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  1. It's getting harder to watch games in Leicester seems like there has been a clamp down had a right Hassel finding somewhere to watch the the west ham away game found somewhere in the end I'll pm you where.
  2. Yeah that's all the card was lacking a local lad in a proper main event such a shame that arena wasn't built when Rendall was fighting.
  3. I had a Cracking night down at leicester arena for the Frank Warren card Smyle was is a war and Leon Woodstock looks a talent. Nice atmosphere compared to some cards I've been too, no bother at all friendly and knowledgeable crowd. Hopefully fish eyes does it again!! Just cathing up on the sky card now.
  4. And this is his wife.... Where did it all go wrong.
  5. This vote is almost as pointless as the election May called today.
  6. You could write down what you know about football on a postage stamp.
  7. Listening to radio Leicester on the way home tonight and some weird American phoned in so i switched to the 5 live phone in. The first thing i heard. "You cannot fault Leicester's effort tonight, but it's an effort that has been missing for much of this season". Switched straight back to radio leicester.
  8. Clownio? Please tell me your not a fully grown man?
  9. I've never been but can imagine Boston isn't short of an Irish bar or two.
  10. I'm not as old as you but have a lot of sympathy for cov. Owned by a hedge fund forced to play home games in Northampton for a while it's been a shambles down there in all honesty.
  11. I have no problem with a 2nd choice goalie getting frustrated he is not first choice and playing games. In fact you have to question the character of players who are happy to sit for years picking up their wages and never play competitive football. Cough cough Conrad Logan.
  12. Are you lads planning one of these for athletico? Going to be such a special night. If so hope it's going well you have not had long to get it sorted! How do i donate a few quid?
  13. I can see the appeal of Football hooliganism in the 80s and 90s sense of the word were tight knit gangs of well dressed young lads do loads of drugs and alcohol and fight other gangs of young lads in even fights in city's across the UK thus creating a bond between them through violence and addrenalin and becoming minor celebrities in their own town. But i have never really understood the England away style of football hooliganism where a load of fat bastards rock up in a foreign square, take their tops of, drink themselves stupid sing a few anti ira songs and then throw plastic chairs and bottles at the riot police who then give a few of them a savage beating. Where is the fun in that?
  14. Coming from a bloke who did time for attempted murder 🙄
  15. This is an excellent post mate. Not sure i agree that the ref was corrupt/cheating i just think he was sodding awful. But anyhow bring on Tuesday can not wait.