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  1. Love how the club have forced this over the line while the fans are loving him for a last minute winner. Genius PR.
  2. Didn’t agree with bringing on Mendy. Completely blunted our counter attack and he offered very little imo. I personally think bringing on Shinji would have re-energized us and kept them on their toes whenever we got the ball back. I do agree with what you’re saying about Fuchs though.
  3. Tbf he would probably have ended up the best cb in the world. The guy leaps like a salmon
  4. I might have missed this but has he been asked about Benkovic by anyone? Would be curious to see if he views him as an important player for next season.
  5. This is worrying. Remember when we had to use Steve Walshes old targets without investigating them properly. You end up With Henandez, Musa and Slimani.... it was public that Walsh had scouted at least the last 2, but our itk's suggested Walsh thought both should only be considered at the right price. Without a scout we just panicked and got them in however possible. I still think if slimani had come in at reasonable fee it would have been worth a punt. You could even argue the same for Musa... on his day he is immense but that day only comes once every 2 years. Bad signings but I would understand why a scout would be investigating them in the first place. If someone had done their due diligence they would have realised that you cant pay that much money for players who cant control a pass. We will always be left wondering what type of players Walsh would have got for us if we had the lure of champions league football. Biggest opportunity for the club to stake a claim for top 6 and we completely wasted it. Relegation fighting teams would have been disappointing with that window.
  6. What if there is an algorithm that searches fan forums to see who you talk about a lot and gives journalists a name that they know you'll all want to read about. This guys has been on everyone's wishlist for 2/3 seasons now
  7. To be fair Porto have looked pretty darn good this season. I'd feel confident signing one of their players. Also are we all just forgetting that Ricardo has been a hit?
  8. How the heck did I forget him!! Absolute don!
  9. Seriously though, is Kolo the first BAME coach we've had at the club? I'm struggling to think of anyone else
  10. Agreed... plus there might be competition for him. Wouldn’t be surprised to see our usual competitiors looking for managers either (West ham and Everton)
  11. He is such a talent, but he almost appears to be trying too hard. As soon as he gets a goal and a win under his belt and the composure comes to his game, he’s going to be lethal. Definitley gets us up out out of our seats though
  12. Really? Perhaps I don’t watch as much of Burnley as you but I’m pretty sure 80% of their goals come from crosses into the box. Couldnt be further from our strengths.
  13. Get dimi on at half time for RG and we’ll win this.
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