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  1. I was wondering what MC Grinder was going to do after Kurupt Fm
  2. I’d honestly rather try Jansen then him.
  3. This has to be the first time knee pads have been worn for a purpose other than children learning to rollerskate or Millwall away in the 80s
  4. Im pretty sure all of this has been picked up from a Sean from Enderby tweet... which the bookies seemed to run off and now people are jumping on it and making stories. Either that or Sean is actually a ITK
  5. People are dismissing him based on his age, but having him for the games that we have all the possession and cant break teams down would be incredible. Not to mention the positive influence he would have on others in the dressing room. Should he be first choice, no. But as an option from the bench (if we can afford that option) would be a no brainer.
  6. It makes sense tbh, why fly teams out to Hong Kong and say you’re done after 3 games. This way everyone gets a full run out and the fans get to watch some premier league teams (yes it’s youth but it’s all they might get the chance to see) Was exactly the same when I was a kid and we played on summer tournaments. Not as if this is a serious competition. I seem to rememeber we sent Waghorn one year and we’d paid 3 mill for him 😂
  7. Surely that’s a lot of hassle to go through to borrow £70?
  8. Not sure what you’re getting at tbh. You’re just describing football, that’s what it is, that’s why we love it. It’s all about fine margins and you can look back at our title win and the majority of our wins were by one goal. A bit of bad fortune on a given day may just have knocked us off course. But you’d probably laugh if Watford claimed they were responsible for us winning because Gomes spilled Kante’s pee roller. City are exceptional and will probably continue to grow the gap on the rest of the pack... hopefully we will grow at the same pace and be able to keep giving them decent games. The fact any club, in an FA Cup Final could be rolled over like Watford were is a little bit worrying but they are just that darn good.
  9. Lambert09


    FIFA has it set as Forest..case closed
  10. And there you have it. Dont think theres any malice to this guy, if he is a conman he's the worst going because im £30 up
  11. This might not go down well but im actually going to defend him. I arranged for 2 tickets with him for the Man United game, he did actually mess this up and posted the tickets to the wrong person. But what he did was arrange for 2 other people to sell me their tickets who I met at the ground and he sent me my money back (which paid for the tickets) plus an extra 30 to make up for the hassle. Which I used to buy my mrs a shirt. He had been very sick and I think theres more too it than you think. Personally I think he is a legit guy who just messes up a lot..primarily because of an illness. I'd be very surprised if he doesnt send you the money back,, Ive spoken with him on the phone and he was sincere.
  12. Nathan Redmond already plays for us.
  13. Add silva to the deal, then give them Slimani & diabate & anyone else they might like for free... but we continue to play their wages. Promise them we will make a statue of Ghezzal... take on any one else they want off their books. Give them it alll. Rudkin just make this happen!!!!!!!!!
  14. I read somewhere that they are cash strapped, with that type of number being thrown about it would be unrealistic for them.
  15. I know we arent supposed to be worried about playing these sides anymore, but id be much more confident playing Derby than Villa. As someone said earlier... as long as whoever it is goes straight back down.
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