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  1. Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    ... and then Silva gets the boot
  2. Will Mahrez go for 100 million.

    I haven't noticed him clap the crowd at the end of a match like he did yesterday. Almost felt like a farewell. I might have read to much in to it
  3. New chants and songs

    I couldn't be much further away from L1 but it was loud and clear over in C Block. Probably the loudest that I've heard L1 all season
  4. Outgoings Only?

    FIFA ?? Never played it in my life. 2-3 years at least is not a fixed age
  5. Outgoings Only?

    Fuchs is only 31. Shinji is also only 31 (9 days younger than Fuchs). Both have got another 2-3 seasons left at least
  6. Leicester City v Watford. Premier League.

    It wasn't that long ago that Palace fans were saying they expected to get turned over at our place. No away wins No away goals Nailed on home win..... 0-3
  7. Parking charge notice

    Paying the invoice is most probably the stress free option. However, I don't like rolling over and almost feel a duty to kick back. These are essentially the same arguments that eventually led to making clamping illegal in 2012. It will be outlawed at some point but in the meantime the parking cowboys will have made their profit before moving on to the next opportunity.
  8. Andy King

    ...rrhea ??
  9. VAR Issues

    That's my point. The keeper could still have got a red eventhough Nacho scored.
  10. VAR Issues

    Mike Jones is a what ??
  11. VAR Issues

    Exactly. Didn't the keeper take Nacho out after he flicked it past him ?? Need to watch it again.
  12. VAR Issues

    The 'big' clubs that have been influencing officials for years must be getting slightly concerned about this.
  13. VAR Issues

    Had Nacho missed would the VAR confirmed a penalty and a red for the 'keeper ??
  14. VAR Issues

    Couldn't have done much for that Linesman's confidence VAR says onside
  15. Dragovic

    Good game tonight *Like*