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  1. How do you know how many points you have?
  2. He's staying. Going to be our weapon from the bench
  3. Sounds interested to me
  4. Big pay rise on its way whether we sell Mahrez or not....
  5. Out
  6. Ah thanks
  7. Ffs. Nothing happening fast then.
  8. Most reports saying we've actually bid more than Everton so far and they won't go anywhere near the asking price
  9. He said "by next week" which implies done by the end of this week.
  10. True. But he was pretty useless for a bottom 6 Championship side last season and got sent back early. He won't make it here.
  11. He's shit. Won't make it here.
  12. FFS
  13. Leicester Lads are at the airport right now. Fly soon
  14. Bye then Riyad. Glad he's going abroad.
  15. Highlights. Hammond about for another season SSL and the keeper