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  1. The whole world smiles

    Centre backs

    Cabbie? Because he stole a cab? Hysterical.
  2. The whole world smiles

    Two huge new screens going up inside King Power Stadium

    Didn't one of them go to prison recently for battering his girlfriend?
  3. The whole world smiles

    The Immortals - The best of the rest?

    His contribution was playing well and playing regularly and starting for a team the won loads of games. Weird that you have to ask...
  4. The whole world smiles

    The Immortals - The best of the rest?

    Started a lot more games and played a lot more minutes than the other 2.
  5. The whole world smiles

    The Immortals - The best of the rest?

    Just to pass the time of day I suppose especially as there is not going on as it's international break. Also nostalgia is one hell of a drug and 15/16 is a great time to go back to
  6. The whole world smiles

    The Immortals - The best of the rest?

    I was chatting to someone in an Andy King thread about his level of contribution in the 15/16 season and I am an intrigued to see who, outside the 11 that played together for the majority of games people think made the biggest on field contribution to our success. Now I know King managed to get his face on the Marks Electrical mural as the 12th player but in my opinion there were a couple of others that could easily also claim to be the most important squad player. here are the runners and riders: Leo Ulloa League Games: 29 Starts: 7 Total minutes: 966 Goals: 6 Assists: 3 5 most important games started: 3-2 west brom away, 3-0 Newcastle away, 2-1 Chelsea home, 3-0 Swansea Away, 4-0 Swansea home Memorable moment: Leo has loads, his brace against Swansea with Vardy suspended, his earthquake winner against Norwich. But it has to be his 94th Minute penalty against West Ham. What a moment what a set of balls, what a guy. Jeff Schlupp League Games: 24 Starts: 13 Total minutes: 1,379 Goals: 1 Assists: 3 5 most important wins started: 3-2 Villa Home, 2-1 Norwich Away, 3-2 West Brom away, 2-1 West Ham Away, 4-0 Swansea home Memorable moment: Jeff became a bit of a figure of fun amongst city fans which is a shame because as the stats above suggest his contribution was massive anyway best moment had to be his winner away at Norwich ran pretty much the length of the pitch with a brilliant one two with Kante then smashed it home. Andy King League Games: 25 Starts: 9 Total minutes: 1,046 Goals: 2 Assists: 2 5 most important wins started: 4-2 Sunderland Home, 2-1 West Ham Away, 3-2 Everton away, 2-1 Chelsea home (Didn't start but played 73 minutes), 3-1 Everton home Memorable moment: His goal in a huge home match against WBA with the north London 'giants breathing down our necks gets an honourable mention. but the moment has to be his goal against Everton on that surreal may saturday down filbert way.
  7. The whole world smiles

    The King's reign seems over.

    Haha 4 premier league appearances not enough for an official medal although he was absolutely immense against Everton away when covering a huth suspension. Not on the level of the others mentioned sadly. Although I would never say that to his face
  8. The whole world smiles

    The King's reign seems over.

    King did far more than just earn a medal in 15/16. Gokhan inler, Amartey and Gray scraped a medal. King played in 26 leauge games starting 10 of them and scored or assisted 4 goals. A pretty big contribution in my opinion. In fact apart from the recognised immortal 11 only Ulloa and Schlupp could make an arguement for being more important to the achievement.
  9. The whole world smiles

    The King's reign seems over.

    He played 19 consecutive 90 minute games for Barnsley. He then played every game in our pre season. And started the season for us. I think by most people's standards he had proved his fitness. If we didn't give him a new contract he was going to go elsewhere on the cheap and the club was going to lose out. Obviously with hindsight it was the wrong desicion but at the time it made sense all round.
  10. The whole world smiles

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Nice to get a look at him closely in the 2nd half as he was in front of the main stand. Was very impressed good touch, glides across the turf lovely balance.
  11. The whole world smiles


    Whatever it's 2nd round leauge cup, relegation 6 pointer, top of the table clash or a quarter final of the champions league Marc will nearly always give you a hard working 7 out of 10. What a player, what a signing what a guy.
  12. The whole world smiles

    Vardy retires from playing for England

    I'm sad as an England fan and happy as a Leicester fan so I guess the two emotions cancel each other out as I feel indifferent to this news.
  13. That is fair. Well argued.
  14. I am a massive Pearson fan but don't think we should be over doing the praise with this. 99% of other professional managers would have done the same. You have a player signed from non leauge who is rapid and showing glimpses in training and matches that he can be a quality player and he comes to you and says he thinks he's not good enough for this level doesn't take Bill Shankly to realise he needs a pep talk and his confidence boosting.