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  1. Surely he's even more hyped than Stones was, after World Cup Slabhead Mania? That's part of what's contributed to his price tag.
  2. It's interesting. IMO he's not worth any more than 40m to Man U. They don't play in a way that maximises his ability to play out of the back and turn into a makeshift midfielder. They also already have tall players who do well in aerial duels (Harry's biggest statistical strength). On the other hand he's worth more than 80m to Man City. They lack a tall presence at set pieces and their defenders don't have to sit back and defend nearly as much. Counter-intuitive but his addition would improve Man C's squad more than Man U's.
  3. As close as it can get really, was 50/50 at 1000 votes
  4. brucey

    James Justin

    If only his dad happened to be a professional video editor... we’d have 20 minutes instead of 20 seconds of highlights
  5. brucey

    James Justin

    Looking at Twitter and their forums, the Luton fans seem to rate their RB Stacey higher than JJ. Wonder why we’re not after Stacey instead if that’s the case. Age and covers less positions maybe? https://www.twitter.com/Blades_analytic/status/1112774574373003264 A few Luton fans on their forums said his medical was yesterday.. would match up with Tanner’s news Also, fake Twitter ITK war
  6. brucey

    James Justin

    They've broken a few stories before. It's just that for every 1 they break there's about 500 clickbait and parroted fake news articles.
  7. A market for mugs. Saw this on Twitter. Burning money for the bantz. I despair
  8. Any graphic designers about? https://www.talenthouse.com/i/design-the-new-official-badge-for-watford-football-club
  9. No one should be violent towards any other human, man, woman or child. This includes parents being violent towards their helpless children under the guise of “discipline”. Anyone on the receiving end of violence is entitled to retaliate in self defense. If a woman is violent towards a man, he should not feel like he is unable to defend himself physically simply because she has a vagina. I’ve seen news articles of men badly battered and bloodied from domestic violence by a woman using household items as weapons, who say they felt they could not physically stop the attacks as they were taught never to lay hands on a woman.
  10. Hope Romania win it now. Pascanu is the Benkovic / Maguire replacement
  11. Construction costs don't count towards FFP though
  12. Could probably do a swap deal with Celtic for Mcgregor
  13. I wonder how much is “much higher than 65m” 75m wouldn’t be that much higher. Maybe 80-90m.
  14. Benkovic’s ankle has just gone again after playing one U21 game.
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