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  1. Not read much of this thread, too depressing. However, did this all start after the covid party? Must be someone ITK that knows what's going on with this bunch. Only Sheff Utd and Fulham lost more home games this season. Wtf.
  2. Didnt see it but I'm guessing they're not the Wembley suits. Guess they are trying to smarten up as Top is there.
  3. Not sure that I'd have Savage on that list.
  4. On This Day: Leicester City lift Premier League trophy to crown 5,000-1 title win - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/57017208
  5. Perhaps have some news on the Vichai Statue
  6. Thanks @Mint23. I've got 272
  7. How the hell do you find out how many points you have? I've logged onto LCFC. Com but I can't see my points total. Not expecting it to be enough as I don't do away games anymore.
  8. I expect that Seagrave will be looking absolutely immaculate today.
  9. When I was at school in the first half of the 70's, a teacher (can't remember his name) told us about a recurring nightmare dream where he was left standing outside Wembley with West Ham playing in the FA Cup final. I always thought that traumatic (not West Ham, obviously) and something that's always stuck in my mind. Could've been ill, car could've broken down, couldn't get a ticket, who knows but three semi finals later and its happened. Not a predictable occurance but it's come true. I'll be watching Auntie.
  10. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leicester-city-announce-important-ticket-5379834.amp?__twitter_impression=true Apparently those that get a cup final ticket won't be eligible for a Spurs ticket when they parade the cup
  11. And could be 1 point behind by the time they play Villa. Playing a heavily rotated side against us could open the door to second place. They won't want that even if it means upsetting their glory boys by rotating against the MR's.
  12. Surely we are their biggest threat for 2nd place? In that case they are more likely to rest and rotate against Villa and the Merseyside Reds, are they not?
  13. I guess we're going to need energy drinks and bananas after 42 minutes. Could be 442 2nd half.
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