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  1. And Man United. And West Ham. And Man City. The more we drop points like tonight the more pressure on those games.
  2. Well said. Need to win games like this and Sheffield United. No excuses like those that are being given in the Burnley post match thread.
  3. He's a dud. Glad its just a loan.
  4. It's not entitlement. It's recognising where they are in the league and where we are. We should be beating them. When you're in the top 4 a draw is dropped points as teams around you usually win.
  5. Two points dropped. Our cushion will get smaller. Must win the next two.
  6. That was Choudhury all over. Makes mistakes constantly that cost us in the form of fouls or giving the ball away. He can't be trusted at this level.
  7. Clubs always wanting a premium for their players in January because of the difficulty of replacing in that period. It's pretty know forr years
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