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  1. I fear someone like Spurs or Arsenal will do an Alderweireld on us....
  2. Honesty think the third vote on her deal will lose by a greater majority than the second vote.
  3. The EU have played this brilliantly, the extension is purely to help them prepare for no deal as opposed to helping the UK. We're essentially heading for no deal people.
  4. Fair play to Man Utd for taking that stance, daylight robbery from Barcelona.
  5. Hope at some stage to get an authentic signed 2015/16 shirt signed by the squad at the time for my (at the moment) pretend mancave. How much do you reckon that would set me back and does anyone else have anything similar?
  6. Messi over Ronaldo but both the top 2 of all time. Random hypothetical question - imagine rudkin did his magic as a 'fvck you' to his critics on Foxestalk and signed Messi and Ronaldo next season, where would we end up finishing in the league? Top 6? Top 4? Champions???
  7. I'd say that could even be a record in top flight history, cant realistically see there being a bigger gap barring a freak early injury to a striker.
  8. Title, top 4, european places and relegation will all be wrapped up before the final game of the season.
  9. Always interesting to see this, Coventry still way ahead of Forest and Derby obviously.
  10. Same here, the concept was a good idea but was a bit crap after the main part. Thought it was good too, build up was better than how it was wrapped up.
  11. Man City are winning it, just hope its Watford or Brighton in the final.
  12. Loving the implied final comment, opposition fans who still think we somehow cheated or drugged players in 2015/16 are fvckin weird....
  13. In the sober day of day, I think the home nations can each take something into the World Cup to avoid the collective shi t show of 2015. - Wales are currently the best NH team (as we all know from the past 3 years, that can change very quickly in rugby) - Ireland have beaten all tier 1 teams in the past 18 months at some point so we havent become a bad team overnight and hopefully we have hit a blimp as opposed to peaking too early. - When England turn it on they've been excellent, particularly when the Sarries players have been fit. - Scotland's passing / running game is a joy to watch when it clicks as it did against England 2nd half. Of course, the SH will also pick it up so we shall see what happens.... Final point - I find it a bit cringe to see some of my fellow Irish fans happy we lost yesterday to stop England winning the 6 nations. If we were a consistent wooden spoon contender then maybe I'd understand but its a bit of a sh it attitude for a team with aspirations of going far in the World Cup.
  14. Ffs, a LOT I could say but I'll keep it short: - Well done Wales - In reality, we've had a shi te tournament saving our worst performance for last (what do you know? Our F game cant beat Wales' B game away) - Performance of the tournament was England against Ireland I felt - Fvck the 6 nations anyway, its all about the world cup for us this year (least thats what we'll tell ourselves anyway)
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