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  1. I appreciate that it's not meant to be a documentary but if they are going to use actual names they could've at least made it slightly more historically accurate. Disappointed to say the least.
  2. Is it possible to book with a company that will accept a deposit now to fix the price? Then if you don't go you will have minimised your losses?
  3. Yes, started this one but I'm now feeling so ill I can't get downstairs to watch it. Day 5 for me, doctor visited yesterday, took blood but unable to test for CV19 so working on assumption that's what it is. Grim. I did applaud from my bed at 8 last night. Thank you.
  4. I haven't found anything better than Breaking Bad. I guess that most have already watched all 5 series. I was late to it but got totally hooked.
  5. No game to mark Vichai's birthday this year. I'm sure there will be something appropriate in his garden.
  6. I know that I'm late to the Netflix party but just started Sunderland til I die. Watching that disaster reminded me of that sunny heatwave of a day in 2015, first match of the season. Walking down past the Counting House and seeing the hoards of Mackem's in full voice confident their new signings were going to give them a massively successful season. Like most, I just wanted an average mid table season given what had happened the previous year. A draw would've done me fine. Funny old game, in it.
  7. I did. It was the Rhumatology consultant and she contacted me as a follow up to a massive flare that I had a couple of weeks ago (I couldn't walk). She was more concerned about the amount of steroids I'm taking. I was given a wait and see brief and told to reduce the drugs even if it risks other problems....and self isolate for 12 weeks!
  8. I've been socially distancing since last Wednesday. Had a bit of a snivel a couple of weeks back that threw my office into a panic. However, nothing developed from it and felt fine 2 days later. Only outside contact I've had is walking along routes strictly avoiding people. All going well until Sunday night when I started coughing. Now feel quite unwell but don't have a high temperature (I've got an electronic thermometer) breathing not too bad to be concerned about yet. The missrs is working from home but last week 2 of her coworkers have developed symptoms, one of which has now tested positive for CV19. My problem is that I'm 61 and in an 'at risk' group due to immuno suppression drugs. Got a call from the hospital this morning who told me that I must self isolate for 12 weeks. Worried how this might develop.
  9. So her husband is at home recovering from a stroke whilst she goes out exposing herself to CV19. So if he dies it's just too bad so long as she gets her day out. Jeez.
  10. A bit odd why no announcement on the Kasabian gig on 20th June. 50 odd thousand people on Vickie Park is not going to happen. I'm guessing that Soulsby doesn't want to call it off to avoid getting a bill from the promoters.
  11. Apparently social distancing doesn't apply to joggers
  12. Ok, we'll see. Ps. Thanks for your work. It's very very much appreciated. Stay well.
  13. It cannot be over due to the huge financial implications. It will be finished, some how.
  14. It will be a huge help to have testing kits available so that we know which players and staff members have had the virus (or have it). Team's can then be selected depending on health status to be played behind closed doors to get the season finished. Makes it a bit of a lottery but better than declaring the season null and void.
  15. Just as well this didn't happen last year as Seagrave might not have gone ahead. Just hope that it gets finished given the likely staff and material shortages.
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