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  1. I do agree with you, but at the same time isn't it nice to be optimistic!? We have a very good team these days and though I don't think we will win, I think we will go close. At the last world cup even though France won, they were not very impressive. Belgium and Brazil at times looked great but both have obvious weaknesses. For me there isn't a dominant international team at the moment, which means things are up for grabs. Portugal won the last Euros without having a very good team at all, proving a lot of the time it can come down to being better on the day.
  2. Serious shot of winning the tournament on this form.
  3. Our last accounts are dated from some time ago (May 31st 2017) and don't include the Mahrez or Iborra sales. Also don't forget about prize money from our end of season finishing place. (Above is last year's prize money). Maybe as of today we don't have the money in our accounts, but at the end of the season we probably will. There is a reason why teams like West Ham and Everton have been able to spend big on players like Richarlison and Felipe Anderson as neither of those made big money sales and also have to comply with FFP.
  4. In my opinion a very underrated manager. Getting promoted was a great achievement and given how many new players were brought in I thought he molded us into a team pretty decently. The La Manga incident is surely where it all started falling apart and I wonder if without that if we would have survived? Hard to say as I think it did show the “mercenary” nature of some of the players we brought in. That 4-3 loss to Wolves after being 3-0 up also showed the weak belly we had that year. Still overall I think he was a good manager. Had we appointed him and Basset instead of Taylor I don’t think we’d have gone down the first time round.
  5. Why couldn’t we buy a 40m player? We spent 23m on Soyuncu and 12m for Danny Ward and both combined have less than 10 appearances for the club. Benkovic cost 12m (I think?) and was loaned to Celtic after one appearance. That’s nearly 50m spent “frivolously” right there. Silva’s fee would constitute 15-20m of the price and don’t forget we also made a 40m bid for Gylfi Sigurdsson two seasons ago too. Yes last season we were boosted by the Mahrez money but we are hardly up against it thanks to our brilliant owners. We could definitely afford him, though perhaps it would mean he’s our only marquee signing and we’d have to skrimp and save elsewhere. But our squad is in good shape at the moment plus I bet we could easily loan a good player from a European competing team after the success of Tielemans.
  6. Someone on Reddit found Jadon Sancho's old twitter account from when he was a teenager. Reading this is the best thing you can do all day, trust me ! https://twitter.com/JadonDonsancho
  7. Yep you are right, it even says it in the quoted article ha ha OK then I would ask him "What's your favourite team of all time and why?" Is he a Brazil 1970 sort of a guy, a Dutch Total Football man or a Barcelona tiki-taka lover? Me? I'm a 15/16 vintage Leicester type of a guy ! (Actually Dortmund under Klopp on their run to the Champions League final have been my favourite team to watch. Heavy Metal football indeed!)
  8. Love the idea. Puel never clicked with the fans so this is a great way to address that right away. Your question is also a great one as we are all desperate for the cup! My question would be “what is your football philosophy?” We can somewhat guess what it is but it would be great to get some examples of what he’d ideally like to achieve with us in terms of style of play.
  9. Yep that's what I would go for too. I suppose the only issue then is how to counter teams like Belgium and France when we get to them. France actually play a fairly boring style of football but when you have Mbappe, Kante, Pogba, Varane, Griezemann, etc, etc it's a tough team to stop. Croatia outplayed them for large periods of the World Cup final but France were clinical when it mattered. Belgium play the way you've suggested but have Hazard, Tielemans, De Bryune, Mertens, etc. IE the better players to play it. Anyway if England's problem is "what to do when up against the top teams in semi-finals and finals" then that's quite a good problem to have IMO !
  10. I think England were very fortunate in the World Cup with the draw we received. The two teams that could actually play football beat us fairly convincingly three times and for the most part we relied on set pieces to beat other teams rather than opening them up. Getting to the semi finals is no joke though, so it should not be dismissed, but the gap between us and Belgium and Croatia was obvious to see. But what is great to see is that the England team under Southgate continues to evolve and Sancho already makes the team a lot more creative, and Sterling has improved significantly this season with his goal scoring ability now kicking in. Imagine if England had someone like Youri Tielemans right now? They would walk into the team and IMO a creative all round midfielder like that would almost complete the puzzle. I'm still not convinced by Pickford in goal, but he did have a good World Cup when he was there. Anyway despite this I expect England to mount a serious challenge at the Euros next season, even if we don't win it.
  11. England looked frightening tonight too. Sancho is incredible for an 18 year old, and Hudson Odoi dangerous when he came on. Both ahead of Harvey Barnes who most fans think is one of the best prospects we've produced in years. The years of being a laughing stock are over, and the investment in youth has paid off. Southgate deserves massive credit. England's weakness now I feel is central midfield as Dier and Henderson are for me "jobbers" that do have their place but I don't think playing both is the right move. If England can sort out that position a tournament win is possible. Maybe they can for more of a Rodgers style 433 with one holding midfielder and two attacking central players, possibly including Maddison? I think we might see it (even if it's without Maddison) at some point.
  12. The player is clearly happy and enjoying his football again, resulting in these kind of performances. It's been proven time and again that money is not the most important thing in job satisfaction, and being a footballer is still ultimately a job. If you are happy and enjoying your life, why would you make a change? My gut feeling (and it's only a feeling) is that he will sign for us in the summer for a club record fee, with Silva going the other way. I then think he will stay with us for one maybe two seasons before going again for a ridiculous fee. And whilst that time might be short, I think we will all really enjoy seeing another world class player strutting their stuff in the LCFC blue.
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