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  1. Based on that it will be Chilwell and Shaw that get selected for June.
  2. Barnes has some serious competition for the wing positions. Sterling, Sancho, Hudson Odei et al
  3. Chilwell congratulated Sterling when he scored too. Definitely a deal agreed.
  4. Rodgers rates Evans highly (see his latest interview) Us accepting a fee for Maguire could all come down to how highly he rates Benkovic from his time at Celtic. He may see them as an adequate two with Morgan and Soyuncu in reserve.
  5. Incredible deal for us tbh. Can't see it though personally.
  6. Well they're not wrong in fairness.
  7. Ridiculous fee. Have to sell for that. But I doubt there is anything in it
  8. I said this in another thread but there is no way Maguire is leaving this summer imo. The top 6 aren't interested at a price we would want to sell at. We have him under a long contract so we'll get some years out of him. Plus, his stock has fallen. He's still a very good player for a club of our level but the likes of Man United are not going to drop 60m on him - they can do better. The links last summer only came off the back of a top world cup and Jose being a bit desperate for a CB.
  9. Yeh. And for that fee we may as well keep as he's still a very good player for our level of club. We may as well get some years out of him
  10. I doubt you'll find a buyer for Maguire tbh at the fee we would sell at. I don't think there is any danger of him leaving this summer. The top 6 aren't interested.
  11. Does anyone know if I send something to the training ground would they arrange for one player to sign it for me? I don't live in Leicester and I know back in the day they would do things like this but we're pretty big time now so I'm not sure....
  12. Thank you all for your feedback. I really do appreciate it
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