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  1. The smart situation for all involved would have been to sign him but send him back on loan straight away. Surely we didn’t think he’d be straight into the first team. I feel we halted his growth and it will be hard for him to get up to this level now.
  2. Imo Chelsea are only going to get better as the season goes on and I think they will comfortably finish above us. From what I see the only team I genuinely think we can overtake is Man U, which is why this result was so sickening. We have improved the squad this season but we still are a long way away from the depth of the 'top 6' squads. We laughed at Uniteds pre-match situation but if Vardy was out for a long time I wouldnt be surprised to see relegation form from us.
  3. I think the decision to play Gray actually makes sense. It shows the players that even if you are on the fringes, if you come on and take your chance you’ll be rewarded. Gray was fantastic when he came on against B’mouth. It’s just typical that he couldnt follow up that performance. The message that it sends to the whole squad is what’s important here. The feeling that you are only one good cameo away from a start keeps the squad motivated and in high spirits. I personally think it’s good management, even if on this occasion it’s not worked out.
  4. With an attitude like that no wonder he's broken into the first team. Seems a genuine bloke. I like the way he's clearly carrying the England red card with him, using that as a real learning curve. So many footballers couldnt care any less and would have just forgotten about it and moved on.
  5. I’ve thought this for a while. The challenge system makes a lot of sense. If you’ve used one incorrectly that’s on you. Players might even be more honest, because if your own manager gets conned by your diving they’ll be on your case.
  6. When fit he started for both Shakespeare and Puel. Look at the difference in how Brendan spoke about Armartey? Nothing about his talent or being a big part of the squad, just health updates. Theres no need for him to go overboard talking about his `huge talent' is there? Is he just being nice, perhaps... but Ive always heard great things about him that go beyond just being respectful.
  7. It speaks volumes about James and his attitude that every manager that comes in seems to hold him in such a high regard, even with 98% of his time spent on a treatment table. I really hope this is his last big set back and he can go somewhere and get his career back on track.
  8. Southgate doesnt think Madison fits positionally. Yet Dele Ali and Mason Mount do?
  9. Tbf they are on course to beat them by the same score line, so he's not wrong is he? Its funny how Belgium can be so class but still have Benteke and Januzaj in the squad
  10. Not questioning Gary at all, if he could afford it im sure he would do it. But surely a whip round from ex team mates is more appropriate than the average fan. Get it in the whatsapp group Emile
  11. TAA is the present, not just the future. The guy is already the best right back in the premier league and up there with the best in the world. Yet, a player that spurs thought was useless gets in ahead of him
  12. It’s not that though, it seems like some people revel in their failure. I just personally wish them all the best, each to their own though.
  13. The thing is I don’t think this is an adjusting issue. He is, has always been, a hot and cold player. Some players are just like that, you put up with a few bad games but also get a few excellent games. Consostency has has always been a problem for him. But at the moment without him firing we’ve been getting results. We are finally good enough to carry a few underperformers in games... just wait until he’s firing when other players aren’t performing. We are terrifying for teams this year. A team used to get a result because they managed to keep Vardy quiet but now we have plenty of other players ready to add a goal. Perez will comfortably get 10 goals this season and I’d be happy with that return
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