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  1. I think Middlesbrough just became my Championship team for which to root! I always thought them a likable club. Bonus fact -- Robby Mustoe, one of the studio presenters on NBCSN (and very perceptive, except for getting Leicester predictions wrong last year ), was mostly a career Middlesbrough man. Another good reason to root for them.
  2. I think that Morgan and Huth are going to be increasingly unreliable due to age, wear, and injuries (hell, Morgan played almost two years round the calendar between Jamaica and Leicester). So, any new CB will get substantial playing time, either through injury or resting the current CBs. I would love to get Shawcross!
  3. As I said, too many injuries, not enough backup quality. Also playing a genuine top-two Premier League squad leads to a thrashing.
  4. Damn. Six! Still believe Shakey is the man for the future. Too many missing pieces for Leicester tonight.
  5. I don't really track world football, so do any of you have particular CBs that you would like LCFC to target this summer?
  6. I'd love to see two younger CBs this summer. I am fairly ignorant of general world football, anyone out there we can target?
  7. Gray for Benny. Amartey now in back three. Interesting.
  8. Dang. Hard to see a way back now.
  9. Demarai Gray is warming up...
  10. I've watched Spurs a lot this year. Son is quality.
  11. This has officially become a fun game to watch!
  12. Who is our right winger in this formation?
  13. I just thought we would do a bit better against a Spuds team trying out a new formation...
  14. 40 point. 40 point. Clean sheet, champagne for my players. Yeah, yeah, come on! 40 points.
  15. Sixteen minutes to go. COYB!