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  1. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Surely that result against Barcelona is perfect for us. It should be a gruelling game in the return leg so hopefully they are super tired when they come to play at the KP. If Shinji is back, then some of his trademark high energy disruption paired with Vardy could swing it our way.
  2. FA Cup 2018

  3. FA Cup 2018

    Totally agree. We need the Sevilla last season atmosphere! That was an incredible night and you can tell the fans pushed the players on. We need to repeat the trick!
  4. FA Cup 2018

    I agree with you. Pep deserves a lot of credit for putting together a fantastic team that sticks to his principles. But had they achieved the Quadruple it would have left a sour taste because of the amount of money they have spent to assemble the squad. To be fair, Man United have also spent a crazy amount, but Man City have spent billions since their owners came in. We as football fans need to believe that it's not *just* money that wins trophies. Something we proved in 15/16 and which Wigan have proved tonight. It's a victory for football! Man United were lucky with their treble (Bergkamp missed pen in FA Cup, Bayern hitting the post twice in the UCL final), but that team deserves a lot of credit for having lots of home grown players and smart acquisitions (Schmeical and Solskjaer were bargains). Man City may yet achieve the same feat or better it in seasons to come, but I'm glad it's not this season! We have a great chance now but can't take Chelsea for granted! And also I hate to say it but if Spurs get through to the semi-finals they essentially have 2 home games to win the thing. Kind of unfair!
  5. FA Cup 2018

    The Magic of the FA Cup! Let's be honest Man City were the team that no one wanted to play. Now for every team left in it, it's game on!!! Congratulations Wigan, what a performance!
  6. The 50 Worst Premier Players Ever!! (by FourFourTwo)

    I’d agree with all 3! Akinbiyi and Musa were record signings so you can’t help but be highly disappointed in both. Thinking about how fast Peter Taylor ruined MON’s work makes me sad.
  7. Chelsea FA Cup 1997

    Who knows? Might have done the cup double that year if it wasn’t for this incident. That said it was still a great season from a great team. Despite this injustice this was an enjoyable year for me. MON’s team had similar characteristics of our title winning team with a great team spirit and very likeable players. Thanks for posting this @kushiro it’s always nostalgic to wander down memory lane .
  8. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Tough tie but being at home gives us a chance. We were by far the better team against them at Stamford Bridge, though their signing of Giroud has helped the balance of their team. I think a lot will come down to the form both teams are in when the match comes round.
  9. Ndidi to Liverpool

    We need the return of the hide Ndidi thread! He is probably the first name on the team sheet right now. Very consistent for his age. Don’t think he will leave unless he has a standout World Cup as his passing is still suspect. But once he’s sorted that out he will move to an Elite level club for sure. (Though he’s already at one!)
  10. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    I thought he had a strong game. He moved play forwards and indirectly created chances as a result. Far better than Simpson in this regard. Criticism of his defensive work is justified as it’s by far his biggest weakness. Those who say his future may be as a winger instead of a defender have a point. Personally he’s what I’d expect of a 21 year old having a breakthrough season - wildly inconsistent. He’s cost us quite a few points this season but I suppose that if he can push on another gear it will be worth it. Surely with the outrageous prices in football these days we should give young players more of a chance? As the song goes, Ben Chilwell is one of our own. Of our youthful contingent I think he’s been more consistent than Gray and Nacho but not shown as much promise as Diabate. And of course Ndidi has been the standout - possibly the best DM in the league despite being only 21. Players like that are very hard to find! I think at the end of next season will be the time to more accurately judge both Gray and Chilwell.
  11. Morgan or Dragovic?

    Dragovic has done nothing wrong for me this season. In fact against Man City he didn’t make any mistakes whereas Maguire made several! That said Wes Morgan has had a great season too. He’s been consistent and has adapted well to Puel’s new way of playing. Being the club captain it’s probably wise to keep him onside too. Personally I’d play Drago simply because at 34 Wes isn’t getting any younger! I can see him still contributing for another two years but surely even he knows that he cannot expect to play every game now. Let’s see who starts against Stoke. Iborra started against Sheffield United but hasn’t been involved in the league recently. Diabate has been heavily involved but did not feature at all last night. Puel might rotate the CB’s instead of having a preferred first choice.
  12. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    What happened? Muted goal celebration? Their relationship is interesting because I don't think they have ever liked each other (though at the same time I don't think they dislike each other either), but in terms of effect on the pitch, their understanding is almost unbelievable. Had the second one been counted it would have been the same two players combining.
  13. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    Yep realisitically the winner of Brighton / Cov or Southampton / Baggies would be the best we could hope for. But that said, if end up in the semis after getting a team like that, though it will be great day out it won't really be that impressive a feat. Eventually we need to beat one of the big boys so honestly I don't mind whoever we get. All of the English teams are doing great in Europe (that are still left in it) so even if we get one of the big money teams they might not play all of their best players and we might have a chance as a result.
  14. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    I think that performance was typical of what we are, an average mid-table premier league team, which is not the end of the world all things considering. Once again our two stand-out players save the day and it will be a sad day when Riyad goes this summer as despite his antics, that boy sure can play. It was a top-draw finish from Vardy. Can't see us going any further in the cup unless we get a favourable draw, but hey more than any other club in the country, we know that you should dare to dream. But quite simply I just think we are too far away from the teams above us in terms of overall quality. I think I can see why Southampton fans turned on Puel because play for most of the game was very lethargic and the Blades weren't really massively tested. But, this is a work in progress and I hope we can improve in time with this style. We need some better techincal players to pull it off and we only really had one of those on show tonight, but luckily we do have some quality players that are the difference between a frustrating draw and a professional "job's done" style of performance. One game away from Wembley and two away from the final! And even if we don't go any further, a 7th place finish (assuming we pip Burnley and Everton to it) and reaching the quarter finals in both cups is on paper a super solid season.
  15. V The Blades - Match thread

    After some shockers in recent weeks, Chilwell has had a very good game.