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  1. .. and no forgetting KikiDHall.
  2. Are you Dion Dublin? Praet got a clean contact, it was not a scuff
  3. Apart from a few kids shouting c'mon Brentford occasionally and you're shit ahhhhh for one of our goal kicks, you wouldn't have known there were any home fans. By contrast I heard numerous songs from the away end including Vichai's dream, on our way, Soyuncu's songs and others. I watched on the telly.
  4. Hoping that Hull can force a draw. Another replay, marvellous.
  5. Avoiding a replay is a bonus and hopefully the likes of Spudenham and red Manchester won't be so fortunate.
  6. You'd expect that any loan deal for Benkovic will include a recall option unless someone comes in.
  7. Not enough flags on the upper tier.
  8. Perhaps Harry might feel some regret when he's watching his ex-teammates next season playing in the UCL as he goes through the early rounds of the League Cup. Alternatively perhaps he's content to have Man Utd captain on his CV. His choice.
  9. The worst I can remember was Portsmouth after Nugent put them one up in the first minute. 89 mins of time wasting followed.
  10. That's me not attending either. Monday nights are impossible. So bleedin' annoying
  11. Tying boot laces at Burnley last week was a classic. The match should never be stopped for that. It's a farce. Watching the body language change as soon as a team goes ahead or behind is getting more and more obvious. Burnley are without doubt the worse culprits. Their goal celebrations must be the longest ever.
  12. The Villa and Bournemouth wins have put massive pressure on West Ham. Expect a battle even more now.
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