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  1. This what annoys me when I read people suggesting Nathan Redmond... he is literally Southampton's Gray. He looks great from the outside but is usually underwhelming overall. Nothing more dangerous than highlight players... poorly managed clubs often take a punt on these. Probably how we ended up with Beckford
  2. He will definitely have been spoken to about this, infact all defenders would be.They would be told to do it as much as you can!
  3. Exactly my point. Players need some of this power removed from them. This situation is going to become more and more common. Just about every club in the league can afford to turn down huge offers for their players now. If a solution isnt found we are going to have players on strike every January.
  4. Can the PFA sit down with all players and explain to them what signing a contract means? Dont sign one if youre not committed to playing that long, nobody is forcing you. Can you imagine if a club wrote an article about all the dreadful players on contracts that they still have to pay despite them being rubbish. You look at the way this club looks after players like Matty James who has spent the majority of his Leicester career on the treatment table and players still want to have a pop?
  5. As opposed to what? It’s like fans don’t realise that attempting to win the games is what we set out for already 😂
  6. Theyve made the changes there fans have been crying out for. Just typical its against us. This is going to be a harder game than our fans seem to think.
  7. Lloyd Dyer. His left foot was so good that it stole all of the ability out of his right leg.
  8. He means he's the only right back that regularly plays in goal. Glad I could clear this up
  9. Got to feel sorry for Harry Kane, he probably gets all excited to get away from Spurs just to end up playing with Ross Barkley and Delph
  10. It really does depend on your interpretation of “main man” best player, then no. I read your comments as dismissing his performances up to that point, which to me was disrespectful. Im not claiming to be an almighty scout that saw talent nobody else did. The whole squad that got promotion felt like something special had been built, I came up with high expectations and was really disappointed with how we started off that first season. But I still think most fans knew we had some special talent in that squad. Not always correct, Knockaert for one is a real head scratcher, I still can’t comprehend that he didn’t go on to big things. I remember being sat in a French bar telling a bloke to look out for knockaert because he’ll be in the French team soon. Shows what I know.
  11. I’m not saying he proved people right(at first), but I and many others expected him to do much better than he did at the start of the prem campaign. I can’t be the only person who sabotaged their own fpl season by having him as captain every week 😂 Did I expect him to be as good as he has been? Of course not. But he was the first striker to be excited about since Dickov so naturally I overhyped him.
  12. Ulloa who we signed in the premier league? Vardy won players player of the year in the Championship, scored loads of goals and won us bucket loads of penalty’s. Most city fans knew he was special before we stepped foot in the premier league.
  13. I was thinking exactly this. He wasnt ready for us in the championship, the premier league would have completely destroyed his confidence. Pearsons greatest achievement at Leicester was probably his man management of Vardy. So the real story would be, Allardyce could have signed Vardy, never played him and sold him to peterborough. It does make you think though, how many Jamie Vardy's have gone missing because of circumstance. Worthy of a thread of its own.
  14. NYD in Newcastle expected to sell out?
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