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  1. Klose

    I'm still annoyed at the BBC for not taking advantage of having a montage reel Klose during Euro 2008 with backing track of Neyo's recent hit single of that time 'Closer'.
  2. What grinds my gears...

    Got it in one. Its like people who tell others about the beautiful place 'off the beaten track' they went to where tourists never go, as mentioned to them by a tour guide. I consider myself well travelled (nobish I know) but unless you go someone where no one speaks English and their isnt a sniff of tours/tourism tat for hundreds of miles, then you arent off the beaten track.
  3. What grinds my gears...

    Writers/bloggers/journalists who bemoans tourists for ruining areas whilst not only distancing themselves from being coined a 'tourist' but judges people who are less travelled for not seeing the world.
  4. Vardy is selling his house

    Have Roma put in an offer of 5 grand for it?
  5. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Newcastle are the biggest club outside the top 7, arguably the top 6. Dont know if that makes you a big club or just the biggest of the rest.
  6. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Waghorn with a brace v Millwall.
  7. Shakespearean Chants

    Cambiasso, he doth witch powers ye are aware.
  8. Should I get rid of this?

    Keep of course as its pretty cool and possible quite rare. You dont have to use it neccessarily.
  9. Exactly this. Crazy as it sounds, Spurs and Everton could be a 2/3 bad consecutive managerial appointments away from relegation. Probably would have included Newcastle and Villa as established premier league clubs until about 5 years ago.
  10. BHA pre match

    Oh look who it is, Mr 'I'm posting on the forum and not outside the team hotel this morning'. And you call yourself a fan? Fvcking plastic....
  11. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Ned Flanders on the wing would more effective than Mahrez right now to be honest too.
  12. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    I know I'm biased but precisely this. Most fans are idiots though and judge players on a few youtube clips and showboats rather than someone's all round play.
  13. It seems to happen all too often sadly if managers dont find another job sharpish. Curbishley's stock wasnt too bad after his last post at West Ham but just didnt get manage to land a management role.
  14. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    **** it 1-2, Maguire and Vardy
  15. Mahrez to .......................?

    Another possibilty- Mahrez doesnt go in the summer which gives him the kick up the arse to have a stormer until Jan when one of the teams still in the Champions League comes in for him for an inflated £70m.