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  1. Obviously hope she gets better but where on earth has his money gone?
  2. Discuss. All in for the cup?
  3. An average Youri is still a solid premier League performance
  4. Bulldog is a British bar that shows Premier League
  5. We're not really playing with true wide men in BRs preferred formation, and if we do, there are 2 ahead of him on the bench. Barnes, Albrighton, Perez and Maddison all appear ahead of him in forward positions.
  6. I agree, especially with Man United, Spurs and Liverpool in the 5 games after this one. Wins v Sheff United and Bournemouth needed.
  7. This. I want to see this 3 again on Saturday
  8. Really want to win the next two v Sheff United and Bournemouth. After those we go Old Trafford and have Spurs so it would be good to be feeling good about ourselves going in to those.
  9. I think it's great how often ex players and pundits say what a great coach Brendan is since he was appointed manager. It happened again today with Ashley Cole. He's really respected by top players he has worked with, players talk and that message spreads. It fills me with confidence that we're going to have a good season.
  10. I feel this too. Brendan's teams aren't known for a lack of goals. It will come. We've not played anyone shit yet
  11. Praet and Barnes in for Perez and Hamza. Win it.
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