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  1. I'm not arguing that he wasn't poor yesterday just arguing that he's not consistently poor. Which I really shouldn't have to argue considering we have won a whopping 14 of the 21 games he's started this season and kept 7 clean sheets.
  2. Oh no he hasn't.... Top debating mate you should be in Westminster or at least panto.
  3. Young players shouldn't be exempt from criticism and I have no problem reading constructive measured posts like this. Just hate to see reactionary and sensationalist criticism with players who need time to grow as players. I simply don't agree with you that he has been consistently poor of late. He's been a mainstay in a side with once of the best defensive records in the league and that sits in 2nd above man city and is a game away from Wembley. I am sure if you added up and worked out his average foxestalk match ratings for the season they would be far from poor. But seeing as neither of us can be bothered to do this according to whoscored's stats based ratings (not perfefect I know but the best we have). He averages 7.02 a game and has our 5th best average rating. I would say he's had about 5 poor games this season 6 indifferent games and 10 good performances which out of 21 which falls well within my fluctuating form theory. I know he was poor yesterday and along with the rest of the team against Man city and Liverpool but he's an outstanding young full back who will be back flying again soon.
  4. agreed sensationalist garbage. what a little cry baby George is. Even post 2016 I can think of loads of considerably worst performances. Bennoluane when we lost 6-1 to spurs, wasilewski away to porto in a 5-0 defeat, Mendy when we lost at home to southampton where he literally gave them 2 goals and got pulled off at half time(which was only last season). Wes Morgan when we got ripped apart by Bournemouth 4-2 and he capped his own horror show by getting sent off late on. I could go on and on. Young players form will fluctuate more than a 28 year olds that is a fact and we as a fan base have to learn to show a bit of back bone and not start crying like entitled babies everytime one of our bright young stars has a couple of bad games.
  5. Is this based on anything besides stupidity?
  6. Might have this put on my headstone
  7. In all competitions he is averaging a goal or Assist every 48 minutes. Absolutely staggering numbers. I can't believe I'm about to type this considering where we were with him a few months ago but...... He quite simply has to be in the first 11. I don't care who makes way for him or what system we have to play he has to have a run of starts now.
  8. Yeah king is completely useless. Absolutely no idea why some fans hold him in such high regard. Jesus fuching Christ pal! then you have the complete lack of self awareness to call other people idiotic.
  9. First 11 v first 11 it could end up be a nightmareish tie. A side flying in the championship going all out with a noisy old fashioned ground behind them. However Like us they made 9 changes in the last round. Without sounding arrogant you would hope our squad players have a big edge considering they include a mix of experienced premier league winners (Albrighton fuchs, Morgan), top young talent (Choudhury, Gray, Justin) and international stars for proper footballing countries (Praet and Ineacho).
  10. Deffo a better pure defensive midfielder in my opinion. In the sense of making tackles and interceptions and recycling the ball. In fact I'd say he's the best in the premier league at it especially now Fernandino is playing in defence. But ngolo has a bit more to his game than that and often operates higher up the pitch and his offensive movement and play is a lot more dynamic. We probably could not afford to play Kante in the current system. The high line and two flair number 8s would leave even him badly exposed. However you would deffo change the system to fit him. What a player. Hands down the best I've seen down the city in 30 odd years.
  11. I think the thread is about defending corners pal. We had to do plenty of that v Liverpool!
  12. Let's see how popular this veiwpoint is at 1pm on the 16th of may when we are all in the beer garden of the green man singing, drinking and preparing for our first walk down Wembley way for a major final in 20 years! Jesus some people! Fuch your 2 extra points at Norwich live a little!
  13. And I think you will find that turnout was 67.3% so Like I said 29% of the British voting age public voted conservative.... (29.34% if your being pedantic.)
  14. 29% of the British public voted conservative mate. Don't get me wrong a lot more than voted labour but let's not go OTT!
  15. During the last election Liverpool fans had Jeremy Corbyn banners and sang his name. They also booed the national anthem in the charity shield. So it could be argued that they politicised football first. So I don't really have a problem with the Boris chants (and this is coming from a labour voter who hates Boris). The sun/Hillsborough stuff is too far and has no place in our ground.
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