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  1. Well we need a creative midfielder & CB regardless about Mahrez
  2. Which means are signing his replacement regardless?
  3. The club want £50m? Why would we accept £30-£35m? Roma have just received £40m for Salah and loads from champions league.
  4. I want Mahrez to stay but if Arsenal really want Riyad id expect a £50m offer and then Riyad can leave.
  5. ???
  6. ....... 🤔🤔
  7. I'd be suprised if he started considering Evans and Maguire are better than him... We didn't miss him to badly at the end of last season and he was awful from September - March..
  8. I'd be shocked if Maguire wasn't one of our CBs vs Arsenal.
  9. 1.Evans 2.Maguire 3.Huth 4.Morgan would be how I rank those from best to worse.
  10. Nothing to do with Maguire. It's Maguire and one other next season as our CB partnership, hopefully Gibson or Evans.
  11. They will. Their team is awful & struggle to win at SJP. They had the the 6th best home record but the best away. Can't see them winning away too many times & some personalities in that team can't seem to play and perform Infront of 52,000 Geordies.
  12. Swap Watford for Burnley or Swansea IMO.
  13. He's 6ft 5 and not very quick. Would you want to see Huth at RB?
  14. The 30 second clips you get of everyone training shows he's way behind in sharpness/pace..???😂
  15. They will have to spend more on Kasper than they will have sold DDG for