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  1. Spudulike

    Wilfred Kanon

    Some say he's got a short fuse and we should keep our powder dry.
  2. Should we be worried Groundshare ??
  3. Spudulike


    I think King Power record attendance was also for a Tigers rugger match (no segregation in force). …. or it might be the Kasabian gig
  4. He's trying to carve out a pundit career for himself by being controversial. It's like those idiots on Talk Sport that sucker people in to calling in by making ridiculous points designed to provoke. Sutton wants to ingratiate himself with Celtic fans. I'm sure that most of them are not stupid enough to fall for it. Once a Snottie…..
  5. Did he come on ?? Listed as unused sub on BBC
  6. Yes, didn't he say something in the Q&A about not wanting a lamp post ??
  7. Looks like Welford Rd is set for some more development... https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-news/leicester-tigers-lri-plan-multi-2895507?fbclid=IwAR10yCow0ZhTnQ34-z_PzmZZoIUjOfFA1azoa7245DmR_O5rYqUTVjewNXQ "We currently have an agreement with Leicester City Football Club for 250 spaces at the King Power Stadium dedicated for staff parking. "Unfortunately, we may lose these spaces due to the redevelopment proposals for increased stadium capacity and investment in the surrounding site."
  8. I'm not religious but thought this would give our county an identifiable landmark along the lines of the Angel of the North. However, what has happened to the promise to locate it next to a '...motorway in Leicestershire' ?? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-35278823 Seems that we've lost it to the West Midlands https://www.pbctoday.co.uk/news/planning-construction-news/wall-answered-prayer/57354/?fbclid=IwAR10rDkRgFuw0DUyMlHnlGq4ucjSRXHRM1UT6sUmORhgvNPzCSH9Vw5fmK4 The 'Lost' city is also the Lost county. It was ever thus.
  9. It's not funny getting shot on April 1st
  10. Doesn't seem to bother Arsenal...
  11. How long does it take to draw plans up ?? The original announcement was over two years ago (3 if you include Top's on Vickie Park). Seems the shift towards Seagrave wasn't on the agenda at the time and that's changed everything.... which is fair enough but just give us an indication that is the strategy. I tend to believe that very little, if anything, is happening as any proposals will need to be done alongside the council and if that were the case it would've leaked by now. Wolves (and even the Snotties) manage to let their fans know of the clubs stadium expansion intentions but we are always kept in the dark.
  12. When I were a lad (and I'm only talking about the 1970's) it was the other way around. Most of the county dwellers were rugger buggers down at Welford Road.
  13. Bit disappointed the club haven't given us any updates or even a basic indication of the current situation. Probably a good reason for this due to confidential commercial considerations and/or the turmoil caused by last Octobers tragedy. However, would be nice to have a bit of a clue as to what's going on though (even if nothing).
  14. Spudulike


    Anyone that was around in the late 60's (not me) or 70's (me) will tell you about the Leicester vs Snottingham rivalry. This rivalry with Derby is a more recent thing as they were seen at about the same relevance as Notts County. Otherwise, the Tigers (bloody hate them).
  15. Yes, that's him. Just found the topic here
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