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  1. Yeah, remember the two they got against Wes& Simmo and Simmo sent off, couple of years back when we drew 2-2 up there. They would have been overturned for starters. #sameoldscousers
  2. Also remember taking a mate from work to MKDons away. He's a Cov Fan. Ribbed him about he's finally getting to see a crowd When Gradel scored that free kick even he was singing and jumping up and down. . He said "you Leicester fans are fcuking mental" Honuary Leic fan for 90mins. Though on the way back had to drop him in Nuneaton and went up the M6. When we went past the richo My lad said "what's that stand for to him?" He said its an electrical and camera company. My lad said "nah, Richo means Relegation Is Coventrys Only Hope" Quality banter to end the day
  3. Not to sound like Durham on talksport but I Didn't say anywhere in the post I have any problem with the fan groups. Opinion was invited. I gave what I thought to be a balanced one offering some perspective. Others may choose to agree or disagree (or troll for the sake of it) accordingly and have their own reasons either way. Besides the fact we are discussing it on here may mean the club will rethink?
  4. You shouldn't forget the club is a business and on the whole it's ran very well, especially compared to the basket case it used to be years ago. We have some of the cheapest tickets in the prem. Yes there is sky TV money but that isn't a bottomless pit, the club still needs to be viable. There has /is/will be plenty of investment in the fans, ground, training facilities, players, subsidised away travel, St ticket price freeze, (in fact I'll pay less this year for my lad as he's now classed in the new u16band) free breakfasts, beer etc. None of which is free. Perez and Youri both new transfer records. I don't think the club have consciously sat and thought let's see "what we can get away with" with an increase in fees by taking advantage of us. . It is a purely commercial decision. They would, you would have hoped, modelled it out first before making a decision. Looked at what other clubs & leisure industries do/don't do? We may not like it. You could also argue its a stealth "tax" . But they certainly don't need to consult anyone. Anymore than Amazon would if they wanted to put a quid on their deliveries, or London Mayor congestion charging for driving a car into the centre, The Government putting up road tax, or Highcross putting 20p per hour on parking. On the whole I think we get a good overall deal from the club and certainly wouldn't want to swap owners, & commercial managers, with the likes of Bolton, Newcastle, Coventry etc. Lest we forget where we were when we were hours from going to the wall and in administration. I may not be happy about the "backdoor" charge, but let's keep perspective and see what we actually get for that quid.
  5. Only buy in person and in a very public place , like middle of the Highcross & Don't go alone. Ask for their phone number. Anyone genuine would agree to that, any lame bullshit excuses then no deal. I got tickets for Bournemouth away last season and met in Local Hero before a home game to buy them.
  6. Went to both.. Bloody freezing at Walsall and took the place over and snowball fight amonst ourselves at the final whistle between the side and behind the goal. Cheltenham,,, can still remember goin toilet while the game was on and had to walk past the lino. Also a copper behind the goal applauding Fryatts goals. Also recall Hereford away going a goal down and then murdering them. Even had a Cheltenham fan in with us slagging off Hereford. It to be said about league one away days. Glad it was just the one season though
  7. woddyuk


    Has Tielmans signed yet? Is only rivalled by " has Charlie Nicholas scored at Arsenal yet?" That took almost as long.
  8. The football authorities cant even get the offside and handball rules sorted, diving eliminated, or VAR working correctly ,, let alone something like that
  9. Good to see a sensible discussion on this thread. But just a day or so after the headline, release main stream media not even mentioning it. In fact only mentioning it in passing on a few hourly news bulletins for a few seconds. Ironic from broadcasters that have been so outspoken promoting the anti racist bandwagon recently. Perhaps they see it for what it is, click bait with no real substance to the "facts/ statistics"? Or does it just go to prove they report what they want when it suits them?
  10. You're right. Whilst not ignoring the issue, you do need to keep perspective. ManUtd "top" with 27" arrests in FOUR years!! Considering they get 75k every home game, (that's 5.7 million over four seasons league games alone) and have arguably one of the biggest away followings, its a non story. Would be more interesting to know how many offences committed where there wasn't any arrests? Do clubs with high arrest figures simply have more racists, a lower tolerance to racism so therefore more arrests, or just higher numbers as pro rata to their attendances? Are these arrests purely "home" fans for the clubs mentioned, or total arrests including away fans? If the latter what's the mix ratio? If there were 14 arrests and 10of those were away fans that's perspective also.
  11. As a city that has a much broader radical, cultural and social mix than lots of cities I think our general harmony and understanding of others is higher and our ignorance & bigotry is lower. Sadly though we must have our own bands of idiots in a 32k crowd somewhere. But I've never heard anything personally home or away from our fans. We are more likely to "abuse" a player because they are sh%t or because we are envious. Only time I've ever heard it at a City match was from the Millwall " fans" when they beat us 3-0. Game before Sven got sacked. Police had about 100 cordoned against a wall outside stadium near family stand after the game and they openly were chanting "No one likes us etc, Leicester's full of p%kis, Go home ". Several Asian people walking past with young kids were getting dogs abuse and poice did nothing at all. They realistically couldn't arrest them all and would have had a bigger public issue had they tried and they broke the cordon. So they were coralled against the wall. Police probably just wanted them gone and out the city. So because it was a large group mob rule won and they got away with it.
  12. I Should have wrote " f%*k up" maybe? In their defence they are both English and black. #pisspoorjournos
  13. Just heard on the radio the daily mirror have done an article on Demarai Gray and under 21s and used a picture of Reiss Nelson Anyone see their cock up?
  14. Have to agree. Thought the only player to come out of the match with any credit was Chilwell. The others were bang average at best. Hard to have opinion on Rashford overall as he went off, but decent pen.
  15. My nan would have been better a d she's been dead since 1995
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