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  1. Yeah, I think it's a running joke on here now. Like 6 weeks = 6 months etc
  2. Dave's PhD was on the effects of pitch conditions on injury risk. Hasn't there been a comment about our pitch being soft and needing fixing recently? And pretty much all of our bad injuries have come at the KP...
  3. Feels like his form dropped after the first lockdown and he only just managed to scrape the Golden Boot. I know he's always had hot and cold streaks, but this one feels different and I don't think one of his cold streaks has gone this long. I'm holding out hope that its just the lack of fans... but I'm concerned.
  4. He worked part time I think, Brendan wanted a full time one. The wages are probably like 150k per year, that's like two weeks wages for Slimani. Can't see why Rennie needed to be sacked to make way, if it indeed was just 'restructuring'. We could have used the extra help this season..
  5. I agree, but I was under the impression Choudhury was an Arsenal fan? I would say that having players on the pitch that are Leicester fans is a really good thing as they would be more motivated to give that extra few percent of effort. As we gain a wider fan base and maybe become a 'big' club, I would hope that 10-20 years in the future we will have a pool of players who were childhood Leicester fans but did not go through our academy. Ability being equal, and ignoring the price, I would prefer a childhood Leicester fan coming from the Arsenal academy over a childhood Arsenal fan
  6. Hasn't top 4 been guaranteed CL for a few years now?
  7. How many points is the cut off for a season ticket at the moment? And how many points do you get a year for going every game?
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