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  1. Spudulike

    Just as we start to get going!!!

    I still get shivers at the memory of Spuds sticking six past us when Fuchs was playing centre-back.
  2. Spudulike

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    When you say runs through the training ground site is it nearer the perimeter or the middle ?? Do you know what route it takes ??
  3. Spudulike

    The Car thread

    I've got winter tyres on my 1 Series coupe. Gives you a better chance.
  4. Spudulike

    The Car thread

    Depends if you prefer front or rear wheel drive. BMW's are not the best in snow and ice unless you get winter tyres fitted.
  5. Almost worked in this competition last season.
  6. Spudulike

    Watford (H) pre match

    Wonder if Watford fans will be bringing their Vichai tribute flag with them ??
  7. Spudulike

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    They did but it was all a bit grainy given that most of us that had that new fangled internet thing were on dial-up. However, we did have the viewing platform on the other side of the road. We called it Freeman's Wharf then (still is).
  8. Spudulike

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    It won't be when they've got those massive floodlights installed
  9. Spudulike

    Three years ago...

    It really did feel like something historically special that we were witnessing. I can't remember another moment quite like it. We've all seen worldies and goals of beauty but this was different (better than the Liverpool volley). I went into some sort of trance for a good 5 minutes afterwards not even noticing the football going on in front of me. One of those out of body experiences. Feel so lucky to have witnessed it in person. A few months later I was on the pitch before the Kasabian gig and walked the move to try to make some sense of it. I wasn't the only one doing it. That move and goal summed up why we were Champions of England (he made us sing that).
  10. Spudulike

    The Foxes - nickname change?

    'Foxes' does not glorify fox hunting anymore than the PHG (the number of times I've had to explain that one ) Fossils was our original nickname. I suspect that someone would manage to take offence at that.
  11. Spudulike

    We Could Open Spuds Loo seat stadium

    Has this been leaked ??
  12. Spudulike

    Saints Cup Home Match Thread

  13. Spudulike

    Saints Cup Home Match Thread

    It's on LCFC.COM https://www.lcfc.com/match/40892#latest
  14. Didn't a Brighton defender handle the ball before it rebounded to Nacho ?? Perhaps the ref would've given the penalty for that anyway ??
  15. Spudulike

    Next up.. SOUTHAMPTON EFL cup (H)..

    Not just on Foxestalk either