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  1. He knows nothing. Never has
  2. That's not true. We've announced other free transfers way before that date such as Fuchs and Albrighton
  3. Actually any substance to this rumour apart from bookies odds?
  4. Topic was hot Read through and nothing has happened Typical foxestalk
  5. We spent more than 20m plus add ons on Slimani and Silva so I hope we would stretch a bit further for a young player who we have already had a trial run with. But I have no idea of the financial situation currently at the club.
  6. Agreed. I think we need two wingers. I think BR rates Barnes as well as Albrighton and is undecided on Gray. He's spoken about needing more goals and assists from the wings which I guess right now neither are delivering great numbers (harsh on Barnes as hopefully he'll develop further)
  7. Yeh he's still good enough to make an impact and the wings is the area we most need to improve.
  8. Sean is actually ITK these days
  9. Don't think it's related to friendlies https://twitter.com/NewYorkFoxes/status/1130535953917992960?s=19
  10. If they're prepared to pay that amount then we have to do the deal.
  11. His role in 15/16 is irrelevant. His choice was either to stay here and never win the league again or go to Man City and win everything - even if that means playing less in the league. Easy decision for most footballers. In the cups he played nearly every game.
  12. I'm not sure they can be the best when they weren't even the best team in Spain during that period. League titles define who is best over a season and Barca came out on top more than Madrid in those years. Winning a champs league does not equal best team in Europe. It's a cup competition. Winning the FA cup doesn't make you the best side in England.
  13. There's obviously a difference. But to say he's not played a part at Man City just isn't true. Squad game - 12th most minutes in their squad in the PL. Especially in the trophy they won today. He's started most rounds including the final. He's earnt his medals.
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