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  1. I'm also hoping we can tie Aaron Lilley down for another couple of years. Hope he's offered a new deal.
  2. It's done. Just waiting for the announcement which probably won't be until Monday now. Patience.
  3. It is quite confusing. But not as much as a government Covid 19 announcement.
  4. Klein in for Mike?????? Can anyone get their head round that one? It should be Rhodes dropped! He's barely Village standard.
  5. I've honestly not seen anyone else suggest it but in that case it seems many have the same thoughts. I only tend to visit the forum these days during the latter stages of the transfer windows.
  6. I have a theory on why we signed him instead of an out and out left back. This is just a theory and not based on any facts or inside sources. I think the people in incharge at the club fully expect Ricardo to leave next season. Castagne will play LB for now when Ricardo returns from injury but then next season will replace him at RB, by which time Luke Thomas will be experienced enough to become the first choice permanent LB.
  7. I am hereby declaring this a Saga.
  8. Not as confusing as a government Covid announcement.
  9. I've got this horrible feeling if he signs he'll be Ghezzal mk2 😥. Would much rather sign Brooks.
  10. Unpopular opinion but I think I'd rather have this guy than Fofana as he could hit the ground running. Fofana is still young and raw.
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