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  1. The two teams should be able to agree before the game what happens if it is a draw. If one team wants the option of a replay then it should go to a replay. But if two teams are happy to agree beforehand that they would both like to finish the game via ET and penalties, then they should be allowed.
  2. Confident in Nacho. He's looking very sharp, quicker and up for it.
  3. Sean is never wrong It's actually a bit worrying he's able to call non obvious teams 24 hours in advance
  4. Must win with Chelsea, Wolves and Man City as the next 3 after...
  5. Not seen any leaked team news for this one yet. Anyone seen anything?
  6. I'm certain of it. He's going to hit 25 plus goals. Let him break throughout the season.
  7. Not sure the benefit of a statement on this by the FA. Keep it in house - hand bags.
  8. I'm a member but doesn't look like it will make members sale. Is anyone able to buy me a ticket please?
  9. If he gets 25 plus goals there is no chance he isn't going to the Euros. He doesn't need to play in qualifiers etc....keep him fresh and he'll be integrated for the end of season warm up games. That's exactly how it is going to go down.
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