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  1. Sounds perfect, but if Wes isn’t fit it’s a big risk. I think he’s there as emergency cover and that’s it personally I’d bring Tavares on for hamza
  2. Not remarkable in the slightest imo In a condensed season like this, of course the teams with the best squads will win. Man city have 3 different top 4 standard 11s of course they will do better when most are struggling. I will never call a club remarkable when there reaction to conceeding a few goals to leicester is to splash another 50m+ on a defender... of course they will get it right eventually. Id be more impressed if they did this when everyone was fully fit. And dont get me started on the games they skipped 'due to covid' in the hardest part of the season. The
  3. That line up has 1-0 burnley written all over it. wake me up when its over please
  4. It’s definitely interesting looking back at this topic now with hindsight. I would say Brendan went more or less full strength for the whole period, a couple of smart rests for Ricardo. I hate that our injury situation was this inevitable and I don’t blame Brendan for it. I just will always have a lingering thought that if we fully rotated in a few of the games maybe a few of the players would have avoided serious injury. it’s not just bad luck... it’s biology. after tielemans and kasper the players with the most minutes were - evans, Madison, Justin
  5. I don’t agree with some of these comments. Brendan gave him his shot against Everton... it didn’t work out. We also experimented with him in the Europa and we all could see that the balance wasn’t quite right. If the option is Barnes or under there is only one winner. Now he will get a good run and can really set his career on the right path either with us or with another team. There’s a good player in there and I think he’s always got the potential for a goal so It really could go either way. Something tells me that he is going to be key for us and could well be the di
  6. Not just a regular strengthening.... signing Messi
  7. At least we signed shorts to nipple guy last Jan
  8. The injuries came at a bad time. It’s just a few too many. if we’d had a stronger squad available we would have seen some rotation which probably would have prevented us looking so jaded today. Under really has the chance to show us what he’s about as he’s going to get a decent set of games. I’m really hoping he thrives and and we see what he’s capable of. Personally I’m going to chick him in my fantasy team and hope for the best
  9. Don’t want to give the lads 1s 2 games in a row but that was absolute garbage again. Genuinely only saw albrighton running around trying to close quickly after we went 3-1 down. The lack of effort was astounding
  10. Maybe just maybe, this is why he was rested midweek... and not because we weren’t taking it seriously
  11. Seriously glowing reviews about Iversen at preston. Living up to the hype
  12. What’s truly baffling is that we were going to turn to him last night (before we even conceded) to help rescue the game. But didn’t give him any minutes in the fa cup or early Europa stages. That’s completely crazy. We’ve had a fair few chances to see if he’s good enough and ignored them only to push him on in a season defining moment
  13. At the start of this season we saw quite a lot of comments about how we were a better side without him. It’s no coincidence we really did fall off of a mountain last season without him. Praet certainly helped us paper over it at the start of this campaign but I’m really concerned how we are going to cope without him. Tonight gave me flashbacks to last season and I really hope this result doesn’t set us on a spiral like the Villa game last year. we are desperately short in this area now and we all learnt that under isn’t the answer and neither is tielemans. I wonde
  14. He’s going to end up at west ham and we are going to pay triple for lingard
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