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  1. Youri Tielemans with a half-decent Harvey Barnes impression!
  2. Does Tielemans think he is Harvey Barnes!? Great goal!
  3. I believe he's in Thailand and will be until most sanctions in the UK have been lifted. When the training ground was opened, they said they were waiting for Top to get there to have the first round on the golf course. Not sure if that's still the case, but I believe he has not actually been to the centre yet because of the Panedmic.
  4. He will be, that's just his value now. Barnes could be a 15 goal / 10 assist a season wide forward, and those players are some of the most highly coveted in the game.
  5. Absolutely necessarily, he's currently our best player and probably worth around 60m given he's English. As the man most likely to take over from Vardy as our primary offensive outlet, we've got to tie him up!
  6. That’s my prediction too. But then is it 343 or 352? Under might play as a support striker instead of a wide man, he’s played that role in his career before.
  7. I agree with that, same reasons why Arsenal wouldn't let us have Maitland-Niles. It actually feels good to be so unpopular among the elite!
  8. In retrospect a loan move for him might have been a good option for us, as it would have given us an additional body for the sheer number of games we have to play. I can't say I'm his biggest fan as either a person or a player, but he's let his performances do the talking since going to West Ham, so air paly to him. He was actually on loan here once before when we were in the Championship.
  9. Brilliant article, that and our improved squad depth are the reasons why we've managed to kick on again this season. In terms of points on the board and league standing it might not look that different, but every Leicester fan knows that we have improved again this time round. That Rodgers no longer has a fixation with one specific system and is prepared to change things around is incredible for us, and I think we are one of the most complete teams in the league, possibly even more so than Liverpool! With Liverpool's current injury list, they should not be trying to play the usual
  10. Wow! Sounds super positive! He has the potential to go down as one of our best ever players if he stays here. In recent games the way Barnes and Maddison have provided the threat as opposed to Vardy shows you the new spine of the team; Soyuncu, Ndidi, Tielemans, Maddison, Barnes, etc. Tielemans could be the new captain!
  11. The difference is that the Everton owners have shown they are willing to pump in large amounts of money to see success. Usmanov for example *wanted* to pump money into Arsenal but Kroenke didn't, which is why he went with Moshiri to Everton instead. Those two guys alone are worth multiple billions and seem eager to push Everton forwards. I would imagine that this season has already given them a lot of confidence that they are headed in the right direction. I think they have probably mentally committed to a billion pound loss to establish Everton, which is scary but on a
  12. ^ A more understandable version of the road to recovery roadmap.
  13. Sneak preview of June 22nd in the UK:
  14. I used to think that too, but he’s been doing the same at Chelsea, and he think it’s one reason Tuchel has dropped him because it slows the attack down.
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