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  1. The whole world smiles

    a fans view

    He also gained a lot too. Including a huge return on his initial investment and global recognition for the king power brand. Don't get me wrong Him and his son have been fantastic owners but it's not like we as a city and the football club are a charity.
  2. The whole world smiles

    Benkovic January Recall?

    If I came back from work and found my girlfriend home with a male work colleague the last thing I would do is start discussing with him is the benekovic loan. But each to their own I guess.
  3. The whole world smiles

    Slimani - Fulham

    Also ranieri wasnt starting slim when he had him at Leicester.
  4. The whole world smiles

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Unless your trolling. Surely their supporters are in a better position than you to tell us what their expectation is.
  5. The whole world smiles

    Leicester finally make a case for the Maguire-less defence

    when's he back from injury have we heard anything?
  6. Couldn't disagree more. We played a 3 5 2 for the winning run of the great escape season Claudio instantly changed it to a deep lying Italian 4 4 2. He sold Nugent (who Pearson played every week), benched ulloa and made vardy and okazaki the main men. He showed faith in Drinkwater and Albrighton who had limited opportunitys the season before. He also sent Pearson fave De Laet on loan and brought in Simpson who had pretty much been frozen out under pearson. Now you may have not liked ranieri for whatever reason. You may feel that he was fortunate with the players and level of expectation he inherited (probably fair). But to try and re-write history and deny he had any contribution is just plain wrong on a factual level. His tactics, expectation management and experience were absolutely vital in winning the league. Let not forget just months before Pearson was telling Leicester fans to fook of and die, strangling palace players, and calling reporters ostriches. If you think he would have took the mass media frenzy the accompanied our title run in his stride (if he could have even got us close to that stage) you are again sadly mistaken.
  7. The whole world smiles

    Competition: Win a print from 'Art of Football'

    Ulloa penalty and reaction at home to West ham.
  8. The whole world smiles

    Lack of creativity under Puel

    Because you have been such an Puel loyalist for so long 🙄
  9. The whole world smiles

    Royal Visit to the King Power Stadium

    They could have sent Meghan 😍
  10. The whole world smiles

    Work dilemma

    use the situation to try and squeeze a bit of extra dough out your current employer. your market value is clearly higher than you realise.
  11. The whole world smiles

    Happy Birthday Marc Albrighton

    Marc albrighton is so good and so underated that it makes me want to cry tears of pure joy.
  12. The whole world smiles

    England v USA and Croatia Pre Match "£$%%^^&*

    People are stupid.
  13. Maybe the club took on board the fact that he was a former football hooligan Who's been banned before.
  14. The whole world smiles

    Burnley video from Saturday

    Videos a nice touch would have preferred it if the Stuborn Fvckers had given us the 3 points though!