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  1. Looking at all the fixtures I think wolves have the best opportunity of the chasing pack. If they win win the obvious games you’d fancy them in, they’ve got a real shot. Spurs have got a tricky 2 fixtures then also a relatively easy run in. sheffield have a block of solid games in a row after the next 2 which will likely derail them. Yes the winners have run away with it, but there’s still a lot to play for at both ends
  2. Would I take him back as a footballer, absolutely. Would I ‘welcome’ him back, absolutely not. For me he’d have to earn that respect back. As a man I don’t like him at all, as a footballer of course I do. Pretty conflicted on it.
  3. Sorry to be the killjoy but I think it would be unfair to give the spot to the FA Cup winners. Doesn’t seem fair to add the motivation this late in the competition. Youd be livid if you had been knocked out after fielding a weaker side focusing on the league.
  4. Id imagine this is one for the neutrals! The last game was cagey as it was the first game of the season. The handbrakes will be off on this one. 4 or more goals today for me.
  5. Doesnt matter even if that is the case. Its his organizational culture that makes staff believe that is the appropriate action to take. Trust me if you work for a tight company, you wouldnt just do this for the heck of it. Guarantee 90% of other clubs or even companies would just play the 'its out of our hands' card. Why do we always have to put down any act of kindness? Not as if Top and his family need any more admiration from our fan base... he just appreciates us, its as simple as that.
  6. If he signs for united he’ll soon become the golden boy. Honestly, this all seems to have started because JM snapped back at the Sun after the backpack story. Now they are working as hard as possible to make him look bad.
  7. Exactly. I think when most players in the squad would deem that Claudio allowed them to express themselves, or share ideas. When you’re not playing it’s easy to say the manager wasn’t in control. Thats exactly what Claudio did well, he let the players play to their strengths. We all know that as far as tactics go he was rather limited but I see this as being bitter rather than insightful from RD
  8. Should be a great player for you. Many on here, including myself expected him to go straight into the first team when he returned from Celtic.Unfortunately for him his injuries and the form of Soyuncu put a halt to that possibility. He's going to need to shake off some rust, but the reports from Celtic were that he was the best cb theyd had since Van D before the injury.
  9. I hope he goes full Gaza dentist chair on friday, scores a belter then runs over to the corner flag and shags it.
  10. If he gives Brendan a call im sure he would put in a good word at Celtic
  11. "unexpected triumphs of clubs like Leicester City. To point to such exceptions as counter-arguments is the football equivalent of using a few cold days to dismiss global warming. " Very good comparison to be fair. Just because we pulled off the miracle we shouldnt be blind to the reality. The sport can so easily go down a dark path. Teams disrespecting the FA CUP and EFL cup worries me a lot. If you dont respect the football pyramid we will start to see more and more situations like Bury. The once dream gig of a game at anfield gets diluted because your actually just paying to see the youth team. Over time fans will take the same attitude as the manager and not see the game worth watching.
  12. Isnt his dad/ uncle or some family member the owner. Makes sense. Always over rated.... quite possibly because of his family connection
  13. Youre just assuming here though. Its completely wrong if true. If a player was making comments about a ref going to be taking charge of championship games because of how bad a ref he is, theyd be booked instantly and rightly so. You cant take on the role of a fan when you are supposed to be the most neutral man in the ground. Its his job to control the players, if they are overstepping the line in anyway, you book them, you dont make snide comments.
  14. 100%. This may work on strikers in the spl but up against Jutkiewicz you’re unlucky to win that type of battle. Mistakes happen, doesn’t make him a bad player. He needs to learn from that and quickly. Worried he won’t get another chance to make amends for a while. I’m personally a CB and I’ve made similar mistakes and you know what you’ve done wrong instantly. This is nothing to do with his talent, just a lapse in judgement. Glad he made it there and not for us.
  15. Not looking forward to this one. Im not sure why but I genuinely fear playing Wolves more than any other side. At least with Man c / Liverpool you expect to loose. Getting thumped by wolves would hurt. Really respect them as a club, theyve done brilliantly to turn things around since their relegation to league 1 and I guess that reminds me of us.
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