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  1. No... I don't think the Hong Kong public know or care about republican Irish politics to be honest.
  2. this thread is like a zoo where you can come and observe some of the most un-funny, tedious, wit-less and moronic nobheads foxestalk has to offer in their natural habitat.
  3. Have it on very good authority that Debuchy checked into a Leicester hotel earlier today. Thoughts? We definitely need a RB. Ps I'm not an attention seeking kinda poster I would not be posting this if I wasn't 98% confident!
  4. Is this the world we live in now? The poor sod can't go on holiday (whilst clearly working) with his family without someone secretly photographing him and posting it to a very popular internet forum for everyone to abuse him. Poor form.
  5. This post made me realise that The transfer forum is like an ex you can't stop shagging. you come here drunk, late at night and instantly realise you made a big mistake.
  6. Having spent years getting blank looks from foreigners abroad when I tell them who I support it was fantastic to be over in Amsterdam during the 15/16 season there was clips of city on in every bar we went in. The whole city was talking about it. Even had a long convo with a Turkish cabbie about how underrated allbrighton is. They were great days.
  7. How do you know out of interest? Not saying your right not saying your wrong but don't ever remember him being linked before the Jan window we signed him in.
  8. Can we stop linking these crappy Hitc links? I don't know what Hitc stands for and I don't care. What I do know is they have never broken a Leicester transfer story and they almost certainly never will. Just a waste of everybody's time.
  9. Absolutely...bollocks
  10. Google?
  11. That was shocking especially as Tammy Abraham (who had a cracking game) had played a lovley unselfish ball into him to start the move and Gray completely ignored him. Even on Sunday Leauge that's a no no. Tammy Abraham looked absolutely livid and rightly so.
  12. I wouldn't read too much into him not getting picked last summer in the euros Deschamps was picking Moussa Sissoko ahead of a certain small ex Leicester midfielder and look how that turned out.
  13. Definitely the kind of post that shows we need leauge football back asap.
  14. When I saw the thread title I was expecting a negative type post and was ready to dive in and stick up for them both been unbelievable for us and both still quality operators (huth especially imho) their lcfc stories have not been fully written yet.
  15. Would love this! Shame it's the daily star! Might as well ask your dog if he thinks we will sign him.