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  1. No! Missed that one. Did wonder , full credit to the guy
  2. And that's what he did at man city wasn't it... His finish looked even better in slow motion.
  3. I see where your going with that... never even thought of it like that! I knew he was a decent player , but just looked him up on wiki and saw he was the elected the first black chairman of the union. that's deserves respect but sadly he is still an odd ball that talks bollocks.
  4. He is the strangest man in football , how he ever got on the TV is a question no one can answer...
  5. OK , thanks for the reply. no sky is a good thing for this one. come on leicester!
  6. Thanks , is that sports extension to chrome legit? always a bit wary of add-ons...
  7. Id Snap your hand off , that would be a huge leap forward
  8. Good times , its big money but that's only relative to the current market that is completely nuts. seems a good fit hopefully a new start will help him improve his consistency he is at his prime and could get better so feeling positive. I just looked on the newcastle forum its bleak.. the last comment was this ,the fans up there deserve better. yeah good luck to him. he might have been hit and miss but he was a trier, could never fault his effort and he seemed to care, unlike some that went down with us last time. deserves a decent career with a club that cares.
  9. jamfox

    A. Perez

    your right but i don't think the odds will be good enough for me the way it's going Newcastle will be favs for the drop unless something gives
  10. jamfox

    A. Perez

    Whilst its true some sound not bothered, there is also a S~it load of negativity and defeatism some just sound like they have given up! I think the consensus is that he is a player with real promise that has not been consistent enough, he has frustrated in the past and yes came good last season. But you just about right him off because off that? Cup half empty! if you really want to be that negative then spend more time in the Newcastle forum its really depressing you will fit right in . We have a buzz at Leicester and that’s the energy that can take us to the next level. He has not even kicked a ball for us yet so get a grip, are you having a bad week?
  11. I think i was at school with his Daughter Leigh , she was pretty and good at pool . just thought id throw that in!
  12. Voted remain, but I would have taken the deal as I won’t some democratic respect for the vote, I don’t think it’s as bad a deal as people say its not even the deal to fair, just a gate way to go through to start negotiating the final deal. In terms of no deal, well no one voted for that and “it’s the default position” does not cut it for me because that’s not what was sold at all, and when people who want no deal say, “it won’t be that bad” and its “not the end of the world” well... sorry but I what something that’s going to be a positive for my kid’s future so if you’re not even that up beat then you can shove that idea! To much miss information and to close a vote to invoke the nuclear option that will cut our economic growth, It’s not even a thing it’s just a failure to get something that will make us the laughing stock of the world, we will for ever be known as the turkeys who voted for Xmas. It really winds me up that Jacob Rees Mugg is deceiving people that no deal it’s the UK’s favourite option, That’s just a fcuking lie, and if it had been on the ticket it would off never got the win in the first place. So, deal for me, no deal will make us the Millwall off the wold, relegated to the low league “no one likes us, and we don’t care” ill hang my head in utter shame
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