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  1. That is absolutely mad. I think for us Luke Thomas is that guy, he probably would have been another 2/3 years and possibly a loan away before getting a first team cap in normal circumstances. Our own Muzzy often struggled to get game time for chelsea reserves... despite almost certainly being a mile ahead of those in the squad. Their loss was certainly our gain. Its so important that you have the right person in charge of the youth teams, because so many fall through the cracks because a manager has his favorite's, even at youth levels
  2. All these years we thought fifa was out to get us, to try to stop us disrupting the top six, but in reality it’s just because kasper has abused every official to tears
  3. I have a bit of an odd theory here. I think the issue with kaspers kicking, is that it’s quite good. Because he does technically have the ability to pull off some great balls, he’s simply over confident and tries the Hollywood ball too often. If he accepted it as weakness he wouldn’t be trying half the passes that he seems to mess up. But let’s be clear, Brendan is hardly going to set up a team of intricate, possession football then instruct kasper to just ‘have it’
  4. Can anyone get odds on us not scoring a corner for the rest of the season?
  5. He deserves a lot of credit. He showed good intelligence to drift inside when Madison received the ball. Many would have dropped back and given Madison the easy option.
  6. Surely Evans is more in need of a rest than Fofana?
  7. I had to get it in before the game. If he had a bad game some on here would be calling for him to be replaced by Demarai Gray
  8. I often find myself struggling to improve my teams on footy manager as I feel a loyalty to my players. So one of the toughest questions for all Leicester fans, if Barca proposed a swap deal for our two lords... would you do it?
  9. Fun fact, Hamza Choudhyry was linked with Barca when he was in our youth team. Imagine him in a side with Messi smashing up people for fun. He’d actually give these Spanish pansies a reason to roll around on the floor
  10. I honestly think it’s very hard to win a trophy if you approach the big games the way Brendan does. I think too much luck has to go your way for it to work. Eventually, as with Liverpool it would end with a comprehensive defeat. I would like for us to try and stick to our usual game plan in big games. I think constantly changing to this game plan puts the mentality in the players that we are not as good as the other sides. I know most won’t agree as it has delivered big wins at arsenal and man city but play those games 10 times and how many do you really win? We
  11. I saw somewhere, amongst the Liverpool moaning that Everton had had the best record with injuries. This will be a big blow for sure and good for us. I feel like they are the biggest competition for ‘best of the rest’
  12. If Ricardo was seen as not our best right back, he’d be our best left back, if he wasn’t seen as our best left back, he’d be seen as our best winger. The boys a gem
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