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  1. "We want you to stay" rings round the King power on the last day of the season
  2. Schlupp is still better than Musa
  3. N'goooolllllooooooooo
  4. Not even in the top 5 best championship CMs.
  5. When Real Madrid come calling... Man united with Ronaldo etc
  6. It's Wes Morgan ffs, not Lionel Messi. If we want to improve as a club, we need to buy better players than we have already.
  7. Maybe he's trying to say shakey could have brought gray on for Morgan as a more attacking sub.
  8. If we have Huth and Morgan starting together next season I'll be incredible dissapointed. Keane gets in over Morgan any day of the week.
  9. This guy and Jullien, both 6ft 5 centre halves. Should get both. Incredible from corners & set pieces.
  10. Shakey said it was just cramp, id start #yb29 next to huuuuutthhhh anyway
  11. Is he any better than what we have already? Will he improve our starting X11?
  12. Omg I want him so much is he DM? AM? Or box to box?
  13. Christopher Jullien- Centre half, French, 6ft 5, 24. Absoulte weapon from set pieces, scored 4 goals already this season. Similar play style to Joel matip.
  14. Especially after losing Snodgrass and Livermore in Jan.
  15. Fulham manager, Fulham play some amazing stuff.