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  1. IMO Puel gets too much credit for recruitment. The person who *should* get credit for our recruitment is John Rudkin, our Director of Football. He had a long term strategy of what the club wanted to achieve over a long period of time after making mistakes in the 2016 window. He authorised signings that would add value to the club no matter who the manager was, something he realised he needed to do after Craig Shakespeare was given the boot. Puel definitely had a large part to play in convincing Ricardo and Tielemans to sign, as well as Maddison (I believe he called him up and told him he would
  2. Indeed he did! We love Kante for what he did in 15/16 but he left as soon as possible. Even mardy Mahrez stuck around for a few more. So it will be interesting to see what happens to Fofana. I bet if he really wanted to he could leave already, but he looks happy here and I think we’ll get 3-4 more seasons out of him yet.
  3. Yep, him and Thomas (19 years old) already are for helping us to win the trophy. Plus both have played a good number of games for us already this season. In the final both were immense and both have had valuable contributions to the club throughout the season. Of course they can further add to their legendary status the longer they are here with us. Kante only played one season with us but is often regarded as more of a legend for us than Ndidi (something I think needs correcting, Wilf has played over 140 times for us!), but that status is deserved given what he did for us. So both
  4. Yeah agreed. The goal changed the game, but we were in the ascendancy. Maddison was being prepared to come on which was part of the plan; contest the game, work our way into it, get on top and then start trying to win it. The plan was spot on and that’s despite losing a real leader in Evans. You could tell we had prepared for that to happen.
  5. Chelsea were definitely the better team in the first half but I don’t think they battered us. They had a lot of corners but they had half chances at best. In fact I thought Vardy’s chance from Castagne’s cross early in the half was one of the better efforts in the half. In truth this was a classic final affair. Two evenly matched teams in a close encounter. Such games always come down to one individual moment of quality and fortunately for us, the star man lived to his billing with a goal worthy of winning any game. I was impressed with our performance; it wasn’t vinta
  6. Our scouting team is so good, they have data on the swimmers in people's nutsacks before they have been born. I've been told that our 2050 transfer window will be something special.
  7. The Premier League was truly incredible, that will never be done again. But it did feel a bit "flukey" even if it was anything but. There wasn't any pressure from the outset, we built up incredible momentum, all the top teams had an off year, etc. Still for me the greatest story ever in sport, but it was unexpected. At the start of this season, we all knew we had a chance to win this cup. That we were good enough to do it and it was high time we put a run together. And we did it, winning a high pressure game against a team that is going to be in the Champions League final. People w
  8. Leicester won the FA Cup final for the first time in their history on Saturday 15th May! A very tight game, which was decided by one exceptional moment of quality from Youri Tielemans! But let's talk tactics and look at the game a little more. Leicester lined up as expected in a 3412, with the big calls being risking Evans as the middle of the 3 CBs, Luke Thomas ahead of Ricardo / Castagne as LWB and Perez ahead of Maddison as the number 10. Vardy and Iheanacho led the line as they have done in recent weeks. Tuchel did go for some spicy changes to their line
  9. If you have a video I can do it sure! Do you mean the one from the fan that shared it on this site? Or another one?
  10. If it's Gosens, then Gosens is in front of him, with Thomas as back-up. If it's Bertrand, then Thomas is in front. After the last two games, it is entirely possible we decide to give Thomas the starting berth until JJ returns next season. He is still raw and will make mistakes, but he was one of our best players in a cup final! He's proved he can handle the pressure. I have a feeling James Justin won't be back until Christmas and even then, like Ricardo probably will take many games to get back to top form. So I could understand why we want to sign another player. I am
  11. Was discussing this with some of the lads pre-match. I think Izzet would have been superb in this current team, especially in the 4231. Muzzy was like a hybrid 8/10 for me, had the workrate, tenacity and tackling to go with some killer talent to make things happen out of nowhere. In a high pressing style, being allowed to drift through the lines and under a coach like Rodgers, he would have been a superstar! Anyway we live in a different era now, and all I can say is what a privilege to see two brilliant midfielders with offensive talent in Youri Tielemans and Muzzy Izzet in my lif
  12. Unreal performance Luke! What a brilliant player this young lad is! He has nerves of steel and didn't put a foot wrong all match long. You should be nervous and timid in an FA Cup final, but he and Fofana were rock solid. Really made for him, he has a massive future here. I think we will sign another player who might play in front of him, but Thomas will continue to get many games and he has proved he is ready to step up whenever called upon. I love it that a local lad who is a fan is living the dream and is so humble.
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