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  1. Shakey leading plans for preseason! Looks like we might still be going to Asia though...
  2. Kante has been cosying up to our squad a bit too much in the past few weeks.... Zero contact for months, then suddenly comes over to watch Sevilla (H), and pays a personal visit to the team hotel during Palace (A)... Let's hope he was doing that out of the goodness of his own heart (or trying to win over PFA votes) rather than being sent on an undercover mission from Conte to have a private word with our boys who they'd like to steal..
  3. An excellently written match preview
  4. He was already unhappy with the amount of playing time he got in 15/16 (even though he was coming on most games), but put up with it because we were winning. I don't see how even fewer sub appearances now will satisfy his desire for regular playing time.
  5. The Ndidi backup needs to be a tackling DM who runs a lot. Can James do that? I'd have thought he'd be cover/replacement for Drinky, not Ndidi.
  6. I don't think Shakey rates Schlupp either, he openly made a comment about Schlupp's inconsistency now being Palace's problem. I think Schlupp is just about right for £12m. Impact sub LWB, good in relegation battles and when needing to chase/change a game.
  7. Reckon we need a Ndidi backup in case of injury as we are clearly a bit shit without someone playing that role. But it wasn't easy to find one player, much less two!
  8. it was 6/1 two days ago.. not sure i'd put anything on it now, Arsenal played fairly decently today and seem to have got confidence back
  9. Find myself struggling to give a shit about this
  10. The main reason I'm hoping we destroy Arsenal is because I really want their fans to turn on their players in front of ours. If their fans are silly enough to start singing that "not fit to wear the shirt" song, that basically guarantees that they won't be able to steal any of our players in summer.
  11. He wants out if he's not going to get playing time, according to various interviews.
  12. "But it won’t be his last time he steps into the ground as Craig Shakespeare’s side has agreed to send a side down in pre-season. He said: “I’ve been told there is a game so I will be here for that I assume." Sounds like a first team preseason game to me (of course mixing in a few u23 players as we usually do anyway).
  13. Ndidi is currently at the Genk game. Maybe we're selling him back to them?
  14. The only confirmed preseason fixture so far is vs Stafford Rangers.