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  1. The whole world smiles


    It's off FFS. Never trust Frank Warren! Postponed till march. Good for you bad for me as I'm on holiday on the new date.
  2. The whole world smiles

    The All Blue Home Kit

    Brexit, Global Warming, Russia's escalating aggression and some people are worried about what colour shorts we wear.
  3. The whole world smiles


    Here here. Challenger V Haywood is a fantastic all Leicester scrap and looking forward to seeing Bowen live for the first time
  4. The whole world smiles

    Puel- Neck out!!

    Makes it even sadder. All it was was a glimpse.
  5. The whole world smiles

    Puel- Neck out!!

    Just telling my mate my theory that tilemans is the missing peice in Puel jigsaw in the same way that colleymore was the missing peice In O'Neill's and that now everything is going to finally click into place and puels young vibrant side is going to start winning football games. He was sceptical and amused (to be expected) but **** it better to spend your money going down the football hoping to realise a dream than hoping to usher in a nightmare. Up the city.
  6. The whole world smiles

    Ice Hockey

    Anyone heard any rumours about Leicester getting a team? Think it would be a no brainer if the stadium extension includes an arena.
  7. The whole world smiles

    Puel and the travelling fans

    Wow these Puel poles are getting more am more complicated! You need a degree to be able to read anything into the results!
  8. The whole world smiles

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    If you can't appreciate this performance or be proud of the players then you have your anti Puel goggles on so tight they've left ring marks round your eyes.
  9. The whole world smiles

    Team for tomorrow

    To call this a joke is massively generous of you!
  10. The whole world smiles

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Spurs don't have the wage structure or money to spend on transfers to poach players of sides like us, Everton and Wolves. It's a massive disadvantage for them and just shows what a good job ponch is doing.
  11. The whole world smiles

    Tielemans Signs From Monaco; Silva Goes T’other Way

    Seen Couple of people say he will start sunday. Is this based on anything concrete? Has Puel said something? I'm a bit out the loop this week.
  12. The whole world smiles


    My thoughts are please try and stay away from the internet.
  13. The whole world smiles


    If he did would it change your opinion on him? Seems like the kind of thing he'd get zero credit for if he did and torn to pieces if he didn't. Why should he or any of the players applaud the fans today? We were beyond bad been to rowdier funerals.
  14. The whole world smiles


    Just saw a young girl (early 20s) trying to jump off the bridge over the underpass in town on my lunch break. A few blokes were holding onto her, I helped out and grabbed her collar. One bloke was talking to her telling her nothing isn't too bad that you can't come back from and telling her how much all these strangers around her cared for her. She kept putting her foot out over the trafic below. Another bloke looked like a painter or roofer jumped over the other side of the barrier where she was. The old Bill turned up and asked him to get the other side and he basically told them to **** off eventually he pushed her up as we pulled and we got her over the right side. The whole thing was pretty harrowing (obviously nothing compared to what she's going through). And it's made me think about depression and suicide in a away that to be honest I haven't before. somthing about the hopelessness of the situation and the fear and desperation on her face has made me appreciate how horrendous depression is and my heart goes out to anyone suffering from it.