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  1. Amidst the continuing discussion of announcers regularly demonstrating their bias... One of the many reasons I like NBC's lead announcer team (Arlo White, Graeme Le Saux, and Lee Dixon) is that they rarely if ever show bias toward their clubs. If they have shown bias I have missed it. Arlo is an admitted Leicester supporter. I have never heard him cheer Leicester or show bias while announcing. Graeme is a former Chelsea man. He is more likely to criticize the current Chelsea players than cheer them, while on the air. Lee is Arsenal. I've not
  2. The NBC announcers (Arlo White and Graeme Le Saux) have been citing L'pool's abysmal record against the relegated teams. Then lo and behold WBA scores!
  3. Very verry happy for all of us! I like the previous statement... Football Completed.
  4. I am happy for the decision, but that was a crock from VAR.
  5. One bit of magic from Maddison or Tielemans or Vardy is all that is needed!
  6. Amazingly enough, on the ESPN broadcast, Taylor Twellman (the second announcer) is actually provided solid information about the match. Never really expected it.
  7. Must remember, we are NOT the team in blue. Root for the Maroon!
  8. Good, all the tinpot ESPN announcers picking Chelsea. Big vote in our favor. Jon Champion gets the announcing duties in the states.
  9. Jonny Evans, the ROCK, is going to snuff out all Chelsea attempts in the box.
  10. I understand the reasons, but I wish Kingy could have been a part of our squad for this final.
  11. ESPN's coverage certainly does not have the tradition or gravitas of the coverage in England. Lots of talking heads who I don't know yammering on...
  12. I obviously don't have the history with this cup that most other Leicester supporters have, but I still want to see a win. Every sports league in the US ends with a tournament (playoffs), so it is hard for some American casuals to understand the significance of the FA Cup. I think I am beginning to understand. I make no predictions, but I have eternal optimism for a victory!
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