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  1. Because we've been poor in most games this season and he's stifling the creative by not playing with wingers
  2. What a joke of a decision. Any contact made is because of Rashford.
  3. Been playing a lot of PES recently so need time to adjust back to FIFA. I've also tried to defend manually but hated my one match on the demo. But that might also be because it was against legendary AI and i just throw myself into getting the ball which I wouldn't do online. Do feel like the A/X button is going to be pretty redundant when defending though.
  4. Yeah, roughly 1 goal/assist in every 2 PL games. Dreadful
  5. Nope. Needs to be inside the transfer window
  6. Tell Beckford to f*** off? I love NP even more...
  7. Obviously the whole what is world class arguement is open to opinions but when people say, somebody who WILL get in anyone's team, that means there can be only 11 world class players at any time... Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Kane, Griezmann, Kane, Lewandowksi, Salah, Hazard, Suarez, Aguero, Sterling, Sane etc. All good enough to play for any team but you can't get them all in the same team and obviously some are slightly better than others Yet, I don't think you'd say they're not world class players (maybe not the last 2 for those picky ones out there ) For me, I view it as somebody who COULD play for any top team and not . Subtle difference. Is Vardy at a level that means he could perform for the best teams in the world? Look at his stats. It's a pretty resounding yes and he still scores goals when they're isn't always space in behind. His record against the top 6 is ridiculous as well. Massive shame England couldn't get him and Kane together as that could have been ridiculous. Definitely World Class. How many better strikers in Europe, let alone the Prem?
  8. And who is? Probably the 2 greatest footballers of all time.
  9. Amazing what wingers can do... Anyone got a decent English stream? Had one but it went down right at the end of the half.
  10. Why madness? He'd have a pretty shocking mentality if his confidence went to pieces after starting 4 games in a row and being pretty poor, so he's justifiably dropped to the bench. Got to be picked on merit and it's not like he's a superstar signing who's dropped down to play for us. Compare it with YT who has also started way below his level but he could have ended up at a bigger team and he's proven he can do the business for us. Perez doesn't have that credit in the bank (of course he'll only get it from playing) Albrighton comes in, maybe that will give us the width? But I do think it's down to the system at the moment. If the instruction is to play wider as a team it also means that Perez and Barnes in particular have the freedom to drift into those dangerous central positions. It's far too easy to defend against at the moment. We do need to give him plenty of time but at the moment Albrighton or Barnes deserve to play ahead of him.
  11. And the rest. More than good enough to be a Champions League winning team's best player. Definitely much better in a 2 whether than be a 442 or alongside another holding midfielder. The impact he has in that role makes him the best CM in the world and on Messi/Ronaldo levels in terms of effect on winning games.
  12. Sigh. And would that apply if somebody had the opposite opinion to you? He got better in the second half but was pretty abject before then. Bit pointless working hard if you then bottle every 50/50 (and he really wasn't alone on that front in the first 30 mins!). Compare that to Maddison who despite going down half the time, still scrapped and won the ball back plenty of times. Vardy barely had a sniff but did more than Perez but YT was pretty anonymous until the last 10 when he was higher up the pitch but was uncharacteristically poor in his decision making. I think it will happen for Perez but sugar coat it however you like, he's been very poor in his first 2 games. Caveat being, he had an excellent pre season. He's also a victim of this system. He and Maddison were too narrow in the first half but that's come from the manager. Would definitely prefer to see Marc or Harvey for the next game.
  13. Surprised that many thought he'd stay. United were desperate to get him and we had 1 price all along so was kind of inevitable
  14. Having watched Steaua v Cluj in Bucharest last year, I can confirm this. Some of the players were so bad. Best player on the pitch was a 37 centre mid. Kind of says a lot
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