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  1. He's only being kept around because nobody else can play right back. If we sign one I sense he could be off. It was worth a punt on him, sometimes they work out sometimes they don't.
  2. Siggy isn't exactly one dimensional, he would work well in the squad without Slimani. I just think that it could be one hell of an option if Vardy gets injured or a plan B is needed. But you never know how a season progresses, plan B easily becomes plan A
  3. Im surprised Slimani isn't getting a mention here. Imagine starting a game with Alrbrighron on one wing and siggy on the other. Slimani needs the ball played to his head and these boys would certainly deliver that. He'd be scoring for fun. Am I the only one thinking this?
  4. Which in this day and age is as reliable as an 11 year olds tweet
  5. That may be but as long as he'd rather be here than at Swansea we still have a chance.
  6. £27 mill for last years player of the season?!? WTF, if roles were reversed and we'd been one of the big 6 he wouldn't be going for less than 45m, if not more. Literally cant fathom this. If we want to reach that level then we have to act like those clubs. Not get short changed because the players sulking. Get the right price or he stays, let him play with the reserves if that's what it takes. We should be getting what he's worth in this market or not take it at all. If not we set a precedent as being a poached club like Southampton. Agents will tell all of their players to act the same because little old Leicester will let you go for cheap if you're going to disrupt things.... Royally riled up and this is probably just another made up story 😅
  7. 4mill for a crock sounds okay, but 4 mill for a fit Matty James at his best is robbery. Its probably worth another loan to see where he's at, would hate to see him go there and reach his potential. IMO he is better than Hughes, from what I've seen of him anyway so they would be doing some top business if they pull it off
  8. Huth genuinely keeps our back line together. I don't think people understand just how important he is
  9. This is the Real Madrid friendly announcement all over again.
  10. Curtis Davies tweeted saying he as off to join svens revolution. Like the revolution he never arrived
  11. Would rather we got people in before selling. Hull are going to demand more now as they know we need a replacement
  12. Its McCarthy this season
  13. Benny is brilliant for 90% of a game, but in the other 10% he forgets he's a footballer, karate kicks and chases butterflies
  14. Out of curiosity, if we had the option of Mahrez staying and not signing siggy or signing siggy and selling Mahrez, which would make us a better team? Surely theres no doubt that on his day Mahrez is far better than siggy, or most players in the league tbh. Even though he had a mare of a season I like to think if he settles down and realises he needs to play well to get signed by a 'big boy', we'd get quite the season out of Riyad
  15. Looks dangerous down the middle