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  1. FrankieADZ

    Danny Amartey

    tbf he put in some decent performances over the last couple of year, Swansea a season or so back and when we beat Man City when Vardy got a hat trick. though tbf to him hes never really got a good run of games in the team, always seem to get odd 2/3 in a row then is took out the team, personally i think he is a premier league player, as you said, I think at times he looks like he needs that bit of confidence and that, even shown from the coaching staff in a way, though it certainly wouldnt do him any harm in going out on loan in the Championship, but that would leave us a player light, and if we brought in a kid from the U23's and he did crap, some wouldnt want them near the first team ever again...........and the cycle continues
  2. FrankieADZ

    Danny Amartey

    really? can say ive seen him cover numerous tbh, i dont see why there has been so much stick for him tbh, yeah he gave away a penalty but some have rose tinted glasses if they think SImpson did any better last season at RB, as he was dire at times and going forward I can see why Puel values him more than Simpson, as hes more comfortable on the ball and can play more positions if needed too
  3. FrankieADZ


    tbh i think he can play either tbh, certainly gives the option to play both mind all due respect, i think its Simpson time to move on, regardless of people miss giving of Amartey(personally think hes decent and would be alot more confident if played on a regular basis)hes ahead of Simpson, and its understandable when he can play in numerous positions
  4. well we know Holgate is more like Colgate at times.......
  5. certainly could create a few chances against Wolves on the counter i think looking at how theyve have been today
  6. FrankieADZ

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    cant be that crap if Ferguson rated him imo etc hes better on the ball than Morgan too tbh, though lets not forget, WBA were crap last season in defence anyway, so you could pick a handful on that front, on the game, i think there will be a few changes, hopefully Evans will be in for Morgan, Ricardo will be at RB, with Vardy coming in for Nacho and im not sure who id go for to go ahead of Ricardo, either Albrighton or Diabate fingers crossed we played as well as we did yesterday and that our chances too
  7. FrankieADZ

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    looking back now at the performance now.......cant really grumble with it tbh, we played well for most of the match, most of the team look good and comfortable in possession, still room to improve though, Gray looks like he might well step up this season.........well hopefully, personally think once Evans is fit he should come in for Morgan, the team even has potential for a 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 or something of the like once the Turkish lads work permit is sorted certainly alot more positives than negatives to come from the game and you can actually see the direction Puel wants to take us, hopefully he'll be given time with it
  8. FrankieADZ

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    its Sky, he scored a penalty, you just know they were clutching at straws with it tbh, he didnt boss it at all, from what I remember be scored the penalty then moaned on and off about not getting fouls at times youd think it was LCFC playing at home and Utd being away, and given the amount of noise from the Utd crowd last night it could have been a home match for us...
  9. FrankieADZ

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    didnt he always get a cut or knock or something against Lille that forced him off, could still be carrying a slight after effect of that, though it did seem strange to take him off tbh with Vardy coming on, but i think we'll see both start next weekend
  10. FrankieADZ

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    after seeing how we performed the last couple of games last season and how we have against Utd this, id certainly give him time as the signs look encouraging, but im sure the daggers are already out from some of our fans after losing last nights game
  11. FrankieADZ

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    didnt know Sky Sports had turned into Sky Man Utd tbh, Sky are fapping over Utd something good, nothing like a fair unbiased view of the game mind do wonder why we have Ricardo so far up the pitch but we can always change to a wing back system
  12. FrankieADZ

    How did we do?

    very good transfer window for us imo, brought in players in areas we needed too, think the only areas i think we should have brought another in in is out wide but all in all i think weve had a very good transfer window why cant any of our fans let it go, that ship has sadly sailed, we had a chance to get him we missed it(wish we had of got him then, as hes a hell of a player and i wish he was at LCFC), wont come here now after how hes been playing in Germany
  13. FrankieADZ

    Caglar Soyuncu

    youll be waiting for a long long time with us signing Bailey that ship has well and truly sailed and we missed our chance to get him, should have done a double deal with Gent when we got Ndidi
  14. FrankieADZ

    Caglar Soyuncu

    just hope we put in the paper work early enough to get an extension if we need it hopefully it will all be confirmed before or just after 5
  15. FrankieADZ


    sky going at it again to get more bets/money on Sky bet i see, these "sky sources" must be the same ones that arent mentioned ever again if they are wrong, the clown bags