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  1. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    The moral buck always seems to stop with us when it comes to the media. Its like we are held to a different set of rules to other clubs. Chelsea sack Di Matteo after winning the champions leaugue and Jose after the title and Man City sack Manchini and Pelligrini after premier league wins and no one really batts an eyelid. But all hell breaks out when we sack Claudio (When we are in the relegation zone). English League clubs have gone into administration 42 times since 2000 yet we are the only ones that cheated the system? And now this bollocks, The big clubs barley acknowledge FFP laws exist they do exactly what they want and even smaller clubs like Bournemouth and QPR have had much bigger fines than us. But yet we seem to be the scum of the earth for this. Do I feel guilty about any of the above? maybe a bit but like I say the whole of football has been at it. the whole game is rotten and we are just another rotten cog in a big rotten machine and I'm sick of being held accountable for everything that's wrong with the beautiful game.
  2. The OH Leuven Thread

    Bit patronising to our greatest ever captain. If he is surplus to requirements here and it's a big if he's been superb this year. Wes could easily play for another prem side for a year or two.
  3. Thorgen Hazard

    Did Muzzy put in a transfer request? If he did it's because we got relegated.
  4. Ndidi to Liverpool

    Wilfred Ndidi is deeply religous, his wife though attractive is not your typical wag, she is the kind of woman me or you could pull in fan club on a particularly good night! What I'm trying to say is he does not come across as the type of bloke to chase money, fast cars and fast women. He comes across as incredibly hard working decent young bloke. He seems to love it here so maybe just maybe we can convince him to sign a new deal and keep him for a few years.
  5. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Wrong thread please delete.
  6. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    Imagine the scandal if it was fixed and it came out. Imagine how hurtful it would be to FA the BBC, the cup and football in general. Just not worth the risk for them. No way it' fixed. But the one in Hong Kong or wherever gor the league cup where there was meant to be a live stream and it got delayed and delayed then the stream never happened was very dodgy and might have been fixed.
  7. Blackman.....

    Before the game I checked Sheffield United's line up with their last leauge line up to see how weakened they were and goalie was one of the changes they made. Do we really want a goalie who can't get in a championship side based on 1 good game against us?
  8. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    Makes me laugh when I see people comparing him to Schlupp like it's some kind of massive insult. Schlupp came through our academy broke into the side, won the championship, won the premier leauge, played in the champions league then was sold for 17 million to another prem side where he plays week in week out (before his injury). He is also a international footballer with 15 caps for a half decent footballing nation. I think 95% of young players would kill to achieve what Schlupp has by the time they are 25.
  9. Mahrez being booed?

    Personally I would never boo one of my own players especially one as outrageously talented and pleasing on the eye as Mahrez. However... He has just come back after refusing to play or train for 2 weeks. He does not give a toss about Leicester or its fans so I would not hold it against anyone too much if they have him a little boo.
  10. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    Doesn't seem like a love in to me. Lots of opinions both positive and negative but most seem balanced.
  11. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    It would be interesting to watch Fuchs at Chillwells age. See what he was like. Fuchs made his debut in the budesliga at 17 and pretty much played week in week out. So at 21 he would have been a seasoned professional with over 150 first team games to his name. I expect he would have been streets ahead of Chillwell. But everyone knows young players need games so in another season or so who knows.
  12. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    Since Puel's appointment we have finally got to have a reasonably long look at Chillwell in the first team. Baring in mind that he is still 21. Put your cards on the table and say how good you think he will become and far you think he will go in the game? Personally I don't think he has been quite as good as I was expecting. Don't get me wrong there has been a few defensive lapses but that's to be expected with any young defender. It's been his attacking play that I have been slightly underwhelmed with he's not been as explosive as he appeared in the 2nd half v athletico Madrid and sometimes he's a bit headless in possession. That's not to say I don't think he will become a quality premier leauge operator with 8 or so England caps but I think a club like Leicester just outside the real big boys is probably his level. PS i dont want this to become a thread slagging him as i know there has been a couple of mistakes recently. I'm intrigued to hear people thoughts on him overall.
  13. Iborra could face a six year ban from football

    I doubt all 30 players will get banned historically to fix a match you only need to pay off 3 players off. Usually the including the goalie and a defender.
  14. What is the point of Matty James?

    Come of it son it's a leading question.
  15. What is the point of Matty James?

    My anti nasty post policy does not apply to pedantic grammar Nazis