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  1. I'm more surprised "head and shoulders" or " Treseme"haven't signed him up yet
  2. Seeing the last four teams left makes it more annoying that City didn't have a go in the competition. ManCity aside, the other three you can argue are of similar size /statue clubs to us.Comparable home gates with Wolves/Brighton. No "real" danger of being relegated midtable clubs aspiring to be the best of the rest . . And at least one of those other three will be in the final. And as Wigan showed, ManCity can be beaten, at Wembley. If not for bias / bad luck Swansea would be there too. Bookies make it a Wolves ManCity final, but Brighton v Watford as a final is still a lot less than 5000-1 so it could happen
  3. You can kinda understand they don't have the trained staff or resources to have it at 30 odd games simultaneously in the earlier rounds, but not to have it at ALL 1/4 finals and even round five matches where most games are staggered for TV anyhow is ludicrous and embarrassing to say the least. Round five onwards also most likely to involve championship and Premier league teams anyhow but even if there is a Newport im sure it can be done. Even more embarrassing is that Swansea has already hosted a VAR game last season when they had Premier league status. Reasons it's not? Money? Maybe Pandering to bigger sides/sponsors ? Maybe Resources? Maybe No actual will or balls, to make it work only excuses ? Definitely. Who knows, with VAR we may have had Swansea playing Brighton. But as there is an ever increasing amount of people in the fa & media playing with themselves over a quadruple that obviously would never do.
  4. Or actual the perspective and spin should read ," city accounts back to normality after CL and prem title bonuses"
  5. Not just us, Seems to be everywhere. Take a look at last 10-15 mins of man city v Watford, ManCity winning the game , top of league, going for title and theres more blue seats visable than spectators.
  6. The cockerpoo might make the team for Tuesday with all that intensity & enerrgggyyyy 😉 Place on the bench at least.
  7. True, they've had a poor run of results too, (beat us easily earlier in season) but still above us in the table presently and given a 50/50 choice Puel v Howe which would most go for? Anyhow still surprised he's not on the list at all. I'd have said 12/1 shot
  8. Rodgers obviously top of the list if we can wait with a caretaker in charge until end of season. Lennon perhaps, then he and Rogers can swap places in May? Surprised Edie Howe not on that list. Outside bets Why not Chris Wilder /Lee Johnson instead of the same old same old usual suspects on the list ?
  9. I meant tops timing in sacking him knowing it might now be easier to secure Rodgers with celtic out of Europe .
  10. Vards spent 80mins of yesterday (as a lot of matches) constantly pointing for the ball to go out wide everytime we were in possession. Good as Barnes is coming in he's not likely to score or set up much out there. Obviously him and Tilemans ran themselves into the ground yesterday. Form aside Gray, Nacho, Ghezzal all in the same boat. Not much chance from out wide with minimum 3 players to beat and 40yards to goal. Ghezzal could have had a break In first half and yet put the brakes on and looked behind to see where Ricardo was to pass back to. First ball Shinji half wins and Vards is already off and Shinji passed it forward, first time to him. 👍🏻 Maddison was in Paul Gallagher mode yesterday, corners and free kicks not clearing the first man. Palace even scored from one of our corners. He probably should have come off instead of Tilemans if the Belgian wasn't dead on his feet. Nacho was the best right back on the pitch for ten minutes and good job he chased back 👏 or it might have been 6. Puels strengths Giving young players a chance. Easy on the eye passing football, when it works. His dignity and class after the helicopter tradegy. Puels weaknesses Those young players when they have that chance they don't push on and develop further. Gray, Maddison, Nacho Niddi stagnated. Chilwell the exception but he's stalled in recent weeks too). Lack of perceived charisma. Inabilty to have a plan B. Just swaps players like for like, not changing the plan. Not getting the value of decent cup runs to fans of a club like ours Inabilty to get the players motivated (though they do seem to follow his instructions to the letter going sideways all the time) Inabilty to coach to be clinical in front of goal (No tippy tappy pass back finishes by Saha yesterday). Six games without a win.? Slide from 7th to 12th since January and in free fall, unable to score and conceding for fun! The only thing surprising about his sacking is that Sari wasn't first 😉
  11. Look at the timing of Puels departure. Losing consecutive six games and overall poor form and slide down the table aside, Celtic are now no longer in Europe. Coincidence?
  12. Agree,, majority of the real world "man/woman in the street" are between 16-25k pa. I'd sure like the 41k " average".
  13. Needs no words, other than #legends
  14. Rip, a great servant to the game
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