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  1. Because Newcastle would ask £50m+ for him or they aren’t selling.
  2. I think Man U with their Jan signings have as much, if not more, of a chance at catching us than Chelsea with no Kante. Draw would be ideal but I’d rather Chelsea win than Man U.
  3. https://statsbomb.com/2020/02/are-the-foxes-at-risk-of-getting-caught/
  4. Youri our best attacking player today, thought he was decent with at least a couple shots on target, why’s he getting pelters over Perez and Vardy
  5. Most probably getting overturned, but will definitely mess with their players heads for the rest of the season
  6. Man U can do one, I hope they get relegated
  7. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/i-might-brendan-rodgers-phone-3841980 Lee Johnson says Filip Benkovic is comparable to former Bristol City star Adam Webster in the way he uses the ball - and revealed he may play the on-loan Leicester City defender up front if needs be. The Robins signed the centre-back on loan from Leicester on transfer deadline day and he made his first start for the club last night as they ran out 3-2 winners over Derby County, with Benkovic getting on the scoresheet. Reflecting on City's January business, Johnson said Benkovic has the potential to fill a hole up front if his side are chasing a game after the 22-year-old revealed he played as a striker when younger. "In the Championship you want to make sure every box is ticked," Johnson said. "You want all the clubs in the bag - probably the only club we haven't got in the bag is that 6ft 6in striker, but funnily enough, Benkovic was a striker until he was 16. "He said to me that all he ever wanted to be was a striker, so I said that was handy, did he mind going up there in the last 10 minutes? "He'll be well happy with that goal." He joked: "I might have Brendan Rodgers on the phone asking me what I'm doing when I'm playing him up front."
  8. Had to google that phrase, not heard of it before. First result: https://www.dsl.ac.uk/entry/snd/sndns4073 ...Have they actually used Celtic and LCFC as an example in an official dictionary.. What are the chances of that!!
  9. Ziyech rejected us before hasn't he? Doubt he'd have joined us regardless of what we offered - not a big enough club in his eyes.
  10. I assume if the members uptake remains low, they'll put it to general sale in a few days. I think the previous time it happened this season they sent an email out to those with booking history. They might again only open it to those with booking history to avoid home fans getting in (home tickets long sold out).
  11. Turned his attention to the transfer market now, and appears to be reasonably accurate with those too, or at least a bit better than the usual twitter merchants. Much rather he do transfer news than team leaks anyway, it’s far more interesting, less likely to sabotage us, and he’s amusingly got the whole of Man U twitter hanging on to his every word.
  12. brucey

    Corona Virus

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51481469 Sources say she developed symptoms after landing at Heathrow, called NHS 111 and then tested positive. Hopefully taken straight to hospital from Heathrow. I’m sure there’s probably a lot more cases we just don’t know about yet. Of course this gives racist idiots a great excuse to start airing their views, quite a few incidents already in the papers.
  13. Yeah confirmed by Percy. Option turns into obligation after a certain number of games.
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