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  1. I was expecting a very different type of question...
  2. Particularly when we played 352. Those 2 were quality wing backs
  3. Plenty of very good players in there. Even some of the ones that didn't work out, were probably sold too soon as they've gone on to have great careers.
  4. Robertson's not a right back...
  5. And the rest. He'd be a long way ahead of what they have now. Best right back in the world.
  6. Completely agree re Shaqiri. As much as I hate diving, contact isn't the only thing that defines a foul. If he doesn't jump out the way it could easily be an ankle breaker. Tackling's a skill and players shouldn't have to give up possession and jump out of the way of somebody else's dangerous challenge, without that challenge being punished. And I'm saying that as somebody who managed to get a red card playing 5 a side...
  7. Can't even spell his name; I wouldn't worry about it
  8. Crazy to think he's been here almost 10 years! He's done a good job whenever he's come in this season and actually looks sharper than he has done in the last couple of seasons. Nothing wrong with him being 4th choice.
  9. If you're getting a 5 and half year deal as a 22 year who's not played a PL game, the club must rate him incredibly highly. Would imagine he'll be a decent wedge for his circumstances. Hope he gets a chance here as much as I love Kasper.
  10. Hopefully they get promoted and he can go back there. 23 and being first choice in the championship would be good for him. Somebody can correct me if I am wrong but didn't he have an excellent under 21 campaign for Denmark in the summer. As for the figure, I bet at least 46% of our 'fans' have never even heard of him. The fact that less than 10% want to sell Silva, Ghezzal and Diabate kind of says it all.
  11. Nice. That and Xenoblade Chronicles are on my list as massive games to play. Need to justify the value of my switch since I'm in the minority that really didn't like Breath of the Wild... Currently playing Fire Emblem which is excellent. I've even got over my prejudice for weird JRPG writing/characters because of it so will hopefully enjoy Dragon Quest when I get to it.
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