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  1. No cant stand the stuff bloody predictive text
  2. Me too but lets face it we aint going to see that
  3. Been on the guisness then
  4. No idea it's weird maybe give him a go in the maddison role on weds but we also need someone who can take a bloody corner as well
  5. Vardy isnt done yet in pre season he was as quick as ever i think its the fact he gets sod all service anymore.
  6. We really need a winger in the transfer window perez is defiantly not one Tilemens form has been up and down this season as well we really miss ricardo as well.
  7. If we are lucky at the moment i cant see where the next wins coming from.
  8. As far as I'm concerned if a club comes in for 80+ mill he can go. Invest it in a winger and a new st to take the pressure off of vards.
  9. The way i see it is this if were offered this position at the start of the season lets be honest we would have snapped hands off to be where we are. Top 7 is a good season champions league or europa league Still euro mights under the lights. I still think we’ll Finnish in the champions league spots with the games being played behind closed doors anything can happen i dont think vards will finish top goal scorer as he feeds off the crowds. But we’ll be ok once we have got up to speed with the way the season is now being played. In Brendan i trust.
  10. TBF who wasnt awful against watford if not kevin who chillwell?? Either way maddison needs dropping off corner duty.
  11. TBH it just goes to show the lack of depth and quality we have in the squad. Starting 11 is good most games but when we need to use the subs bench who can we bring on thats going to change the game on its head.
  12. What i dont get is we have Kevin on the bench who can cross a ball why isnt he having a crack at taking them.
  13. Shocking game shocking ref says it all really. How can vardy score when we aint playing to his strengths. Thought it was a strange call putting mendy in and dare i say but maddison really needs to come off corner duty some of those deliveries today and against watford were pi$$ poor.
  14. I don't mind alister bruce ball he's always sounded decent when I've listened to 5live
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