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  1. To be fair the two today were definitely penalties, albeit both very naive of Newcastle to give away. Good you guys look like staying up now.
  2. How are we looking in terms on yellow card suspensions? Do we have anyone a yellow card off a one or two game suspension?
  3. No doubt Deeney will get match of the man but I'm torn between thinking if he deserves it for two penalties when he's been shit outside that? Not like he was shit and scored 2 goals in open play then again but another player have put 2 penos away under such pressure?
  4. Also means Bournemouth definitely have to go for a win against us tomorrow as cant rely on trying to beat Man City. Will hopefully play into our hands.
  5. A second gifted penalty from Newcastle to Watford, Bruce will be fuming. Imagine being a Villa or Bournemouth fan watching this
  6. 4 nil in the Antonio show then, lmao if he gets another 2 and breaks Shearer's record.
  7. Glad I went for Watford Newcastle instead of Norwich West Ham, very open game since the equaliser. Thought it was a stupid penalty for Newcastle to give away, can't believe Ritchie and the other player charged in like that when Kiko was going at full speed in the box, you just spot what was going to happen a mile off.
  8. Looking at the relegation scrap and the fixtures, I cant see how the bottom 3 can escape. West Ham and Watford have favourable fixtures and I cant see Villa and Bournemouth getting enough points before the West Ham Villa game in the final game of the season. Worse still, think West Ham will be safe before they play Man U.
  9. You are half right. Lets be generous and say you have to be at least 5 years old to comprehend winning the European Cup. Thats means anyone over 45 years old has the right to gloat about it as they experienced it, probably in the same way we will in years to come about our title win. For anyone under 45, while they can acknowledge it, they dont have the right to brag as they didn't actually experience it as a fan. It would be like a Huddersfield fan gloating winning 3 league titles in a row or Preston fans on being the first ever champions / invincibles.
  10. Yep I know it was said last year but even more so when you consider Sunderland, Portsmouth and Ipswich are all in League 1 next season.
  11. Why wont Luton just flush like the trash they are? Hopefully this win wont be followed up.
  12. I was thinking about this the other day regarding football as a whole. It was good for us to get a champions league campaign with fans etc in 16-17. I feel for the Sheffield United who might miss out on potentially their only european tour in their lifefimes. Or Wycombe fans who might miss out on ground hopping in potentially their only season in the second tier.
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