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  1. My cousin @AylestoneRaider absolutely loves him can talk at length at how he is the perfect leicester signing I'm a bit more sceptical.
  2. Maybe we could tempt pique to leave Barca?
  3. Like who?
  4. Hope people's memory of big marcin isn't clouded by these last two seasons he wasn't always a big, clumsy, slow overgrown mascot who was a good to have around the place. On his day in the promotion season and in the great escape he was a seriously good player. I've been going down city around 25 years and he is comfatably in the top 10 center backs I've seen at the KP or filbo. His positioning and reading of the game were almost as good as his heading and tackling. I know we are getting quite spoilt at city with the amount of top players that are coming and going but I will not forget Was in a hurry. Dziękuję Ci Marcin
  5. Needless to say we won't miss out on signing a CB again this window.
  6. Are we going to have to put up with so called jokes like this all summer?
  7. First of all let me say that I think the club should definitely keep him in charge he has been brilliant. But..... After watching interviews with Mahrez where he is basically taking the p*ss out of the club. asking to leave. It has occurred to me that we may have an issue down the line where clearly the players like him but after being assistant for so long do they respect him enough?
  8. what an incredibly arrogant comment. Considering they came up through the play offs spent zero money and sold all their best players hull and their players have had a very good season this year and still stand a chance of staying up.
  9. Ripped off? He had a release clause for 20 million pounds to a champions league club we did well to get 30 million by selling to a side not in it. You will probably say he shouldn't have had a release clause in his contract and you would be right however Kante did not want to come here so we were in a weak negotiating position plus he cost 5 million no one forseen him becoming one of the best players in the world.
  10. 1. Your definition of horrendous is very different to mine. He had a good start to the season then inconsistent since his injury at Porto away. 2. Fanboys? that's an embarrassing turn of phrase! If your under 14 you'd just get a pass but any older you need a long look in the mirror.
  11. Find it strange you feel your in a position to pass judgement on the blokes character. I don't know the bloke at all so I won't pass judgement on his character but I would suggest to come out of an area stricken with poverty and vicious sectarian violence and become a highly successful, extremely wealthy, world famous sportsman suggests his character is alright but like I say I don't know the bloke so who knows.
  12. Good one!
  13. Seems strange to me that some posters seem to enjoy it when certain players fail. Personally as a Leicester fan I always want our players to succeed and feel dissapointed when they don't. Especially when the player in question was a record signing and has pace to burn.
  14. How do you know?
  15. Someone has been on the ale...