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  1. dmayne7

    benkovic injured in warm up

    No he Puelled out in the warm up
  2. dmayne7

    FIFA 19

    Surprised he hasn't been face scanned. Want to start a career mode but sometimes there's big updates on the full release date. And weirdly, player faces didn't seem to update on already started career's in previous years.
  3. dmayne7

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    A good stream anyone?
  4. dmayne7

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Stream please?
  5. No wayyyyyyyy. I'm still said that his ineptitude in the second season has tarnished the glorious memories of him from the first season.
  6. dmayne7

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    I've fixed your missed opportunity Sheppy...
  7. dmayne7

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Great tackle. How an earth was that even a foul, let alone a booking. Shocking
  8. dmayne7

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    This is farcical. How an earth are we losing 3-0?!
  9. Completely behind the vision, but the implementation? Jury's still out on that but certainly looks so much better this year, which is to be expected given he's had some time.
  10. Comes across well. Think I've mentioned before that somebody at my work used to work for the FA as a player liaison/coordinator. Spent a lot of times with the under 21's. He said Chilly was a really nice young lad with a good family etc.
  11. dmayne7

    FIFA 19

    Of course you can't be Vardy not being in the best 100 players in the world is a bit silly. Maguire's is fair based on last year and the world cup; his pace is only 47 and he's not that slow. Ricardo got downgraded because he moved to us which is pretty standard. Again, his pace is a fair rating and Chilwell's is only 76?! I think it's the fact that a decent prem player should be 78/79 and guys like Albrighton, Shinji, Iheanacho and even Simpson & Morgan are way below that. I'm more about Career Mode and seasons so decent potential would be nice because there's a lot in there that should have some good growth.
  12. dmayne7

    FIFA 19

    Yeah, I guess I just look at other teams who boosted for less. Also when you consider we were on a constant upward trajectory for 3 including steamrolling the championship, some of those guys never got better rated.
  13. dmayne7

    FIFA 19

    Some of those ratings are comical. Forever shite on FIFA. Even when we won the league, players barely got a bump up in ratings.
  14. dmayne7

    FIFA 19

    Thursday it is. Decent selection of teams to choose from.
  15. Knew it would happen from the moment I saw him played. Delighted how it panned out for him though