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  1. The roar of an attack and goal. Even on TV. I miss it.
  2. He's 34 in January. I think we'll definitely see him in the squad until he's at least 37.
  3. Horrendous at the back. We'll get chances. Have to take them.
  4. It would definitely appear we've handled the second wave better than France and Italy. France case numbers were crazy a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure about Spain - not seen their case numbers.
  5. the people of Leicester really haven't listened since this pandemic started have they
  6. It's unlikely. The trophies are won by the same group of teams every year usually. It doesn't mean he can't be hugely successful here but most clubs don't win trophies.
  7. But as you say....you knew that signing up for it. You can't really be miffed when you know you're getting one or the other
  8. 4k in Tier 1 and 2k in Tier 2 areas.
  9. We got beaten by the best team in Europe over the last couple of years. Get over it chaps. We move on to the next one
  10. He's our most over rated player no doubt. There's a lot of hype about Maddison that I'm not sure had ever been justified. He's a good player, sure, but I'm really not worried about him leaving any time soon.
  11. Wasn't great for NI in their play off either.
  12. It was poor. At least we have Fulham next....
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