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  1. It's early days but from what I've seen from him so far he would be a nailed on starter for England if he was English. What a squad the Belgium's have.
  2. Similar to the own goal he created against Newcastle, sneaking into the right hand side of the box. I'm a big fan of Praet think we have a hell of a player.
  3. Praet wasn't on the bench for their last game so must be a rotation thing.
  4. Nah not for me, he's got 6 days till the Burnley game and we don't have European football to worry about (yet).
  5. That's the afternoon sorted then shame Youri isn't playing too.
  6. Absolutely mate, it's like people think, young, talented, dynamic, attacking minded, English, home grown (yes that is a factor now we are aiming for top 4) left backs grow on trees
  7. According to the sun "article" he was actually sent home by England. Probably to stop it spreading. So it's a bit of a non story really.
  8. That is absolutely astonishing goalkeeping. A seasons worth of highlight reel saves in one match
  9. Anyone watching northern Ireland v Holland? What a player Evans is completely bossing it.
  10. I don't know you or what level you played at but I would bet a considerable amount of money that you wouldn't have contributed a goal and assist after 45 mins
  11. Isn't the whole squad allowed on the bench these days? Must be an injury if so Youri looks like he's having a good game though.
  12. The same Danielle Lloyds that was racially abusing Shilpa Shetty on big brother (I saw a documentary on it recently I don't watch that shite honest!) Rats in glass houses shouldn't throw rats. Not that I care really but it's a murky story all round.
  13. Abroad football San Siro Stadio olympico (Rome) Olympic stadium (Berlin) Allianz area (Munich) Rhineenergiestadium (cologne) Camp Nou Telia Parker (Copenhagen) Celtic Park Boxing Madison Square Gardens O2 Millennium Stadium MEN arena Notingham arena Coperbox Wembley stadium Wembley arena Cricket Grace road Trent bridge Ice hockey Barclays center (New York)
  14. Very good pr top rank are no mugs with this kind of thing! it's been done before though remember Tyson (as in Mike) having a run in with Stone Cold Steve Austin in the 90s. Also Mayweather has had a go in it in more recent times.
  15. 41 so far it's difficult to add to that now we are a stable premier league team. Not that I'm complaining.
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