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  1. Well actually if you discount the illegal goals and count the legal goals we should have scored, then we won. WE WON BY A LOT But seriously, disappointing , but I'm still feeling positive about having a good season
  2. You would of been taken to the asylum for saying that at the start of the season, I'm nodding in disbelief because I think it's true
  3. When we signed him , i read somewhere that his dynamic acceleration was like Mbappe and that's some claim! watching him track back to cover ground today i could see what they meant, the kid is absolute lightning
  4. That last scream , is like he had his tooth pulled but some nazi torturer. JOKE
  5. I did say in an underwhelming performance, I'd not go as far as Nacho was awful Slim definitely was awful
  6. He played as well as most of them , only Fofana and Timmy stood out.
  7. Was when he picked up that quick counter through ball , and the then everyone remembers he is not Vardy as he just jogs up because he knows he has no ducking chance as well You have to worry if that's you impact sub front man , do people still think we do not need a new striker ? Nacho did ok in an underwhelming performance but sadly slim looked well of the pace
  8. Good read that , i was struck buy the last part.. “I look at the big clubs and their endless desire for money and I just think… what’s the point?” Goldblatt laments. “It’s not like you’re making much of a profit here. So what are you doing it for? What is the point of this death spiral of an ever-smaller number of clubs fighting it out? “I really do think that these people running the clubs are locked into a way of thinking that is sort of self-destructive and they justify themselves by saying we must have more money so we can have better teams so we can have better pr
  9. well , I know what you mean but i am just taking that undoubtedly iffy period in the context of that fact that it was also BR that put us up the top to then fall away.. if it was not for covid Man united would of never taken that champions league place, and we played the end of the season with some serious players missing. He has kept the progression of evolution from counter attack to team that can play possession as well , the club has only moved forward under his tenure even if we did take some steps back.
  10. He is a great manger; I hope some of the doubters realize this now. Listening to his interview yesterday it just reiterated to me that he is thoughtful and articulate, you can see the players respect him, and that he is a clever guy with tactical insight and a positive mindset that really contributes to a really positive team spirit.
  11. I think he is improving this year , last year i thought he was promising but not quite EPL standard yet but this year he looks like he is going to make it at the highest level and that s just another example of the great recruitment at our club. He is standing in for one of the best right backs in the world , Pereira was our best player when we were flying last year so its not been easy boots to fill
  12. That's makes a joke out of football and I know I should not laugh , but... 😂
  13. In that Press conference BR said "we are waiting for clearance"
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