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  1. Apparently the two Sun ‘journalists’ who published the leaked fake articles.. RV follows both of them on Instagram AND Twitter. Not suspicious at all
  2. So am I - It wasn't paywalled a couple days ago when I posted it !
  3. Have you got a subscription to the Athletic? They did a long detailed article on the transfer, where Whitwell (who is super reliable on us) said just £80m up front.
  4. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/jurgen-klopp-infected-arrogance-liverpool-20532266.amp
  5. I know we’ve played Chilwell in front of Fuchs before while he was still learning how to defend. But these days Fuchs in front of Chilwell probably plays more to their respective strengths, if we did have to play both.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7543095/amp/New-footage-reveals-moment-sparked-Liverpool-Leicesters-brawl-Robertson-Perez.html?__twitter_impression=true According to this it may have been Perez who said something to Robertson first. No idea how they’d verify any of that though.
  7. Definitely £30m which has been confirmed by numerous sources, so another thing he got wrong. I appreciate Sky trying to produce LCFC content now that they feel we are relevant again, but sometimes it feels like they are cobbling together information taken from reliable sources elsewhere (I remember reading the source articles for a few of the above paragraphs), making the rest up (things they have no way of knowing, like what our board and Rodgers opinion is on various things mentioned above), with the occasional giveaway that they have no idea what they are talking about (clearly wrong facts, or going on about Gray being amazing for us)
  8. I recall on the day Maguire went missing on our media day, the LCFC twitter account posted a clip of Chilly and Madders doing high passes to each other. Maguire commented “Ballers 😍” and 30 seconds later deleted it and replaced it with a comment saying “Players 😍”. I thought deleting the comment to change the word was utterly bizarre, you wouldn’t do something like that if you meant it sincerely, and it wasn’t something a media team in charge of his account would do. He just has never come across as very genuine on his social media even when he was with us. You almost get the feeling he’s got a notepad full of example stock phrases from media training day to copy and paste as appropriate after a win/draw/loss. “We go again” etc, it was cliche central. Clearly misjudged the Man U fans on that one.
  9. Very detailed and complimentary article, however there’s a lot of ‘Sky Sports News understands’ which I’d take with a pinch of salt. Says Benkovic didn’t impress Rodgers in preseason, wasn’t he out injured for all of it?
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