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  1. I'm very disappointed that I didn't hear any of this on my stream
  2. Yeah, I hate it, but the fact is that the resulting exposure for the club would make a massive impact in the minds of potential future signings/replacements, even more so than the new training ground. Income from selling shirts etc to bandwagon jumpers (some of which would stay for good) would be pretty huge as well. It'd be a shortcut to becoming an established 'big club'. If we are considering purely footballing reasons, I'm not that bothered either way. He might be a disruptive character but he would also let us keep our other stars for longer.
  3. An OHL player (playing as LCFC) vs an OHL fan (playing as OHL) in a game of FIFA https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIBGc03Hqxr/?igshid=1ntcavt16tbib
  4. Pretty sure that pic is from last seasons preseason camp, so U23s and first team were mixing Hughes, Knight, Eppiah, Iversen, Ndukwu, A keeper I think?, Barnes, Hamza
  5. If we need an emergency striker, both Nacho and Perez are miles ahead of him.
  6. Fake news Ricky was subbed while a WHU player was down injured.
  7. Barnes and Gray have always shone against U23s/cup/championship opposition. Against PL opposition, Gray is very slowly improving but at the pace of a crippled snail, while Barnes goes through patches of good and bad form. Gray has better finishing and Barnes has better decision making,
  8. Within 15 mins of Ricardo going off, West Ham score once and hit the post twice, after not having done anything the whole game
  9. Lost his head the last two games of last season and hasn't quite recovered.
  10. We didn't do it for the training ground so doubt we'd start doing it now, especially when the other arms of KP must be losing a lot of money. I'm just a little worried that the benefits of a stadium expansion are proportionally much less for this size of investment, compared to the money spent on the training ground or on playing staff. Already for next summer's transfer window we'll need to spend 25m on Under, plus a new CB and FB to replace the outgoing Morgan and Fuchs, plus replacements for any player sales. If we've already agreed for the work to start in the summer and end
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