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  1. FrankieADZ

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    sounds about right, given the fickle bloody nature of some of our "fans", we lose 4/5 in a row with Wagner and then theyd be wanting him out, or the footballs not "entertaining" enough
  2. FrankieADZ

    Who do you want January 2019

    odion ighalo could do a job for us upfront tbh, always rated him at Watford and is looking to move back to the prem after the Chinese team he plays for got relegated
  3. FrankieADZ

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    only question is...........would he give the youth a chance or would he fill the team with imports.....
  4. FrankieADZ

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    wondered when some of our fans would want him...............
  5. by change of formation i mean something which would suit us more at home, 3-5-2 or something like that, we did change formation and it works well against teams like Man City etc that crap doesnt fly against lesser likes and if im correct werent some moaning that he didnt play the 4-3-3(the same time) against Cardiff, Puel in a lose lose situation there tbh its getting all too predictable too imo, pass pass out wide cross and hope to hell someone gets on the end of it, dont get me wrong the football can be crap at times but i remember seeing worse at Leicester in the last 10/15yrs
  6. tbf Southampton have been a bit of a mess behind the scenes in recent years, and thats coming someone whos other half is a Southampton fan. they are slowly turning it round there but are not in the same state as they were 4/5 years ago on Puel, he needs to stop being so stubborn and change the home formation, Pearson did it in the great escape season and it worked a treat for us, hes got to swallow his own pride and admit it
  7. FrankieADZ

    Who then......

    think Jardim is managing in China now
  8. FrankieADZ

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    after yesterday game, it makes me wonder how many goals we've let in this season that have come from our own mistakes and such, as for me, both goals from Saints came from our own mistakes, game as a whole was meh, the usual fair we tend to serve up against ones who are fighting for something, just reminded me of games last season at home against Newcastle and West Ham, where we didnt turn up and just looked half arsed and got beat
  9. boring football for me is losing and lack of effort from the players ala like we've had a good few times this season
  10. FrankieADZ

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    honestly i dont care either way atm, just getting sick of the idiot picking players who are woefully out of form, cant wait for Mendy to start next weekend after his shocker yesterday and roles in both goals
  11. FrankieADZ

    Who then......

    thought it was a results business too, if you want entertainment then going to the football isnt going to be one, probably best to go to a music concert or something, as football is a sport and not sport entertainment like the WWE have to agree with the suggestions of Rose Slazburg and Adi Hutler, but im not sure if wed be a draw for them sadly
  12. FrankieADZ

    Barnes coming back

    good luck to him, he'll get pelters from some of our "fans" if he doesnt put in least 8/10's after how hes been doing this season for WBA certainly hope hes in the squad tomorrow but i doubt it
  13. FrankieADZ


    I'm surprised they are bidding for Shinji, since they need goals to stay up, and sadly he won't get them loads of them, thought there was interest from Turkey too tbh, I suspect he'll go tbh and its a sign we need to get in another forward this window too tbh, Will miss that cheeky smile of his mind when he goes
  14. FrankieADZ

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    my girlfriend is a southampton fan, and it isnt all his fault and thats from her mouth, Saints have/had sold many of there best players; and certain behind the scenes factors, Les Reed etc didnt help either. they arent suffer from his legacy, they are suffering from getting crappy players in to replace the ones sold, there are alot bigger factors at Southampton than it being down to Puel
  15. FrankieADZ

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    depleting the club of enthusiasm and spirit............certainly doesnt help wiith there is such a toxic vibe coming from sections of our supports tbh sexy football under Shakey, certainly debatable there, it wasnt sexy at all tbh, and we played to what we know and knew how to do it, which can get found out, ala why Puel is trying to making a bit more of passing team rather than one thats mainly counter attack, so we have more strings to the bow so to speak............sexy football isnt ever LCFC tbh a weak Man City side that still cost more than our team and its hardly Puels fault the players are crap at pens, still its a wasted chance but thats life so deal with it failure to beat Burnley to 7th last season, Burnley did well last season and they deserved to be 7th imo with how they played as a team, we didnt deserve it at all, change of formation, well you do know in that 4-3-3 we played 3 DCM, In Ndidi, Mendy and Hamza,and the team were hardy to beat against team how have a greater threat, compared to Cardiff, where we should have won or at least a draw but you cant get away that their winner was a worldie, either way Puel probably would have got moaned at if he kept the 4-3-3 from some saying hes being to negative is he really driving fans away? they cant be that arsed supporting us then through the bad times and only when its good, even during the bad times there was more togetherness than there is atm, but since the title win some fans expectations have gone way beyond what we are, and as for being bored, football is a results business, its not always about entertainment, even during our title season we played some crap football but thats overseen, im sure youd be overjoyed to see entertaining football and be 17th........ im sure youd be over the moon to see Puel go but then youd moan about who we got in as they werent entertaining etc, we have no riight for 7th when the likes of Everton etc have spent a shed load of cash. and we can say bye bye to some players as they might not suit another managers plans Im by no means a Puell in or out btw, rather see some stability at the club for once