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  1. dmayne7

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    He makes quite a few mistakes? Does he? Can barely remember any off the top of my head. Not to say his decision making and positioning couldn't be better at times but it says it all when you look at the clubs he's linked with and the world cup he had. Taking into account the Keepers that get labeled as World Class, I'm going to call Kasper World Class. We won't get a better replacement.
  2. Big fan of both of those emblems. Make the original fox gold/orange and bring it back...
  3. dmayne7

    Kasper Schmeichel

    I think watching the clangers other Keepers have dropped in this world cup, Keepers considered world class, really does show how indispensable Kasper is
  4. dmayne7

    Yerey Mina

    Because I'm pedant, did you read their b team? That's Oriol Busquets, Sergio's little brother. And who is Miranda? Some 17/18 year old left back, not the Brazil centre back... But, I completely agree with you on the other part. He's only 23 too so should get loads better. Got to say though, that with us signing Evans, can't see us spending £25 mil on a centre back.
  5. Felipe Anderson has gone now. That's actually the first signing announcement video that's any good! Can't believe it came from Wet Spam
  6. dmayne7

    Harvey Barnes

    Na, he'll be shvt because he came through our youth system as opposed to somebody else's. And anyway, he's young so should be the finished article by 21 to belong here. Everyone knows Leicester players can't improve.
  7. dmayne7

    Thorgan Hazard

    Oh yeah, i totally agree. Ideally you have versatile players who can fill multiple positions and supplement with youngsters. I just think Gray and Diabate aren't going anywhere and are still raw, Albrighton is very dependable and good for the squad. Then Hazard can play in any of those positions, so with Alireza coming in and Maddison, you still have a lot of unknowns in this league and our style of play.
  8. dmayne7

    Thorgan Hazard

    Obviously we need to get rid of plenty of players but the idea is always 2 players for 1 position. We can't replace the quality of Mahrez immediately, so spreading the risk of 2 players who have proven themselves in their respective leagues is still the best approach in my opinion.
  9. dmayne7

    Thorgan Hazard

    Would like this with Alireza. Would give us 6 different options across those 3 wide/no 10. positions
  10. dmayne7

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    He looks deceptively quick. He's very strong. He's got great technique. His decision making is really good. Got a great end product. Worth a punt. Most impressive thing from that video is how nice AZ's kit is...
  11. dmayne7

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    Need at least double really to give everyone a fair crack, get match fit and try some different tactics. Even if those are behind doors or whilst we're away
  12. dmayne7

    The Tinder Thread

    Ticks all the boxes that one. If she's not down on her knees professing her love for me and asking for my babies then something's gone wrong
  13. dmayne7

    The Tinder Thread

    Lads, not been on this thread before but this needs sharing. Matched with a girl ages ago who had a picture on the pitch at the KP, during the lap of honour after the Everton game! Living in London, being able to talk to a girl about Leicester is already a winner! I started seeing somebody else around that time so thought I'd save it up for a rainy day. Went back through my matches and found her again. Looked at her bio and it's now got her name on there. Its Mike Stowell's daughter . Obviously, I've got to message her now. What are we saying; bit of a jokey comment about only being into her because of her dad, a lame chat up line or shall I go more serious. Should get a poll on this bad boy.
  14. dmayne7

    Bertrand traore

    No tighter than defenders are on Riyad though? Problem with that video is that it doesn't showcase his goals/assists either so you don't get the times there's an end product. Pace always helps. He's still quite raw but there's talent there. And thanks for putting some constructive criticism, rather than 'he's shit' just because people are expecting Ronaldo to be Mahrez's replacement
  15. dmayne7

    Bertrand traore

    Personally think he's an ideal signing. He's a left footed inside forward so replaces Mahrez in that aspect. Remember him looking good at Chelsea and with age on his side anything under £20 mil would be good business. Hard to see how we're going to get someone who can replicate Mahrez so probably worth spreading it on 2 or 3 players at £20 mil a pop.