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  1. woddyuk

    If football managers were sweets

    For all the managers you want rid off Is it spelt right??
  2. woddyuk

    If football managers were sweets

    Sam Allerdyce "would you risk it?" If you don't get it ask someone over 40 to explain it
  3. woddyuk

    If football managers were sweets

    Claudio Raneri
  4. woddyuk

    If football managers were sweets

    Arsene Wenger
  5. woddyuk

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Football and current player /team form aside, there is something wrong with the world when you read about someone going into a hospice for end of life care and they are under 80. Unimaginable when they are when they are just a young child #perspective #superstrongsophie
  6. woddyuk


    I was there when we shit I was black but watching Leicester all these years has made me grey
  7. woddyuk

    That Vardy dive

    Agreed,, though watching Valery back on Chilwell thought that deserved a straight red.
  8. woddyuk

    That Vardy dive

    Yep blatant dive, but He also got straight up again without appealing for a pen , not rolling around or bitching about it .
  9. woddyuk

    The ever obliging Leicester City

    Torres, mostly sh*t at Chelsea, not scored for 24 games,, scores two against Leicester in FA Cup 2012.
  10. woddyuk

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    Puel in Puel Out? It's the only thing more devisery than Brexit
  11. woddyuk

    How did Barnes do?

    We did the same with him as England did with Vardy. Brought him on when we were in the shit , told him to stay wide on the left wing and try win us the game from there . What else would you do with a striker? 😋
  12. woddyuk

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Been a long time since I've heard "anyone" out chants. Can't remember any for Sousa, Sven, Raneri,(obviously) Shakespeare, Pearson,not even Holloway. Even when it's dross we tend to stand by them. Probably have to go back to Peter Taylor to fin d sort of dissatisfaction we have building now.
  13. woddyuk

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Only 61%? Blimey I'd have said we had 75% possession, especially playing 7 up front most of second half. And still only manage to score 1 goal at home against what was a bottom 3side. We have only scored more than 2 goals ALL SEASON against Fleetwood & Huddersfield. So going 2-0 down didn't bode well. Felt for Wes, he had a decent game himself, and as the Captain had the balls and respect to go round the stands showing fans appreciation after the game.
  14. Man City were in the third tier before we were and seem to have done OK since. So why can't we aspire? Besides we played pressing fast counter attack the year we won league. Now to hear the media w*nking over man city and Liverpool you'd think theyd only just invented it
  15. We're 7th we're 7th. Yes it's better than being where Huddersfield are. Wooppi do. Personally I'd swap 7th for 10th, have a proper good go in the cups and be able to watch better football Man utd are 6th and their football until recently has been turgid. Have they been moaning they're. 6th? No 90% having been moaning about the quality of the football. Sometimes in a game we show great tenacity and passing that makes me think wow. Then 20 passes later we are further back than when we started or conceding a goal, rather than an end product that tests opposition keeper. Last year finishing 9th was harder to achieve than finishing 6th or even 5th, but we somehow managed it