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  1. Of we can't do it now this season then we never will!
  2. Right, we need a Covid outbreak to get all these games postponed until he's fit.
  3. We should be looking to renew Lilley. Had a great t20 campaign apart from that misfield
  4. Hearing on 1 or 2 social media pages that Ricardo has had a setback and out for another 6 weeks! 😫
  5. Same for every team though so can't really use that as an excuse.
  6. You have to start to question Rodgers training regime with injuries like this now. Pretty sure he had the same issues when at Liverpool.
  7. It is a stupid rule but we'd never have won a super over. The players would never have been able to lift themselves after what happened. Plus Notts have far bigger hitters than us. Our biggest hitter is arguably Aaron Lilley and his confidence would've been shot after the day he had.
  8. You know what I was saying about getting Lilley on a new contract should be a priority..... I might have to re-think that.
  9. Team should be:- Welch Delany Lilley Ackermann Swindells Hill Mike Parkinson Klein Griffiths Davis No Dearden or Rhodes please!
  10. I'm also hoping we can tie Aaron Lilley down for another couple of years. Hope he's offered a new deal.
  11. It is quite confusing. But not as much as a government Covid 19 announcement.
  12. Klein in for Mike?????? Can anyone get their head round that one? It should be Rhodes dropped! He's barely Village standard.
  13. I've honestly not seen anyone else suggest it but in that case it seems many have the same thoughts. I only tend to visit the forum these days during the latter stages of the transfer windows.
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