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  1. The whole world smiles

    Yannic bolasie

    Daniella Westbrook saying no to a line?
  2. The whole world smiles

    Welcome Danny Ward

    Yeah because the BBC is a completey honest media organisation cough cough Jimmy Saville cough cough.
  3. The whole world smiles


    Puel is Manager of this great football club. The owners have backed him. Not just by keeping him but With giving him his own players and his staff he is clearly the right man for the job in the owners eyes. baring that in mind it's time for us fans to back him. So stop moaning and bitching and writing him of before a ball is kicked, comparing him to other managers and get behind him and get behind the fuching players. Because who knows together we might just make some more history. Leicester till I die.
  4. The whole world smiles

    When do we start to get worried?

    Just to put it in to context based on last season's table Everton and Burnley are our main rivals and neither have those have brought a single new player yet. Where as Leicester on the other hand have made on paper 3 brilliant signings. With Pereria and Evans both improving drastically the first 11. If you had asked any reasonable Leicester fan before pre season started to write down their top 5 realistic transfer targets then Madison and Evans would have been on most people's list and we got them plus a lighting quick, young, highly rated attacking right back. What's not to like? Am I panicking? Absolutely not we have done great business so far and still plenty of time for 1 or 2 more players. To be honest I'm more worried about the lack of outgoings need to start trimming down the squad we got about 7 or 8 players too many in the first team squad.
  5. The whole world smiles


    Probably enough for us to have a new pole....
  6. The whole world smiles

    Namplys Mendy

    It really wasn't. This is one of those foxestalk myths that if enough people say it again and again it becomes fact. he had proved his fitness as played 20+ full games Tuesday, Saturday consecutively for Barnsley on loan the end of the previous season and he'd been our stand out performer in pre season. There was genuine interest from Derby and WBA, he had less than a year on his deal. The club had two choices sell him on the cheap or give him a new deal. Seeing as the club knew Danny Drinkwater wanted out and Shakespeare rated Matty from previous seasons and didn't rate Mendy or Ammartey it was a no brainer to give him a new deal. I don't know the details but I'd imagine James contract cost the club around 6 million. I doubt 6 million would have even got us half the transfer fee of an adequate replacement never mind pay his wages for 4 years. The new contract was a sensible business decision. All football transfers and new contracts carry an element of risk and Obviously with hindsight considering his new injuries it was a possibly a mistake but he could still easily regain fitness, go on loan for 6 months then sell him and the club would easily recoup the 6 millon layed out. Or he could be knackered and it's 6 million down the drain (minus the games he played last season) but I'm sure the club and the owners aren't losing any sleep about losing that on a educated gamble and neither should you.
  7. The whole world smiles

    Jamie Vardy

    maybe but he is still only 24...could easily move to a bigger club at 27/28 and win absolutley everything. At international level he is very unlikely to win anything though I agree there.
  8. The whole world smiles

    Jamie Vardy

    Opinion not fact. And a pretty wild opinion considering he's 24 and already finished 2nd in the premier league, and played in numerous semi finals. Is that opinion based on him staying at spurs for his whole career? Do you think he still won't win any club trophies if he signed for Real Madrid or Man City?
  9. The whole world smiles

    Jamie Vardy

    I hate Bono. Absolutey despise the arrogant Irish ****. I would not brake if I saw him cross the road. But you can not listen to his music and not give him some credit for being a lyrical genius. The same with Harry Kane applies here. Feel free to hate him all you like thats your perogative. But you can not argue that the lad is not a seriously prolific goal scorer and an asset to any side. He's 24 and already won the premier league golden boot twice and a world cup one. If he carries on in a similar vain By the time he retires he will have absolutely oblierated England and Premier league records. If you carry on letting your hate blind you to facts and logic you are no better than a flat earth believer or a Christian in my opinion.
  10. The whole world smiles

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    i thought they were changing the ancon so its in the close season? maybe i dreamt it? good news for us if it is true
  11. The whole world smiles

    Sweden V England Quarter Final 7th July 15:00 KO

    Funny, I heard Sven on the radio this morning and despite the fact he was terrible as manager of both football teams I love (especially leicester, leaving us with a crippling wage bill). and despite the fact he shagged anything with a pulse in the lead up to a world cup. I still really like the guy, weird.
  12. The whole world smiles

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    I know football is all about opinions and we don't all have to agree etc etc etc But people who hold views like this should be rounded up and sent to work camps in my humble opinion.
  13. The whole world smiles

    Kasper Schmeichel

    An absolute warrior of a man. People who have harshly criticised him and took the piss are nobheads of the highest order with short memories and don't deserve the utter privilege of being a Leicester fan and watching players and men like Kasper every week.
  14. The whole world smiles

    Pereira & Silva

    Lol it gets worse and worse we used to write players off after about half a season but these days it's a couple of games. This has to be its peak though writing a player off before he has kicked a ball or had a training session for city.
  15. The whole world smiles

    England v Belgium

    Mate if you would have seen us play you would think it's even more of stretch! Whilst I appreciate the world of top flight professional football is incredibly different to the Leicester alliance leauge. My point is more about the nature of competition. To become the very best in a highly competitive industry the England players would have to be ultra competitive and have an incredibly strong will to win, I might be wrong but in my opinion and in my experience (all be at an almost uncomparable lower level) You can't turn that off for one game.