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  1. Can you give us a bit more of an explanation as to what this table is suppose to demonstrate please? Looks like you've subtracted 44 points off everyone and 30 games off everyone but I'm missing the logic as to why.
  2. Like the similar comments made about Southampton/Atletico over the years, it ignores the fact that we wouldnt have bought some of the players we have if we didnt have the money from the Mahrez and Maguire sales.
  3. Guessing a draw tonight is best for us just to absolutely remove both teams from the top 4 equation.
  4. I think it works in ice hockey particularly with a smaller team as a permanent loss of a player is huge but in rugby going down to from 15 to 14 is adequate punishment even for the marginals. For me I'm thinking players could risk a red card offence knowing the punishment isnt as harsh now. Like you say the argument could be made either way, will be interesting to see the trails.
  5. Great work Dulux, most people wouldnt have known about the partnership if they didnt throw out those tweets.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/56763899 Some interesting rules being trialled in the Rainbow Cup (cup involving Pro 14 and SA teams). Not sure I agree with red card being a 20 minute sin bin before you can bring someone new on..... Anyone see how the other trails went in NZ and Australia?
  7. I hope Spurs win the League Cup. Although it means a trophy for them, it might mean Man City lose focus on the FA Cup as the quadruple is gone in favour of the Champions League they crave.
  8. That sums it up for me, particularly as the man of the moment seems to change from tournament to tournament. Wouldnt even surprised me to see someone seemingly struggle through the first two rounds only to turn on the style and win the whole thing.
  9. Am I a bad person for wanting Slavia to go through so Arsenal can't win the Europa League?
  10. Dont knock this tactic, if we are playing for a point against Chelsea or Spurs then I'm not against this strategy of keeping the ball in the player circle for 90 minutes.
  11. Enjoyed the coverage on youtube , it works well with the final day qualifiers. I like the Brazilian guy and shame he didnt qualify, wore his heart on his sleeve and only started playing snooker at 32! Hope for the rest of us yet. Main draw is this morning.
  12. When fans were last at capacity they were looking for to a league winning party they never got. When they'll come back they might not even have champions league football. I almost feel bad for them. Almost.
  13. Scoreline pretty much reflects the match now and Man City more or less through. Over to Anfield I go.
  14. They probably pushed Walkers close at one stage. They spent a lot of money trying to break into lucrative crisp brand top 4, just missed out and went bust as a result.
  15. I like a liberal amount of jam on toast as opposed to a conservative serving, though the process is a bit too labour intensive for my likely.
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