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  1. Ridiculous comment. Logan was 3rd or 4th choice keeper for 10 years. Ward is top class, international back up keeper who's never had a bad game for City. Good singing for the club.
  2. Why do people care about this? Will it effect your life one way or another if the clubs pr team draft some generic cut and paste apology. More meaningless tokenism to go along with taking the fookin knee and 2 minutes silence for a 99 year old man dying!
  3. For those of you calling Leicester a shit hole I would implore you to spend some time in Coventry or Derby.
  4. Sounds like a policy from the 3rd Reich.
  5. Maddison fair enough but praet played 79 minutes and scored and assisted a few days ago. I thought Perez was OK yesterday too. Top marks for workrate. I'm not slagging perez just trying to explain why some players tend to get criticism more than others.
  6. The de bruyne through ball took Evans and Fofana out of the game mahrez was baring down on goal. (as a city fan I shouldn't have to tell you how deadly he is in those positions on his left foot off the right wing right?) so big Dan rightly shuffled across to stop the run/ block the angle for the shot. Looking back on the footage I actually think it's good defending as he stops mahrezs run and makes the shot harder whilst simultaneously stopping a square ball to jesus. Once he is in that position jesus is now his man he can't swap positions mid Man City attack so if its anybodys fault its one o
  7. Nah he only started about 1 game in his first season. The run in the team your referring to is when drinkwater and Mendy were both injured and we were stuck with Amartey and King... Grim.
  8. I'm not having a dig at you personally. I enjoy your Contribution but there is no way you can watch that 2nd man City goal and think its amarteys fault. You must be the only person on here that thinks that.
  9. Your comparing the levels of criticism Perez gets with the lesser levels of criticism that Ammartey gets so price is not irrelevant as it feeds into the fans expectation of the player. Ones a cheap squad filler the other was an expensive first teamer this is why Big Dan gets less stick. I'm not saying it's right just explaining it. Also how can you say Amartey is the worse player we have had for a long time, a blatant lie (see Ryan Bennett, Ghezzel, Diabate, Adrian Silva kapustka etc etc etc) then moan about appaling abuse of someone else?
  10. Ridiculous. Ryan Bennett was far worse and he was playing for City less than a year ago. Ammartey doesn't get stick because most city fans with half a brain understand that he's an OK utility player who can cover cm rb and especially cb. If Amartey is playing it usually means there is an injury (or in this case covid) crisis. So most fans cut him stick accordingly. Perez on the other hand is a 30 million pound marquee signing who at the moment is starting ahead of Praet and maddison. And has regularly kept under, gray and albrighton out of the side so there is a lot m
  11. A decent side? Villa are a decent side these are one of the 3 best sides on the planet.
  12. If this was a boxing match City would winning rounds with flash footwork and superior quality but.... Struggling to land anything significant, with most shots landing on the gloves and arms. Leicester despite losing rounds know they only have to land once and its over.
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