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  1. StriderHiryu

    Ex-Leicester City player news

    LOL you have to love this. Just look at Kante's face as they sing this.
  2. StriderHiryu

    Pre Season - Notts County (A) Pre Match

    This is interesting, do you have any more information on pre-season? Additional emphasis on fitness being made this year? We are playing less friendlies than any other Premier League team which is very interesting. But you could argue that with there being such a short space of time between the end of the World Cup and the first game (3 weeks!) that playing too many friendlies is not a good thing. I imagine Puel is spending a lot of time on the shape of the team and our playing style, because it was obvious last year that we needed it. Hopefully it pays off and for that reason even if this match is going to be made up of most of our second team players, I am quite interested to see it.
  3. StriderHiryu

    Positions still needed and players you want out.

    In my opinion yes that is all we need but we’ll have to see how the team plays before any real judgement can be made. Preseason will hopefully iron out a lot of these issues and so far every signing we’ve made is comfortable on the ball so it should make a difference. We aren’t in Europe so don’t have so many games so really we are talking about a core group of 15-17 players. Too many times we’ve signed players but not really integrated them (all of the summer 2016 signings) so I think it’s better to have a trim squad and integrate youngsters when injuries arise. It worked quite well with Hamza at least. Regarding Gray / Diabate / Albrighton you have a good point but at some point we have to bite the bullet and play these guys for a decent run in the team. Albrighton is still pretty good IMO even if he’s no Mahrez. Creativity is for sure the big issue and the thing that frightens me the most. It’s definitely possible that we start badly making even fewer chances because we’ve sold our most creative player. But I think that if we get a good Mahrez replacement we should be ok.
  4. StriderHiryu

    Positions still needed and players you want out.

    Players in: - we only need one player: a Mahrez replacement. Players out: - Slimani - Musa - Ulloa - King - James - Mendy - Kapustka - Benny - Amartey That’s a lot of outgoings so I’m sure 2 or 3 from that list will stay. I think we will struggle to sell many of them so think it’s going to mainly be loan moves which at least reduce the wage bill even if they don’t allow us to reinvest. Puel was quite ruthless in January so expect the same this time round.
  5. StriderHiryu

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    Brilliant World Cup, one of the best I can remember. So many highly entertaining matches and quality goals. Bit disappointed that France won even though I predicted them to win before the tournament, just because I feel they play to not lose rather than to win. I felt that Croatia played so classy and it would have been Leicester-like for the underdog to have his day. But whilst, they can complain about the penalty decision, I think they were too open in the second half and that has cost them. They had 45 minutes to get an equalizer but attacked too much in the first 20 of the second half and France clearly have a leaf out of our 2015/16 team with a lethal counter attack. Credit to Kante, I know he's not ours anymore and that he only played 55 minutes, but that is a former Leicester City player winning the world cup, joining I believe only Gordon Banks in doing so. I think England way overachieved and that in the cold light of day we aren't very good, but it was excellent to see the country come together again and brilliant to see Maguire take his chance with both hands. And I suppose considering the humiliation of the Euros, we have improved a lot and that if we can improve again we might get to the top 8 more again. I am hoping that James Madison is the answer to our creative woes as England are desperate for a Modric style player. Or I guess we could go the France route and have 3 midfield machines, but there is no English player even remotely as good as Kante at his job. Southgate has impressed and I hope can can continue to develop our national team. Well done Russia, I thought the tournament was going to be a huge letdown, but you put on one hell of a show. Robbie Williams claimed in the opening ceremony that he would entertain us, and Russia - your world cup did!
  6. StriderHiryu

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    How are france ahead? Robbery!
  7. StriderHiryu

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    Oh my word!
  8. StriderHiryu

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    Typical France’s first attempt!!
  9. StriderHiryu

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    Croatia’s midfield is different class.
  10. StriderHiryu

    Yerey Mina

    Sure but with last seasons prize money plus 60m from Mahrez plus whatever we make from other sales, it’s likely our incomings aren’t done yet. Whether that’s one, two or three more signings we don’t know. Madisson was 24m, Ricardo 20m, Evans probably 6m including agent fees. So that’s 50m spent and 60m recouped so far. I personally think we will only make one more signing but if a player like this is available you’d surely at least check if the transfer was possible ?
  11. StriderHiryu

    Yerey Mina

    There were rumours at the end of last season that we had a 50m transfer budget plus whatever we received back from outgoings. We don’t know what our overall budget is but seeing as we just got 60m in and have committed to a state of the art training academy and stadium improvements it’s safe to say we are not short of cash. The owners have also recently been spending a lot on racehorses too. They aren’t in cost cutting mode.
  12. Sarri is a really un-Chelsea like appointment. Never won a major trophy and only ever managed one major team. Napoli played incredible stuff but didn’t win anything. The manager has already missed out on one week of preseason, has several star performers still at the World Cup and it’s almost inevitable that Hazard will go to Real Madrid. It’s going to take some job to get them ready in time, especially if they are going to fundamentally change the way they play.
  13. StriderHiryu

    Yerey Mina

    Had Kane in his back pocket during the World Cup. We were linked with him in January too so clearly we like him. Given we literally have 60m to spend we should bid for him even if we don’t get him. He is ideal for the Premier League.
  14. StriderHiryu

    Xherdan Shaqiri - Gone to Liverpool

    Lock this thread up, gone to Liverpool.
  15. StriderHiryu

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Elynoussi is probably the more likely to make an instant impact (Champions League experience), but Alireza has more potential (can use both feet, can head, good passer). That said the team you play for has a massive bearing on how you perform. Saints struggled badly last season, but have been active in the market so far. Depends what they are like with Hughes in charge and a new team core. Likewise a lot depends on us, we had a lot of the ball last year but lacked creative players. This year we have invested in lots more ball playing players, but we don't know if they will all gel yet, and lost our best creative player to boot. The player is definitely a gamble, but with those stats and that highlight reel it looks worth taking. We need to replace 13 goals and 10 assists from Mahrez last year. The hope is that in Maddison, Ricardo and Alireza (if we get him) we can do that. Who knows... we might make a lot more chances this season if the core gel and Puel gets us playing faster.