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  1. I know Steve Bruce a little and remember talking to him about Muzzy around about the time he retired. Thought he was an unbelievably talented player, rating him amongst the best he had worked with and when you think of some of the players he played alongside and the number he has managed, that says a lot.
  2. I knew he was old but I thought more like 35. That's mental. Kudos to him for still going.
  3. Lot of very talented players in there. Surprised Hamza is in, purely because he hasn't been playing.
  4. Always cracks me up. Thought he was a bellend before and that did little to dispel that.
  5. Giving him too much credit; that accent is awful.
  6. Even though Kasper got wiped out by Deeney when rushing out for the ball...
  7. Same. I'm a massive fan and the best thing with him is that the things to work should come with time and hard work. It's just a case of pushing up lots of attributes that little bit more and getting more involved in the game rather than him having any massive flaws to his game.
  8. Huh? For the majority of the season I'd agree with the above but not today. His passing was good and he had the most urgency out of anyone
  9. Well it wasn't a free flowing game so constantly winning the ball back is a pretty good sign. Even when he lost the ball he immediately got it back. His passing was on point today; picked the right pass most of the time. There was one in the second half where he put it straight out of play but it was actually a really good spot and if Chilwell had made the run, would have got us in behind.
  10. N'didi haha. He was our best player by a mile today.
  11. Yeah he's risk free. Apart from multiple cruciate ligament injuries...
  12. This really. Like him as a player but often injured so can't even say he'll always score lots of goals because it's a bit of an unknown.
  13. Anyone got a decent streaming site?
  14. Anyone got any good stream links?
  15. Got it on Switch. I don't have it on PC but I've got to say, it's the first time I've actually committed to a game of Civ. I'm sure that's a reflection of the quality of Civ 6 in general, but something about it on the Switch just seems right. Between this, Wargroove and FM touch, I feel like the Switch has become a worthwhile purchase for me. My housemate has Smash Bros and obviously we play Mario Kart every now and then but I think I'm not really a 'Nintendo' guy. I think a lot of it is nostalgia and appeals to a specific time of gamer. Heresy to say, but I really couldn't get into BOTW, as brilliantly crafted as parts of it are. I'd rather have something like The Witcher to spend 10's of hours playing. But that's why the Switch has nailed it. It's kept old Nintendo fans but with the commitment to 3rd parties, it's brought in people who wouldn't normally opt for a Nintendo console.
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