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  1. Is there anywhere we can watch this? Sky?
  2. Have they set a price or just don't want to sell at all this window?
  3. We have to with Gray's contract situation. He clearly won't sign another here being way down the pecking order and the club won't want to lose him on a free. He has to be sold this summer
  4. One thing I noticed again today is sometimes he slows down the play and takes too many touches. Maybe he was running down the clock but often a pass was on to possibly score more goals.
  5. Does Sean leak the team this season? Or has this ended since....well you know...
  6. That probably does mean something compared to Fofana... Was he in the squad for the last game?
  7. The younger generation are having their future ruined in fairness. Some would say we are spoiling the lives of 90% of people for the benefit of 10%. Surely there is a way of isolating and keeping the vulnerable in a lockdown that allows life to go on in relative normal for the majority.
  8. Just a cycle of lockdowns is not the answer. Economy will literally be ruined.
  9. No more than the Bale transfer who we know is in the country and been to the training ground. Still no official announcement...
  10. Ohhhhh ok. Then it's a win win for us. Great season and we get him for a reasonable sum. If he doesn't impress then little has been lost. Thanks 😊
  11. Ah, thanks. So it could work out well for us but on the flip side if he a storming season...we might not see him again.
  12. But is it just a pre agreed fee? I.e. if he did well and we wanted him, he could still turn us down and either stay with Roma or go to another club if they matched our fee? Or is that it, if we want him we get him?
  13. Can someone clear this up for me... Does option to buy mean purely a fee has been agreed for us next summer...but if he didn't want to join us then he could go elsewhere if a fee was agreed with Roma? They just have to accept a certain price from us next season? Or does it mean that if we want to buy, the fee is already agreed and the player joins us without choice?
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