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  1. I think that's a far more sensible option given the impact the Pandemic will have on the fiances of the team, plus his character in general. He's one of those players though where coming to Leicester would be a really sensible career move. He can play in a super competitive league and get regular games without pressure. Going to Real Madrid always seemed like a big gamble from them, he was supposed to be the heir to Benzema's throne but the difference is that when they signed Benzema, he was already starring for Lyon who were dominating the French league and a force in the Champions League. Eintracht Frankfurt had a good run in the Europa league but were not quite of the same calibre and that kind of move was too big a move, too soon.
  2. Might only be a friendly, but that's a great result isn't it? They are a team you traditionally see in the UEFA cup. Also that goal by Almerersch!!!! Wow! What a beauty!
  3. I love Leicester City Football Club, they have given me some of the best memories I've had in my my entire life! I support the club because it's an amazing club to follow who have brilliant fans and owners. and are truly tying to build something amazing but without "financial doping" in the way that Man CIty and Chelsea achieved success. If I come across as negative it's just because I'm sad we've thrown away a big lead due to poor performances against teams like Norwich, Brighton, Everton and Watford. Of course I hope we get into the Champions League! I'm merely pointing out that our form guide this calendar year is something like 11th.
  4. If it means they don't go for Ricardo, that is a price I think we are all willing to pay! He had been heavily linked with them pre-injury.
  5. Definitely feel the frustration! Also though it seems really galling to blow a 15 point lead to Man U, the financial power they have to buy a world class player like Bruno Fernandes shouldn't be underestimated. In recent games we've been without Ricardo, Maddison and Chilwell and that is a lot of our creativity in the team lost with the way that we play. To be where we are with the squad we have is truly a great achievement.
  6. I agree with that, the problem is we maybe don't deserve it! We had an incredible run earlier in the season and did have many games where we looked the real deal, but realistically we are not the 3rd or 4th best team in the country. We've more got into that position because traditionally bigger teams have shat the bed so to speak. Don't get me wrong I think we've had a very good season - after that Wolves game I couldn't see us finish any higher than 7th so for a team that has finished 9th two seasons in a row to be so much higher up shows you how far we've come. But I think this calendar year is maybe more indicative of where we are as a team - which is probably top 6/7. Obviously I'd love for us to get to the Champions League, even though it will be soured somewhat by fans not being able to attend. I remember being at that home game against Porto and my word what an atmosphere! It was so loud you couldn't hear the person next to you talk! And hearing that famous Champions League music playing out of the KP sound system... well it was hard to believe it was happening for real. Luckily with that Chelsea result we have a big chance to do it. Let's hope we can!
  7. Sacreau Bleau! As revealed exclusively on May 12 by le10sport.com, PSG is keenly interested in Timothy Castagne (AtalantaBergame). And in the battle, we also find Tottenham and Leicester, two English clubs with solid arguments: the first to José Mourinho, the second should play in the next Champions League. But for the 24-year-old Belgian side, things are very clear: nothing will happen before the end of the Serie A season.
  8. Vidal in his prime was incredible, and would be exactly the sort we could do with in terms of mentality. It's no surprise to me he's gone on to play for Juventus, Bayern and Barcelona, as well as captaining Chile to victory in the Copa America finals over Messi's Argentina. The guy is a born winner.
  9. More self-obsessed, like many of the younger players are like these days. Think Paul Pogba rather than Diego Costa. I know what you mean though, we could do with someone other than Vardy with a nastier edge to their game. A Ramos / Chiellini / Vieira / Petit type for example. Ndidi is a world class defensive midfielder and a lovely guy, but we could definitely do with someone that is so competitive they push it to the edge.The winning teams all have someone like that. Even with Liverpool, just listen to how mouthy Henderson is when you are at a game. He's actually a pretty nasty piece of work who sledges opponents, but I'd also argue it's why he's so vital to their team. At the same time for all my negativity, I can see why he's being linked here. We can't go and buy ready-made players like Ziyech, Werner, Sancho. We have to take calculated gambles on players who it hasn't quite worked our for some reason, like Tielemans. As I say he's definitely got the talent, but you need more than that these days. For example I would say that each of Firminho, Salah and Mane though good are not world class. They aren't quite as good as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Hazard, Mbappe. But because they put in a shift for the team as well as being pretty good they are collectively amazing.
  10. Yet the likes of Luka Jovic think the rules don't apply to them What would you do if you found out someone you may have come into contact with had tested positive for coronavirus? You'd probably stay indoors, right? Isolate from those you care for? Give yourself a week to display any symptoms and then maybe get on with your life? Not Luka Jovic. After a Real Madrid basketball player tested positive for the virus, they shut down all of their training. The players were sent home and told to quarantine. Luka Jovic decided to go back to Serbia during his club-enforced quarantine, flying there Jovic took that as an opportunity to return to Serbia. That's a journey with a serious risk of coming into contact with others. Even worse, Madrid is a virus hotspot and Serbia had told people not to return. It is serious enough that the Serbian prime minister hammered him for his decision. Ana Brnabic said: 'We have the negative example of our football stars who earn millions and have ignored the obligation to self-isolate so they can return home.' Even his dad admitted he had made a mistake, stating: 'Now it seems like he's a major criminal. If he has to go to jail, then he goes.' Just because Jovic can hop on a plane at any time, it does not mean he should. He needs to have more social responsibility than that.
  11. A talented player but I'm not sure his attitude would fit in with our team and squad. Right now we have a very likable and hard working squad. A bad apple is what we don't need! Even Rodgers can't turn everyone around, not even he could fix Balotelli as an example of his time during his time at Liverpool. Also personally I think it's fast wide players that can finish that we need, not a striker. Think Mahrez / Mane / Salah / Sane type. In terms of raw talent though, there is no doubt he has it in abundance.
  12. Yep totally agree, if we keep with old school coaches we won't reap the benefit. I wonder if we will make a big appointment to be head of the academy or training centre? I feel like that is a necessary appointment for a place like this, although maybe there will be some early overlap with Rodgers / Rudkin / existing coaches. Rudkin is our DOF and at some clubs that person might be the one to mandate a style of play across age levels even if they don't execute on it themselves.
  13. They do, but now we will have the same ability too. Do you want to send your promising kid to Birmingham's crappy academy, or the best in Europe, the world class Seagrave centre which has produced England internationals like Ben Chilwell, Harvey Barnes and Hamza Choudhury? Barcelona developed Xavi from the age of 10, Iniesta from the age of 9. They signed Messi at the age of 13. Cristiano Ronaldo spent over 10 years at Sporting Club de Portugal before Man U signed him with the rest being history. The very best clubs in the world invest in youth, and now we are deadly serious about doing the same thing. Blackburn Rovers invested millions into their palying squad, won the league but where are they now? Leeds invested millions into their playing squad, almost won the league and almost got to the Champions League Final. Where are they now? Leicester invested millions into their club infrastructure, the city and their fans. Where are they now? I know which one I think is the best use of money.
  14. Long term the potential gains are almost unfathomable. The new training centre is so big and so well equipped that it gives us the possibility to holistically develop not just players, but a style of play and culture - "The Leicester City way" if you like. Look at Barcelona's La Masia academy, the Ajax Sportpark, the Benfica Futebol Campus. These academies haven't just produced some of the greatest players in the history of the game, they have also been used to develop a way of playing. What our new academy and the appointment of Brendan Rodgers means is that we want to create a style of play and then mould and develop players to play that style. Perhaps it will take many years to truly come to fruition, but if you think the likes of Barnes, Chilwell and Choudhury are good examples of academy prospects breaking through, the generation that spend every day here will be 3-4x better. We could well develop our own Mbappe, Sancho, Messi, Ronaldo, etc. And even if we don't, it means that rather than having to always buy players, we will be able to have great players come through our own system that not only get our way of playing, but have a connection to our city and club. That's not even taking into account the short term impact of giving every player the best possible facilities to improve (great with a young squad) and being able to wow potential new signings to join us. Honestly this endeavor is superb and I can't rate the club highly enough for doing it. And unlike clubs like Man City and Chelsea, we'll make use of our young players and not just sell them off for additional funds. It's going to be ruddy marvelous!
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