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  1. You've started a thread moaning about people being negative. Instead perhaps you could have used this thread as a chance to spread some positivity but instead you're fueling a negative atmosphere. Good work
  2. Agreed he should have gone off way earlier but I was thinking he should have put one of the wingers on, just to offer more natural width and cover on the left.
  3. Agreed. I don't even mind gold on the kits I just think that the white stripes look loads smarter
  4. That would be quite something if we owned a player called Madison. Maddison has a Norwich link, maybe it'll be him?
  5. Too many people on here don't get how much football had changed in the past 10 years. Yes, Roma are a bigger club but the allure and finances of the prem absolutely dwarf Italy. He's a very good player' but it's not like he's been completely world class. Especially with this young team and manager, I think we'd be a very attractive option to him and many players. I don't see a top 6 club in England going for him so if one of the 'best of the rest' wants you, I think El-Shaaraway would want to hear.
  6. As if the media team let him have a photo with somebody whilst in the kit.
  7. Sorry? You think he should be playing right back/right wing back?!
  8. Almost 2 questions to be asked here: 1. Who in our team is better than the equivalent in a top 6 team? Probably not that many. 2. Who in our team is good enough to play for a top 6 team? Probably quite a few Obviously the challenge for us is getting them to be more consistent, work on the mental side of the game and hopefully keep most of this talented bunch together.
  9. Those kits look rubbish. That pink just reminds me of the Scotland away kit.
  10. He's started turning back as that's clearly an instruction or as was the case last night, he's outnumbered and it would be pretty stupid to try and take 2 players on and loss the ball, leaving us completely exposed. England actually have a log of decent full backs for a change and he's the 1st choice, so he must be alright.
  11. Great to see Albrighton back. Equally disappointing to see no Caglar or Hamza.
  12. Do we? We've got 4. Ghezzal should be binned off. People always moan about Gray and Harvey is still a kid. Albrighton is super reliable but is perfectly suited to this system? Assuming Tielemans arrives permanently, a top class winger should be a priority.
  13. I think Youri forgetting someone...
  14. We're finally starting to see what we saw in pre season where he looked a class above. His decision making has improved loads over the last few weeks as has his final ball (which still has some work to be done).
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