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  1. I think he would be, as the squad list was submitted prior to the first game, and I don't think we're playing Jakupovic tomorrow (who signed after the squad list was submitted).
  2. We now have Maguire and Iborra as big presences. Benny also speaks French (although arguably his English isn't much better than Slim's)
  3. Probably June 2016 I still count, though, right?
  4. James' newborn baby was born on the 22nd. Maybe he wanted it once Gray made it free.
  5. Maguire came cheap at 12+5m as well tbf, as were a lot of Hull's other first team player sales this summer. Sounds like their shit owners are just looking to cash in with a fire sale accepting first offers. I reckon we could have been pushed to pay 25m and 4m for them respectively if Hull really tried.
  6. What? OGN is about the most reliable source you can get on Nigerian players, when they do their exclusive reports. Being completely serious.
  7. I wouldn't sell for less than 35m.
  8. Sorry, 20k apparently, I remembered wrong
  9. The yell in lieu of a chant needs to be one syllable only. It should also sound like booing to the uninitiated. I think one of his ex teammates made the same Hodor joke on the same picture on Instagram. Harry replied with a laughter emoji I think.
  10. Yay real news!
  11. Gray just turned 21. It seems to me that the club has a wage cap on players under 21, probably about 25k or so which is what Chilly and Wilf are on, I'd expect them to get improved contracts next year once they hit 21. Exception made for Nacho as it probably was needed to tempt him here.
  12. They didn't have a choice, a journo would have asked eventually. They delayed the announcement as long as possible, I'm sure Shakey would have loved to keep it quiet. 6-8 weeks is really optimistic after a surgery, I wonder if Shakey is telling porkies again. Regardless, after full recovery he will take another month+ to get up to speed, not having had a preseason.
  13. Just reading through the Hull transfer thread on not606... if there's a definition of a disastrous transfer window that's what they're having now. Ours has not been poor by any means.
  14. No more aggressive reckless defenders who try to injure teammates in training please