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  1. personaly think out of that its more likely Youri would be the starter compared to Under, with it being Barnes/Under since both can be incredibly good coming off the bench and stretching teams late on,
  2. decent one that, remember his name a few months back being linked with Newcastle, and i think it was reported AZ want around £20mil which isnt too bad for a player of his potential and age only thing that worries me some forwards from the dutch leagues can be very hit and miss
  3. played decent tonight imo, can sort of tell he isnt fully match fit, but shown enough to say he'll certainly be decent on the right cuting in can see why weve tracked him/kept an eye on him for a while; as i think we was interested in him before he went Roma
  4. decent result all told, probably should have got a third goal with that chance right that the start of the second half, but on that pitch and the amount of injuries weve got cant fault it, we'll have to be more on our game against Braga mind
  5. think the under change is a sound one, if he was a better more match fit, can imagine hed a been on for longer, decent game from him tho
  6. So evans has a back problem and TC has a hamstring injury, oh joy
  7. tomorrow id suspect, morning most likely, train at the ground in the evening
  8. why the hell carlo ancelotti moaning about the red card today, could have been an accident but it was still dangerous from Digne
  9. certainly has step up and took his game to another level this season, looks to be becoming the player we had hoped hed be when we first signed him
  10. he has a right foot too, miracles
  11. id say after tonight, hes a stonewall to start Thursday, maybe last 65/70 mins looks like the player we are missing on that right, compared to Perez
  12. the way its going, that £30mi we paid for him looks like a bargain, having Evans next to him will teach him no end too
  13. im awaiting something terrible to happen as us winning at Arsenal is so rare....... the arsenal watch long is enjoyable tho
  14. wonder how long till hes linked with Liverpool
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