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  1. Possibly had his head turned by speculation linking him to bigger clubs and wants out? Not that this should be an excuse of course.
  2. Or I'd be tempted to have a look at bringing Kevin O'Brian back. Wouldnt be too expensive I'd imagine and we could do alot worse.
  3. Announcement delayed until next Monday.
  4. Can't believe we've offered Klein a new deal. I'd rather have Patsy Klein!
  5. Kasper Evans Soyuncu Fuchs Ricardo Chilwell N'didi Tielimans Maddison Vardy Perez
  6. Of the out of contract list, I'd like to see us keep hold of Swindells. Abbas aswell but I can't see that happening. The rest I'm not bothered.
  7. Albrighton, Kante, Drinkwater, Mahrez. Better than both for obvious reasons.
  8. I'm down tonight. I want to go on Sunday but I'm going to see how hungover I am on the day after Sheffield United away lol. What's the chances of it ever selling out and not being able to get tickets on the day? Because as I say I want to make a late call on Sunday.
  9. I really hope this hundred falls flat on its arse!
  10. Who needs overseas players. T20s coming home! 😁
  11. What happend to George Munsey? Thought he should've been given a short term contract for t20.
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