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  1. Indeed. 3 RWC matches up to lunchtime, 4 premier league games this afternoon and UFC at Euston station at 7pm.
  2. Every day is a school day. Always thought Tonga was pronounced with a hard G rather than a soft G until this match...
  3. I thought I heard it a few times but it turned into blue army rather quickly.
  4. Random point, most of us on here know TV stations manipulate what viewers can hear as crowd noise/atmosphere but its amazing how many on social media dont know this. You pretty much hear 'you're fvckin sh it' at most grounds in the country after a team scores but never hear it on tv, for obv reasons I guess.
  5. Think they are just allow for more margin of error. That and offsides have been a bit lenient so far in this World Cup. The officials are all top refs though which makes it a bit stranger, not like the football world cup where there are refs out of their depth from shite leagues.
  6. We've been clinical, hard to assess our performance overall given Scotland's usual high risk game has failed so far. We've got them up front and their backs are their best players so might as well keep going direct.
  7. So am I! We should win and think we will win by around 10. Looks messy as hell so far.
  8. Looks achievable if Aguero is indeed selected for those games.
  9. Saying 'getting the W'. Just say win ffs.
  10. Sunderland needing a late equaliser against Bolton, surely Ross' time is up as manager.
  11. At least Rodgers spotted his mistakes after one game and rectified them today.
  12. Even if Spurs equalise there will be so many positives to take from this match.
  13. Great try. Typical NZ, nowhere for 20 mins, class for 3 and they're ahead. So clinical.
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