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  1. I dunno. It's just so Leicester City isn't it?
  2. Yeah screw getting Celtic or Rangers; couldn't deal with the shame of losing.
  3. Shame they get a couple of stats wrong: Played his first top flight game at 27 (so it really is incredible) And if JFH's goals and games are right then that ratio is way off. Vards still well ahead though. Ah, to be paid for such simple mistakes, must be the life.
  4. Do you mind getting @StanSP to confirm word for word, just so I know it's true.
  5. Fancy that, benefiting from being here for a whole pre season. Oh, and that's a much shorter pre season too. Imagine the heights he could reach with a proper full length pre season, both in terms of fitness and tactically. There's a reason he was one of the most sought after young players of his generation.
  6. I'm definitely glass half full with us as evidenced by the fact I couldn't understand the thread about players who you thought were going to be rubbish, as I've never signed a playing expecting them to be awful, maybe underwhelmed. But, I don't think you can escape the fact he really cost us last year. He made baffling decisions and let his ego get in the way. It's just one game but yesterday was a marked improvement and something we haven't seen before. Admission of his faults after the game and after the first 30 mins, the balance between positivity and negativity was struck perf
  7. Yep, and that's hardly what his game is about so shows you the potential he's got. He's been involved in all 4 penalties we've won so far this season as well so that goes to demonstrate the threat he carries even if he's not getting goals or assists.
  8. His comments might have made sense had the pattern of the first 30 mins continued or had we snuck a 1 goal lead. Even then, I'm saying 'might' have. The fact we won by 3 goals and were in control of the game from the moment we were in front, shows he's on another planet. He might be good at playing football but just goes to show that plenty of pros don't have a clue what they're on about.
  9. Crash Team Racing is what I'd say. Better than Mario Kart as it's less random and frustrating.
  10. Great stuff for the 'lanky' midfielder. Must have really benefitted from being part of this 'giant' club.
  11. Really good player but given we have 2 of the best CB's in the league, I'd rather see us spend the money on a younger player, not that Tarkowski is close to being over the hill.
  12. Probably fair but they really did nail the Switch version. Controls were great. Problem was it was FM Touch and had major slowdown in player search and scouting after a couple of years. That and the database is far too small with regens after a couple of years. Shame, as the Switch is probably the best platform for FM in many ways, made me realise how much bloat is in the full version now.
  13. Not relevant to this year but Lamptey next summer if Riccy goes. Maybe even worth a punt as a winger. Just seen an interview on BBC and comes across as such a sound young lad and everytime I see him play he's the best player on the pitch.
  14. The people who follow the youth teams have always raved about him but sounds like he's been done by injuries. Hopefully he can start to fulfil his potential.
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