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  1. Great idea and I'm up for it.... however, I think the club need to play it over the PA for us to sing along with as it sounds to me that our crowd has forgotten the tune and tempo. Slow it down lads and lassies, just ask those of us veterans from the 70's. Even Liverpool play YNWA over the PA, don't they ??
  2. Totally agree the stadium needs character. Our city also needs some recognition and celebration of that momentous period in our history. Our football club has put our city on the world map. Where's the pride??
  3. Different type of game for Cags. We'll see how good he is against rough house strikers like Barnes and Wood. It's not going to be a thing of beauty.
  4. Wasn't it suggested that it will be recreated on a prominent route into the city ?? Did I dream that we actually won the Premier League and the world loved us ?? Seems that it's something that should swept under the carpet. Sad.
  5. I don't know if these latest developments are a breakthrough or not but I'm enjoying the misery on the faces of the BBC correspondents. Still no details as to what was agreed with the T Shock yesterday that might have restarted the negotiations. However, last week No. 10 said they would be letting the EU commission, know, privately, how the UK Government will be swerving the Benn Legislation and therefore forcing a no-deal. Some speculation around that the EU have taken this seriously and therefore have finally concluded they must do a deal. I suppose that it will all become clear over the weekend.
  6. Well this has brought her back down to earth after her beloved Liverpool's win on Saturday.
  7. If this was not an attempt to deflect attention from the Mane dive (and it was) then the professional way to deal with this would've been for Klopp to have approached his counter part to raise his objections. Describing the Hamza tackle as dangerous as hell is playing to the cameras and writing the media headlines. This is a good example of why the FA urgently need to educate and remind football club management of their responsibilities especially in the light of the Kick it out campaign. It's no longer good enough to pay lip service to anti racism drives if they don't take action against professionals making comments (although not racist in itself) that are highly likely to inspire others and legitimise the vile comments made by anonymous imbeciles.
  8. Division 3 Champions, they'll never sing that.
  9. C'mon, I thought that every one of us did Yeovil away (anyone that didn't is a plastic). We always took at least 50 thousand there. ps. I did it on a Tuesday night in the rain (that ain't no lie).
  10. Until someone comes up with the big club formula then it's just a nonsense debate. No one seems to know what 'big' actually means (or have different interpretations quite often age related).
  11. Another good stat is the all time Premier League table. It's been around long enough now to be an era. LCFC …. 14th Snotties….32nd Derby ….. 33rd https://www.statbunker.com/alltimestats/AllTimeLeagueTable?comp_code=EPL
  12. So does this now mean that as VAR didn't over rule the penalty decision at the time then the FA can't administer a retrospective ban to Mane for simulation given the video evidence?
  13. It's all about VAR assisted penalties.
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