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  1. Spudulike

    Gordon Banks RIP

    Well done Sheffield. So what will our council be doing to create a lasting tribute to Our Gordon, Leicester City World Cup winner ??
  2. Spudulike

    Is it time to reconfigure the stadium ??

    That's exactly why it's time to remove a block or two and give it over to the rest of the fan base.
  3. Is the Family (Lineker ??) Stand too big ?? Seems to me, looking from the Kop End, that quite a few empty single seats are dotted around for matches that are declared a sell-out (including last match vs Man Utd when fans were outside holding up 'tickets needed' signs). Perhaps that end needs to be reconfigued down to three, or even two blocks, and open the vacated space to STH, Members, or just those that buy match by match ?? M1 always seems to be sold out when the away club don't take up their full allocation, which I believe is the case for the Palace match. Seems the demand is there, especially if advertised well in advance. Is it possible to reduce the away corner to 2,100 rather than the full 3,500 for every match ?? Is the club instructed to give up that many seats to the away club ?? ps. this is not a swap the Kop with the Family stand debate
  4. Spudulike

    Gordon Banks RIP

    Wouldn't hold your breath on that one. He promised something in 2016 but it never happened. This is the one to make the perfect statue.... passing on from the old to the new.
  5. Spudulike

    Gordon Banks RIP

    This picture is special to me. 'Our' Gordon welcomed home in Town Hall Square in '66. Special to me as I'm the 7-year old kid on my Dad's shoulders in the background. RIP Sugar.
  6. Spudulike

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Is Zaha banned for this one ?? Didn't he get an extended ban for the sarcastic applause at the ref when he got red carded recently ??
  7. Spudulike

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    Ready for pre-season training at the start of 20/21.
  8. Spudulike

    Andy King - Derby fan in peace...

    Too good for Derby.
  9. It's stuff like this that highlights exactly how much our title win shook the foundations of football. It constantly sparks debate, bewilderment, gets referenced and draws comparison with so many situations and events. Doing a Leicester. Title wins for the usual clubs will just be numbers in future years but 2015-16 will be remembered for ever.
  10. Spudulike

    Man Utd...

    Got a spare season ticket (adult) available in C2. I can meet outside the turnstile. Face value (whatever that is). PM me if interested. ps. I'll only sell to a Leicester City fan. Man U plastics needn't apply Sorry folks. It's gone.
  11. Spudulike

    Andy King to Derby on loan

    In the team tonight ??
  12. Spudulike

    Hamza Choudhury the Trailblazer

    The likes of Hamza and the other academy kids (Chilwell, Barnes) are going to save the club a fortune on transfer fees. How much are those 3 worth in todays market ??
  13. Spudulike

    Liverpool (a) Pre Match Thread

    Just don't, please.
  14. I was expecting him to establish an Italian defence at the very least. Fear for Fulham, shame for Claudio.