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  1. Agreed, we needed it last season too. If Tielemans is absent or has a bad game, we fall apart. What we need is the next coming of Esteban Cambiasso, someone like that even at his age when he came here (34) would do the job. Best example i can think of in the league right now is Moutinho of Wolves. Who could we get around Europe? Not sure to be honest. Inter Milan want to get rid of Christian Eriksen, so maybe we could take him on loan for 6 months? I'm sure many on here would hate that idea, but it's grounded in some sense of reality as a short term solution.
  2. You do you! We'll have to wait and see how the game starts as it's possible that Hamza will be further forward like Tielemans was in the 4141 system we played last year, but given that they play a diamond formation, having a double pivot makes sense to counter the central threat, and give our wide players more licence to roam forwards. Also whilst 4231 was worse than watching paint dry at times under Puel, Having Riccy P, Under, Barnes and Praet is quite creative. James Justin has had a good start to the season also. Playing 4231 away from home in Europe certainly doe
  3. Yep confirmed to play that way by the official follow along: You guys wanted the end of 3 at the back!? You got it! But you got Claude Puel football instead!
  4. For me the result is irrelevant tonight, it's more important to get match time for our returning players and to get them through their allotted minutes unscathed. Wouldn't care even if we lost as we can still win the group next week.
  5. It ain't over till it's over! Great movie, one of the best ones in the series!
  6. 100% this. He's a former player of the season, and I suspect would have been our player of the season again last time round had he not got injured. He's coming back from a massively serious injury where he played on despite being in pain! We need to cut him some slack whilst he gets himself back into gear. Same with Soyuncu and Ndidi really, but with Ricardo and Ndidi, these guys have proven themselves time and again for a long time and are part of the fabric of our club!
  7. “We have been able to authorise the supply of this vaccine using provisions under European law which exist until 1 January." “Our speed, or our progress, has been totally dependent on the availability of data in our rolling review and the rigorous assessment and independent advice we have received." “So I hope that clarifies the point about the European relationship.” Great that we have a vaccine that can be deployed ASAP, bad that it's already been turned into a political instrument. In fact the way the Government is trying to pat themselves on the back for a vaccine dev
  8. Hence I said generally. We have no Ricardo, Chilwell was sold, Ndidi is injured, so is Soyuncu, so is Castagne. A lot of defensive steal isn't available! I don't think Rodgers would otherwise be starting two 19 year olds and 34 year old Fuchs in many games.
  9. Exactly, which is a big deal. I can totally understand why people want to see 4141 instead, personally I would go that way too. But I think that not having Ricardo or Castagne is the reason why he doesn't do it. JJ, Thomas, Fuchs have all done brilliantly when selected, Albrighton a bit hit and miss, but it's like between that set of players we make up for what peak Ricardo and Chilwell did for us last season. We are also missing Ndidi who I would argue is the reason we can get away with playing just one central pivot when we play that way.
  10. I had to laugh at "banned" as it does feel that way this season! But one note, both our full backs from the 9-0 win aren't available today. One was sold to Chelsea, and both his replacement and arguably the league's best right back aren't available today. Maybe Rodgers doesn't trust 19 year old Luke Thomas and 22 year old James Justin to play those roles regularly just yet? We generally look more stable defensively with the back 5, which might be his preference till those players get back to match fitness? I think it would explain a lot given this season's approach so far.
  11. Like I say I prefer the 4141, but when we play this system we use one of the spare CBs to support the attack. That player usually gets a lot of free room and isn't picked up and can cause a lot of havoc. Fuchs had that role against Leeds, and it didn't turn out too badly then. JJ has been doing it recently. Admittedly that game we deliberately counter attacked rather than proactively attacked the game, but still we scored 4 goals. By the way there was a fairly successful counter attacking team in the East Midlands in 15/16. Won the title against great odds I'm told. Be
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