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  1. Hahahahahaha. That is a shocker. Treads on Konsa.
  2. Pretty certain it's Everton. Ancelotti publicly said they were in for him.
  3. Funny that every manager, coach, pundit (can't believe I'm saying that) and fan of other clubs, rate him as being an excellent ball player. Not saying you're entirely wrong in terms of some of those dodgy passes but he's been given an instruction to do so. Wouldn't matter if you were asking a Xavi or Pirlo to make those sort of passes from their own 6 yard box, they'd still be messing up plenty because there is 0 margin for error. Bottom line is, it's just a minor gripe (how many times has it actually led to a goal, or even a good chance) that paired against what he brings to the table, particularly with his leadership role, he pretty much is irreplaceable at the moment. We're pretty much talking about spending £60m+ on a a keeper who MIGHT improve us. And no keeper worth that will be interested in coming to Leicester City. Pointless even thinking about it right now.
  4. I totally understand why Arsenal fans think it's deliberate as let's be honest, it doesn't look great and he's pretty spiky at the best of times. The key thing is though, he goes to apologise immediately and knowing Vardy as we do, do you think for a second he's going to apologise if he means to do it? No way. He'd have just walked away.
  5. Got to change the system. Full backs are all over the shop
  6. Glad you commented in this thread as I've been meaning to! He's been our best player. Even that save from Cahill, only looked so easy because he made it look easy. M I understand the frustrations with his kicking and command of his area but how many howlers does he actually make? Look at De Gea and Lloris; two keepers considered world class and arguably the 2 best shot stoppers in the world but they are constantly making mistakes. Not in month of Sundays would I have either of them over Kasper. Every keeper at the top level is a great shot stopper but what makes a great keeper is the consistency and Kasper has that in spades. Not saying he is the best keeper in the world but I really don't see who we could possibly get who is better. Add in the fact he's the ultimate pro and leader and he's irreplaceable. Particularly with losing King form the dressing room and Wes probably next year (ignoring the idea of these players potentially having too much influence) and there's nobody I'd replace him with. Certainly not for a couple of years at least.
  7. How good has he been this season? To have barely played and have a goal every 112 mins plus 3 assists is some going. Often, and rightfully criticised for his touch previously, that's now probably the best area of his game.
  8. Exactly. Not doubting he hasn't been great since the restart and he's prone to a complete rush of blood to the head but he's the one player in the team who always looks like making something happen (when he's positive!). He's in a luxurious position for a young player in that he basically just needs to refine a few things rather than learn new skills. Does that and he'll be some player.
  9. What's that for the season; 6 goals and 8 assists? Not bad for somebody who can't control a football...
  10. Probably a decent shout. Maddison on as well if he is fit enough.
  11. Think somebody might need to learn their left from their right...
  12. That graph isn't presented very well (not your fault!). Makes it look like he's never dribbled. If you have a look on whoscored, only Ricardo and TAA are scoring a lot higher than him. In fact, it's Just Robertson and Digne who have a better score at left back. Chilwell is ranked 51st of all players this season which is puts him in the best 2/3 players in any team (on average). Think context is critically important as he's playing higher up the pitch than most full backs so will be dribbled past more. He's been dribbled past 1 time a game on average which given the above really isn't that much. Considerably more than Luke Shaw's 0.6 granted but his overall score is much higher (and I would say apart from Digne, Robertson and Chilwell, there aren't many better left backs in the league now that he's lost some weight ). Ricardo is 5th on the overall rankings and a fair bit ahead of Van Dijk and a long way ahead of TAA. Do you know what his dribbled past stat per game is? 1.9. Almost 4 times Luke Shaw's and twice Chilwell's! Is anybody going to tell me he's a bad defender? Stats are useful at a glance but nothing more than that until you start putting context and complex scenarios on top. That's why football clubs pay £100,000's a year to run those departments.
  13. If we're being brutally honest, he's been pretty poor. Couple of really good interventions but some suspect positioning and touch at times. If he Chilwell had played like that, I'd hate to see the response on here. Having said that, it's a pretty impossible position for JJ. Ricardo is one of the best full backs and all-round players in the world so we're desperately missing him. He's clearly worried about making a mistake so not offering any attacking threat which you'd imagine is one of his strengths. I think stepping in for Chilwell was ok for him as he wasn't expected to get forward as much and clearly Ricardo is more important to our style of play. Justin is very raw and whilst they're have been some pretty mediocre performances, there's also been some great ones which suggests that there's some serious potential there. This run will be great for his development regardless.
  14. I don't doubt for a second that he is a great coach but my biggest worry is that he believes his own hype. He's been trying to constantly tinker and tweak as though he's some kind of tactical maestro yet still shows a complete unwillingness to deviate from his philosophy because if you have a striker sat on the bench in a cup game and don't use him it's a worry. That and with 3 mins to go you've still got guys dawdling on the ball rather than getting it out of their feet and making a forward pass (even if that's on the floor). Even his constant praising of the team in interviews and complete lack of acknowledgement of poor performances says he's not willing to accept the reality that things are working. Now, I'm not saying he should be slagging the players off, and the ability to not get too up or down was one of the things that made Pearson a brilliant man manager, but there comes a point when you have to start calling the players out. Unless he really is that ignorant/self absorbed, which I hope not. If he can show a little more humility then I've no doubt he'll get our form turned round.
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