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  1. Well you'd assume that we brought in two centre backs knowing that Wes would be moving on and that Maguire leaving was a possibility. So I think we actually planned that one out quite nicely. If Morgan did stay, I could see it in similar to Fuchs this season role where he's wheeled out in the cups, and essentially there just in case we have a major injury to a first team player.
  2. StriderHiryu

    Ben Chilwell: A possible star in the making

    I agree, it seemed like a "managers agreement" with Puel. Don't forget that Chilwell went to Thailand and has gone through the emotional trauma like the rest of us. It would be silly to keep playing him when the Croatia game is huge and the USA game was done and dusted by half time.
  3. StriderHiryu

    Claudio to Fulham

    Superb post!
  4. He turned up at the Burnley match, and he was given a great reception by the fans. He has also said on several occasions that he thought staying up with Leicester was like winning a trophy. Also though he didn't sign on, perhaps it was a physical thing? The Premier League is tough and perhaps at his age he didn't think he had it in the tank to play one more season? Look at players like Iborra and Silva who are much younger but struggle with it. Lesterban was so good because his mind was two steps ahead of the game, but his body was clearly starting to go. (That said, I am convinced in his prime he would have ripped the league a new one. You could always see his class and he was a treble winner with Inter). He is not currently a manager, but is doing some coaching. And I think Leicester is super appealing as a job for any up and coming coach. Great fans, great board, funds available, promising squad with potential, etc. Could be Cambiasso but I bet even the Lampards, Terrys, Gerrards, Giggs of this world would snap it up in a heartbeat. Personally though if we ever go down that route (and I imagine one day we will), I hope it is someone that has some affinity to the club, hence Cambiasso, Morgan, Kasper, etc.
  5. Sounds right to me, players out not players in. We still have too many players and are mid way through a regeneration project. I think we actually have a very enviable position in that because our team is decent enough to not go down, bringing through the next generation is actually a luxury we have, and I think we should take it! I know it's frustrating for many, but I really feel like our players are gradually getting better, and they are all very young. I have a feeling Wes might be given a 1 year extension or "pay as you play" deal, possibly as player / coach. Whether or not he would take that up I don't know, but I think that Wes and especially Kasper will be with the club post playing career in some capacity. I actually think one or both may end up being U21 mananager or even our main manager in 5-10 years. Ditto with Cambiasso too actually. Simmo, King, Benny, Shinji, Fuchs, Silva and Iborra I think will all be off eventually, though many not until the summer.
  6. Just been watching the Croatia game whilst at the gym, Incredible game! Too bad we sold Kramaric, he's brilliant. Catch the highlights if you can, absolute top-draw game to watch.
  7. StriderHiryu

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    I expect that initially it will be unpopular, similar to the World Cup in some games. The idea is right, but it's important to get the timing right. Nothing worse than seeing a player and crowd go apeshit after scoring a last minute winner / equaliser and then have it robbed through VAR. But, I think after a few seasons we will improve when to use it and it will be more like Hawkeye reviews in Tennis or Rugby and may even add to the game.
  8. Well it is super harsh to say a team that won the Bundesliga twice went backwards ha ha! But you get my point, they weren't quite as good as they were under Heynckes and given that Guardiola was on top wages, he didn't improve them, he just made them a bit different and ever so slightly worse. Definitely not a failure there, but not as impressive as stints for Barcelona and Man City.
  9. StriderHiryu

    Ok two questions regards Top

    Great questions, but I think we all need to be patient! The King Power group consists of multiple companies and I would imagine that the priority would be the duty-free part of the business that is responsible for their vast wealth. I personally think the club will trundle on fairly "as is" until the summer, at which point bigger changes might be made, such as determining the new chairman of the club, etc which might coincide with new stadium plans, managerial chances, etc. Actually it wouldn't surpise me if Susan Wheelan went from being Chief Executive to taking over Vichai's position because she's clearly brilliant and might be better for the next few years to run it whilst Top consolidates the family's other assets. At the same time the King Power group tend to have strong managment and leadership. The reaction to the tragedy by the club was 10/10 barring maybe the time it took for news to filter out initially (which was likely controlled for stock market reasons). So it also wouldn't surprise me to see a big announcement sooner than the summer either.
  10. StriderHiryu

    Claudio to Fulham

    Good luck to him, one of the best managers we ever had. Up there with O'Neil in terms of charisma too, and of course what an absolute gentleman he was too. It was the right decision to get rid of him, but it always made me sad. The title win took everything out of us and covorting around the world with our title was terrible prepreration. The Kante loss was too much and Mendy got injured straight away. Mendy might not be in Kante's league but he's turned out pretty decent after all. We literally followed up our title win by playing Andy King and Daniel Amartey in central midfield just a few months later... that was never going to end well. Will be interesting to see how he does at Fulham, but Ranieri can sort out a defence, as he proved during his time here. If he fixes that, Fulham actually have enough decent forward players to stay up IMO. And the change is early enough to give him time to do it. Good luck to him, but not against us!
  11. StriderHiryu

    Claudio to Fulham

    Ranieri is back in the Premier League! But not with us, but for Fulham. Will be very strange when we play them in a few weeks time! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46205801 Welcome back to the league Claudio, a true gentleman and model manager for the game.
  12. Bayern went backwards under Guardiola. Heynckes won the treble in his final season and really got the best out of Robben and Ribery. My favourite team to watch over the past 10 or so years (other than LCFC of course!) was Klopp's Dortmund team that got to the Champions League final. The semi final where they won in Madrid was an incredible performance. That style of high intensity play plus attacking intent was awesome to see, and the current Liverpoll side emobides a lot of that style too.
  13. StriderHiryu

    Vichai had a dream....

    That is absolute quality! I actually like the bit about playing from the back, it's a nod to the new style of play we are trying and good to encourage Maguire, Soyuncu and Benkovic when he gets back. We will never forget what Vichai did for us, but we should sing about the future too!
  14. StriderHiryu

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Both good points, and I don't really have an answer for you. Let's see what the club does in the window, though I suspect they might be thinking more about getting players off the books (Slimani, Silva, King) than bringing them in. We should also consider that with Vichai passing away, the whole club will probably wait until the summer before doing anything drastic. I think that unless we look like going into a relegation battle, we probably won't change much.