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  1. I was sceptical that he has lost weight. I used to think the weight thing was just something to moan at and that was just his build. Also his distance covered last season per game was very high. so I googled a pic from last season and this and actually I stand corrected he does look leaner this year. Certainly around the face.
  2. Evans is the best central defender we have ever had. That is some honor as well as he beats Elliot, Walsh, Huth, Maguire, Taggart, Morgan etc. But he's not twice the player of tawkowski, who is a very good Premier league defender.
  3. Come out and own your comment mate.
  4. Exactly you can only pass forward when there are players ahead of you!
  5. Because for every Josh Knight there's a Harvey Barnes or Ben Chillwell. A few young players make the grade a lot don't thats the way it is the world over.
  6. That is mental! Did we just say thanks but no thanks or was there something else at play?
  7. Stop the press, Athlete gets sporting injury whilst participating in sport! What are the club playing at? Sack everyone.
  8. 2 goals and 3 assists from 16 premier league substitute aperances last season. Can you name a Premier leauge player with better numbers of the bench?
  9. And sign who at CB? For how much (roughly)
  10. Yeah mate that's exactly what's happening here...
  11. Who's been shouting for the inclusion of Mendy? I'm a big fan and he's underrated by lots on here but only an idiot would want him starting ahead of Ndidi who is one of the best pure DMs in the world.
  12. Of course its not. Football shouldn't be on a pay per view basis when I've already paid for BT, Sky and a season ticket. That being said I still will pay it! What else are you going to do on a cold Wednesday night?
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