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  1. That's is a good point to be fair. Even if he was shocking, if he had a good week in training and he is part of the squad then it may not do him too good to haul him off and Rodgers is a good man-manager. The flipside of that of course is that it's 15 minutes less effective that the team was before changes were made. Barnes and Perez both did a lot more than Gray did whilst they are on. Got to disagree with you about giving Man U credit though! I thought they were their usual crap selves since Fergie left. A 400m version of a Tony Pulis side if I am being honest! Other than their penalty and Rashford's free kick I never felt they threatened us seriously and they lost control of the midfield several times over. The problem is though that teams with those resources will not be terrible for long! This is one of those rare seasons where they are there for the taking. One thing I will always admire about our 15/16 side is that when they had the chance of a lifetime, they grabbed it with both hands. Very rarely did they put in a timid display where you felt they didn't give it their all that season. Maybe Bournemouth at home and Liverpool away I felt we didn't go for it, but every other time players made themselves be counted. Kante didn't give two monkeys as he stole the ball from David Silva, Hazard, Ozil etc and likewise Mahez had the arrogance to think he was the Algerian Messi and was going to twine his way past defenders regardless of if they cost 1m or 50m in the case of that amazing skill versus Otamendi. It didn't always come off for either, but pretty much all of our side played with heart, desire and bravery. This current bunch is still young, but that game was their first big challenge, and we've Spursed it right up! I felt only Vardy took it to the opposition by beating Maguire for the ball and going in on De Gea. I really hope the others learn from him in that you've got to stand up and be counted, and not just let the game pass you by. Easier said than done though! I have to say in my younger years I let quite a few games pass me by, especially when not playing well . It's quite a lot harder than you think, even if you are a multi-millionaire footballer. Not everyone has that kind of mental strength.
  2. Don't know why you are getting some negative reactions as I think it's a very good question to ask! We don't know if the game will be a watershed moment or not, but you are right in that the Arsenal game in 2015 saw Ranieri switch our style and the rest is history. Actually I believe that Ranieri actually asked the players what they thought - if they would be prepared to try a more Italian style and it was after that game they said yes, because they realised that our style left us way too open. A similar thing happened with Conte at Chelsea, he started playing 433, they got beaten by Arsenal at home, after which point they agreed to his 343 setup he used at Juventus and they then won 16 games in a row! But I think the difference with this performance / result is that Rodgers picked that team, not the players. I think everyone on the forum's response has been unanimous in terms of it being too conservative in terms of outlook and performance, but look at the game purely on paper for a second: - Hamza always plays well when selected and is a Rodgers favourite. - The tactic saw us get a point at Chelsea and if we had taken our chances, we would have won. - Gray as terrible as he always seems to be, played very well against Bournemouth and his pace would cause Young problems. - We conceded a careless penalty. Logically it all makes sense even if in reality it was a stinker! Even after half time it was notable that he didn't make any subs and gave Gray another 15 minutes whereas if that had been me or probably anyone else on the forum, Gray would have been off immediately and probably Barnes and Perez on straight away. So he clearly planned this for a while and believed in that plan. Which is slightly worrying, or perhaps disappointing is a better way to put it, because I think that Man U team is shit and we could have put them to the sword if we didn't play like such cowards. It's amazing how far Leicester have come as a club and it says a lot about how disappointed we all were with that performance. For all the negativity we have the best defence in the league despite having a very young team and are in a decent position in the table. We also need to look at the players, that was a game that was made for some of the young guns to stamp their authority on the game and truly announce themselves to the Premier League and they were anonymous. Rodgers has a very tough job... to balance the expectations of an expectant Chairman and buoyant fans with a young nucleus that lacks experience, and that is not easy to do. I can definitely see why he would be more pragmatic in his approach especially given situations like Javi Gracia losing his job after 4 games, or even Ranieri given the boot from our very own club after rewriting history. But I've got to say that I hope he realises that a midfield 3 of Ndidi, Maddison and Tielemans leads us to playing better. Yes there are weaknesses in that setup which other teams can and will expose - look at the Benitez masterclass from Newcastle last season at the KP where they isolated Ndidi and took advantage. But at the same time when the midfield 3 dominate the game, they can run it and make us look great. Yesterday I felt that our best passages of play came when Tielemans and Maddison were central and working together. It brings out the best in both! In other news, the sky is blue ! We will see what happens in time, though I personally think he will be pragmatic again versus Spurs and Liverpool. Against Newcastle he will go for it though I expect. As always I think 10 games is he point in time where better judgements can be made. We've had our first setback now, let's see how we react to it!
  3. Here's one of the explanations as to why it's done: Please note, I don't endorse it! Seems like being unnecessarily risky to do without much reward in return. If you look at tactics like Ranieri playing Mahrez and Vardy on the 18 yard line when defending a corner so we could break to score goals, then that is a tactic that had a definite risk and reward. We did concede a lot of goals that season from corners in the early part, but the amount of attacks and goals we got off the strategy plus the fear it put into our opponents made it a truly great tactic. I have yet to see any team use this tactic to score a goal or even fashion a truly meaningful chance from it. Perhaps against Liverpool who run the highest press in the league it could work? But personally that is the last team in the world I would try it against! Better to keep the ball on the ground and practice fast passing instead IMO.
  4. Seeing Arsenal play painfully exposes our comparative lack of attacking talent. Vardy is a superb finisher and we have a better defensive foundation but we just can’t cut teams open as easily as teams like Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool and Man City. Not yet anyway. We will probably improve in this area over time but I feel like we need to go to the transfer market again to get one or two more. We simply dont score enough to be a top 5/6 team. It’s likely going to take a few seasons of transition to develop a better attack capable of it.
  5. That’s my assessment too. Not nearly as good as last season but he’s still our most creative player. All of our good play tends to go through him.
  6. Well that’s a good assessment from him. Puel would have for sure said he was happy and positive after a performance like that and I say that as someone who was pro Puel until that fateful Palace game. For me we saw today some of our “boys” fail to take their opportunities to become men. Specifically Maddison and Tielemans. Neither were disastrous, in fact when Maddison played centrally I thought he was good. But for these players to reach the next level they need to be able to run and boss a game like this for 90 minutes. It’s not a question of lack of talent but maybe a lack of experience and bravery. I was hoping both would use this to show the Premier League what they are all about and send a message. That requires character and even a touch of arrogance to demand the ball, command others and knowing when to quicken or slow the game when necessary. This goes for others too. We play the safe ball far too often instead of daring to go for the jugular. I do feel both will eventually get there though. Players like Eriksen and even De Bruyne weren’t able to do it overnight. Possibly the only young player that could seemingly do it immediately was Fabregas, but he was unique in that aspect. After today I feel we are more likely to finish 7th than any higher. A point or all 3 would have given us serious momentum but this is certainly a back down to earth moment.
  7. Depends what form they are in when they turn up. We outplayed them at Wembley but lost 3-1 which was a very unfair score line. I’ll go for 2-2 but we’ll need to be much better than we were today.
  8. Agreed. I understand on paper why we've done it. When playing the bigger clubs with a young side don't go hell for leather and put yourself in a position where the game is over before it has begun. See Arsene Wenger's Arsenal against Liverpool in his latter years when he was too stubborn to change his style of play. But the thing is that is respectable against Liverpool, Man City and maybe Spurs, but the other teams are not that good. Especially not this season of all seasons when Man U and Chelsea are the weakest htey have been for years. Playing just one DM with Soyuncu does leave us more vulnerable than with two, but it also makes way more aggressive and takes the team further up the pitch. It means we can impose our style on the game rather than the other way around. That is what is really disapointing about today, we had the ball and some good spells but if we had gone from it from the start we would have had them on the back foot throughout the game. He needs to trust Tielemans and Maddison to run the game next to one another, as they started to do once they were playing with Ndidi as the midfield 3. Anyway I am not going to be too critical of Rodgers. A 1-0 loss at Old Trafford is hardly the end of the world, but I feel like this game was an acid test to see what we could really do this season, and the fact is we've fluffed our lines. Also Demarai Gray needs to go into the bin. He's our 4th best player at best in that position and was dire throughout. I can see tactically why Rodgers went with him, but that was a big mistake and he should have hauled him at 45 minutes not 60.
  9. Laughing because sadly, this is true.
  10. Way too conservative. When we had Tielemans and Maddison in the middle of the park we looked good and got hold of the game. I get that away from home we might want to be more defensive to start and grow into the game, but I felt we were way too passive throughout that match, and as soon as that penalty went in it was game over. For me the lesson to learn here is that we should not be so scared to play our game. I felt we just played into Man United hands and gave them 3 points today, even though they were incredibly mediocre.
  11. I swear this is the exact same game as 12 months ago. Give away a careless penalty then be the better team but not score. The occasion got the better of us early doors, which is such a shame. I think we are playing OK, but need to go through the gears in the second half. The game is there to be won, despite being 1 down. I hope we go for it!
  12. Appreciate the concern over the conservative looking system being used, but I see this as the same sort of game as Chelsea. Keep the game tight first half and grow into it and increase the intensity in the second. This is still Old Trafford after all. Gray seems like a decent pick given Man U under Ole are a counter attacking team. So having a wide forward that can make up the distance on the turnover doesn't seem like a terrible idea. I think Choudhury is a very good selection against Mata also. Lets see what happens, but this has to be our biggest chance in a while to get a win up there!
  13. Comes across brilliantly. I love that he is a genuine fan and watched all of the games. The bit about Andy King was really great to read and I can only imagine what he thinks now that he's essentially the new and improved Andy King for the club. I wonder if he will be a one club man or end up going somewhere else. He obviously "gets" the club because well, he really is one of our own. What I love about his play style is that he plays like a fan - he gives everything on the pitch. Personally it makes me proud and happy to see players like Barnes, Chilwell and Hamza play, because that love for the club (especially from Barnes and Hamza) transmits through to the fans.
  14. That's a very good article, and fascinating too. The part about players always being within ten yards of each other is something that has been very noticeable since Rodgers took over as generally our positioning has been superb. The 20 core players part I also think is really evident as this season it seems like every time we make a sub, the subs impact the match as they know what they've got to do and how to do it. You can tell they are part of the squad and not just on the periphery.
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