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  1. Surely we should be used to this by now, no club in world football is immune to this type of speculation for their players so no point getting annoyed by it.
  2. The idea of billionaires doesnt bother me. What annoys me is when some called themselves philanthropists for self important reasons rather than actually helping society. It's usually the go-to phrase for people who trampled over countless people in the past to earn their wealth in the first place.
  3. Maddison's had enough, he's off to put 100 bar on 22 black
  4. He was hitting form but then got that bad injury sadly. Now he's back from injury we've moved on as a team and squad, dont want to be too harsh but I cant see a way in for him given our squad strength at present.
  5. Its not like they are San Marino ffs. A small nation having an off day today, they've beaten Denmark and Romania in recent times. Hardly a time wasting nation.
  6. Montenegro werent actually that bad in the last couple of campaign. Their pool of players is so small though (pop around 325k?) they'll probably only get a golden generation once every 15/20 years.
  7. Maddison will be the greatest creative international midfielder in recent times.... ...For Ireland
  8. Just an unreal player, one of my favourites to watch when he's on fire. Happy enough having our players as a second to him.
  9. As arrogant / harsh as it sounds, there are about 20% of all football fans (prob most of us posting on this thread) that want the insightful feedback, the knowledge and intellect to tell us something us football fans dont know to enhance our understanding of the game. The other 80% want the Merson / Cundy types who sound like the ramblings of old boy and the bar after 5 pints during Super Sunday because they're 'relatable'. Sad really.
  10. The B-Sharps were a better name anyway
  11. Fair enough, you are off your trolly
  12. Its easy to slate Southgate based on tactical ability vs Croatia/not utilising Vardy but people forget that his man management is excellent, the only tarnish at the minute seems to be the Sterling / Gomez scenario. Also easy to point towards the draw but a lot of big teams got beat by less renowed nations: Spain got put out by Russia Germany got put out by South Korea / Mexico Italy and the Netherlands didnt even make it to the World Cup at all Brutal reality is that there werent many other managers at the time who would even have got as far as the semi finals with that England squad.
  13. Surely we're allowed a free prediction it and if there are repeats then so be it? Fvck trawling through pages upon pages of this just to see someone's already claimed one of the Beverley Sisters....
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