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  1. Have you got a clip of that Cruyff turn from the Wolves match ??
  2. All I'm hanging on to is that VAR is the same for all teams. Man City probably wouldn't have won the PL last season or Cardiff City got relegated had VAR been in operation. It will, if nothing else, go some way in evening out the 'big' club bias and 'homer' referees that has plagued football for decades.
  3. A £50m plus replacement wouldn't have done any better than Cags last week.
  4. Is Kingy the only player to have winners medals at L1, Championship and Premier League ?? I guess there were others in the past to win the top 3 divisions but not in the Premier League era.
  5. Possibly not at matches but most of us saw it being sung in some other establishment that was posted far and wide on social media. Cheap, ugly and very classless.
  6. He's also got a Cruyff turn
  7. I'm relaxed about not signing a star winger as I'd rather see Harvey Barnes be given time to develop into the player we think he might become (and not just because he's one of our own). Marc Albrighton isn't done yet either (but not so sure about Gray).
  8. Not seen it on the telly but what about the penalty for the foul on Vardy ?? Was it a pen
  9. Superb display yesterday. Couldn't work it out from C Block but looks great in the photo's. Nice one
  10. Wolves dirty gold shirts are the second worse in the Premier League. Only beaten by Watford. Truly awful kit. So glad we play in Royal Blue.
  11. Anyone that can kick the ball over the West Stand roof gets my vote. Has the ball been found yet ??
  12. If anyone nicks the Bentley's Roof Vichai flag they should hang their head in shame.
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