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  1. Why are all of the Tories including the line of beating Corbyn when congratulating Boris? Shows how shit scared they are of Jeremy....
  2. Think you've hit on the nail that was clearly missed previously.
  3. This is unfortunately the only positive thing we can do in this situation....
  4. In a world of digitisation coupled with serious issues dividing opinion across the country, I hope the Sunday Sport never ceases circulation. No one is too good for it, no one
  5. I wasnt slating Dylan in particular, my comment was generally speaking of once legendary artists who match the criteria I mentioned. For example, I love Fleetwood Mac and was going to go to Wembley to watch them but they sound shit live recently based on the clips I've seen.
  6. On the Bob Dylan theme, most 'legendary' artists are usually crap by the time they get past a certain age. They only sell out stadiums based purely on their name previously and obtain a pull from the vast majority based on nostalgia on how good they once were and the desire to say 'I've seen them live' before they die. Seeing someone in 2019 who peaked 50 years before is about as relevant as saying 'I've seen Socrates play' when watching him as a 50 something for that Yorkshire amateur team.
  7. If it happens, probably has to happen this week if we want to find a replacement (big if on both matters though).
  8. Bit odd there's little to no mention of this, not like its some unknown French team we're playing.
  9. Working it out, around 23 maybe? It was in a nightclub called Ollie's in Belfast, he was in the 'VIP' area which was basically a crap really small roped off area on the main floor with one easy going bouncer at the rope. He was randomly on his own at the time and one of my mates popped over to get a handshake. We all felt a bit cringe when my mate when over but then we followed him over when Rory was chatting away haha. He actually took a bit of interest, asked how our nights were, what pubs were we in before, even asked me what Dublin life was like vs Belfast as I was living in Dublin at the time. When a couple of his mates came over we decided to let him get on with his evening, wished him well and he said told us to have good one. I know thats all common courtesy anyway but he could have ended up being a total dickhead given his position so fair play to him.
  10. Yeah it's a shame about his dad, esp since I've met Rory before and he seemed like a nice guy.
  11. Think I'd agree with that order. As much as Vardy is club legend, Evans strikes me as a more effective leader on the pitch.
  12. Jokes at the scout referring to Forest as a big club, about as relevant as calling Preston a big club.
  13. I like Rory but fvckin hell, his dad Gerry is one of the rudest cvnts I've ever come across. Gave it the whole 'do you know who I am?' when Rory was only 16, fvck knows how unbearable he would be now.
  14. I havent played proper golf in years but what would a decent club regular score on this course (say someone who plays once a week on a handicapp of around 10)?
  15. About 6 posts on Lemar and not one mention of 50/50 ?!? Shame on you all....
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