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  1. Don't know why anyone needs NowTV pass codes when it's free on Pick c11. It's a waste to use them tomorrow.
  2. I'm getting even more worried about this now after the Chelsea result. Its just set up perfectly for Bournemouth to take an early lead and heroically Park a couple of double-deckers. Without two first choice full backs and our best creative midfielder, coupled with the possibility of being without the Premier Leagues top goalscorer, is going to prove more than tricky. Last chance saloon for Bournemouth. Feeling pessimistic. I'll be OK tomorrow (probably).
  3. Definitely a player in there, somewhere. Sometimes he looks brilliant when running with the ball. Sometimes just a bit meh. Frustrating but still time to make a good career somewhere, sadly probably not with us.
  4. That's the one, thanks. Best of, compilation. Probably no longer available. Edit: available off ebay on vinyl but not much use when your record deck is boxed up in the loft!
  5. Anyone remember an album cover by Leicester band Family featuring a painting of a match at Filbert Street? Can't find it online.
  6. Hope that no one was planning on going to Belgium. BBC News - Belgium tells Leicester arrivals to quarantine https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-53373970
  7. Can't imagine any other front man singing Underdog, Fire, LSF etc. It just won't be right. Very sad that we probably won't ever hear their songs live again as they should be.
  8. Didn't know they've only been called AFC Bournemouth since 1971.
  9. I could be wrong but from memory I think that park (King's Park?) the stadium stands in is common land or legally protected in some way to prevent development. If that's the case they can't expand and would need to find an alternative site and start from scratch. Probably not easy in that area.
  10. I cannot believe that VAR officials will deliberately give a wrong decision to protect one of their mates. That's quite an accusation and very concerning.
  11. You'd be expecting a shed load of money on that 8/1 (to win appeal) if this was a reliable leak.
  12. 5 subs rule has helped them on their way. It's only fair the cheque book clubs are given the best advantage.
  13. Why would they want to play in the Scottish League?
  14. Keir Starmer and Labour have been desperately distancing themselves from BLM since the spat about defunding the police. Especially after they called him a cop in an expensive suit.
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