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  1. I don't sounds like awful banter
  2. where are these rumours from? did a search and couldn't find anything..
  3. No thanks. Apparently his attitude has been shit this season, skipping training to play golf because he didn't think Mazzarri would start him.
  4. His first wife looks better IMO
  5. Leicester City midfielder Wilfred Ndidi could miss out on Friday's friendly against Corsica after he missed his flight. The central midfielder is currently stuck in Nigeria, having travelled to his homeland following the end of the 2016-2017 season. Ndidi is expected to fly with other Super Eagles players and officials to Paris for their next match against Togo on June 1.
  6. I remember people here were saying at the time that the reports of him beating his wife couldn't be true, because at the time of the alleged arrest he was on Instagram posting happy birthday to his wife. Specifically, this post: ..well, apparently the woman in this picture is his girlfriend, not his wife. and the initial argument that led to the arrest happened when Musa's wife saw this exact instagram post! also, apparently they're no longer divorcing.... “I can confirm to that there is a new development about Musa and his first wife,” a source who is very close to the player told Saturday Telegraph. “It is like Jamila is ready to accept the new wife and the Leicester City man will reunite with his wife for the sake of their two children. Musa was so reluctant to initiate the divorce process but he was not enjoying peace at home anymore. They are happy that the family of the lady has now convinced her to allow it. Musa will officially wed the new wife at the end of the season.” Our correspondent had reported that Musa’s decision to take another wife was causing constant altercations between the couple which almost culminated in their separation. “Ahmed loves his wife and would have loved to keep the union especially for the sake of their two children,” a source had told Saturday Telegraph. “He did everything to make Jamila see reason with him but the woman rejected all overtures. Several family members mediated in the crisis but the two parties were not ready to shift positions. They constantly had altercations and it was affecting them. “A lot of things have been said about Ahmed on this matter which is not correct, he is a gentleman and this issue is constantly affecting him even his career. The wife insisted she could not cope with another woman but Musa is adamant to go ahead with it. He is a devout Muslim and a responsible husband and instead of keeping mistresses he chose to legally marry a new wife as permitted by his religion. His own family members and even his mother have endorsed his plans and there is no going back. Ahmed’s mother was in the UK a couple of times to speak with Jamila to accept his son’s decision but she declined.” Musa was also questioned by the UK police for alleged assault on his wife but he denied it and no charges were preferred against him. However, sources said the player actually had altercations with his wife but never beat her after Jamila queried him for posting the picture of the ‘new’ lady on his Instagram page, calling her ‘my queen’.
  7. Just going off social media. Obviously Shakey's there. Benny and Chilwell are there. Probably King as well. Was and Hamer were at the Polo with the owners a few days ago so presumably are also on the trip.
  8. not everyone is there though.. reckon about half the squad?
  9. He looks much happier in training the past few weeks compared to when he first joined, tbf. Also there's a number of other players who seem to suffer from 'resting bitch face' syndrome and look miserable all the time, sometimes even after scoring. Ndidi, Gray, King come to mind.
  10. He played his best team in all the games in order to finish as high as possible. That best team would have included Matty in at least one of our last 3 games when both Drinky+King were out.
  11. Palace fans seem generally much more open to getting him compared to Watford fans. Hmmm
  12. Fuchs has been at his academy in Leicester today though. Maybe only a small number of players took up the owners invitation to Polo (in France I assume).
  13. After the Bournemouth game, the entire squad + Shakey + owners took a bus to London and stayed there overnight for an end of season meal and karaoke session until 1am. It was all over Ndidi's snapchat
  14. January prices. And he helped keep them up, so it was well worth it from their point of view.