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  1. Finally got my first ever walk out after doing the TOTS SBC. Did the untradeable one twice then used those players on the tradeable SBC. Got Neuer. Only 300k though
  2. And that's fine Col. I totally get why people don't see him as good enough for this level but at least you show him the respects he deserves. Look at his record in the Championship and you still had people saying he's not good enough for that level. Ridiculous. And I agree with him being average. I guess my thing is that he plays at the level of the team. So if you are doing well, he slots in nicely. If you're playing poorly, he doesn't affect the game enough. And that's his problem. It's why I don't think he'll be replaced for a while yet. So for me, when you factor in that he counts to a home grown quota for Europe and is clearly valued behind the scenes, I see him as an important member of the squad but not necessarily the first team.
  3. We did have other players? You've just mentioned him. King was ahead of Inler, a top player in Europe for near 10 years? Doesn't mean we don't need to improve on King but I value his contribution to the team on and off the pitch to be a squad player. Again, you don't know your facts and you're arguing with the facts, so I don't get your point about credibility. I was trying to remove the subjectivity. Can't think of many players who played 25 games to win the title and are awful. Some may have regressed since then but King hasn't. Thanks for at least answering the Mendy question. Everyone was shite in the 1st game and he scored in the second? So again, clearly not dominated. I get it, you hate Andy King.
  4. I don't think he was til he saw your 'joke'
  5. Ok. By definition, he won a Premier League title playing 25 games. Doesn't mean he's top class but clearly capable of playing in this league. Pretty loose arguement but I was simply trying to present the facts. There's a stronger arguement for him being PL quality than not. As for the credibility snipe, I've kept all mine. You said Ben Hamer was a PL winner when he isn't?! A point you brought up and a point that was factually incorrect . Perhaps you'd like me to send you the dictionary definition of credibility since I'm not sure you know what it means? You also didn't even bother to repsond to the point about watching Mendy who is, based on the facts of appearances/squad selection (even when fit) behind Andy King? I will agree that this is pointless. Not because we have a difference of opinion (that's the point of a forum) but because you a making up facts and denying others.
  6. Shame that conventional seasons has almost died out. Starting playing and have been ducking around and yet 18-2-0. Be good to see them reinvigorate it a bit. Even if that was some way of linking rewards to FUT
  7. No he isn't. Go look it up. He doesn't have a Premier League winners medal. Ffs, you're even arguing with basic facts. Utterly pointless
  8. Facts? I've just given an objective point of view using a fact. Ashley couldn't do that? It's more than some people want to blindingly slag him off despite the facts. As I've said a hundred times, can we improve on Andy King? Of course. Is he an able 4th choice? Of course.
  9. Ben Hamer isn't a Premier League winner. Nice to see you not letting facts get in the way of objectivity
  10. He's a Premier League winner? I'm simply giving you a fact since you wanted to make it objective. Assuming you've watched virtually every Nice game featuring Mendy then?
  11. Mendy based on what though? Have you seen him play a lot then? I'm willing to give him chance but he looks awful from what I have seen. Can't even pass a ball properly over 20 yards. Again, James last played 2 years ago in the prem and that was when we struggled. I'd like to see him come back but he is too similar to King in that they have positioned themselves as jack of all trades. The fact as it stands, is that of the 3 you mentioned, Andy King is the real proven Premier League player. Obviously Kante was a freak but whenever King played next to him, he looked fine and that's my thing; he adaptable. As we progress as a team, King will always be able to contribute because the better players around him, the better he will look. And that's because of his simple style. He supplements others. From what I have seen of Mendy for example, means that if we progress he would become more of a liability because he would try to force things and wouldn't have the quality to match. If we want to progress then we need to be signing a top quality centre midfielder. We don't need to be replacing 4th choice directly at this stage. You don't rate that's fine (and I get why) but you don't love the bloke else you wouldn't have written what you did. As for Slimani, I personally don't care either way. I think he could be very good for us but wouldn't cry if he went. I do think that it's poor that people have written him off without playing much or getting a consistent run but it's Foxestalk, home of the double standards. People have done the same with Musa, Gray, Chilwell, Kaputska etc so wouldn't expect anything less.
  12. Well he's ahead of both Mendy and James currently. We won the league with him as 3rd choice. So not really sure what your point was. Look, can we do better than Andy King as a starting midfielder? Absolutely. But he's dependable and a decent squad player. He's a legend of this club and frankly the lack of respect from some people is a joke. They moan about a lack of loyalty from Guys like Mahrez and then can't give any of said Loyalty to King? I just don't get that
  13. 4th choice? Yep. Not imposing enough to be better than that but he is fine with genuine quality alongside him
  14. And some people slag him off unnecessarily at every opportunity
  15. You hate Timespiltters 2?! Get out