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  1. Nalis

    Corona Virus

    Fear a lot of idiots are going to spoil this for the rest of us.
  2. No worries, would recommend Hvar as its one of the bigger islands (although still small), has a bit of everything and a good all rounder. Bit busier as a result though. Some of the others on here have island hopped a bit more than me though and might have some better input on the islands (I think @bovril maybe)?
  3. Been to Minsk and Brest so will pick a team from one of those places... Dinamo Minsk it is!
  4. I mistakenly thought Colin Hendry was their captain that season for years. Biggest case ever of ignorance being bliss when I realised who it was...
  5. It's very nice, about 2/3 nights should do it though, any longer and you should island hop, or stay at one island too at least. Split is also easier to get to the islands than Dubrovnik.
  6. Think Mike from Saturday BBC Breakfast did the top one.
  7. Couldnt agree more, particularly hit the nail on the head with your last sentence.
  8. Nalis

    Corona Virus

    Absolutely. Financially alone, they owe global governments the equivalent of the trillions spent in rescue packages.
  9. (Some) joggers. Seem to think they have the highest of all rights when running over other mere mortals walking to the shop to get essentials. Hogging footpaths and looking at others with complete distain as if to say 'how dare you pedestrians leave your house and potentially spread corona virus? Only those like me should be outside.' Dickheads.
  10. Just my opinion of course but depending on your income situation, its possibly worth the risk for less than £100, particularly if you buy them on your credit card.
  11. I saw nowhere a moment before Reno, damn it haha
  12. Finish the league, its the only fair way to do it.
  13. Nalis

    Corona Virus

    Currently Red whereas the others are Blue?
  14. Its tough to gauge isnt it? You basically have to factor: - Things being close of normal in the UK - No travel bans for UK residents in the country you go to - The country you go to is fine to go to covid 19 wise All so difficult to predict as you say.
  15. If whoever you book it through stays in business then its probably fine. Reckon people will be so desperate to get away in the winter 20/21 and summer 2021 that prices will skyrocket for those periods.
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