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  1. I think they are too unproven at the moment. Alireza Jahanbaksh had 21 goals and 12 assists for AZ (the same team that Boadu and Stengs play for) in his final season and has been a complete flop in the Premier League. He can't even use the excuse of Chris Hughton defensive football because Graham Potter has come in and changed their style, and they still don't play him. Dutch signings have also been a mixed bag with Daley Blind and Memphis Depay not making the grade for Manchester United and they came from Ajax and PSV who generally produce the best Dutch players. I think we will sign players that are between 24-26 years of age like Praet and Perez, as the core of our team is strong, but it's depth our squad lacks. Players of that age might not have as much potential but are better at making an immediate impact.
  2. Olmo is the real deal and would fit into the Leicester philosophy but the issue is that for Dinamo he plays in the Tielemans role (box to box), and for Spain he plays more like a Maddison (attacking mid / 10). He can play on the wing too but it's not his best position. Given that we have Praet in the squad as well, I can't see the reason to sign another player in that mould even if his potential is outstanding. He could go for Tielemans money if rumours are to be believed so unless you are going straight into the first team I can't see why we would sign him because we are so blessed with midfielders at the moment. But to put it into context, Dinamo fans say he's the best midfielder they have since Luka Modric, and he didn't turn out too bad! For those talking about Morelos, how much do you think he would cost? I think he could be an astute signing for the right money who I think would be effective in the league and useful for rotation but wouldn't expect to be the main man. But any more than 20m would be pushing it IMO. An out there signing would be Dries Mertens of Napoli who won't renew his contract at the end of the season. He's 32 and would be on big wages but if you are looking for a player that could come in right now and do a top job for 2 seasons he's proven top class. Goes against our policy but if you wanted someone that could secure Champions League and / or put in a title charge (!), that's the sort of player that could help you do it. I truly doubt anything like that would happen though and TBH is probably not good for a club like us to do.
  3. In that video, they ask if the title has already been decided, and Dennis just shakes his head and disagrees. Good lad! To view subtitles, open the video in a new tab and click on this button. You will need to change the language to auto-translate.
  4. Yes it's ridiculous! I still can't believe Youri Tielemans is a Leicester City player. I remember seeing him in action against Man United in the Champions League live on TV, where he looked absolutely outstanding, and the general consensus was that he was destined right for the very top and would be playing at an elite club within a year or two. Look at Frenkie De Jong who is at Barcelona for example. Somehow that same player is playing for us and is as good as we thought he would turn out to be back then.
  5. Saw this on Reddit, and came from a Chelsea site originally. It's trying to judge how difficult each team's fixtures have been and will be in the future based on their current league position and points accumulated. Very interesting reading, because it shows in terms of relative fixtures left for us this season, we have "easier" fixtures for the rest of the season than those we have played so far. The only downer is that Liverpool on paper have an even easier fixture list! Maybe some good news is that Chelsea have a tougher time coming up, and the difference between 3rd and 4th is quite a big one as 3rd place gets an automatic place in the Champions League whereas 4th place has to go into a qualifying round. Also interesting to see just how well Sheffield United have done, 5th place despite having a very hard list of fixtures so far, and ominous for Everton who on paper had the easiest fixture list but now have a nightmare run of fixtures left to go. Newcastle also look to have done surprisingly well despite us clattering them 5-0.
  6. Interesting question! In our team, I think our central midfield 3 have specific roles that in some way remind me in some way of the legendary Milan team of the late 2000s. - Ndidi is our destroyer as we all know. Protects the defence and watches out for the turnover to allow the other two to do their jobs. Reminiscent of Gattuso. - Tielemans is our box-to-box player. I feel like he generally runs more distance during games and provides more of a link between defence and attack. That's not to say Maddison doesn't also do it, but Tielemans does this role more often. He reminds me of Seedorf. In the last 6 games or so Tielemans has come into his own and I feel that's because he's fully match fit now and able to go for a full 90 minutes. He is best at orchestrating and running the game in the middle third of the pitch, again a bit like a vintage Seedorf! - Maddison is our schemer and focal creative outlet. He has the best vision and range of passing, but this season is also adding goals to his game and supports the attack more often. He reminds me of Kaka when he was at Milan in terms of the role he plays. He is best at running the game in the opponent's half of the pitch from the half way line to their goal. Now that AC Milan team also had Pirlo who is probably the best midfielder of the last 20 years along with Zidane, but functionally the rest of the roles correlate to our team. Or even a little similar to the legendary Barcelona team under Pep with Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta. I think this setup suits all of our players and to answer your question, I feel like Tielemans is better in the box-to-box role, and Maddison better as the one who supports Vardy. Both can do the other role, but from what we've seen in recent weeks, it works best this way. I feel like the 8 and 10 shirts that the two players are perfect for their roles int he team, the 8 is usually more of an all rounder whereas a 10 is further up the pitch. All 3 players are exceptional for their age. Honestly if we could keep all 3 together for 3-4 years you could be talking about a Champions League winning midfield 3! I know that sounds crazy but I really don't think it is because all 3 are on the same wavelength and all 3 create such an exceptional balance to our side. The problem is of course, I cannot see us keeping all 3 because crazy offers will come in for them. Tielemans and Maddison could fetch 100m+ and Ndidi I think will break the world record for a CDM because of his crazy stats. I think we will keep all 3 till the end of next season at minimum though, and who knows maybe they will get to that Champions League final in that time !
  7. With 5 goals this season (4 in the league), serious plaudits have to be given to Madders and Rodgers for adding the one element to his game that he was missing. This makes him the highest scoring attacking midfielder in the country and only Bernardo and Pulisic have the same as him, and they mostly operate on the wings. He also has the highest number of tackles made (23) of any attacking midfielder in the division and has been consistently good in all matches so far. Oh and he generally lasts the full 90 minutes, whereas he was often hauled off by Puel last season, most of the time for him not being able to keep up with the pace of the game in the final 10. If you made a Premier League team of the season right now I think he would be in it. He has been superb.
  8. Maybe Rudkin is like Vardy and he gets off on people slating him and winding him up, and it makes him improve his performance, and he thinks "these lads think I'm shite do they, well I'm going to sell a defender for a world record fee and bring in someone else twice as good for one quarter of the price!" Maybe we've secretly been the reason to his rise to glory?! In which case Rudkin if you are reading this you are a complete chancer who is completely out of their depth in the Premier League and you don't have the balls to sign a world class winger in the January transfer window
  9. Still looking for a single ticket if anyone has a ticket going!
  10. It’s more than that, it’s the culture Vichai bestowed on the club and city. Even the most successful companies and organisations have downturns, but the ones that consistently get it right have a culture that allows them to rediscover their greatness in new ways through the way they think about things. This for me is actually the most amazing thing about this season because I believe regardless of what happens that culture will lead to further glories again in the future. Examples I can give are the new young players we have who seem to have learned from the experienced ones. Look at the way Maddison, Tielemans, Soyuncu and Ndidi celebrated at the weekend. Look at former players like Huth and Simpson tweeting their praises despite no longer being with us. Look at the way the whole bench erupted after Vardy scored including old (Stowell) and new (Davies, Touré). Everyone is pulling together and you even feel it as a fan in the ground and even outside it. Honestly it’s the same feeling as 15/16. Perhaps the end result won’t be as good but that same Vichai golddust has been sprinkled into the air!
  11. Here's how he stacks up with our other players. I would say that for one of our most attacking players (2nd top scorer after Vardy) the number of tackles he has made is incredible, one of the top 50 players in the division (including every position and every team). Dennis Praet has made quite a fair few as well given how little game time he has had. Shows the bite to the Leicester City game these days. I love it!
  12. This article was already posted in the Rodgers thread, but I do agree that it's a superb piece and full of insight. I would love to see what a training session with Rodgers looks like. It seems he has fused the perfect blend of it being quick, snappy, exciting, fun, technical and competitive. Our players look like they are enjoying playing in this team, more so than in 15/16!
  13. The way Ndidi won the ball back and then dribbled past two of their players before passing the ball was I also loved that bit where he tackled Torreira and Maddison at the same time! Showed the intensity Rodgers wants from the team in terms of winning the ball back. That we rank first in the league for number of tackles made is no surprise, everyone on the team does it. Maddison just got up and realised Ndidi was doing his job, which made me laugh.
  14. Almost pornographic! - Team shape is compact. - Every player is within 10 yards of at least one other player. - Average team position is so far up the pitch that both fullbacks are not even in our own half, the perfect way to beat a defensive block. - Wide forwards pushing up to make space / runs behind our front man. - Ndidi literally in the very middle of the pitch where he can use his Octopus legs to win the ball and monster every other player in the midfield area, but also provide protection for our CB's. Someone posted the excerpts from an article from The Athletic in the Rodgers thread which gave a fascinating insight into the way he and his team coach the players. I honestly cannot stress enough times how good a coach he and his team are, and maps like this prove it. I'd in fact love to watch what a training session looks like because the way he has got his ideas across is clearly elite level. One more thing slightly related but that I feel has gone under the radar is that after we went 2-0 up, we managed the game fantastically well. We went full Puel-ball and retained possession so Arsenal couldn't do anything and they didn't have a shot on target (or possibly even a shot at all) after we went 2-0 up. This is a key skill for a young team to learn, especially if we are in Europe next year. We all loved the ruthlessness of beating Newcastle by 5 and Southampton by 9, but against a top team you have to know when it's time to lock the door and retain control but kill the game off. And we did it superbly.
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