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  1. But how may teams are loosing top players after the window is shut? Its generally disruptive for the majority of the sides below the big 6, imagine if we had started the season and still had Maguire because United had another 4 games to mess around trying to get a better price. We would continue to play him just to keep our end of the negotiation strong, then it just ends in the same outcome. We'd then end up having to throw Soyuncu in lacking match fitness. Not to mention that Maguire would be unlikely to have been trying his best. I can understand why a club manager would want to know exactly what he's going to be working with starting the season.
  2. I considered this but clubs would just abuse the system and set up loan with obligations to buy anyway.
  3. Curious what the general feeling is about the current transfer window set up? I personally like it as it means we dont have to stress about loosing players at any given time but I know a lot of people would prefer an open market.
  4. Simmo has clearly put in a good word
  5. Im not sure I like this. I always keep an eye out for the results of our loan players and root for the sides theyve joined. But theres no way I can want Derby to win anything, I think ill have to ignore their results and look for an update at the end of the season
  6. Because we have a player to offer them who's played for a former premier league champion, Monaco and Fiorentina.
  7. They had a good day and we had a bad one. Lets leave it at that. Nothing to worry about yet. We arent the first team to struggle against them recently, ask Chelsea or spurs... they are a decent side. Yes it hurts but im sure we'll be back stronger in the next one
  8. That half against Southampton is completely backing up my post! We are a far worse side without YT!
  9. Absolutely. But unfortunately the competition would be huge if there is a release clause. Cant see it happening, his dramatic improvement has made him unrealistic now unfortunately. Villa would surely want 100m in jan so we can forget this one.
  10. Unpopular opinion but despite a fair few bad performances, he's still a vital part of the success we are having. He is the go to man that links the defense to attack, no matter how many bad passes he makes he still wants the ball (this is honestly a hugely important trait) He has the best movement in the whole team other than maybe vardy and is always available for a pass. He is a huge part of why we are able to keep as much possession as we do. Not to mention the fact that at any point he has the ability to play a pass not many others would even spot. Lets not get on his back, he's young and will have the odd brain fart but he is genuinely having a huge impact even if it might not seem it sometimes. If I had the sky sports set up I could probably go over the villa game and show 7/8 moments that he did the simple things that created space for others, or thwarted villa possession. But as fans we tend to remember the misplaced pass more than positive actions in a game. I also think he's been asked to play a different role to last season, he is rarely moving into the final 3rd and is being used a lot deeper than before. The more we get on his back and groan, the more likely his performances wont improve. Id still sign him for 40m or more tomorrow.
  11. Bowen isn’t going to be as cheap as we thought. Hull have an option to extend his contract, which they will do. I’d guess This would be 25-30 mill
  12. Personally thought Pérez was our best player up to his substitution. Hamza really made the difference. Brendan May have got the line up wrong but his tinkering saved the day. Glad he’s not stubborn like puel
  13. When was Grealish offered the freedom of Leicester? We have 3 cb’s happy to let him carry the ball as far as he wants. They are clearly to used to Ndidi being in front of them
  14. Phew. I was picturing the scenes of him cupping his ears to us just when he scored after a lot of criticism.
  15. Is drinkwater eligible for them?
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