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  1. You did, and he wasnt brilliant (Lewis Holtby)
  2. It will either be glory or Jaap Stam circa 2000
  3. In fairness you would hope its character building for the players for the future.
  4. At least Chilwell scored his.
  5. Is he going to the Bundesliga?
  6. Dont get me wrong, I hope he stays. I'm just saying that if he did go, I'd rather he went to Barca than the likes of Arsenal or another Premier League team.
  7. I'd love to see Mahrez at Barca just to see how well he would do, even if it meant getting 5-10m less than him than transferring to Arsenal. Also, when else are we likely to see a Leicester player involved in a direct transfer to Barca?
  8. Can and cant believe it given the massive ego of the two. The more you watch it the more ridiculous the incident looks. I'm no Hamilton fan but he has every right to feel fvcked off at Vettel.
  9. Ok fair enough point, I guess the timing felt too perfect for the 10 sec penalty drama wise.
  10. Yeah Charlie Whiting was clearly spotted in the Hamilton's headrest with a screwdriver before the race #justiceforhamilton
  11. Aah unlucky Stroll!
  12. Well done Riccardo!
  13. Squeaky bum time for Stroll, what a Grand Prix.
  14. Any of the current top 5 would be popular winners.
  15. Bloody hell, Vettel and Hamilton are both so dislikeable.