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  1. Benny, Miss Diane, Meg Mortimer, Shooey McFee, Carlos Raphael and the unforgettable Amy Turtle. Household names.
  2. Cheltenham was just a brilliant away day in the sunshine. Don't know whether they'd seen anything like it before (apart from the races) when what seemed like half of Leicester's population descended on them. Jo Kuffour, that was a decent goal. However, that was the match that Nicky Evans came on and turned it around with Bruno getting the winner in stoppage time with half the crowd gone (nothing changes). Some great memories and laughs especially at the Memorial Stadium when the groundsman got sent off (fork off). We can look back now with nostalgia but m
  3. Plenty of vacated office space in the stadium. More hospitality or perhaps the promised museum?
  4. Will the pressers be done here instead of the stadium?
  5. ... with soap up your arse And you'll never walk again, you'll never walk again.
  6. No, just liked the songs Its a long way to the station, its a long way to run. You'll never take the Spion Kop. Leicester score, Leicester score cos' when you get one you'll get more. We'll see you assembly when we get to Wembley, so score Leicester score.
  7. Lei, Ces, Ter Leicester are the best. We are the Leicester Boot Boys. Bertie Mee said to Bill Shankley have heard of the North Bank Highbury?, Shanks says no, I don't think so, but I've heard of the Leicester, boot boys. You're going home in a f'ing ambulance You're going home like Sandy Richardson. I hear the sound of distant bums...
  8. I'm English. I was born in Bond Street and raised in Leicester (Charnwood Street area before moving to Oadby). My family (both sides) are from Leicester. Or so I thought until doing a bit of genealogy and discovering that some of my ancestors came from Wolverhampton. Imagine the shock and shame when I found out.
  9. So true. Always the prediction in our house that it will end up with Kasper. Usually does.
  10. That was a penalty last season. But the rule has changed again (probably). That's the thing, no one knows anymore.
  11. I've not seen it mentioned yet but is handball in the box OK now? I can't keep up with the rules anymore.
  12. Ffs stop going on about City. They are Man City, aaarrrggghhhh. Sorry, I'm in a bad mood.
  13. I've never left a match early, ever. However, tonight (if I was there) would have been the closest I've ever been. My finger was paused over the remote control but convinced myself to take the pain to appreciate the good times. I've seen it all down the years but that corner nearly did it for me. Had. E. Nuff.
  14. Send the whole lot to the Ukraine and make them stand on the sidelines in the cold (in their under pants).
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