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  1. The FT match/pre-match threads...

    Problem is, mid table to lower is dross so we are inevitably going to over and under achieve at various points of the season. Cups are were its at the season
  2. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    Dont even waste your energy on that uneducated conehead.
  3. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Havent read the whole thread but I'm guessing its 7 pages of people moaning about the selection of King.
  4. Capital Cities Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 53 seconds  
  5. Southampton (A) pre-match

    Southampton have a day less to rest for this one so expect them to make changes. With us playing Palace at lunchtime on Sat, we would need to rest players too. Perhaps one of Mahrez and Gray, and also Chilwell, Morgan and Vardy see how we get on with that. Unfortunately we cant really drop Iborra / Ndidi until we have adequate back up. 1-1.
  6. Okazaki on the floor

    If Puel is referring to the literal translation of kamikaze, which is 'divine wind', then its probably a fair synopsis.
  7. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    West Ham v Chelsea on Sky Sports Mix now (Sky customers get it free).
  8. Leeds v Wigan a few years back. Love how the doggo is joining in the celebrations.
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 99 seconds  
  10. I'm with @kingcarr21 on this one. If I was a Spurs fan, I'd be pissed offthe players lost their heads rather than the ref not controlling the players. The spin from the media is unreal, how they've made spurs look like the victims in all this is beyond me.
  11. The "do they mean us?" thread

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42219327 Fair play to Clattebberg for being honest and although not entirely professional, at least it stopped the main talking point being red cards etc. 'Costing Spurs a title' that was never theirs to lose though ffs....
  12. Silva Calendar

    I was hoping for a new Silva pic every day, this advent calendar only gets a 14 out of 100 for me.
  13. World Cup Draw - 15:00

    Groups D and F are stinkers but very intriguing.
  14. Chris Wood Return

    We all know a small number of knuckle draggers will boo him unfortunately.