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  1. Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers said: "I thought we deserved to win the game, we just didn't take our chances. That was a mixture of their keeper making some brilliant saves and our finishing. I always thought we were a threat in the game, we had that fluency back. The biggest disappointment is the second goal in that their midfielder runs off our midfield and his desire to score was greater than ours which was a huge disappointment. "You have to have those things right in the Premier League away from home if you are going to get anything. But I thought we were dangerous, slick, with good combinations, but somehow lost." I would actually agree with this. I don't think we were brilliant but we did put together lots of good moves and made lots of chances. This defeat was not nearly as disheartening as the Southampton one for me. But of course it's all good saying these things, we need to turn the corner.
  2. I'm remaining calm but you can't blame anyone for worrying. It's not just results that are bad, it's performances and that's a bigger issue. We have also lost 3 games in the last month where we took the lead first; Man City, Southampton and Burnley. It can all turn back positive very quickly, but we are at a defining point of our season!
  3. We did get bullied a bit but I don't think that's why we lost, and Burnley are probably the most physical team in the league. Evans was unusually at fault for their winner and we made plenty of chances to win the game. I will say though that some of the weaker players in terms of physicality such as Mendy and Barnes got pushed around a lot. I agree with you about experience in the middle of the park. Drinkwater has nowhere near the talent levels of Maddisonn, Tielemans or even Praet but he was experienced enough to provide some leadership both when Kante was around and when he wasn't. The young lads will learn it in time, but this is a match that "got away from us" when it should have been anything but. Praet was extremely impressive at times today and unlucky to be hooked but at the same time for as good as he is, he's not got the voice of a leader. Fernandinho of Man City is a great example for me of someone whose physicality is diminishing but his experience and know-how is still second to none, even if he plays at CB these days. I think we are crying out for one other player like this, though at the same time you don't want to block the games that young players get.
  4. Desperate for a win here. Even a game like Watford at home where we were bang average but got the points would suffice!
  5. Against Southampton at home we were awful but I don’t think we were today. Really I think Pope was the difference as he made a brilliant save to deny Praet for 2-0 and then saved Vardy’s penalty. That gave them the momentum they needed to win. But the bigger issues aren’t just performances but mental strength. We’ve bottled the big games and now we’ve lost three times recently despite going ahead first against Man City, Southampton and Burnley. This for me is the scarier thing. This is for sure our blip and we’ve got to trust Brendan to sort it out. For me though this also also shows the difference between this team and the title winners. This team plays better stuff but the title winners had bottle. After the last minute Arsenal defeat they bounced back. When Vardy was sent off against West Ham we got a point then got 7 points from the next 3 games. They only lost 3 games all season and only one - the 5-2 defeat to Arsenal was a spanking. That’s what this new generation needs - bottle. I’m a huge James Maddison fan but he needs to stop falling over and start acting like a leader out there. He’s our x-factor player and the one that can turn a game on it’s head. The title winners had Mahrez and whilst he didn’t do it every game there were many occasions where he turned a draw into a win or loss into a draw. This is all a learning experience and I didn’t think Champions League was possible at the start of the season, but to miss out now would be a huge bottle job. So come on boys let’s see a reaction against the Hammers on Wednesday!
  6. Our downturn in form is very worrying, but we made more than enough chances to win the game today. Even at 2-1 down we played good stuff and made openings but didn't convert. We need to get out of this rut quickly though, we are getting caught up by other teams fast, and this is a golden opportunity to fiish top 4.
  7. Another outstanding game from Jonny Evans. What a rock!
  8. Interesting half not the best quality from either side but we look the more technical team and IMO have shown that to be ahead. They are more competitive than I thought though, it''s not like we are bossing the game it's actually quite even. We need to be careful though because their style of play means they can always get a goal out of nothing because it's so direct and physical. Impressed with Praet who is my MOTM so far. Been busy and making things happen. Only bad point is he had a great chance to put Vardy through!
  9. Fuchs not having his best game, a few questionable decisions by him.
  10. I have to say from a purely technical standpoint he is fantastic. I play central midfield myself at amateur level but I’d love to be able to control the ball do exquisitely, be able to turn and pass like he or Maddison can. But as you say he’s an all rounder as he’s also quite quick and can tackle too!
  11. He's definitely improved after a few starts in quick succession. He can still improve, but his all round game is definitely improving you can see it every week. Quite impressed with him so far!
  12. Great challenge Praet there as well! It was a fair challenge I think!
  13. HARVEY BARNES HAS SCORED AGAIN!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!? Has he found his shooting boots!? Get in lad!
  14. Madders should have hit that first time!
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