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  1. Khun Top has an instagram account for his dogs.
  2. Simpson did some pre and post match punditry on our game yesterday
  3. And now they follow each other on Twitter Not sure the Prof really wants to read Sean's tweets winding up the Man U fans daily, but ok
  4. From memory, the image showed an email reply from Jim confirming that call was indeed from the club. I got the same call from that number.
  5. Watch him bring Perez on at 60 min and we suddenly play better, too little too late
  6. 6th is the best we can hope for at this rate. Man City getting banned won't make a difference. We'd have been smashed in the CL anyway given Rodgers record against big teams, but the money would have been nice. Does 6th need to play EL qualifiers?
  7. I mean.... Most of this is accurate You forgot running the ball out of play for Chilwell btw
  8. Jimenez must have a decent chance of winning the tournament golden boot 7 goals in 6 games
  9. Vardy always does this, long runs of good and poor form usually triggered by breaks or injuries. If he struggles the whole team does
  10. Does this mean Sam Hughes has signed a new contract with us? As his contract was due to expire this summer and he isn't on the list. If so, I really hope he manages to kick on from his injury issues, still rate him highly
  11. New £5 charity raffle for the signed BLM match worn shirts. Entry applies to a specific club, but which player you get from that club is random. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Raffle-Entry-for-A-Leicester-City-Black-Lives-Matter-Match-Worn-Shirt/402302849851?pageci=e030ee61-8fc7-48a5-b0ac-d3a980177ca5 Ends 29th June.
  12. Naby Keita being accused of sexual assault on Twitter
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