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  1. I don't mind alister bruce ball he's always sounded decent when I've listened to 5live
  2. The main issue i have with this corona virus pandemic is people stock piling toilet roll soap hand sanitiser ect what were they doing before all of this not washing hands ect. At the end of the day its common sense if you sneeze/snot wash your hands if you go to the toilet wash your hands if you come into contact with people who have a cold/flu wash your hands/sanitise them. Its common sense
  3. I’m sorry but you don’t score 17 PL goals if your poor.
  4. That’s harsh tbf hasn’t really had any service has he
  5. Spent more time on his arse than anything shinji got ridiculed for less
  6. Maddison has had a shocker today for me
  7. https://i.pinimg.com/474x/89/96/e4/8996e44e69db2b0ab294310e62e45353--football-stickers-football-cards.jpg Remember packing this and being well happy back in the day 😂
  8. Career mode is broken bloody premier league logo stuck on my screen 😡
  9. Considering he ain’t played much fair play to the lad he’s done well
  10. Why is it a 5:30 kick off if we ain’t on the box anyone got any ideas?
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