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  1. I think you should open this up to people working at Sports Direct. They are the real heroes providing essential services to the community
  2. A thread to list players that you think are underrated in history. Answer the following 1) a player our fans underrated /underrate 2) a player other fans underrated/underrate 3) a player people thought was awful but wasnt as bad as people seem to remember I'll start 1) Paddy Kisnorbo... I loved this guy, a terrible cm but when he moved to cb he was so solid. If he didnt get injured at Sheffield Wednesday we would have stayed up. 2) Dave Nugent, was always slated by my mates for being awful, won a bet off my mate about him bagging over 20 in a season for us 3) Jordan Stewart, there was a thread last week putting him in our worst 11.... never in a million years should he be near that list.
  3. Personally really liked Jordan Stewart * should have read the whole thread first, plenty in here supporting this. Glad my memory wasn’t completely warped, I thought I’d missed something.
  4. Not everyone is in the same financial position as you. Whilst its a noble jesture, if the club want to donate they should do so out of their own pockets not the supporters.
  5. I started a create a club in league 2 and just signed up Leicester youth players. Cruising the league at the moment. Taveres scored 5 in 5 for me from CM before getting injured. Im enjoying it more as Im getting to build from the bottom with potential leicester stars. Dewsbury hall bosses cm for me. Despite not loosing a game yet none of my strikers seem to consistently score. Hirst probably wasnt worth the 1.3m budget I put in for him
  6. So I’ve just had a thought on how coronavirus is going to save man city. Due to so many teams being reliant on tv revenue, if not every club. The potential of loss of tv revenue is going to lead to clubs having to sell all prized assets to balance their books for future seasons. Even in this situation who is going to be buying these players as the big clubs will be in the same situation. If Citys appeal is rejected it will set a precedent on clubs being punished for not meeting the FFP targets. But come next year potentially the majority of clubs will be out of line as they are stuck paying large wages that would usually be balanced by the tv income. As well as prize money for finishes which would also be lost if the season is void. Because of this, I genuinely think City will be given a free pass as this would be a bad time to set this precedent. We might be in a a situation where the only way to keep clubs functioning is to allow cash injections from their owners. The other alternative, which may actually come from all of this is that teams boycott UEFA and allow fifa to create their money spinning super league. Does anyone one have any information that might contradict this?
  7. I just read in the mecury about the premier league teams having to split the tv money to pay back if they don’t complete the season. Around £725 split between each teams. Wondering how it’s fair to split it if certain teams would have been due to receive more money for being shown more? Perhaps this figure is something different.
  8. Muzzy would get in any midfield we’ve ever had! Swap him for Drinky in the title winning season and we’d have won by 20 points
  9. Tbf I did tune in because I was curious about SFE. Can’t knock a guy for trying to get something going. Good luck to you
  10. A player Id always hoped we would sign. Tragic loss. Side note though, Id erased how bad Weale was at free-kicks from my memory before this brought it all back to me
  11. Yeah he's more likely to land at a Spurs or Arsenal. Honestly though, I dont rate him anywhere near what he would cost. As stupid as it sounds, Id rather stick with whats worked for us and take a punt on Benrahma. Im not saying he's the better player, just id rather sign someone with an upward trajectory.
  12. I wonder what his relationship with Danny Ings was like? Would very much like him in as an eventual Vardy replacement. Imagine having them both on the field at the same time? Half chances would be buried for fun.
  13. Hey, im also out here in Ontario. This is actually a great bit of common sense from the government, as people are still going to be going on holiday unfortunately. However, my worry is that instead of using the 2 weeks for quarantining, those parents may just take their kids into their workplaces. Which has been happening a lot where I work during the teacher strikes. Hope common sense prevails from all, but im doubtful
  14. I honestly think id loose so much interest in the league if this season is void. Id find it hard to come to terms with this season being for nothing. Not sure If I could get myself up for it again. Its like playing 75% of a playstation game then loosing your memory card. Or your mate turning off fifa when youre 3-0 up and trying to re-start it. Just sucks the motivation out of it. It would just blur so much for me.
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