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  1. Claude Puel - Contender

    Actually I’m a Leicester fan and long time FoxesTalk member, albeit a very quiet one. I just stole this from the SaintsWeb forum. The chances statistic is probably more meaningful than the shots count, but it is the same conclusion either way.
  2. Claude Puel - Contender

    From SaintsWeb: Look at our home prem games since christmas (Score. Shots. Chances created)Saints 1-4 Spurs. Shots 9-17. Chances 6-10.Saints 1-2 WBA. Shots 10-7. Chances 7-4.Saints 3-0 Leicester. Shots 20-11. Chances 13-7.Saints 1-3 West Ham. Shots 22-6. Chances 13-4.Saints 0-0 Bournemouth. Shots 14-12. Chances 11-5.Saints 3-1 Palace. Shots 25-17. Chances 17-13.Saints 0-3 Man City. Shots 8-18. Chances 5-10.Saints 0-0 Hull. Shots 11-9. Chances 4-7.Saints 0-2 Arsenal. Shots 14-11. Chances 11-9.Saints 0-0 Man Utd. Shots 17-11. Chances 10-7.Saints 0-1 Stoke. Shots 15-14. Chances 8-12.The only teams that took more shots than us were Spurs and ManCity. So for all the "boring negative football" we were playing, other teams were usually sitting back even more making it harder for us to score.Saints: 165 shots. 105 chances. 9 goals.1 goal per 18.3 shots/11.7 chancesOpponents: 133 shots. 88 chances. 16 goals.1 goal per 8.3 shots/5.5 chancesOur last 11 games under Puel only had 1 bottom 6 team so there weren't many "Easy wins". We played 2nd/3rd/5th/6th/9th/10th/11th/12th/13th/14th/18th.Our football wasn't anywhere near as boring as the scorelines suggested. Our attacking players just sucked at taking chances and only Spurs, Palace and City attacked us properly with the rest sitting back a lot.
  3. Next City Manager?

    SkySports ran a profile when he joined Southampton - worth a read. “Attacking yet pragmatic” stands out, as does “builder”. “Likes his team to keep the ball”. Previously managed Mendy as well. Think we may all be jumping to conclusions based on a short spell at Southampton.
  4. Jamie Vardy to Leicester in £1m scoop

    I have a friend who was in some sort of corporate hospitality for Fleetwood's last home match (Tuesday night, I think). He told me that the word there was that the deal was already done - £1m potentially rising to £2m. Seems a lot of money for a non-league player and seems very strange that we would commit to this sort of signing while we don't know which league we'll be playing in next season (although I think it is becoming clear it won't be the top flight). I'm not saying it is necessarily true but the rumour has come from the Fleetwood end rather than being plucked out of the backside of a mirror journalist. As an aside, he said the food at Fleetwood was very good, much better than at Blackpool.