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  1. I will let Brendan know about your concerns. I am sure he will take it under advisement.
  2. Now we get to see if this particular squad has some mettle.
  3. Maybe Brendan is giving Jonny a chance to regain some confidence and get over that own goal? I could see him being subbed at 60', as others have said.
  4. Thanksgiving holiday in the US, and the Foxes on streaming! Screw the American football, lets watch the important stuff. This is an interesting lineup. No Mendy or Ndidi, lets see how the midfield works today.
  5. Obligatory post for all of the non-UK supporters. I wasn't there for any of it. I did drive past Leicester during my trip to the UK summer '99. Heck, I'm only about 4600 miles away, I must be a plastic for not attending more matches. My list does contain a trip to see Leicester City. Maybe 2023?
  6. Wow. RIP. I watched Diego in the 1986 World Cup, back when I knew absolutely nothing about football. Even I could see that he was something special.
  7. Well, we always needed to score, so lets get on with it.
  8. By the way, when did this Sunday evening football bollocks start? I was all set here in the US -- footy all morning, until 1130 Mountain time, then NFL for the rest of the day (with 30 minutes of overlap). Now I have my Foxes on one channel, with my Atlanta Falcons on another. Thank goodness for tablets/multiple screens!
  9. In the Americas we get Arlo White and Graeme Le Saux as commentators. Arlo is a Leicester boy, but he is able to remain neutral for the commentary. COYB! Edit: Can't properly spell Graeme.
  10. Been a sports fan for many years. Seen my teams win, sometimes improbably, and lose in unexpected and sometimes devastating ways. However, I feel confident that we have a solid chance v Liverpool today. There are no guarantees, but the squad has been playing well. We will also have some impact subs available no matter who Brendan selects. (still three, right) We are capable of winning; as always the question is whether we will do it. Come on you Blues!
  11. Is Trezeguet capable of putting a shot actually on target, and not over?
  12. Mohamed Salah tests positive a second time for Covid-19, likely will not play v Leicester City on Sunday. https://www.eurosport.com/football/premier-league/2020-2021/liverpool-s-mohamed-salah-set-to-miss-leicester-match-after-return-second-positive-covid-19-test_sto7998086/story.shtml
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