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  1. Good effort to be drunk on whiskey at 3pm on a week night! It's gotta be either a serious drink problem or your self employed?
  2. I am usually laid back about supposed media biassed etc. Think people are looking for something that isn't there. But That is a staggering level of disrespect.
  3. I was thinking about this last night. Obviously their brexit stance killed them. But what position could they have took to keep both their brexit northern & midland heartlands on board and not lose their young metropolitan vote to the Lib Dems and keep the membership happy? The only thing I can think of is they should have backed a deal and got out in some form as going to an election against a pro brexit Tory party with it still on the table was suicide.
  4. To be fair to her she is a comedian being offensive comes with the territory.
  5. The last 8 games have been the best in our football clubs history. A remarkable achievement for everyone involved but during that period we haven't gained a single point on Liverpool. In fact over the last nine games we have lost 3 points to them. That should tell you how hard it will be to get into and stay in a proper title race this year. Liverpool could have a bad wobble you never know but form over the last 18 months and common sense would suggest it's going to be a bit to hard to seriously challenge this season.
  6. No I didn't forget to mention one key stat..... Please Notice the part of my post that said goals per minutes ratio. Which will be the best metric for comparison as it ignores total games and produces an average. Vardy averages a goal every 163 minutes. Which is the worse of the names mentioned. A long way behind Aguero on a goal Evey 106 minutes or Henry a goal every 121 minutes. Good night to you.
  7. Henry for me but I agree there is a strong case for Shearer as there is strong case for Aguero too he has scored more than 30 goals in 6 premier league seasons and averages a goal every 106 minutes. Sadly Vardy's case for being the greatest ever premier league striker isn't as strong. It's just not. Hence why he doesn't belong on said list.
  8. The op claimed he was the best of the premier league era. Could you genuinely make an arguement for him being the best striker in premier league history. If not then he shouldn't really be on a list for who is the best ever premier league striker.
  9. Out of Vardy, Drogba, Shearer, Henry, Aguero. Vardy has the least amount of goals, the least amount of assists, the worse goals per minutes ratio. The least amount of Golden Boots (currently none) and has won the premier league the joint least amount of times (once with Shearer). At a push you could argue he belongs on the list. But what's the point of putting him on a list he will be bottom of? He is an iconic figure, a Leicester legend a brilliant lethal bastard but he is not the best striker in premier league history.
  10. I agree it's subjective. And I also agree his career isn't over yet so it's probably best to wait to see what else he achieves. But someone like Henry scored 176 goals and made 76 assists. A goal or assist every 84 minutes he won the golden boot in 4 out of 5 consecutive seasons. Not only that but his all round play was incredible, he was a creative genuius that helped change the face English football. If he finishes his career strongly he will be in around the top 10 but some of these elite strikers are true greats of the history of the game and as much as I love Vardy subjective or not it's hard to make a genuine case against someone like Henry.
  11. So you genuinely believe he's the greatest striker in the history of the premier league?
  12. Based on how good they are at football, what they achieved in the premier league etc. My original point was that as much as I love Vardy and he's Leicester city's greatest player and a iconic figure. I don't think he is in the arguement for the greatest ever premier league striker as the op was saying. Even in terms of being prolific he Averages a goal Evey 163 minutes which is quite far behind Kane (every 116), Aguero (every 106) and Henry (every 121).
  13. I'm delighted for him. Not had an easy time of it here and looked in danger of falling through the cracks. But now I genuinely believe he can make a big contribution this season and beyond.
  14. Agree with you whole heartedly on the finishing. But in terms of the best ever premier league strikers you would have to have your blue tinted spectacles on pretty tight to think he's better Henry, Shearer, Drogba or Aguero.
  15. I stand corrected what a compelling argument. No where else in the world of football other than this forum would people be seriously argueing that Vardy is better than Henry. It's madness And I absolutely adore the bloke.
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