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  1. Going to be very tough. Can’t believe west brom did so well tough. Hopefully Burnley can surprise us as well
  2. Hes looking excellent again today. Hope he can get his first points for us whilst playing for another club.
  3. In a week he has a goal against united and an assist in the fa cup final. not to mention that this is his first ever game with fans.
  4. Never has an owner deserved success as much as Top. So happy for him most of all. We know this will be a huge turning point in his grief!
  5. I really thought I wouldn’t cry today but when I saw top point to the sky it broke me! What a club!! Love you lads!!
  6. As many have said were showing a bit too much respect. I don’t understand keeping the ball safe for 2 minutes and ignoring easy passes upfield because they don’t want to risk it before hitting it long aimlessly.
  7. You’ve done it! You bloody legend!
  8. Just proud to be here!!! Great day for the club
  9. I think the message was that those player were never wanted by the manager. Eppiah could have gone somewhere he did have a chance to play every week. But it seems the same with Andy King. if the manager requests a certain player sure, but the club shouldn’t meddle as nobody won in this situation
  10. I actually don’t feel nervous about this one. I very much see it as our bonus game. I’m going to try and just enjoy the occasion and I hope our boys enjoy themselves too
  11. Not after benkovic and iverson. I personally would prefer we don’t loan to you if your gaffa is so stubborn with rotation
  12. I swear the transfer section should be closed until we know what competitions we are in next year. You guys are filling my head with all these exciting names and if we miss CL we are going to be stuck with Bertrand and Townsend.
  13. I actually think this is the only time a ‘would you rather’ thread has been started and it’s relevant. we are playing the same team twice in a row and a win in either achieves the result. So simply if you had to pick only one, which would you prefer. Just because the league has been all I think about, even in the build up to a final... I’m going to have to say CL
  14. Good post. It’s easy to be so focused on us that you don’t realise what Liverpool have done to catch us. People are focused on 2 bad results but forget the hard thought victory’s along the way to get here. As Rodgers said, you always have off days, unfortunately ours came at a crucial time. I am not a complete pessimist but I must admit, I think this is done for us
  15. As the dust settles I will be happy. But it’s only natural to feel like we’ve blown a huge chance (2 years in a row) The repercussions of missing out could be huge. We could lose Rodgers, top transfer targets will be missed and the financial difference (when the club probably needs it most) It’s sport of course we want to compete! I was thinking this morning about how random clubs(England) never get to compete in the champions league and how when we were in it I always thought that was the last time it would happen. To get this close twice and fail is just heartbre
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