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  1. I hope I didn't miss an existing thread... So, who do you favor? I am for Brentford just for getting new blood into the Premier League. Thoughts?
  2. So many doomsayers! I understand scars from past history, but IMO optimism is preferable. I maintain quiet confidence. I also think there is quite a bit of pressure on Man U. Leicester City 2 - 1 Man U. Vardy winner in the 87th minute.
  3. Slightly off-topic... How does Premier League qualifying for Europe change if Wolves win the Europa League and gain an automatic Champions League spot? I genuinely don't know.
  4. I remain calm and hopeful. Last match we showed that we are still capable of playing cohesively and well. Luke Thomas has good skills and great potential. Ryan Bennett is better than many people expected. Wesley Morgan can still put in a solid shift. So be of good cheer and enjoy the match! Totteringhamton are under just as much pressure as we are, and I don't think Jose will respond well to that pressure today.
  5. Hang on... Isn't VAR monitored and all decisions made by officials? I, of course, could be wrong.
  6. Well chuffed. Excellent performance by all. And in the wrong thread...
  7. Luke Thomas has a nice high-and-tight hairdo, as well as no small amount of skill and ability.
  8. So you are saying... Barnes couldn't finish his dinner?
  9. Start slow, give up a fluke goal at 15 minutes. Drinks break works in our favor, we restart invigorated, Vardy goal at 27 minutes. We dominate second half, Iheanacho scores off a Fuchs cross at 78 minutes. Easy.
  10. Looking forward to this! I refuse to participate in the negativity. Yes, Leicester has not played well recently. However, I believe the squad will turn it around. Everton 1 - 2 Leicester Go Foxes!
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