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  1. for the blind fact we won the league or some go by how much we are paying in wages etc, minding the fact there are at least 7 teams in front of us paying more in Wages(think Everton might be ahead of us just about buts its a guess), we arent going to finish in the top 6 for a long time and either way, some of our "fans" have just had a thing against Puel from the moment he got here, and i can actually see what hes trying to do with it all atm too, changing our style a bit to add a bit more passing rather than rely upon counter attack. think patience is needed but got more chance of getting 6 numbers on the lottery than some of our fans having that tbh
  2. no did i say that?, just the fact you cant go out spending fudge ton of money because of FFP and that, plus the fact we've done it in a sort and it kind of blew up in our faces, we should spend but we need to bring the right sort of players in and not just spend for spendings sake of coruse you can say what you like, but im sure people woud rather see a team playing half decent football and winning etc, rather than lovely free flowing football etc and losing the bigger picture with what Puel is doing is we really only had one string to our bow the last few seasons in mainly being a counter attack side ala rob and rush, and that itsnt always going to work, so hes trying to add something else to our game in being a bit more possessions based, all i say from your not accepting mediocrity thing then is.......good luck to the next manager and the one after that as they wont cut it then unless we are top 6 playing free flowing winning football, which isnt going to happen
  3. yeah dont you remember we did the whole throw money at a manager thing with Sven, yeah worked out wonderfully right....and what about FFP either way i feel sorry for Puel now, whatever he does he wont make any of our fans happy, even if we won a cup thos seasobn he'd still get looked down o by some of our fans, and i feel sorry for the next manager to come in too, as some of our fans will want him out within a month if hes not playing the right way ec winning the league may have been great for the club etc but its raised expectation level from some of our fans will beyond belief
  4. you do know how much wolves have pumped in and hes Mendes client too, either way even if we had appointed NES, some of our fans would want him out, dont get me wrong im by no means a Puel fan, but i dont know what some of our fans expect now, they moan if we win, moan if we lose, moan if we play well and lose, play crap and win, todays result is a combination of things that we tits up so to speak and Morgans sending off being at the fore front for me, Puel cant be held fully responsible for the idiotic actions of the captain of the team
  5. tbh i thought it was heading towards a draw until Morgan got sent off, though he was doing ok but you could easily see once he got the first yellow he was liable to get another and so it proved, wes will always be a club legend, and he could still do a job for us, i just think hes more suited for a back 3 now, as at times he looks cumbersome and he doesnt look much at ease with the passing style we now play, think Evans or CS would be better now, personally there is blame on a few for the defeat but you cant fault their winning, that was a brilliant goal either way, we move on to the next
  6. FrankieADZ

    Ricardo Pereira

    i agree with you, he isnt weak at all, needs to work on defending, since he was a winger and has been converted into a RB, so hes still learning and should improve
  7. FrankieADZ

    Ricardo Pereira

    tbh think he needs to be more defensively aware of things rather than needs to put on the pounds,
  8. FrankieADZ

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    certainly is showing what he can do at WBA, brilliant goal last night and his performances for them this season have been the same,personally think he should stay there on loan for the rest of the season to get a good full season in the championship under his belt, and then next season i think we'll see him in the first team, and i certainly wouldnt be surprised to see him starting either
  9. FrankieADZ

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    ticket info and date, Tuesday 30th Oct, £12 for STH https://www.lcfc.com/news/869838/date--ticket-details-confirmed-for-southampton-carabao-cup-tie/press-release not bad tbh i guess
  10. FrankieADZ

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    not happy with what.., ever since we won the league some of our fans views of were we should be have kind of got off track so to speak, we are a 7-13 club in the league imo atm, and maybe a decent cup run to boot chopping and changing managers, coaches etc every 6 months wont benefit the club in the long term tbh....leaves a trail of mess with certain managers not liking players etc(just reminds me of the era of Kelly, Hollaway Levein etc turn over of players and then we dropped to league 1), dont get me wrong im by no means a Puel fanboy, and if performances and results dip he'll be gone, i can see what hes trying to do with the team etc and going from rob and rush style of play to a more possession style isnt ever going to be easy, but id rather stick than twist than us ending up with someone like Pardew but i guess we'll see come the end of the season with it all
  11. FrankieADZ

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    could see Albrighton coming in for maybe Nacho, just to add a bit more in tracking the pace of Evertons wingers etc given they are pacey, would like to see us start the same team as the newcastle game though tbh, but in all honesty, I think there couple be a change or 2, since Puel seems to change the team on the opposition and such
  12. does Jordan Henderson ever do a forward pass........all ive seen is side to side
  13. FrankieADZ

    Newcastle Away Match Thread

    hate when we are 1-0 up.....always leaves me on end, need to get another to kill the game
  14. FrankieADZ

    Newcastle Away Pre Match, 29/09, 15.00pm

    certainly what id go for tbh, and as stated already it gives us the option to go to a back 3 with wing backs too, though it wouldnt surprise me if Morgan came in for Evans since Puel like to chop and change,
  15. FrankieADZ

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    tbh out of all the teams/games ive watched this season Wolves have been the team that have impressed me the most, think you are right about Wolves and the way they look at home in the league, they play some really good football at times and were very unlucky to lose to us, for me they wont go down and I certainly wont be surprised to see them get a top 10 finish