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  1. Vardy is a leader I would say.
  2. He is not a winger yet Rodgers thinks he is
  3. Benkovic was rumored to be leaving on loan to Middlesborough or Derby but if injuries to Evans and Cags are there I reckon we will keep him and he will feature in the squad for these next coming games.
  4. Why not expand the premier league? 22 teams would be better? And have a smaller championship? Scrap the League Cup for a Britain Cup https://theboar.org/2020/04/football-british-cup/
  5. Hopefully the club can broadcast it free on their TV channel.
  6. Boris has to pander to the upper classes of society...
  7. Fair point, I do think we are a central midfielder and a striker short depth wise. But our first 11 is certainly good enough to go the long haul for the Top 4.Getting Champions League is a must, if we want to progress and keep our better players.
  8. exactly! With a full fit 11 we can beat most teams, Liverpool and Manchester City are not right defensively this season, I think if we just focus on the league we have a chance for Top 4. With the Europa League we don’t need to play our first 11 till the latter stages, our second team should be good enough to get results to qualify. This league is wide open.
  9. Top 4 will be easy for us if we keep everyone fit. I ain’t bothered about Europa League just play the 2nd team we should qualify out of our group. Focus on the league. That should be our priority
  10. I bet the players are pissed watching the Manchester United game and this one as well we could have been out reach at this stage of the season already, oh well we are still in champions league places early days in all.
  11. Maupay would have been perfect for us, we should have taken the gamble when he was at Brentford.
  12. He was offered to Manchester United but they rejected the proposal and have since gone for Cavani, he wouldn’t be a bad option to bring off the bench!
  13. The way they talk about us it’s as if we Play like a championship relegation fodder team. Bitter comes to mind.
  14. He’s will keep on playing to his late 30s no reason why he cannot he has the hunger to keep on improving.
  15. He’s going to score 30 premier league goals this season I reckon.
  16. Mendy is like Kante, literally f**king everywhere.
  17. The lad is still learning the game but he is getting better and better, going to be a top player. Him and Barnes are going to be playing for England very soon.
  18. Brendan is a quality manager there is no doubt about that he just needs to believe it more he can produce wonders for us. We have players that are good enough for the Top 4.
  19. He says he will be fine for the next game no worries Jamie Vardy’s having a Party
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