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  1. https://ru.vfsglobal.co.uk/tourist.html
  2. Yep , it's the biggest game since when we won it. Then potentially we have man united game that could then upgrade us to the champions League No pressure then
  3. You would hope so , but all 3 if our games are against potential rivals chasing the same dream. And worse then that while we have list our way they are all looking good. You can't over play how massive sheff united tomorrow is. I think if we can bank 5th , then we will have a better chance against spuds and man united.
  4. Great result , sixth place looks a world of better
  5. Good game Burnley wolves , good aggression and fast paced. If you don't play like this first and foremost you will get ****ed. Wolves add some flair as well , good side makes you worried as to were we are at. Really missing some key players and we are going to need to find this level tomorrow and get some confidence back.
  6. It's relentless pressure from Chelsie , If they get though the first half half it will hopefully give them confidence. Can't possibly wear tin hats for 90mins...
  7. jamfox

    Adam Lallana

    That has to be a wind up...
  8. Arteta is a ducking idiot , arrogant man
  9. I'm agreeing with jamie Redknapp here , we need to go to 4 at the back. Söyüncü looks lost at times , they have had his face in the pillow
  10. Why the fook did sky shrink Bennett !!!!
  11. jamfox

    Antonee Robinson

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