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  1. Drinkwater Sell On Clause

    Rudkin wasn’t even DOF when we signed Drinky was he?
  2. Sum up other teams in one sentence...

    A team with very few pound notes, but a lot of gravel in their bovril - Burnley
  3. Have we ever signed a worse defender...

    He ended up forming a pretty good partnership with Bamba though, I was gutted when Sven didnt sign him the following season
  4. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41857314 Completely put the bad memories of his stint to the back of my head, until this blast from the past. I know he wasnt here very long but he was so woeful, I remember not wanting to watch the games he was playing in. He made Lamey look like a professional footballer. Enjoy league 2 Cobblers.
  5. Swansea (A) Match Thread

    Maybe he’s done this as a nod to shakey, if he had changed the formation he’d been admitting to the public he felt shakey was making bad decisions
  6. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    Oxford fans seem to think he gets the best out of his players. Perhaps he's the opposite of Shakey, great manager - bad coach.
  7. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    Isnt he heavily criticized for holding our youth back with his dinosaur tactics? Only got the job because hes mates with Rudderz. Think he would have to join the scrapheap
  8. Carlo Ancelotti

    I swear we always get knocked back by our first few targets before we drop to the list of actual realistic targets
  9. Shakey Sacked

    If they werent up for sale Id agree... but he's probably going to wait to see what the new owners look like before deciding his future.
  10. Shakey Sacked

    Brendan Rodgers could be a good gamble, not sure we could even get him though
  11. Alien game

    Evolution is always needed in football and we simply dont seem willing to adjust with how the game has changed. Staying loyal to the way we played in the title winning season has been our downfall and we need to find a new approach because everyone seems to see its not working, yet we are reluctant to change. I personally lost a lot of faith in Shakey when he said in his interview that a change of shape was up to the players..... the players are not supposed to be the brains of the tea. Consult them sure, but the decision has to be the managers! Now I back him and i'm desperate for him to succeed but he has to find his own identity or he will never be a great manager. There is only so long you can piggy back on others work
  12. is ndidi injured

    We would all be in love if he had come from the academy. Hard to remember his age at times but he's still got so much time I develop.
  13. Amartey - Captain of Ghana

    Good for him, but if Ghana were a premier league team they would be relegated by some distance. Surely people can see the difference in quality.
  14. The OH Leuven Thread

    There's no chance Rudkin can get this over the line, Top knows this. It's just good press back home
  15. Iheanacho

    We keep signing players who lead the the line well, but ask them to play in a supporting role. Its so frustrating. Plain and simply the only player who can fill the gap adequately between midfield and attack, in a 442 is shinji. If the system stays the same it has to be shinji and Vardy/ Slimani/ Iheanacho or it won't work. I always hear that it's Vardy who is the player that makes this system work. It's not, It's shinji. Shinji had a bad game yesterday and no surprises the system didn't work. It sounds like I'm a shinji fan boy but it's not the case, just an observation. I personally think we need to change the shape as both Slimani and Iheanacho would improve the team, Shakey just has to be brave enough.