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  1. They've not had decent sizes for a long time. Just smalls and XL
  2. The club needs to stock up on these with FA cup winners print on it.
  3. Officially a club legend. So glad he had this moment before he inevitably moves to Real Madrid or Barcelona. But I think we've got a couple more seasons of his talent first. Pure class footballer. His interview too "VAR huh...what a thing that is"
  4. Surely this makes us serial winners in recent times? I'm lost for words. An incredible goal. Incredible saves. Incredible ending. Incredible scenes. Legends forever.
  5. It's all down to squad dynamic apparently. Apparently they don't really like his attitude and think he'll be a bad influence so they don't pick him. Ever.
  6. Is this saying really true? I keep seeing it mentioned it everywhere. When we won promotion from League 1 and Championship it was an absolute breeze and we won with big leads and games to spare. Likewise when we won the Premier League.
  7. Just realistic. We've got a lot of work to do. Probably need 4 points. Two draws would probably see Chelsea beat us on GD.
  8. Lose to Chelsea Tuesday and every chance we start the final day in 5th.
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