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  1. Correct. I was sacked for gossiping about my bosses town bike of a mum.
  2. Maddison, let me have ago on your mums knockers. richard
  3. FuKing hell! Who’s clever idea was it to let him play on with an injury? I want his head on a stick. Bet it was kolo the dopey twaT
  4. Exactly. I walked past this women who had huge jugs. I made the comment ‘nice twins’ and she got all irate!
  5. Got pulled over for speeding last year, police officer was going to issue me a ticket. I was short of cash so I said I’d give him a blowjob if he didn’t offer me a fine. Ended up in the back of his car and in a cell for the night.
  6. Hahahahahaha. Hate it when I wake up and the sadness kicks in.
  7. I think we will sign 4, Gueye, Edouard, Zaha and Eriksen
  8. You can say what you want. But for £60m, for the pair, is a great deal.
  9. No. Just trying to think of realistic targets!
  10. What about Troy deeney? Prettty sure we wanted him before. He’s premier league proven, a leader and would be an excellent vardy replacement imo. Would give us something different as well as being a goal threat. Long and Deeney upfront would be great?
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