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  1. Based on Sundays starting 11 our reserve side is: GK: Ward LB: Fuchs RB: justin CB: Morgan CB: Benekovic DM: Mendy CM: Praet CM: Silva RW: Barnes LW: Albrighton CF: Ineacho Let's face it that side would batter Cluj and absolutely romp home in the spl and having watched them tonight I think we could probably field a 3rd side to beat Cluj if they had a bit of time together to Jel. GK: Jakupovic LB: The Nigerian guy in the development squad (scraping the barell here I know) RB: Amartey CB: Darnell Johnson CB: pasçanu CM: King CM: James AM: Ghezzal RW: Gray LW: Diabate CF: Slimani
  2. Lol Must be close to the furthest we have to travel in all 4 leagues.
  3. Obviously the contract he is currently on will be his last (you know the contract he was given after featuring in 30+ games when we won the premier league). You rightly point out that football is a business but you also seem to be failing to grasp this point yourself. In Order to attract players you want you need to offer 4 or 5 year deals it's then hard to move them on when they are not in the team as people don't want to match the wages your paying them. Of the players you mentioned king (twice) slimani (twice) silva, James and diabate have all gone on loan so that would suggest the club wants to move them on if possible. Also your solution is to sign more players (sturidge and llorente) to big contracts who would most likely also quickly become players "stealing a living".
  4. Lol claims kingy is stealing a wage then Wants to sign Sturbridge or llorente. Couldn't make it up.
  5. Anyone know what song the tune is from? Bugging me, I'm thinking it might be UB40 Kingston down?
  6. Yeah but ffs it's gotta be one the fans can have a drink at and women are allowed to attend.
  7. People make mistakes. Some people learn from them and grow from them some dont.
  8. What's going on with our Danny, very surprised no one has snapped him up on a free. His solid defending and leadership and experience and good injury record made me think he would be very appealing to the bottom 5 or so in the premier league or an ambitious championship club. As a free agent has the window shut for him too? Or does he have a little longer? Maybe he will end up playing abroad. Can't see them appreciating his ultra defensive style in Spain though, maybe Italy!
  9. Absolutely brutal. Never really seen a pro or ex pro in this case talking about a fellow pro who's not retired so negatively. Johnston doesn't come across as vindictive just completely sick of him.
  10. Not a chance in hell. Without him we would have been scrapping in the championship in 15/16 with Vardy and Mahrez having been picked up by other premier league teams and Kante would have still been at Caen.
  11. Good move for him, good chance to rebuild his career, don't understand the schadenfreude he was an absolute great player for us who was instrumental in winning the championship and premier league. Leicester loves you more than you will know (well some of Leicester)
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