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  1. 400,000 a day is 4m extra by the end of the week. Would be great to be in excess of that but even the above would put us on the right track which is good. The positives are slowly outweighing the negatives.
  2. Us honorary Londoners continue to get the favourable treatment by swiping the north east / yorkshire vaccines. You'd wonder what the approach would have been if the shoe was on the other foot.
  3. Does the Celtic forum have a thread like this aimed at our attempts to buy Edouard?
  4. If we need Perez to step up in a false 9 then Nacho should play against Brentford with Perez playing the next 4.
  5. I like our willingness but 70% is just ok when you think about it. The other nation figures are absolutely shocking though, sad state of humanity that.
  6. Wonder if they would shift the multi city format to Euro 2024 if they just have everything in one country this time around?
  7. Dont think its as extreme as you say but the system is very open to abuse.
  8. Might be one for the unpopular opinion thread but I always think experience is given too much weight over ability. To counter point myself a little though, I think Man City will win it due to their superior ability anyway.
  9. I liked Burnley before it was cool to like them. Just saying.
  10. Can we have some sources please?
  11. Think that was the last Leicester game I got to. It was also the last time we've seen this Ozil. Fvckin typical
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