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  1. Wonder if the police will have this one as high risk again ??
  2. Can't we find a better name? I remember the ridicule when those up the A6 went on about the Derby way. A bit cringy, we're better than that. That said, so much better developing our own. Seagrave is going to be pivitol in this.
  3. It's clear that Manchester has exclusive rights to City. Have they trade marked it ?? I'd be happy with an acknowledgement there's 'more than one City'. I'm ok with sharing.
  4. Not sure why Mason Mount is so highly rated by some.
  5. Not sure why a manager needs to spit.
  6. Not sure what Wilder is complaining about or Micah Richards and Mark Lawrenson on Football Focus. The linesman is not the ref and players should not stop when they see a flag go up. VAR was correct, Shelvy was onside, and it would've been worse if the goal was incorrectly ruled out. Wilder would be better off lambasting his defenders rather than blaming VAR.
  7. Liverpool are 11pts clear at the top of the Premier League?
  8. BBC Breakfast this morning state that today Man City will be attempting to chip away at Liverpool's 11pts lead at the top of the Premier League. ... and on it goes.
  9. I had a crystal clear picture. It's just a shame the picture quality at Stockley Park wasn't as good else they would've seen the clear and obvious trip on Jamie Vardy which somehow resulted in 'no penalty' and unbelievably, a yellow card for simulation! The VAR hub really does need to get Amazon Prime streamed so they can see what's going on. Shakes head in disbelief.
  10. Probably done his groin in Sunday's goal celebration. Think that I may've done mine as well.
  11. In which minute will we see the standard Troy Deeny goal
  12. 5-Live Sports bulletin talking about a big night of football. Man Utd take on Tottenham (mid table clash) and Liverpool take on rivals Everton... and there are 4 other matches. What about the angle that Liverpool's lead could be down to 5 points tonight? This morning they were going on about Liverpool extending their lead to 11 points tonight. No one seems to have noticed that we have a game tonight and a big say at the top of the table. Ffs.
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