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  1. Personally I can't ever see him getting 10 goals, but to give credit where it's due, he's got into multiple goal scoring opportunities in both preseason games. He could and should have scored more than the one goal he's already got, which was a brilliant piece of play. Albrighton has a great engine on him and will run all day, so perhaps just making the runs into the box is enough to make a big difference. We shall see! He is a player that always surprises me and he always forces his way back into the team, no matter who the manager is.
  2. This is what I think too. He has a terrific engine on him and to me seems more like a box-to-box midfielder. Problem for him is that our starting midfield 3 are so good in specific areas. It's basically impossible to be a better destroyer than Ndidi, impossible to be a better all round midfielder who runs the game than Tielemans and impossible to be a better out and out creator than Maddison. Where I think he could shine is as midfielder in a Klopp style system or team like Wijnaldum or Fabinho who runs all day, plays at a high intensity and helps the team press from the front. He did start a number of games at the end of last season so it's clear Rodgers does rate him, and as you say is a player to keep an eye out for tonight.
  3. After a ticket for this one if anyone has a spare for sale.
  4. Also looking for a ticket for this if anyone has one spare.
  5. Sign him up! Again! Already showing his class in preseason. Great awareness, great range of passing, plays with either foot, can shoot, decent tackler, works hard, etc. I don’t need to tell you this because you know it already. I’ve read plenty on other news sites and forums that “Leicester got mugged by Monaco for a player that had a decent spell under no pressure” but these people are clueless. In fact when he leaves I’m sure he’ll be lauded for being one of the best midfielders in the league. I’m not sure how we’ve ended up with him because he’s a class act that would improve everyone other than the top two. But their loss is our gain! All about the Tielemans hype train!
  6. Shame if he's leaving, but I'd understand if he wants to be playing football week-in, week-out as he's more than good enough to do that for someone. A shame really he got such a severe injury so early on in his career here, as that made us go and get Ndidi.
  7. Harry Kane just scored this goal against Juventus. Only a friendly, but what a top-draw goal! https://streamja.com/nvq4
  8. He's proved why he's invaluable. His role in the team is not an exciting one, but it is incredibly important. It's a bit like Deschamps for France back in 1998 or Leon Britton for Swansea City when Rodgers was in charge. Does this formation / tactical setup look familiar? It should be! It's a very similar setup to what we have seen in preseason thus far. Albrighton was pushing on to support the attack, making exactly the run indicated below from Sinclair to score his goal. Mendy is there to drop back into a three when we don't have the ball so one or both of the full backs can bomb on but allow us to keep some defensive shape on the turnover. Mendy doesn't have the physical attributes of Ndidi, nor the tackling prowess. But he is cool, calm and composed on the ball - an excellent recycler if you will. I can't see him being let go because he's so good at doing his job. Even if he's just a squad option rather than a starter, it would be foolish to let him go. He has experience and he'd be really useful in many games. In fact against "weaker" teams in the league he might even start ahead of Ndidi. Today Cheltenham were very well organised defensively, and keeping the ball and making the space was needed to break them down. In games like that where we see majority of the ball, Mendy might be a better choice than Ndidi.
  9. @LinekersApples is like when a good looking girl at a club smiles at you but then disappears to the loo for 30 minutes. You want to make your move but you know you’re going to have to wait! What a tease... Frustrated is the word! (Thanks for the update)
  10. Yeah he’s just solid as a rock. Another one where you just can’t understand why teams bid 60m for Maguire. He’s not even as good as Evans! I still like Maguire but defensively he’s not at the same level as Evans.
  11. Good interview with Rodgers going on at the moment: - Double sessions all week! Pushing the players hard. - Players out of position responsible for conceding the goal. - Happy with preseason so far, first two games just about fitness. - Happier with the tempo of the second half, much quicker. - U21 boys will play in the next game.
  12. ^ Albrighton's goal. It was a really good one!
  13. Here's my summary: - Our reserves and u23 squad are rather lackluster. Perhaps there is some concern over our squad depth especially upfront. Ihenacho had chances but didn't finish, and if I compared his preseason thus far to last year, he's gone backwards. Last preseason he was in great form and playing well. We all know he's lacking in confidence, but it's a bit worrying for fans. - Soyuncu looks like he has a mistake in him. I would note though that Evans had a number of shocking games early in his LCFC career before adjusting to the team, and that Soyuncu has not played against physical lower league opposition very much. I think today was a very good learning experience for him, even if he looked rather dodgy. I think he's the type of player you can only judge after having a run of 10 or some games personally. - Tielemans . Bloody hell what a player! If someone beats him for club player of the season, they are going to have to have an outstanding season. Pure class! - Mendy really good, great assist for Albrighton, does the basics really well and makes the system work. - Notable that once again our wide players drift in much more often than last season. Albrighton got into good scoring opportunities so many times, and he had a great game. - Some of the younger players look quite promising. In this match Fitzhugh made a good impact once he was on. - Lots of solid performances from players you'd expect such as Evans, Fuchs, Vardy. Overall not as impressive as last time round, but still showed glimpses. Tons of players still to come back and more of an "audition" style match for some of the young guns. Maybe the only shame for me was that the crisp one touch passing from the last match wasn't so apparent. We did it in patches, but I felt we went a little too direct this time round, and I reckon Rodgers will feel the same. Looking forward to the next one!
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