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  1. The little turncoat couldn't give us enough love in 15/16. It's the only time I've heard him described as an ex Leicester player on national TV. I prefer ex players like muzzy who love the area and the club like we do. saw him in Sainsbury's the other day. I Gave him a knowing nod. I'd like to think it was nod that symbolised the gratitude I felt towards him for giving me some of my best memory's as a football fan and for staying on and getting us promoted when he was far too good to play at that level. But in reality he probably thought who the fuch is that weirdo nodding.
  2. how about those 3 Argentinian boys we had on trial from bocca in the 90s? must be some interesting content around that. or when we had a deal where Cork city were going to be our feeder club but the only player we got from them was Damien Delaney who was deemed not up to much by the fans and management then had a good career with Palace and Hull.
  3. More promising in the comments to his tweet someone asked if anyone else was in for him and he said something like "spurs have other priorities and at United he was just an option not the main no. 1 target"
  4. Don't post on here about page numbers and Boris Johnson please lads I get all excited when I see this at the top only to have my hopes dashed! Ps I know by complaining in the thread I'm just as guilty!
  5. Bit harsh Rashford is a top player and is only going to get better at 21 in my opinion and Lingaard was 19 when he came here. that being said Young, Smalling and McTominay would get nowhere near are current best 11.
  6. How does this work then? Presumably if the player stays you get your stake returned as this isn't covered in the market?
  7. Maguire's hull conceeded goals at a rate of 2.1 per game the season we signed him just for some perspective. Oh and Robertson was in that back four too and he's not to shabby either.
  8. Where abouts mate can you link the thread. I just went on and couldn't see it.
  9. its beyond words. what an disrespectful, ungrateful little so and so.
  10. Are there any wolves or Everton players that you would swap for Pereria, Maguire, Chilwell or madison?
  11. It doesn't matter what your mentality is if a bigger club comes for one of your players and the player want to go then really, eventually you have to let them go. Look at liverpool with couhtino and Chelsea with Hazzad.
  12. God bless Taylor Fletcher and Andy Ruiz Jr. Their success Gives hope to fat bastards everywhere.
  13. Just back from New York today. First fight I've watched stateside (and probably last, the wife wasn't thrilled). What a night to be at the garden. Great card of boxing and a truly historic main event. I know it's easy with hindsight but a Couple of observations. Joshua has always been incredibly vulnerable and his powers of recovery are terrible. It took him a couple of rounds to recover from big shots in both Whyte and Klitschko fights. That is a death nail in the career of a heavyweight boxer. Also people saying Ruiz throws wild swings are wide of the mark he had won over 200 ametuer fights and fought at 2 olympics, he is one of if not the best technique of any of the the top heavyweights lovely hands and feet throwing short crisp combinations. I agree with what others have said I think Ruiz will win the rematch too. Joshua would be wise to rebuild go back to the drawing board.
  14. Don't feel to nostalgic about the play offs for every Palace and Derby there was a heart breaking "Blackburn, Palace, Swindon, Deeney, Kermogant moment".
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