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  1. He's not leaving. As many have said, there just isn't a realistic buyer for him
  2. CR in the Championship
  3. We're not ambitious enough to go for something like this.
  4. Zabaleta signed for West Ham Movement has begun - hopefully we'll do something before the first game...
  5. Man City signing Bernard Silva today for 60m. Mendy (LB) likely to follow from Monaco and Kyle Walker
  6. I find now that we're in the PL, when i watch highlights of our promotion season, that the standard looks pretty shit
  7. I'd take him and get him fit. Vardy, Deeney, Slimani and Okazaki as our 4 strikers. Move Musa and Ulloa on. I think John Percy has already said we're in for a striker this summer.
  8. IF kasper if some think we're in a position to do better than Joe Hart
  9. Plenty of pundits have stated on TV that they do not believe they are. That we don't have any truly world class players in the premier league
  10. Agreed. Some people don't consider Sanchez or Hazard as world class so I'm not sure how mahrez can be
  11. He was linked Atletico Madrid - so there is a source.
  12. DDG.....quite comfortably
  13. Yep. And today they've been at Polo with the owners.
  14. No thanks.