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  1. Vardy - worried?

    That's why I wanted to qualify want I meant. I think I'm more liberal in my use of that word but I definitely think one of the best strikers in the league.
  2. Vardy - worried?

    Watching some of his highlights/play, I genuinely believe he is world class. I know people differ on that as a definition but I mean that I think he would be good for any team in the world now. Obviously there are better but delighted he's still here
  3. Daniel Amartey

    Haha, I know but I can't resist now
  4. Daniel Amartey

    So along with saying I said things I didn't, accusing me of thinking a certain way, you're now telling me what I've seen?! Hahahahaha. That must be some kind of superhuman power you have. If you went through my posts on here, you'd actually see I'm one of the most open minded person on here about players; I don't slag them off unnecessarily. I give everyone a chance. So please don't make assumptions that I'm some kind of melt like you who uses YouTube clips of Sunday League standard football to prove his point As for his best position, it's where he's played his best football (Ghana, in Denmark) and its been publicised that it's best position. If you think it's anywhere else, he's fvcked. And my original point was that he's not ready to play week in week out for us and should be loaned out.
  5. Daniel Amartey

    I'm not desperate for him to fail? Not sure where you got that from? You're pretty good at fabricating things from nothing. Why hasn't he played at CB when that's his preferred position? He got in the team of the tournament at AFCON playing there, played there for Copenhagen and yet we had no fit centre backs and he couldn't make the team. The manager and his staff clearly don't rate him there because he doesn't have the physicality to do it. I've seen centre halves who are slow, short, poor in the air, reckless in the tackle, have poor positioning but I have never seen a weak centre back. And Amartey gets shrugged off the ball all the time. Often see people running past him because he doesn't have the pace to keep up. The only game I saw his raw attributes was against Swansea last season. Not seen them since. What I am watching, is a young lad who isn't ready for Premier League football and the physical demands of it. A young lad who gets bullied and doesn't motor past people with pace. A young lad with potential and one I'd like to see succeed. Perhaps if you crawled out of his rectum you'd see that he's not ready for us and that I'm not abusing him. I'm sorry I'm basing my opinion of him on the 20 months he's been here rather than a single YouTube clip.
  6. Daniel Amartey

    Sorry. I forgot we judge all players on a solitary YouTube clip when they weren't playing for us. We should get you in the scouting department. If that's your genuine response then I have no words Oh, and he's running past people standing still. My nan would look quick doing that.
  7. Daniel Amartey

    Perhaps quote what I said because that's not what I said. Raw attributes are one thing, but if you don't know how to use them then they might as well not be there. It takes people time to learn how to maximise what they have. Otherwise why are we not seeing 18 year olds dominate in sprinting? And even when you think about someone like Mahrez; it wasn't until towards the back end of the 2014/15 season that he learnt how to use his body so he wasn't shrugged off the ball. Why hasn't Amartey played at centre back? Not in preseason nor when we had no fit centre halves despite that being his favoured position. Because he's not deemed physical enough. He's not slow by any means but when have you seen him outpace somebody? He's too often hanging on the coattails of others rather than if being the other way round.
  8. Daniel Amartey

    Why are you attacking Col? I said it. He isn't strong and he isn't that quick. Not slow but he is lightweight. Why do you think he's not been given a run at CB? Had a chance at the end of last season but we played Fuchs instead. The raw physical attributes are there but it may take him a couple of years to harness it. But any post calling him skilful is a worrying indictment of somebody's sanity
  9. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Think you've got your figures wrong Stick. And he was on the bench yesterday.
  10. Daniel Amartey

    He is none of those things. Physically he should be a beast but he gets shrugged off the ball and really do you see him steaming around. As for skillful , I'll have some of what you're on FIF. It's fine saying he's young and I do feel sorry for him that he's not being given a chance to settle on one position but he is a million miles away from being a centre midfielder capable at this level. Hasn't been played at centre back because he'd get bullied and at right back, he looks like a square peg in a round hole. Needs a loan somewhere for sure.
  11. Mendy

    One thing I'd say with the Mendy passing is that the stats won't show the quality of those passes. The amount of times they were chipped up to people when all it needed was a firm pass along the floor, is my biggest gripe with him. It was causing other players to lose the ball or put the team under pressure. Very guilty of slowing play down too. But you made the point earlier; he's a screen in a 3. Not necessarily a bad player but I think he's a poor signing and would have been regardless of the injury. With you on Musa though. Clearly a confidence thing.
  12. Benalouane

    His long passing looks good purely because he tries so many then eventually one drops onto somebody's foot and people think it's the second coming of Beckenbauer.
  13. Benalouane

    Why 2 though? 1 more and we have 4 first team centre backs. Amartey, Iborra and Wilf can all play there plus Fuchs if really desperate and even youngsters like Elliott Moore and Darnell Johnson. We need somebody to challenge Huth, Morgan and Maguire. Benny was/is never going to do that so the above can be 5th choice
  14. Who do you want Summer 2017

    Snodgrass; no thanks. Too slow to suit our style of play and at age where he's not what we should be looking at
  15. Can we be trusted to develop youth?

    People saying Keane did well for us? Do they remember our form when he came into the team. Season fell apart. Not that he was solely to blame but he was just far too lightweight at the time. Served him very well as he's now a very good defender.