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  1. Please please please please please do not even think about playing Wilf. He’s now not just our DM but also our best back up for CB. Rest that man, we are going to need him.
  2. Swap Daley-Campbell for Mitch Clark and Morgan as the the second cb and that’s the team I’d like to see not against bringing in Armarty it at the back either
  3. How strong you are shouldn’t matter when someone’s breaking the rules. Quite blatantly in my opinion.
  4. Maybe I don’t know the rules anymore but why was wood allowed to push JJ with 2 hands for the first goal? The commentators didn’t even mention it? Just calling that good strength. Maybe I’m being soft, but it genuinely knocked Justin off balance and I was quite sure it was getting overturned
  5. Well neither of them are a striker. So Vardy
  6. I hope we’ve put a complaint in about spying. Absolute disgrace that McNeil was at our training ground last week and is starting for them today
  7. He’s watching leuven... it’s happening
  8. I’d rather have had our trajectory than his..
  9. Any chance you can explain what the difference between the main path and the champions path is? I want to follow all this but EL is so convoluted
  10. The Turkish Vestergarde
  11. Ah right, wouldn’t make sense for a club like ourselves then. Obviously for lower prem teams he may do well but never reach Liverpool’s heights. For us, if he performs as we’d hope Liverpool would want him back.
  12. I’d put my house on the fact he’s better than solanke. Brewsters actually gone out on loan and proved he’s not an ice cream van
  13. What type of mutant can play DM or RW. Sounds to me like when someone claims Armartay can play all these roles. based on the fact that’s ruined my lunch, it’s a no from me
  14. For the 25m that’s being touted, I actually think Rhian Brewster would be a decent purchase. He’s got bags of potential and I’d imagine his value would hold well even if he turned out to be mediocre. Given our extra games and the age of Vardy, you’d think this would be a great fit. I’d take him over Origi as the upward potential is far higher and in general looks smart business for whoever gets him
  15. Any chance Claude could be tempted with Dimi. Seemed to be a big fan of him originally
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