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  1. I'd agree with you. Puel might have produced dour football, but he did things like play 3CDMs against Man City and Chelsea and got points off both by exploiting the counter attack against them. In some ways I admire a manager who has a football ethos and style he wants to stick to, but when the opposition squad costs 4-5x more than ours, it's probably more prudent to be pragmatic. I don't think players are demotivated to start the game though, I think they get demotivated when they go 1 or 2 goals behind, like we saw when Liverpool twatted us at home last season.
  2. I doubt we will see anything revolutionary. Probably 4141 with Maddison instead of Perez, Evans and Soyuncu at the back, Cengiz Under on the bench and comes on last 20. Maddison never does much when he's on the wing, but Man City are one of the few teams that will have more possession than we do in a game. So packing our team with technicians so that when we are on the ball we stay on it might be the thinking from the manager. We've tried that before and failed with it though. But last couple of games against them our players haven't turned up. If Mendy, Praet, Tielemans and Maddison have their passing boots on we could cause them issues, but most likely it's just another case of us having good players, but they have better players, and it shows. KDB always runs the show...
  3. I didn't realise it was that much. In that case, things make a lot more sense, and it's even more frustrating we aren't able to ship out players on high salaries that aren't in our plans such as Slimani and Silva.
  4. I guess that money is tied up in: Training Ground, which due to Coivd has been delayed thus probably costing more Planned New Stadium Improvements New contracts and relatively high wage bill compared to other clubs in the division Without being facetious, I do understand why fans question where the money has gone as it does seem like we should have a bigger surplus than we do. But being a business owner myself, I can totally understand why some clubs are being conservative than others. Yesterday's government announcements have serious implications for the economy, so spending beyond your means is very dangerous! In terms of business, Castagne has already proved to be an inspired signing, and I'm happy with the Under signing as it addresses the one area in our team that definitely needed an upgrade. Additional squad depth would certainly be most welcome, but Mendy and Praet deserve a lot of praise as both have stepped up their game this season and both almost feel like new signings. But totally understand why some fans are questioning why we aren't able to spend more.
  5. Not surprising given the worldwide pandemic. With fans not coming back till march at the earliest, that just further hits our finances. Perhaps we can get a few loan signings in to ease our injury crisis, but otherwise we will have a similar problem to many other clubs. Hopefully we can get through it...
  6. Here's a picture of how Brendan imagined the team would look like when put together correctly:
  7. Damn what a blow. Mendy has been playing well and think he can do a job, certainly versus teams where we expect to have more possession. Of course Ndidi is one of the best in the division so anyone would miss him. Time for Mendy and Hamza to step up or maybe consider a short term loan backup too.
  8. Free hit. A loss most likely given the players and squad Man City have at their disposal. But our first team were playing well and if everyone performs it’s possible to nick something. Wolves typically have a lot of success versus the Mancs by playing the counter attack against them, though they lost to them this season with that strategy. Usually Rodgers plays the same style versus the big teams and we lose because man for man they are better than us. But that said our players have been appalling in those games. I’d go 3-1 Man City but at some point I think we will beat one of the top teams and look good doing it. Just not sure this game will be the one it happens in!
  9. Wolves are the dodgiest run club in the Premier League, which is saying something given Man City and Chelsea are in it too. I can't say we have been angels as our spend in the Championship was questionably against the rules, but these days we seem pretty much above board. I think their fans are being blindsided by the success they are having, despite their fanbase being used by one man (Jorge Mendes) to make himself even richer than he already is. They are a good team with good players and a good manager, but it would make me feel very uneasy to support them. They are being exploited.
  10. Even more impressively he's done it with the team having a 100% win record and sitting top of the league. He's setting new standards for the prize that will be hard to beat.
  11. Their response to the virus was done to a military level. They totally quarantined Wuhan, the region where the virus outbreak originated stopping anyone going in or out for months. They literally welded door shut to prevent people from leaving their houses. This all sounded horrific when such stories were circulating in January but now we are experiencing the full force of the pandemic it becomes easy to see why such drastic action was taken. They realised the severity of the virus early on, even if they tried to hide it from the outside world. They also have a track and trace program that everyone must download and use and that is proven to work. Before you go anywhere, you must show your phone and app to show that you are cleared to enter, etc. The thing to remember though is in China civil liberties that we are accustomed to in the West don't exist. They have the powers to act like a Police state when needed and did things like silence the original scientist that reported the virus was a huge global threat as a result. That means they can act very quickly and decisively but also means that if you don't like the CCP message, you can be effectively removed from existence. So whilst they were able to avoid the dithering, arguing and incompetence that has been seen throughout the western world, the question is - at what cost? Our government's response has been truly terrible though. Only the US have done a worse job. Tonight's announcement to work from home if you can is quite literally the opposite message to this time last month when we were actively being encouraged to go back.
  12. For those wondering why me appear to be skint in terms of making transfers, this might go some way to explaining why? Admittedly Chelsea and Everton have been among the biggest spenders, so maybe not that accurate, but then again they have gasoline money to use...
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