if Boothroyd had some sort of plan B or C, England have been holding back them for a while
  9. thats true, i just hope he likes sitting on the bench if he goes there
  10. whys that? they are pretty stocked up on midfielders tbf, less likely to play there than here tbh
  11. dunno, if they get 60/70mil for PEA then they will,
  12. they are meant to be interested in Inaki Williams as well from what ive read
  13. just hope Ndidi helps us in getting him here Fam
  14. but blood we aint like them
  15. yeah thats true, the one news source i tend to believe most is John Percy, spot on most the time tbf