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  1. dmayne7

    Ozan Tufan

    Eh? That's 4 different players who all play a different role in the middle
  2. dmayne7


    According to who? That's a ridiculous amount considering we still spent £10m on what was a league 1 full back. Don't believe it in the slightest. A smaller percentage as profit maybe but I don't think we'd offer a third of all the money we'd get for him to a club at that level, when we could just add in a couple of extra million and they'd take it.
  3. Agreed. And that's just taking it at face value and not with the context of his inexperience, position changes, the fact he's barely had a break etc.
  4. That passage of play was ridiculous. Vardy fouled afterwards as well. Dean is just an awful ref.
  5. I was actually thinking the same the other day. Says an incredible amount about him as a person and his mentality. Love the guy
  6. He just looked that fraction quicker off the mark so some of his little turns and passes were great. Lovely to see him do it against one of the 'big teams' too.
  7. Just didn't look very sharp today and wasn't great but hardly like he was terrible as I'm sure some people will make out. Basically the worst of a very good bunch.
  8. Different class today. Such a complete performance and liked him and Wilf alongside each other.
  9. What I don't get is that he's had plenty of opportunities to play 4 at the back and then he decides to change to it after a very good performance where we scored 3 goals, when we have no choice at centre back so we need the 5atb to mitigate the lack of natural cb's
  10. Are you feeling ok? I can call an ambulance for you...
  11. Literally only just clocked that when I saw this topic. Still very unlikely as Codies have made their reputation as a racing aim studio now but I guess it means EA have the IP and with sports games being their big earner, it could happen. You might even see some sort of hybrid between LMA and FIFA Manager.
  12. Mendy has been superb for us and certain performances such as Man City away, benefited from having him in there but Wilf just makes us a better team. Makes challenges that Mendy doesn't and covers the ground much better. Also nice to have his height/spring on defensive set pieces.
  13. He was shocking in the first 20 mins; classic case of his lack of physicality. After that he was a different player with some very clever touches and movement. Problem is with our set up is that those supporting Vardy have to be a threat constantly so drifting in and out of games at times (as most attacking midfielders/wingers do) is an issue. Basically you're allowing Vardy to not be involved at then get a goal or assist, so if you've got another playing you're having to carry at times, it's too much for the structure of the team. Perez's numbers are decent but because
  14. Multiple people pronounced it like that at the actual draw...
  15. He's got that really unique technique that means the trajectory is hard to read so no surprise they're good.
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