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  1. Reactions to celebrity deaths always remind me of this:
  2. The more I think about it the more I reckon getting Liverpool at home in the next stage isnt a complete disaster, think they'll play this sort of line up until at least the quarter finals.
  3. Yeah these fans videos (and the likes of true geordie and arsenal fan tv albeit a different format) are far more acceptable. Not my favourite genre but they're better, more entertaining and not doing anyone any harm to other fans.
  4. The thing about the Watford game was that it felt like that was our chance gone and we'd be stuck in the championship for years, doing what Birmingham or Derby have been doing for the past 6 years. Was glad to stand corrected the following season.
  5. The draw takes place at 7.20pm on Monday 27 January on The One Show on BBC One. Who do we want? I'm hoping for a home tie against Portsmouth or Reading/Cardiff or Coventry/Birmingham please. Matches are on the first midweek of March, sandwiched between Norwich away (Friday 28th Feb) or League Cup Final (1st March) and Aston Villa (Monday 9th March).
  6. Brentford are going to be Hard To Beat. Coat.
  7. For all your noisy christmas veggie needs
  8. Nalis


    All joking aside I'd say he would be perfect for Newcastle now, a better version of Joelinton.
  9. Nalis


    We are sending our unwanted players to Man Utd on loan, what a time to be alive!
  10. I'm banking on Man City beating them at the Etihad. Hopefully....
  11. Say what you want about Burnley but I thought their two goals last night were excellent.
  12. Yeah joking aside it will be interesting to see what the findings are in this one
  13. Coronavirus - the hangover after drinking shit beer the night before
  14. Ha yeah I know what you mean, as if it taints it by not making financial gain on a near impossible outcome.
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