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  1. Rather than faffing about with fancy corner routines now that Maddison no longer has a slab to aim at, surely we should just aim them at Wilf instead? Fairly tall and with a massive leap on him, he’ll probably score just as many.
  2. Think they just wanted to respond to United’s new chant for Harry, the “fvcked off Leicester for Manchester” one. We need a new one to the same tune that focuses on Soyuncu while keeping in Maguire’s name as well as a reference to male genitalia for those seemingly obsessed with those two things. Cag-lar Soyuncu Cag-lar Soyuncu A better defender than Maguire His balls are fvcking massive (Someone can do better than that I’m sure)
  3. Some of us did say when Rodgers was appointed, that compared to Puel, he would probably do less well against the ‘big teams’ but better against the ‘small teams’. It was a trade off almost everyone would have been happy to accept No Barnes =
  4. He just said Gray had the most fines, didn’t specify that it was for lateness. Could have been for repeatedly leaving his boots in the wrong place for all we know.
  5. Why, out of interest? Those 3 were bought at 21 yo and we know Puel loves youth. Macia bought Iborra and Silva under Shakespeare.
  6. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/08/08/adama-traore-misses-wolves-europa-league-qualifier-forgetting/
  7. brucey

    Dennis Praet

    That was after he left.
  8. brucey

    Dennis Praet

    Ricardo and Maddison
  9. brucey

    Dennis Praet

    Watched a few Praet YouTube videos and they're nowhere near as impressive as "Yellow". Stats aren't the best either. Where is this wonderkid tag coming from?
  10. Didn't know where to put this so I'll just put it here Kingy needs to have a word...
  11. Hope he doesn't mind the paparazzi... This is going to happen constantly for the next few years https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7329393/amp/Man-Utds-new-signing-Harry-Maguire-takes-shopping-trip-SPAR-fiancee-daughter.html?__twitter_impression=true
  12. So not a massive upgrade from Barnes really, given Barnes had one-third the game time and was robbed of at least one goal (the OG). Both about the same age. One’s free and one of our own, the other comes with a price tag of 30m and the risk of not adapting to the PL. Only one free starting winger spot left, as Perez is definitely taking the other. From the looks of preseason, Barnes has already got Albrighton in front of him for that spot as it stands. Not keen on this.
  13. Yeah basically what I said but more articulately People are forgetting Perez isn’t an Okazaki replacement on the bench, it’s Gray’s starting place that Perez is taking and that is a bloody massive upgrade.
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