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  1. Well, Giroud certainly thinks he can play alongside Vardy... Never gets old...
  2. He's got plenty of competition from his own teammates for just our club's YPOTY, much less the PFA one. Reckon Youri will win it next year though
  3. Depends how Watford do with their game in hand, if Watford win and 7th is totally out of the question I suspect we’ll play better
  4. Quite impressed with the research you’ve put into the articles on your site, well done Unrelated but there’s also a VS trophy for polo that’s been set up in Thailand
  5. Ricardo for POTY Maddison for YPOTY (although Chilwell will probably win due to England NT reasons) Not sure who'd win players' POTY, maybe Kasper for the Vichai incident.
  6. talk is good but the real judgement can only come a good few months into the new season.
  7. New manager bounce worn off then. Lets see how Rodgers does in the final few games against stronger teams which was his weak point at Celtic.
  8. By underperformance I assume you mean us losing against poor teams we should be beating or at least drawing. The thing is that the other clubs challenging for 7th could say the exact same thing. Wolves have dropped 6 points to Huddersfield and dropped 5 points to Fulham - they've actually underperformed far more than us this season if you look at the stats.
  9. His form turned to shit some time before the halfway point, a horrible backpass costing us the game and it just went downhill from there.
  10. No point calling up Vardy to sit on the bench, and I think he'll politely decline if he did get called up. Kane always heals well before the predicted return date anyway.
  11. FA statement says 51st minute so it'll be our players protesting Huddersfield being awarded the non penalty. Someone probably called the ref names or something.
  12. He'd better not. I'd much rather Vardy stay in international retirement and prolong his career with us
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