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  1. I do like the fact that Burnley haven't shown inclinations toward falling down or exaggerating after physical challenges.
  2. Kasper may be getting a bit older, but he is still in fine form.
  3. I am ready for this! 4:45 AM wakeup, feed the dog, brew a cuppa, watch the match (5 AM MT US). I still have a bad attitude toward Arsenal from the 2015-16 losses. I just want to beat them now and forever more. G'wan you foxes!
  4. Just to reiterate, five total subs can be made. Three total match stoppages for subs can be made.
  5. Keep the pressure on in the final third, I believe they will get rattled and make a mistake.
  6. Amartey looks a bit nervous. Not unjustified, given the situation.
  7. Am I nervous? Sure, a bit. Just like most other knockout matches. Am I optimistic? Most assuredly! I suspect we will have a hard time in the final third. But all it takes is one moment of inspiration (or a lucky bounce) to bag a goal. So what about the argument "We need to not try in the European match, so we can focus on the league, so we can get European matches next year." Bollocks to that. Play to win the match. Then play to win the next match. The manager is responsible for managing the squad; he will do his job. To parap
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