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  1. Most construction sites I know of are business as usual.
  2. How many of the England squad could it realistically be... Maddison and Chilwell would be the prime candidates. Midlands based, known as being friends etc....
  3. How long do we realistically expect these travel bans to go on for? There's no cure any time soon and the world economy will literally collapse if travel is banned for a long period of time. Plus the social issues of it separating families etc....
  4. Maddison is in Nandos with Chilwell so it's not them
  5. If this game goes ahead it's exactly the kind of game we win over the years.
  6. Surely the league is suspended now anyway? Everyone else is - not just football. The NBA has been suspended because one player has Corona
  7. Amazing how our incredible goalscorer is dismissed every season for this award.
  8. It's kind of bizarre that BR wanted to work with Congerton again here if Congerton was continually signing players that BR didn't seem good enough to be selected in his teams...
  9. Guess if games are played behind closed doors this season then any home advantage would be lost. Not sure if this suits us with our remaining games or not
  10. We'll need the bodies for all the games next season and I think he's still looked capable this season. Good move
  11. This confirmed? He was supposed to go to New York at the end of his initial 3 year deal in 2018
  12. Vardy. The man is going to score 25 goals.
  13. Tough game. Hope we can get the better of Nige.
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