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  1. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Happy with that, clearly Puel isnt worried by the Southampton attack
  2. Linked Players

    For the fee involved I would probably prefer to persevere with Chillwell. Time will tell who ends up the better player.
  3. Linked Players

    I like to think we’ve improved far beyond players like Cairney and Maddison. Talents but not showed enough to warrant top 7 premier league and that’s where we want to be. I’m not saying they’d flop and I realise we got to where we are with these sort of signings but we need a vast improvement on what we have and these guys don’t do it for me. The only player in the in the championship who id consider is Ruben Neves.
  4. Brighton Away post match 2-0

    Vardy has now scored 18 goals in 35 games for us... the best striker we’ve ever had.
  5. What happened to the Jamie Vardy film ?

    Unfortunately our achievements have been out done by Burnley sitting in 7th. If they make Europa league it makes a far greater story than what we did. People need to get off their rose tinted spectacles and accept that Sean Dyche has bested us without the many pound notes
  6. Slaven Bilic.....

    When I lived in Thailand I didn’t understand the commentators and I realised how much better it was without them. They chat constant rubbish with pre-noted down opinions so that armchair Steve can talk about the game after. The opinion on our players from footy fans who don’t watch the games is bewildering. But you expect more from pundits, it’s hard to find one who doesn’t live in the top 6 bubble.
  7. Cheers mate, I noticed that and snatched it up. Can’t beleieve that’s not sold out in a flash
  8. Coming home from Canada on an unplanned trip for a funeral, unfortunately all the tickets for the games I’m back are gone. 2 tickets for Newcastle would be awesome. I’m also back for Burnley away but I doubt there will be any. Please pm
  9. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    As if people think we will find a better keeper than Kasper. His distribution has been worse than ever but strangely I think this might be down to Puel. He seems reluctant to take a touch, something he used to do. I assumed he’d been told to play the ball first time to get the play moving quicker. Could be wrong, but so many times I find myself bewildered by him making life harder for himself. He is a top keeper overall. People seem to forget the 1 on 1 he saved to keep us in the game before his blunder.
  10. PS4 games you can play with your partner

    Cheers guys, some good shouts in there. We’re giving the walking dead tell tale game a whirl
  11. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    It doesn’t matter how good iheanacho was last game, this game needs Shinji! No shinji and we loose this
  12. Trying to find games that the mrs and I can play together, or she’d be happy watching. We only just got the PS4 recently so any suggestions welcome. She has zero gaming experience. We played until dawn and that was great. I bought little big planet to try and train her skills on it, but she gets bored after 10 minutes. She needs movie style games. What’s worked for you guys?
  13. Marbella, Here We Come!

    Just heard the club have hidden the wifi codes from under 23 players. They’ve hired chauffeurs in case the players get late night munchies to avoid taxi drama. And they have been instructed to let any fires burn on. Rudkin leaves no stone unturned.
  14. Benalouane - in Tunisian squad

    I’m actually scared he’s going to injure Vardy. Leg break waiting to happen wenever he’s on a pitch
  15. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    What annoys me is that time doesn’t seem to get added on in the first half. No matter how much is wasted. The officials seem to not care as it’s just the first half. But there really should be no difference. We’ve had games with 4 odd goals and injuries and the standard 2/3 minutes go up. Any stats out there showing the average first half stoppages and second? The gap would be huge