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  1. I was going through my old kits at my parents a while back and I found one from the JJB/Alliance & Leicester days which is basically this and that's still my favourite away kit. Would be all over this.
  2. Out of interest, who do people actually think is a better keeper in the prem? Ederson but he doesn't have much to do in most games! Lloris is an incredibly shot stopper but makes so many mistakes. Allison has made more big errors this season alone than Kasper has in his time in the prem. Just not really sure what people expect.
  3. Agree that he was at fault but the defending there after was the worst of the lot for me. No way that should lead to a goal so while he deserves some blame, he's not the reason we conceded the goal there. I think that game summed him up quite well actually. Touch was getting away from him a lot in the first half and up to that goal, but then after that he suddenly changed gears and it was like glue again with some great link up play. Actually starting to wonder whether he could do the business as a lone striker further down the line.
  4. Assume you meant impossible to not like, otherwise the lynch mob is on its way
  5. Thank god we showed some fight after nearly going 4 down otherwise I'd have no hope. As it is, if we can win the next 4 as we should we can definitely do it.
  6. He doesn't fit that position as he doesn't find the right pockets of space or have that killer pass. Fine centre mid and decent in other roles but not the number 10 with a back five.
  7. The fact we suddenly remembered how to play football and gave everything gives me some hope that we'll be alright.
  8. Agree with this considering the time of the season. Even slap them with a bigger fine to compensate
  9. Pains me to say it but it's definitely the kind of thing that will make me and many others choose it over 2K. You need the Masters in there. Other majors can just be fictitious or a random course since they rotate. Hope this will be good and I certainly think the extra competition will help.
  10. I had the speed off too when I played as it seemed off no matter what I did and then just gradually upped the difficulty/turned off some of the assists. Great gameplay but like every golf game since the Tiger Woods days, it's just a bit meh in terms of career mode. No real sense of progression in terms of clubs/skills which I know was their aim but also the fact that winning a tournament doesn't have any presentation etc. So just feels a bit flat.
  11. Why is everyone crying over this again? This is old news
  12. Neither did I until I wanted to prove you wrong . I found the Man City one great at first then a bit dull since they had little to play for. Pains me to say it but Spurs' was actually really good (especially when you knew they were going to fail). Still, nothing comes close to Sunderland Season 1. I genuinely think that is a documentary to show to non-football fans to show them why a silly game is so important at times.
  13. Worked out ok for Man City... Bayern getting one this year too so depending on the CL that won't be a curse. Actually most of the NFL ones the team has done ok. But I do reckon that there is the potential for it to be very disruptive so definitely some merit to your theory.
  14. I definitely would. I love all that kind of stuff. Still disappointed with the title winning documentary as it was pretty rubbish.
  15. Silly isn't it but it's just such a nice little touch that makes it feel that bit more like a premium purchase. Hope you enjoy. I had a thought the other day about how I just couldn't imagine going back to the previous loading times (also completely blows my Laptop SSD out of the water). Just need the next gen games now! Game pass has been going crazy with all the quality games now. Almost too many
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