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  1. At least we won't have to watch our Riyad ripping Chilwell apart, again. That was embarrassing.
  2. Praet can play the defensive midfielder role, can't he ?? Madders is available so Dennis can be moved back??
  3. Speak for yourself. He's as big a twat as Chilwell.
  4. Stringer lambasting Maddison for his synchronized handshake with an Arsenal Instagram buddy. It's a new Insta/Twitter era. Modern footballers are rubbish.
  5. Hopefully do better attacking the Kop in the second half. Unless they've swapped it with the Family Stand without telling us whilst we've been away
  6. I don't know how the hell they want us to take any interest in this if we can't even watch it
  7. Do the French struggle with humour (you know, just like the Germans)? Regardez Mon visage Suis-je bovvered?
  8. What did the police do about it? Was the parent fined for trespass?
  9. I feel your pain. I'm in a constant battle with these idiots and can't take my car out during school run times as they gridlock the road. The school authorities constantly send out reminders to parents pointing out that our road is out of bounds for parking but it seems that most either don't think it applies to them or just don't care. They are arriving earlier and earlier to get the best spaces. Why they have to park so close is a mystery. I will never buy a house near a school again.
  10. Perhaps Brendan was hinting at this when he spoke about broken players.
  11. I live in a narrow road near a school. The authorities have placed prominent signs at the entrance stating that parking is for residents and business only due to Covid restrictions. Why can't school run parents follow simple instructions to protect us all? Just had a confrontation with one outside.
  12. Why, have the Manc's got injuries?
  13. Pearson was as well. You could see the pain in his face during the post match Sky interview. Perhaps he knew that he was going with the new owners coming in.
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