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  1. I'm talking about right now, not the season as a whole currently there is 15 sides with more or the same number of players out https://www.premierinjuries.com/injury-table.php
  2. It's well established that there will be lots of injuries this season for all clubs due to a lack of a proper pre season, fixture conjestion and not being able to use equipment such as cryochambers due to covid. We actually have one of the fewest amount of players out of everybody in the Premier league. Probably best we don't revisit this thread bitching and moaning every time a couple of players get injured it's going to happen thats a fact of life this season. Especially when one of the injuries is a 34 year who has played practically every minute of the Premier league he's been
  3. It's probably not going to be as huge a loss as everyone thinks Vardy has 1 goal from open play In our last 8 games (and 1 pen). It's obvious he's been carrying an injury too as his overall play hasn't been up to his usual standard. But we are less reliant on him for goals this season Rodgers has diversified our attacking play with maddison and Barnes having both scored more than him from open play In the league. Don't get me wrong I can't wait to have him back fit and firing but we've been playing without the 'real' Jamie vardy for some time now and been
  4. Yes but some sides have done OK dealing with them in the past.
  5. Good point we should withhold the vaccine pending another independence vote next week 😂
  6. Don't know why I'm wasting my time debunking Sean from Enderby Lol but... he doesn't want 300k a week he's already on 300k a week. An inflated figure because there wasn't a transfer fee involved. A bit like Aaron Ramsay getting 400k week from Juve. He will rightly be against taking a pay cut and we will rightly be against paying 1.2 million a month for him so Inter will probably have to contribute some for him to go anywhere this Jan.
  7. Yeah I'm not really pro or anti Europe so I'm not coming at this from an agenda. but I'm struggling to join the dots as if your say Italy without a working vaccine being made and produced in your country its not gonna matter whether your in the EU or not the roll out will be slow because vaccinating the population is based on procuring approved vaccines and the whole rest of the world is also trying to procure them.
  8. Is our brilliant vaccine response compared to Europe down to Brexit then? I thought it was to do with the fact its the Oxford vaccine as in the town in England where its made that has been approved. So we were always in line for a steady stream of vaccines Brexit or no Brexit. Not trolling genuinely interested in the case for Brexit effecting it.
  9. Fair play to Drinky for that. Premier league winner, played in the champions league, 3 England caps and on 150k a week being asked by some shelf stacker where it all went wrong! Social media really is a cesspit.
  10. When was the last time we were seriously linked with a household name like this? Don't get me wrong our recruitment is sensational but don't pretend you too didn't have to Google Castagne, Fofana, Justin, Praet etc.
  11. Not watched it why what was going on?
  12. Where has percy said this can't see it on his twitter
  13. He would still get a good signing on fee, I know he's not especially well regarded round here but he's still a 15 million (minimum) player being sold for a fraction of that because of his contract situation. So plenty of room for the player and agent to get a decent sum.
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