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  1. Yep, the customers have to be coming from somewhere. They'll be taking business from other local places who may then in turn need to reduce staffing. So 65 jobs isn't quite as good as it sounds.
  2. £308k is a nice salary, but it's crazy to think that some of the young emerging players such as Hamza and Barnes are probably earning more than the CEO.
  3. It was on the web site too: https://www.lcfc.com/news/1590992/free-oh-leuven-trip-for-lcfc-season-ticket-holders--fox-members
  4. Wish the guy would stop calling him Inny-acho.
  5. For the benefit of those not at the Brendan Rogers Q&A towards the end of last season, he was asked about having a plan B. His response was that he doesn't believe in them. That is to say he won't drastically change the game plan during a match. He'll tweak the original plan but that's as far as it goes.
  6. Ah that explains why maybe I can't find it :). Can find everything else. EDIT: It's on Sky catchup.
  7. Anyone got a link to the Sky post-match?
  8. Great, have now got to run over to the stadium after doing a 10k the same morning.
  9. Brendans closing words from tonights Q&A...
  10. Blatant handball https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/11626081/birmingham-2-0-nottm-forest
  11. Robert Huth for me is a club legend. He may have only been with us for just over 3 years but it's the positive memories that a player leaves you with that earn them the legendary status. Who will forget his physical approach to defending, his goals against Man City and Spurs, his Tweets, his free kick and his pulling of Fellainis hair!
  12. The tunnel cam is what I used to find out when they arrived as it's timestamped. It was roughly 4 hours before kickoff last season. I hung around behind the player parking area and a majority of players did come over for autographs. There were a few exceptions such as Kasper who wasn't interested and Mahrez who arrived with his buddy who dropped him off right outside the door. Didn't see Vardy. From memory I got autographs from Maguire, Fuchs, Okazaki, Ndidi, Albrighton and a couple of others.
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