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  1. dmayne7

    Nahitan Nandez

    Yes!!! He's great. Very well rounded midfielder.
  2. dmayne7

    Reddit soccer streams to close

    Problem is, how many of those fans 'support' other teams? They'll see their local team play but when you have the choice of watching a PL game on TV in the middle of winter against paying £25 for lower league football, especially when you have divided loyalties, it's a no brainer.
  3. dmayne7

    Reddit soccer streams to close

    I don't think it's massively about the PL but the lower leagues. If suddenly people can stay in and watch Arsenal at 3pm, then plenty will choose that than going to watch Barnet play.
  4. They're multi millionaires; not sure they'd take you up on the offer of working free...
  5. dmayne7

    Jonny Evans

    Hate to break it to you but he left. For Forest no less...
  6. Ok... I was actually responding to a comment that was ridiculing players for having to do extra training, so I'm not the source of any assumptions
  7. Think you're missing the point. I'd normally join you when it comes to footballers moaning about having it tough but in this day and age, to be having extra training the day before a game seems pretty dumb.
  8. Ignoring all the debate about our style of play etc. One thing that I cannot abide and never understood is why you bring everyone back for a corner/set piece. It's one of the most negative and brainless tactics out there. Look at Wolves: they score by leaving somebody up the pitch to exploit the space. The more players you leave up the pitch, the more the opposition has to keep back. What happens when you clear the ball? It comes straight back. With the pace we have on the break, why an earth would you be bringing everyone back. The only time I'd advocate that, is when you're winning by a goal with a minute to go. Got a lot of mixed feelings about our style of play but this is one tactic that is completely indefensible (in more ways than one!)
  9. dmayne7

    Wolves A Match Thread

    What a fantastic piece of defending all round.
  10. dmayne7

    FIFA 19

    I've got Cutrone and Calabria. Cutrone is like a much better Immobile and Calabria is probs on a par with João Cancelo SIF but half the price. Been worth it for me.
  11. dmayne7

    Spiderman signs...

    I thought exactly the same.
  12. Do we? Strange nobody has mentioned it.
  13. dmayne7

    Nintendo Switch

    I've only played the demo but will pick up at some point. Was pretty decent from what I played.
  14. dmayne7

    Who do you want January 2019

    Jesus. This is the straw that broke the camel's back; I finally feel miserable about Leicester. He's 26 and has spent all his time in L1&2 (pretty much). Not like he's slipped through the cracks and risen his way up the leagues. If that's what we're currently aiming at, I look forward to returning to the championship.
  15. dmayne7

    Barnes coming back

    Cheers for this. Sounds really promising. Bit gutted for you guys to have him taken away but I'm sure you'll be able to attract a good replacement.