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  1. true, but you have to admit theyve had some luck/ rub of the green you never know tbh, if they win the league some of their players might want a fresh challenge who knows
  2. Liverpool aint half getting the rub of the green atm....... When they win the league their fans are going to be unbearable......even more so
  3. only way they'd loan him to us if we have the obligation to buy at the end of the loan,
  4. i agree, we did have the chances but like of late we havent taken them earlier on in the season them chances would have gone in, and atm we are making mistakes that are costing us too, at least there is a shortish turn over to our next game and hopefully an upturn
  5. chances to get ahead and potential kill the game, but once again we fluff it, and then a mistake/ish costs us, team needs a good kick up the arse atm
  6. makers of our own downfaill once again
  7. tbf to him he said most managers have clauses in their contract's, although that can mean anything, as clauses can be a range of things, not just release ones, on the whole BR arsenal thing, id be surprised if he went, i think theyll go for someone very left field so to speak
  8. honestly i dont care if people leave early.....they paid their money, and if doesnt effect you whats the bother
  9. Im sure the liverpool fans are loving VAR so far today, while in one game that TAA handball would have been given put in this game it hasnt, there is just no consistency with VAR
  10. all due respect to the extinction rebellion people.....they arent going to get people support them with action like that today
  11. could see some of this coming tbh, they say Southgate is picking players on merit but it is clear he isnt, why isnt TAA playing or Maddison given a chance in the last games either, and keeps playing HM and MK and theyve been shocking, a back 3 looked alot more solid imo and playing 2 holding mf as well doesnt always help in the creative sense, surely against the less likes we should be playing just the one
  12. why is it whenever we get chris kavanagh as ref there is always a dodgy decision that goes against us, think in just about everyone hes ref'd us there has always been one...dont get me wrong it was a very soft pen today on the match.......its disappointing but we go again and hopefully we'll make it right in 2 weeks time at home to burnley
  13. makes me think we might well have a chance against liverpool on Saturday
  14. i can understand some people leave early tbh, as some might have further to travel, work or other commitments etc that they need to attend to after the game and being caught in traffic wont help that, imo there are alot more annoying things that people leaving say 10/15mins early..... ....like people who get pissed and watch the game(whats the point) and ones who getting up loads of time during the game t head downstairs
  15. i think if Praet was going to come in for anyone it would be Perez imo, as he can play out wide too tbh I certainly wouldnt take out Ndidi just for the reasons you stated,
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