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  1. No way I'm watching this now I'll be going for a long walk and checking the FT score.
  2. This. Could have been a great evening if we could win our easy game...
  3. Vardy getting the golden boot is all I care about now. CL has gone. Can't wait for the season to end.
  4. I agree on Vardy and Kasper. I think the only one Vardy had issues with was Puel but he still scored so he can't be questioned. Something stinks though. I don't really want a new manager every 18 months. It's a horrible cycle especially when the replacements are always done mid season. New managers every two years can work when it's full seasons but these constant mid year appointments is such an uneasy way of continuously doing things.
  5. Players losing their way after a year of a new manager.... Sure it's not the players?
  6. Same. Glad I put a decent sum on is in February not to finish in the top 4. I thought this may happen and the odds were great. 6.5/1
  7. Lose and they're 2 points behind us with easier game 7th place finish anyone?
  8. Not bothered now. Won't be watching. Pretty disgusted after that second half. Season is over for us. We'll lose all 3.
  9. Turned off at 2-1. I'm not hurting as much as I would have 5 years ago. I feel for Vardy but I'm hoping a golden boot will make it a memorable season for him I've lost patience and probably won't watch again this season.
  10. That's one of our most embarrassing days
  11. Pissed off we've not scored more than one. Hope we don't regret that.
  12. Good weekend for Vardy so far in the golden boot race. A game closer.
  13. Watford have Norwich so that will get them over the line. EDIT: no they haven't West ham play Villa in the final game so if Villa can get a bit closer that will be an interesting one.
  14. Sure but to say Wolves are exciting or more exciting than us over a season I would find it hard to agree with. I've seen plenty of Wolves games where they've been dull and struggle to create chances over the last two seasons.
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