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  1. So glad we bypassed the one game knockout format looking at some of these results.
  2. Written in the stars lads...
  3. Not wanting to sound arrogant but want Milan to go through so we get them in the group stage and beat them. We're better than them, which is insane to say for someone who remembers how insanely good they were in the 90s.
  4. Hahahaha ah man, the Rijeka guy looks like he handballs it at the half way line, two defenders trip over each other and it knocks off the bar into a defender to go in. Top class shithousery, I kind of love it!
  5. Pot 3 is now looking tougher than Pot 2 ffs, just watch us get Pot 2 now
  6. So we move up a little in Pot 3 after Granada and Liberic wins.
  7. There is a Hearts forum (long story why I was there) which uses a similar UI to this but thats about it. No idea why some big club forums are so shit. Not sure Blue Moon or Fighting Cock have changed recently but it seemed that you only saw 5 posts per page and spent 90% of your time scrolling.
  8. Is that due to a focus on stopping a Celtic 10 in a row? Of course, the Celtic 60s and Rangers 90s side were much better but thats just me degressing.
  9. Just follow them and then unfollow them after the competition? Its only a few days.
  10. Yeah the similarity between Savage/Sutton and someone like Roy Keane is that that are all controversial. The difference between Savage/Sutton and Keane is that Keane's thoughts usually come from uncomfortable truths with intelligent logic behind them, bit like a verbal unpopular opinions you hold thread. Most of the time he gets it right but he does get it wrong the odd time. Savage/Sutton however just spout any controversial shite they can think of to get a reaction and to keep themselves in work, which doesnt promote constructive debate at all. Not sure if they even b
  11. Got me thinking that there must be loads of old money member clubs who are able to flout the rules somehow.
  12. Excellent post. Make this thread visible to members only. Lock out the bear and superhorns while we're at it
  13. Will he be introduced Cags style and eased into the squad do we reckon rather than thrown in at the deep end at an automatic starter?
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