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  1. Vardy

    Give him the contract! I only want to see Vardy leave for either the USA or for one last season at his boyhood club Wednesday before he calls it a day. He is too important to us and criminally underrated. He's not just a speed machine, the guy has brilliant positional awareness, plays others in, and is a fox in the box. I'd be surprised if we ever see someone as good as him play for us as a 9 again. He is a legend to all of us at the club, and pretty much everyone's favourite player for his attitude on the pitch. It's been very negative on here recently, and all I can say is that without JV, we would be in an even worse position!
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Not going to lie - delighted Spurs lost. Really don’t like the personality of their team.
  3. This should get more publicity if true. You’re supposed to be a professional and representing your country! Doesn’t matter if you like the player on your team or not - you pass the ball if they’re on!
  4. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    I don't think any fan is happy with current performances or results. But some fans are willing to accept that to change a team's style of play successfully takes time and a transitional period. There is undoubtedly going to be a period where we aren't much good with the hope that we improve substantially over time. Look how many young players were involved in the Southampton game... that is potentially the next 5+ years of the club we saw in terms of playing personnel. The Thai's long term plan for the club was to be a consistent top 5 club in the league and that won't happen overnight. Guardiola had a poor first season in the Premier League, but hasn't done too badly this. Even Alex Ferguson didn't get it right straight away. Another example would be Chelsea in the mid 90's when Hoddle started to get them playing a more continental style that led to the upturn that convinced Abramovich to buy them. Puel has a clear vision and plan for building the club, which is why many are willing to give him more time than others have had. I totally understand why many fans want him out - they are bored! It's the reason why Southampton got rid of him too. I'm currently in the "give him more time" camp but do admit that if we continue to put in these abject performances that he'll have to go.
  5. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Not defending Puel, but there are multiple styles of management. Perhaps the manager wanted to build our confidence by using the softly softly approach instead of the Fergie hairdryer treatment? That said, I think hairdryer treatment would get more out of certain players in our team like Vardy, Albrighton and Maguire. Maybe not so much with Nacho and Mahrez.
  6. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    In for now, but he's got to do something to win over the fans. At the next home game he needs to tell the players to just go for it for the first twenty minutes, abandoning his style if necessary. All fans are entitled to their opinion and if he's unpopular and the crowd continues to boo then despite not having done a bad job, the owners couldn't be blamed for replacing him. Just show us some high tempo football!
  7. Name a better option than puel

  8. Name a better option than puel

    Brendan Rogers is a bit of a bell end but I'd give him a chance. I think he did a great job at Swansea and was unlucky not to win the league with Liverpool. The season after they did badly, but replacing Luis Suarez with Mario Balotelli was only going to end one way and he wasn't behind that decision. He plays good stuff and might be able to build on the base possession that Puel has got us playing. The only thing I don't like about him is his personality really. I'd personally have Ranieri back (the profile pic is the give away!). Yes he lost the plot at the end of his reign but the man did perform the biggest miracle in sports history and is a top guy. At Chelsea and Monaco he also had teams that played good stuff and now that our team has evolved a bit, perhaps he could get that out of us? The problem is that it seems like the players lost faith in him so might not be enthused to see him return. I'll happily admit I have a soft spot for him and a previous manager (Pearson) returned and did well in his second stint. Rafa would be an obvious yes, how he ended up at Newcastle I do not know. Not sure about Howe. Seems like a nice guy but not too impressed with him. Bournemouth spent a fair amount of money and are overrated IMO.
  9. Adrien Silva

    Sorry I meant Diabate!
  10. I understand all of the negativity from the fans as most, if not all are fed up with the style of play we are seeing. However, I would ask the question "is it worth taking one step backwards to stake two steps forward?" Leicester City have never been a team that bosses possession and ruthlessly dominates teams from start to finish. We don't do pass and move, we've either been direct or played the counter attack. Both of those styles did work at times, famously so, but aren't styles that top teams play to consistently place highly in the league and challenge for cups regularly. And that is both the goal of the owners and surely of the fans too. We are quite literally undergoing a transition phase. As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. Our passing as a team is a lot better than it was at the start of the season and in many games we control the game. Tonight at the end we had Chilwell, Barnes, Chodhury, Ndidi, Gray, Diabate and Maguire on the pitch. Nacho started, Dragovic was in for Morgan and Albrighton was at right-back as a player that could provide an overload and cross it into the box. Technical players have been introduced into the team (Silva, Diabate) and youth team players are getting chances to play. Is this not exactly the thing we should expect as part of a transition period? Thus is it worth persevering with the current manager and trying to keep passing it about so that the team improves and eventually becomes a more dominating team, which we can build on over the years? For me I would say yes, but it is hard to ignore the boring displays we've been putting in. Football is at the end of the day entertainment for fans and we want to be entertained. I know that for many, though we might have a lot more of the ball and pass it around, it's not nearly as exciting as not having the ball but countering with blistering pace and deadly finishing. It's also seen as a wasted opportunity by many that in a league that is weak and with a squad of players who won the title just 2 years ago that we seem so inept going forward. You look at Southampton this season and worry, because Puel was their coach last year, and their drop in form last year was followed by a disastrous one this season. But at the same time any manager needs time to change the style and ethos of a club. Even Guardiola, Klopp and Pochetino did not pull it off over night. I'm actually quite torn. I see a lot of things that are really encouraging and make me excited. But I think it's *crucial* for a team to embody the fans as it's our club. Our fans don't like the football we are seeing right now - that is a fact. Can we trust a manager to implement a long term plan if the football will remain boring? I was really hoping Puel would bag a couple of wins before the end of the season to satiate the understandable frustration so he would have time to build in the summer. But I'd rate it as 50/50 that he stays right now.
  11. Adrien Silva

    Needs to hit the gym hard and strengthen up. I noticed when Nacho came on he gave him an energy pouch which is concerning as I thought coming from Portugal he’d be used to the warm weather! But he does look like a good player overall. As others have said, he has a good attitude and range of passing. He’s clearly an intelligent player.
  12. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    I only caught the last 25 and during that period thought we looked quite good and unfortunate not to score. But the boos tell their own story. We take too many touches in the final third and are too slow to move it - the same criticism I’ve had for the last 10 games if not more. That said at the end of the match we had a ton of young players on and Southampton did **** all despite being in deep trouble. But Puel desperately needs a win. Sadly I think he’ll go - the crowd is clearly fed up.
  13. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Making Vardy captain is a great call, he should set the tone early and get stuck in. Hamer in goal means I can't see a clean sheet, but hopefully Ivan Drago reminds us why we want him to sign permanently.
  14. @davieG Thanks for posting that. Once again I think Puel says all the right thinks and it makes you excited for what comes next. It is the right approach and way of thinking from the owners for the club to improve us long term. But I think he still needs to win the fans over with more exciting displays or it could become toxic.