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  1. One underrated aspect of Battlefield it's is scoring system. Even if you're sh*t, you can still feel like you contribute something based on some assists being worth as much as kills. And yep, that's every FPS ever I'm afraid. Cod just especially bad for it.
  2. It's got to be a pisstake surely? Some of those players are class but then you have: Alli - been poor for 2 years. Aurier - so underwhelming since he moved to them Sissoko - ... What can you even say. Imagine thinking you can achieve anything with Moussa Sissoko at the heart of your team
  3. They won't win nothing? So, they will I'm fact win something? Normally I'd called that bad English but I reckon he's just really keen to make the point that Spurs might finally win something
  4. Definitely this. The only regret I have from that season is winning in such a terrible kit. Looks way better in that photo than it did in person. Don't like this year's either. Must be the key to success
  5. Wait, people are moaning that we're one of the cheapest teams in the league to support? FT has hit a new low.
  6. That tackle success stat says everything you need to know about Kante. Absolute freak. I'd be surprised if Wilf hasn't improved in that regard. I often found the tackling stats misleading for him as he wouldn't win the ball cleanly or it would end up back with the opposition. He's far more aggressive in the tackle now and it's showing. For all his obvious improvement with the ball, I think the strides made in his tackling are just as impressive.
  7. But he's binned off Vardy and Rose has actually started plenty ahead of Chilwell.
  8. Somebody already posted the last transcript. Nothing offensive in there. Of course, unless you want to be offended.
  9. You must be physic to know he wanted it fixing
  10. The fact Wilf is on there as the only non forward/attacking player shows just how brilliant the guy is.
  11. Signed a 6 year contract last year.
  12. I was just about to say that after a so so start to the season, he's really picked up again and is looking too drawer. Man City can go elsewhere.
  13. Yeah can we drop the question mark from the title.
  14. The irony of this post . You've taken one quote out of context on a topic where half the debate is whether or not that has happened. Well played. I couldn't give 2 hoots about Riyad Mahrez. Wonderful player, questionable attitude. That's all there is to it for me. I find it both hilarious and a little sad that people are so infuriated about what he 'may' have said. Especially in this current moment when we're all probably witnessing the most talented team in our history. Shouldn't you all just be concentrating on enjoying this team?
  15. Sanity and reason not allowed here. Find somewhere more suited to your entirely reasonable needs please.
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