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  1. Were not a joke you can't pick and choose when you get injuries
  2. Shame it's not worked out part of the title winning squad so for that reason alone thanks for everything you done and all the best for the future
  3. All these people slagging Albrighton off he always gives 100 per cent a has quality in him he is flash and doesn't have skill but is a good player for us I seriously can't take alot of are fans serious since we won the league
  4. Just seems to me the ones who want Rodgers out probably only started supporting Leicester in 2016 the fans who don't want him out and have supported the club for years realize Rodgers is doing a good job under the circumstances remember we are not a top 4 side me personally are pleased with we're we are as a team
  5. We haven't even kick a ball yet and people writing us off ffs we got injury problems we will struggle I'm sick of people thinking we are man United or Chelsea we are leicester city calm down and enjoy
  6. Get a grip everyone I'm fully behind Rodgers remember we're we come from and the size of the club
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