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  1. Walshy5


    This might be an unpopular opinion but if we could sell him for more than we could buy Tarkowski for then I'd be OK with it.
  2. Let's face it. If Liverpool really want him then he's as good as gone. 😥
  3. Anyone heard anything on the extent of his injury and could he miss pre season or even start of next season? 😔
  4. Amazes me that Kasper escapes so much criticism. Had he not pushed the ball into his own net to make it 2-2 then we wouldn't have had to leave so many gaps at the back because we at that point we had to go for it. Thus they got 2 more goals on the break.
  5. Wow! I really can't believe some of the things I'm reading in this thread. It was only s couple of games ago that we were praising him on how good his all round game has been and how he's making chances and getting assists for others.
  6. I can't profess to know a great deal about him but looking at his profile it seems he's exactly what we need and he'd fit it perfectly. Left footed right winger that can also play as a CAM and up top. Gerrimin!
  7. Thinking about it more I can't leave Tielimans out. Sorry Cambiasso.
  8. Just for fun let's have peoples best 11 since promotion. I'm going for GK Schmeichel (easy pick 😆) RB Ricardo CB Morgan CB Evans LB Fuchs CM Kante CM Cambiaso RW Mahrez CAM Maddison LW Barnes ST Vardy Hard to leave Tielimans and Albrighton out but there you go.
  9. Funny enough I was thinking exactly the same thing.
  10. I'd rather finish top 4 this season than win the FA cup. They'll be other chances in the FA cup and I'd rather we did it in a packed house at Wembley. It would be magical to go back next season (fingers crossed) to champions league football at the King power. Thoughts?
  11. Of we can't do it now this season then we never will!
  12. Right, we need a Covid outbreak to get all these games postponed until he's fit.
  13. We should be looking to renew Lilley. Had a great t20 campaign apart from that misfield
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