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  1. I’ll be honest it was all so fluid I had no idea what we were playing. Nacho spent so much time out wide I thought he was a winger that just didn’t want to stay wide . Perez certainly stuck in the 10 though.
  2. I mean the Darnell Johnson and josh knight bit is based on nothing. But surely Benkovic is good enough as 4th choice? I wouldn’t judge him too harshly on this Bristol stint, their manager was an odd one
  3. Imo villa are a lot better than Bournemouth and Watford. Honesty think they’ll find a few wins from somewhere. Its a huge week for Nige. Norwich, Newcastle then west ham. 6 points needed. Bournemouth will probably win only one more game this season against us haha
  4. Normally at this stage you start getting games against teams playing for nothing. Our fixtures could have no meaningless games :/ hopefully spurs are well out of the running by that game.
  5. Would be surprised if they dont go up to be honest. They have the most talented squad in that league by a mile.
  6. Vardy played into form. Barnes back to fitness. Great link up from Kel and Perez. Superstar assist for YT. The sexy Leicester show is back in motion!
  7. Hopefully Barnes would be used as a striker in this situation. Which might actually make him more effective
  8. Albrighton is bagging today. Can feel it big time. King Kevin our saviour
  9. I think that they brought him in originally to cover for injured players. They have now returned from injury and the manager obviously prefers to play his own than someone on loan. Williams got sent off in the last game so it could be a chance for him to make himself undropabble
  10. Not bad, but the Pearson one is so wrong. The geezers clearly only seen the ostrich rant. He’s a lovely bloke. Wouldn’t sleep with his daughter unless you want a head butt though
  11. Yet our fans turn their noses up at Benrahama.. we could do with 2 of him to be honest.
  12. What odds would you get on Newcastle to finish higher than us?
  13. Just so I’m with you, is Barnes playing cb?
  14. Only ideas we have is to cross the ball in to a team without anyone who can header. Solid work. I’m usually optimistic that with just a goal we’re back in it, but I’ve lost it all. Just don’t see where it would come from. Crashing out I’m in the worst fashion
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