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  1. The whole world smiles

    James Maddison

    This thread is about James Maddison fellas. This is a very exciting deal, would love us to get him.
  2. The whole world smiles

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    Yeah i get that, obviously wasn't engaging (what was left) of his brain. Just find the fake outrage from a load of footballing supporting blokes who have probably all been in worse states on holiday a bit galling.
  3. The whole world smiles

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    Absolutely people getting on his back are either hypocrites or have lived very sheltered lives.
  4. The whole world smiles


    Possibly the first time I've ever liked one of your posts! Well played sir.
  5. The whole world smiles

    Vardy to Atletico

    Fuch em when they give us back that Gary Parker sending off or that criminal penalty last year that was out side the box I'll think about spelling their name right.
  6. The whole world smiles


    Yeah the one too Selby was such a weird card. It wasn't even remotely close. You could have given him 3 rounds at the absolute max. But if it was courrupt then I'm not sure why? The promoter, BT Sport and crowd all wanted Warrington to win. So maybe just utter incompetence.
  7. The whole world smiles


    Bollocks lost some dough there! In my head there was no way Warrington could win. Didn't think he'd performed at anywhere near a level high enough to beat a slick boarder line world class boxer like Selby. Oh well congratulations to him. Thought Selbys cuts man was shocking though (not making excuses because i lost money honest!) Normally a cut fighter can have the bleeding stopped for a minute or so of the next round Selby was coming out of his corner still pissing blood out of both eyes somtimes the camera would show them working on it and it was so ameuterish it's unreal unforgivable for a fight of this size. Frank must be delighted, he can already hear the money rolling in. Eddie must be gutted he lost him.
  8. The whole world smiles

    Puel - Not Ready for Europe?

    Let's have another poll based on this...
  9. The whole world smiles

    Former Player Remembers: Paul Konchesky

    I enjoy these articles on old players. Paul was a good signing for us, there couldn't have been many better left backs in the championship when we signed him. Was exposed a bit in the premier league when we came up but he was getting on a bit by the then. Also scored 3 or 4 brilliant goals for us i particular remember one thunderbolt away to wolves.
  10. The whole world smiles

    Jack Grealish

    I must admit it hadn't seen villa properly since they were relegated from the Prem. I've just watched the 2 Boro play off games and i must say grealish has come on no end. Such a silky, forward thinking and composed number 10 these days. A big yes from me.
  11. The whole world smiles

    End of season Puel poll

    Good balanced post mate, I'd also add recruitment to the positives as he has only made one signing and Diabate looks quality and a snip at 2 million.
  12. The whole world smiles

    Puel - what about now

    Puel called us Southampton at a news conference let's do another poll. Puel tied his shoelaces let's do another poll etc etc.
  13. The whole world smiles

    Puel - what about now

    Can we stop doing this every few days? If your opinion is so fickle that it can be swayed by one game then chances are it's not an opinion worth listening too.
  14. The whole world smiles

    Longevity in the Premier League

    Ridiculous thing to say how can you be so pessimistic when you don't know who the manger or players will be next year?
  15. The whole world smiles


    Who does your lad box for out of interest?