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  1. StriderHiryu

    Liverpool (a) Pre Match Thread

    They will win, but I don't think it will be a heavy loss. Something like 2-0 or 2-1. We caused them a lot of problems in the home game, but it's tough to keep that front line quiet for 90 minutes. The difference is class will be the difference.
  2. StriderHiryu

    Nahitan Nandez

    Doh! Right you are
  3. StriderHiryu

    Nahitan Nandez

    The last Argentine midfielder at the club didn't turn out to be too bad...
  4. StriderHiryu

    Claude Puel told job "Safe" - report

    Yeah that game against wolves was more boring than watching paint dry.
  5. StriderHiryu

    Claude Puel defends his Leicester City record

    I don't think the manager should be sacked, but I do understand this point. I haven't been to every home game, but have been to most and sometimes it's beyond frustrating watching us play. I also went to Brighton and Palace away and being incredibly miserable at times freezing my bollocks off watching us not even have a shot on target for the first 45 minutes of both games. That said despite losing both our last two league games, I actually thought the Southampton home game and Wolves away were much better to watch even though we made shocking errors in both. I guess that's because those games were exciting, even if the result was not positive. In fact though we beat Everton away, I'd go as far as saying that I'd prefer to watch more games like the Wolves one, just hoping that we don't lost them all the time! Football is basically a hobby / interest for us all, so first and foremost we want to be entertained. That doesn't mean we have to be a silky Man City style team, we just want to see our lads have a go. The 5-3 win over Man United in our first season back for example was one of the best games I have ever been to even if it was more of a blood and thunder type of affair.
  6. StriderHiryu

    Leonardo Jardim

    The Monaco scouts are among Europe's best along with Dortmund and Porto. But they don't get it right all the time. Jardim lost his job because Monaco were in the relegation zone, which many have down to not signing good players this season. They signed a 16 year old forward for 20m, Golovin after his world cup showing and several other questionable players, many of whom have already left. Henry has come in, but just lost his last game 5-1 and this is despite signing experienced players such as Fabregas and Naldo from Schalke. Quite frankly Monaco as a club is currently in a mess, and sacking Jardim has not resolved it. This adds further weight to the opinion that Jardim is a great manager who was not backed by his club. I think this is best highlighted by Bernardo Silva who was part of that team: https://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2018/bernardo-silva-at-monaco-if-we-had-kept-that-team-together-we-could-have-won-the-champions-league/ Ben is here, Fabi is playing at Liverpool, Bakayoko was at Chelsea, now at AC Milan, Lemar at Atletico. We said that if we kept the team together as it was at Monaco for 2 or 3 years we always said that we could win the Champions’ League. Also whilst we have signed a fair crock of shit in recent years, we've also signed Vardy, Mahrez, Kante, Albrighton, Huth, Fuchs, Maguire and Ricardo. We also signed Kramaric who though a bust here, got to a World Cup final and is impressing in both German and European football. Honestly compared to many teams in the league, including many above us, we sign quite well overall. Anyway let's see what happens. I doubt we will see any change before the summer personally given what happened to Vichai.
  7. StriderHiryu

    Claude Puel defends his Leicester City record

    Thanks for sharing that. Quite interesting to see him in his homeland on their equivalent of match of the day. His body language is interesting, you can see he is under pressure and he certainly has looked more nervous now than at any time during his career with us so far. Or perhaps it's because he cares more this time round? Personally I have noticed he is *way* more animated and part of the game than he was in his first year with us. When Barnes scored he was super happy I noticed. I do agree with what he says, but keeping the fans onside is a huge part of any job and it's something I've always felt he could do better at. To be honest some of the things he has said in the last month or so I wished he had said in the summer - I think it would have gotten more people on his side. Same with the emotional side. More fist pumping or reaction after scoring goals would go down well with both players and fans I think.
  8. StriderHiryu

    Leonardo Jardim

    No worries! To be honest Jardim is at a level above Leicester given his track record, but there's so smoke without fire, so it wouldn't surprise me if there were meetings with him at the very least. Key plus points for why he'd be considered: - Took a team that was known for being boring to watch to being literally the best attacking team in Europe. (Scored 24 goals in 24 games in the first half of the season, then 40 in the next half, then scored 107 goals the next season and won Ligue with 95 points, both European highs). - Great track record of working with youth team players. Worked with Mbappe, Martial, Lemar, Silva, Mendy, Fabinho and improved them. Many of those players came in at way cheaper prices before going off to become top class. - Great track record with experienced pros in the same team as young players. The players mentioned above are the household names, but don't forget about Subasic, Glik, Moutinho and Falcao. This experience was the spine around which the highly promising young players were integrated. - Rebuilt his team several times over. Every season Monaco sold their best players. The one season they didn't, they won the league and got to the semi's of the Champions League. The following season despite losing all of their best players, they still finished second before they sold their players again. Given we are still in transition, a definite plus. - Seemingly has a good rapport with fans and players. I'd personally expect him to crop up at a more high profile team in the summer. If Man United get Pochetino then I could see him at Spurs, or even at Real Madrid who have struggled badly since Zidane left.
  9. StriderHiryu

    Leonardo Jardim

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.fourfourtwo.com/performance/training/leonardo-jardims-management-masterclass%3f_format=amp Interesting interview with him here to get some insight into him.
  10. StriderHiryu

    Leonardo Jardim

    Sounds perfect for us then
  11. StriderHiryu

    Leonardo Jardim

    He’s one of the most well respected coaches in European football right now and was considered for Arsenal and Man U jobs. I don’t think Puel should be sacked this season as we won’t go down and he’s playing young players. But if it’s to get in a high profile coach like this now, I could see Top making the change.
  12. StriderHiryu

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Last season everyone on Foxes Talk slated Chilwell for being crap, but now he is England's first choice left back. Last season he was a "bad" footballer and this season he is magically a "good" footballer. How did that happen? He was given an extended run in the first team, coached correctly and worked on his own game to improve it. Put any disdain for the manager aside for a second! We have the second youngest squad in the Premier League, behind only Liverpool. Watford who are 2 points above us have the oldest and there is a 5 year age difference between us. Being a young player is no guarantee you are going to become a good one, but there is upward growth and potential. Everton out spent us again this season but are below us. West Ham spent more than us and are on the same amount of points. We may well end the season below both, but if our players continue to develop, they may become great players and we may become a great team as a result of it. Those are mediocre teams without potential, whereas we are a mediocre team with stacks of it. The Premier League is dominated by money. Only one team has ever won the league without a massive transfer outlay and that was us! It was 5000/1 for a reason, because statistically it shouldn't have been possible! If we ever want to break even the top 6 of teams with revenues several times greater than our own, we need to either get lucky again or think outside of the box. Our plan is to find promising youngsters, keep them together and forge a team around them. It's better than West Ham's "buy experienced pros for big money / wages" strategy IMO because their team is at it's limit, whereas for many of our players their journey has just begun. Alex Ferguson once put his faith in a set of players; Giggs, the Nevilles, Beckham, Scholes, Butt. Not all of them were superstars, but between them they took Manchester United to another level. Claude Puel is unlikely to be the person to lead us to our next glory, but the club is laying the foundations for possible future success.
  13. You could add Marco Silva and possibly even Emery to this list. All of them are stubborn in the way they want to play football, and rarely deviate from their preferred system. To defend all of them slightly, if you don't have a clear identity and keep playing a certain way, then your team is never going to truly pick up and get good at that said style. Sarri had Napoli playing brilliant stuff, Emery won the Europa league with Sevilla and then was reasonably successful with PSG and even the much maligned Puel was successful at Monaco, Lille and Nice. So it's not like any of them are clueless. BUT having said all that, some say the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing repeatedly and expect things to change. So when a team loses with the same old problems, then a stubborn manager is going to look like an idiot. Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp all had an iconic style of play. For most of them, it took them a while for their respective teams to truly grasp that style. Ferguson was famously saved by an FA Cup win, Guardiola looked foolish in first season, and Klopp had the same amount of points as Rogers in his first . Wenger was superb from the offset, but then was very stubborn in changing his style which may be one reason why he tailed off. And Mourinho was superb at Chelsea in his first season both times, but then tailed off and looked out of his depth at Manchester United. So in some cases being stubborn really works, and in other it doesn't. It's a fine line. Look at Ranieri here as an example. In his second season, he changed his tactics every week to find an answer and got criticised. But now you have managers like Sarri that don't change their style and have a clear identity and also get criticised! As a manger you are kind of damned if you do and damned if you don't. It's a tough job!
  14. StriderHiryu

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Definitely agree with this, but these players are very hard to find, especially in England.. One of the reasons why the national team was so poor for so long was the lack of good ones. Even in the summer, we were crying out for a Rakitic / Modric type of player (either type, or even both!). The last English skillful midfielder was Paul Scholes as not even Gerrard or Lampard were the types that "ran the game" IMO. So we would have to buy players from abroad, but a word of warning; Iborra and Silva did not work out. If Fulham go down, I'd take Seri, if not the scouting team need to find one from somewhere. Even if we can find one, actually getting them in will be even trickier. But I hope we can find one! To be honest even though he's inconsistent, Maddison is the first English player I have seen in 10 years that actually has a clue about how to pass between the lines. He's just not at the Eriksen / David Silva level yet (if he can ever get to that level).