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  1. I wonder if the work is continuing because of pressure from LCFC, or from the contractors? There may well be a contract in place guaranteeing a specific finishing date which legally is not covered by the outbreak of a pandemic (because lets face it who would have put that in a contract until now), that will mean missed payments if not adhered to. Given that the entire football calendar is going to be thrown into disarray anyway, having it ready for the summer seems largely pointless now anyway so work should not really be continuing. Of course as a fan it makes me very excited and I am sure when it's completed it will be incredible, but I feel bad for those that have to keep working there in the mean time.
  2. Likewise, but I can see this being the case with Leicester City sadly. King Power's revenue is generated through duty-free at airports and there aren't many flights taking place right now! Perhaps more than other owners, ours might be getting stung more than most. I hope that we don't see staff getting furloughed and would hope the players agree to a pay cut to sort it out, IMO that would be the Leicester City way, given that Vichai was a man always known for his generosity and would mean the players could follow in his footsteps.
  3. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest that other clubs were after him. He wasn't quite good enough for the very top teams at the time (Man U and Arsenal), but he would IMO have been first team for anyone else, even Liverpool, Leeds or Newcastle who were all good at the time. Maybe his appearance made people not take him seriously, but Elliott was very well rounded and a great leader. Perhaps a lack of pace could have caught him out at the very top level, but for me he's quite reminiscent of Jonny Evans for us now, albeit Evans is the better player on the ball. I am thankful he stayed with us, and delighted he's still involved with the club and clearly still a big fan. I met briefly once in person and he was super nice in real life too!
  4. I think this is crazy, Ricardo and Wilf we know are tackling machines, but this shows you that Maddison is no fancy dan - he doesn't half put a shift in! This means we have 3 of the top tacklers in Europe in our team! Buendia has also been talked about on here as a potential signing and whilst going forwards I feel he is lacking in his final ball, those stats suggest he'd fit in well here as a decent priced option. That said I have a feeling this season will get canned and no teams will get relegated, so Norwich may well still be in the top flight this season.
  5. Man there are so many you could list here! I think in general we have as a fan base many underrated players that we've seen play for us. Here are some that spring to my mind. Matt Elliott. We all love him, but when the conversation for "best defender we've ever had" comes up, his name never seems to be mentioned. I think he could easily have played for a much bigger club that Leicester and looked good for them. Plus his contribution for us in terms of goals and silverware is phenomenal. I also love that he's still involved with the club on the website too. Gerry Taggart. Similar reasons to Elliott. Not as good as the former, but a super solid professional who never let us down, and who was very decent. Andy Impey. Very solid pro who did a good job for us. Put in that great cross for *that* Muzzy Izzet goal! Frank Sinclair worth a mention for similar reasons too. Matt Fryatt. A goal machine when we needed it the most. Top class as a person too. David Nugent. Loved the Nuge! A really talented player who made a huge contribution to our club. Always welcome back at the ground, whenever I see him, I am very happy. Some of his goals and link-up play were top class. Matty James. He's become the butt of all of the injury related jokes due to his unfortunate circumstances, but he was brilliant for us in the Championship. If you had have asked me in the Championship promotion season which Leicester player would be capped for England first, he would have been my answer. Danny Simpson. Ricardo has left him in the shade, but Simmo redeemed himself at our club and became a fans favourite. Super reliable and did the donkey work so Mahrez could work his magic up field. Marc Albrighton. Can't believe the stick he gets on here at times. He may not be Luis Figo, but the guy gives 110% every time he plays. I absolutely loved that he was our first ever Champions League goal scorer, because he deserved something like that to become infamous in his own right. His performance against Sevilla at home in the UCL last 16 was phenomenal. I could go on and on. This is a very nice thread to read and reminisce about during these strange times!
  6. It will be interesting to see what Leicester City do in this situation. Many staff at the club have been there for years; predating Vichai and King Power coming to the club. We also know that the club is extremely protective of this legacy and it said it all that all of the staff were in tears when Vichai died. For that reason I would hope that all non-playing staff keep their full salaries even without the players taking a cut. But this is a massive shortfall of cash to make up and nothing is guaranteed. We've also seen that work has continued on the Training Centre, even though IMO it shouldn't be given it's non-essential. So it will remain to be seen what happens... we might come out of this situation without looking like a picture of upstanding morals and ethics.
  7. I could see Coutinho coming here on loan for a season, especially if Maddison was sold. Seems like a player that desperately needs to resurrect their career and given that Rodgers was the one that turned him into a superstar it might be the only option left in town. He's on reported astronomic wages which probably only Premier League clubs (and only those in Europe) could afford. If we do end up in the Champions League next season (big if given Corona virus), then he's the sort of player you need to keep you challenging for those spots. Most likely though it's his agent using our name to drum up interest. Regardless it shows how much progress we made before the season stopped that we're linked to players like him instead of the usual "West Ham, Everton and Leicester linked with lower half of the league Ligue One player." PS: Hope everyone is coping well in these trying times! Crazy days indeed.
  8. Prior to the emergence of Jamie Vardy, Muzzy Izzet was my favourite ever Leicester City player. Absolutely adore they guy, along with other people in that team like Taggart and Elliott too. A very skillful player who was also hard working and could get stuck in. It always surprised me a team other than Man U and Arsenal didn't go for him, because Muzzy really was very good. He heavily influenced the game on a weekly basis.
  9. Great interview @UpTheLeagueFox! Kasper is brilliant isn't he?
  10. Really underrated player IMO. In a season where we were at our lowest, he was a fantastic example of great attitude and ability to get us back on track. A very likeable player!
  11. That's blatantly what the Premier League tried to pull too, one last pay day for everyone before a big freeze. But that's just so reckless in every possible way. What's the one thing you DON'T want to do with a highly infectious virus that spreads easily... oh yeah meet up in hundreds
  12. Hallelujah. Although you've got to ask serious questions when less than 24 hours ago they were more than happy for play to go ahead despite numerous warnings of self isolation. The world is ruled by too many money men...
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