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  1. And we had huge shortages of ppe so the government didn't want the extra demand. And drawing attention to the fact that healthcare professionals couldn't get protective masks never mind Joe bloggs!
  2. Hahaha after one of the worst games in our history and foxestalks biggest ever melt down we are only 1 point worse of than we were on Saturday morning. Madness
  3. I know people are angry this morning, but how was he tactically inferior to anyone in the 4 months march through to June when no football was being played and the country was shut down?
  4. The fact that he has come out and said to the press that he took him off because he was having a bad game is probably the most worrying thing for me. 1. Because its a lie, kel was one of our best players and the front 3 looked very dangerous together. 2. Because it shows he doesn't want to take responsibility for what in my opinion was heavily his fault. The change completely surrenderd momentum to them. 3. In avoiding responsibility he is happy to throw one of our talented under the bus in the media. Kel didn't have a bad game brendan, you did.
  5. Was kel injured today or a tactical change? They didn't ask on sky absolutely criminal if he wasn't injured.
  6. Our fans are more embarrassing than the team atm. Why would any true Leicester fan want to miss out on champions league football with the money, excitement for fans and player pulling power it brings?
  7. Youri looking every inch the 40 million pound wonder kid we signed last summer.
  8. 4-0 villa home 4-1 villa away 5-0 Newcastle home 3-0 Newcastle Away 4-1 West ham home 3-0 Palace home And of course 9-0 Southampton away In fact this season we have routinely hammered sides more often than any other season I can remember.
  9. Absolute must win for Bournemouth now (an actual must win not a foxestalk every week must win). Means they will have to come out and have a right pop which in theory should play into our hands.
  10. No one watching the card on bt? Pretty awful stuff but fooking great to have boxing and a cold beer on a Friday night. Its been a long time!
  11. "sounding like" "Nothing confirmed yet" "we may find out tomorrow or Monday" Very vague, Wouldn't get too worked up till there's an official announcement.
  12. Yes fifa will root out the corruption.... Wait what?
  13. By that logic Sheff u play Chelsea on the weekend so they will either take points of our rival or lose some of that momentum. Personally I think any result that takes you further from the teams chasing you is a good one.
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