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  1. Sixteen minutes to go. COYB!
  2. That is some funny stuff right there. I laughed out loud.
  3. In the 2 - 1 scenario, their away goal wins the tie for Atletico. If they score any away goals, we have to win the tie outright (3 - 1, 4 - 2, etc).
  4. I think the class of the opposition has much to with Mahrez' 'bad form'. They double and triple teamed him most of the match, and their squad is world class.
  5. 69th minute.
  6. Twelve versus eleven.
  7. Yeah, ignored big fouls first half, giving any and everything second.
  8. This does have the odor of money changing hands, doesn't it!
  9. Guess we will see Amartey at CB...
  10. ... this Ref! That was not a yellow card offense by Huth!
  11. King scores in: League One Championship Premier League Champions League (We can hope)
  12. We've had a few good chances at goal; now we just need to get one to go in! COYB!
  13. A not-important bit of information: I love it that Sunderland have a defensive midfielder named Denayer!
  14. Beautiful volley from Vardy.
  15. I'm quite liking Benalouane in this match.