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  1. StriderHiryu

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

  2. StriderHiryu

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    It’s their B team... but our squad is fantastic. The team we’ve put out tonight would do well in the league!
  3. StriderHiryu

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    White Brazil tonight, the 3rd kit looking
  4. StriderHiryu

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    We should seriously be 3-0 up. We look the absolute dogs bollocks!
  5. StriderHiryu

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Trademark Silva loose pass under no pressure
  6. StriderHiryu

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    We look qualiteeeee tonight!
  7. StriderHiryu

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Iborra could have had two!
  8. StriderHiryu

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Cracking start!
  9. StriderHiryu

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    That team Says to me we are taking this competition very seriously. That lineup could do a job even in the league. Traore is dangerous though so need to watch him.
  10. StriderHiryu

    Adrien Silva

    When Silva joined I had hoped he was going to be the missing piece for us in midfield. A better version of Danny Drinkwater who is both box to box but can also pass short and long. He came with the credentials and I remember posting some of his audacious GIFS of him in action versus Real Madrid. He also has a first class attitude. But in reality, he's not performed for us... yet. There have been games where he's been decent but he's never really set the world alight. At least Iborra who is also competing to get into the team right now has had a few displays where he's been man of the match whereas Silva has yet to do that. And then if you compare him to Mendy, he's just had nowhere near the same impact. Mendy in his games for us this season has been fantastic. If you watch the game again in full from the weeked, you will see how many passes he makes. He basically runs the game for us up until we can get the ball to Maddison who then runs the game for us in the final third. Both players are currently integral to the team in the way we play in a way that Silva never was. You could even make a case for Mendy being our player of the season right now! That doesn't mean I've given up on Silva, but I think right now both he and Iborra have to really work hard to get ahead of Mendy. Take a look in the Mendy thread of the GIF of him making a Forest Gump style run. In that passage of play despite being a short player, he wins a header, plays it forward and then makes a lung bursting run to support the play. I haven't seen Iborra or Silva ever do that. Iborra and Silva will have their chance tonight and when we hit the 21 games in 7 days period around Christmas both will be needed again. They need to take their chances when called upon and make it impossible for Puel to drop them.
  11. StriderHiryu

    James Maddison Confirmed

    SK1 wins the day (K1 I still love you )
  12. StriderHiryu

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    Geat post https://www.lcfc.com/tv/859472/puel-they-gave-their-best-all-the-time Here's what the man himself had to say about the game (I find it easier to watch on mute and skipping through to speed it up given Puel's delivery ) but he says things that are very much in line with your post. He thought the team played it too square in the first half but had better passing transitions with more forward passing in the second. So I think he knows the problems but it's taking longer than expected to coach the players the right way. You can see he's also majorly pissed off about our starts to games and sloppy defending. A lot of blame gets put on Puel for our slow starts which is somewhat justified given it keeps happening, but you can also see that he's majorly aware of it and calls it the biggest weakness of our game. He mentions how against Bournemouth we actually did start well but conceded on literally their first attempt in their game.
  13. Looking for a single ticket for the Everton game if anyone has a spare.
  14. StriderHiryu

    James Maddison Confirmed

    There is a song for him now, but I found it kind of boring. But these things will probably develop as time will go by. "James Maddison, James Maaaa ddiiiii son, nah nah nah nah" Something like this was being sung around K1. It's pretty hard to do a song justice when typing it out LOL