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  1. I think some website ran a simulator for a 1000 year period and it turns out that Sheffield United will win the most league titles in the next 1000 years. We dont win any. So now you know.
  2. So Charlton join Barnsley and Knuckledragging EDLuton Town in the championship then.
  3. Ranieri's comment are a bit like when an eldery uncle/ grand uncle comes out with something ignorant. You still love them but you just wish they'd shut the fvck up on some things.
  4. Always thought Savage was an arsehole pundit previously but when you see who his company is on BT (Sutton, Jenas, Owen, McManaman, etc), he's actually alright.
  5. Gotta soft spot for both teams today for various reasons, going for Sunderland today, 2-1. If Charlton dont go up today then they'll storm League 1 next season I reckon, particularly onthe form they've been on in the second half of the season.
  6. Crazy how there was so much noise about Change /TIG when they first came on the scene whereas now they're potentially reduced to being a bit part player on par with UKIP and the Greens.
  7. State of LinkedIn is great for calling them out on it. Ditto Mike Winnet, both pretty funny and worth a look. Agree?
  8. Fair play, the women's game needs to be promoted to grow and this world cup seems to be the biggest one ever. It undermines things somewhat when BBC know they are trying to trick people with clickbait headlines like 'Barcelona sign England star'. Bit like having the headline 'Maguire signs for Spurs' when its some basketball player called Maguire signing for San Antonio Spurs.
  9. Nalis

    Forum upgrade

    That was a tough morning
  10. One day you're Lauda, the next day you're quieter. RIP Niki, a true great and one of the bravest ever racers.
  11. Should have finished with the dragon burning down the iron throne instead of 40 mins of shite afterwards at the end.
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