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  1. Mine arrived at 1 all set up ready to go just got to wait for the kids to go bed now roll on 7
  2. The only decent one he’s come up with is the Manc City one the rest are 🤮🤮🤮
  3. Personally i’d try and get rid in Jan and bring in a understudy to vards.
  4. Are we going to calm down yet maybe just maybe Brendan knows what he’s doing.
  5. Just pre ordered from currys peace of cake amzon kept crashing
  6. Apart from chelsea there hasn't been a lot of deals done really and bare in mind the window shuts in October. Just because we haven’t signed anyone doesn’t mean the club ain’t working on it. People just calm the F down and let them get on with it. No more were doomed/big issues going on/ I’m ITK threads.
  7. Jay is such a amazing artist i have 20” x16” of vardy from the great escape season.
  8. Im sure its been mentioned but when brendan came from Celtic chris suttons “Celtic reserves are a bigger club than Leicester” really pixxed me off can’t stand the idiot . Used to love listening to 606 but now suttons on it i cant listen to it on a sat.
  9. Mine arrived this afternoon had the Europa patches on got to say the photos don’t do it justice its really comfortable and fits a treat i didn’t bother with the Thailand smiles with you just stuck with classic King Power.
  10. No cant stand the stuff bloody predictive text
  11. Me too but lets face it we aint going to see that
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