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  1. feeling a bit better from it, avoid anything football related on the TV mind, but thats usual fair when we lose tbh, more so this time
  2. think its more than fair to say that tbh, the more this season drags on the more im getting pissed off with the bias towards the bigger clubs in every respect
  3. it was alright till the Leicester game, then the usual crap, another decent day part way ruined by another gutless,spineless performance it just pissing me off to see us go down without a fight, i can take a defeat but jesus at times we just roll over, thats what gets on my nerves
  4. lets be honest, if we was under Puel and was in the run of form and performances we've been having recently under BR(not played great since the new year imo, the odd good game here and there, and performances too) more people would certainly be be calling for him to go or questioning him i think we are more than in the right to question BR after it all of later and today game more so, with the idiotic tactical decision at HT and bad start to next season he'll be gone
  5. I really cant be arsed with it, theyll still get paid for gutless spineless performances so its a meh
  6. what gets me, he doesnt even admit he played a part in the defeat in changing the tactics, facts are we was plating reasonably well, looked comfortable etc, he changes it and well it all went to shit, the book lies so what at his feet for the defeat imo, and he could well be gone sooner rather than later tbh
  7. i cant find any positives about LCFC atm, frankly its a shambles
  8. i honeslty wouldnt be surprised if we finish 5th and didnt get champions league football, as i think Man City will get away with not getting a 2yr ban, since i can imagine theyve already bribed a few at CAS
  9. hopefully Sheff Utd can win keep this lead and the bigger guess is if we can actually turn up and get a win tomorrow
  10. from the looks of it the refs doing the VAR dont have the balls to tell them theyve made a mistake, seems a running trend tbh its never a penalty to utd, even if we got it given id say it wasnt, its a joke of a decision imo, you cant defend the ref or var for it
  11. going by what we are like, we'll do well against Spurs and crap against Bournemouth
  12. fair play to Southampton, theyve looked good since the restart, everton look clueless, like we did when we played them
  13. tbf you can make the case that Bournemouth will need to come out and go for the win from the off, looking for a good start etc, as by the time we play each other by the Sunday Watford and West Ham could be 7 points clear of them(8 if you add GD) and i think the longer the game goes on and say its 0-0 they more desperate they will be looking for a win which then could leave space at the back for Vardy etc. i agree with you in the fact we need a good start early goal etc, could certainly be a yo yo of a game imo
  14. tbf it feels like anyone that isnt the "big 6" dont always get credit the deserve from certain areas of the media as for AFTV, its laughable at times how they are with VAR, its even worse than use tbf, and thats a blind miracle
  15. i didnt see all the game but did we have a handball shout again?
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