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  1. 34 total score, with no players left to play this gameweek. And that’s before the -4 hit that I took. Don’t think it’s possible to have done much worse?
  2. If Timmy carries on like this, he’ll be our best RB and have first dibs to the spot. I’m sure Ricardo can do a decent job at left back as well.
  3. Glad to see you’ve stuck around I remember there was another active Algerian poster on here (can’t remember his name) who vanished after Riyad was sold, even though he specifically said he wouldn’t
  4. We got our way with the option!!
  5. We like buying football friends for our players, we've done it with the Polish, Algerians and Portuguese in recent years. Most of which didn't really turn out well, but these two are looking promising
  6. They're not selling, close thread May still happen in subsequent transfer windows Good quality trolling from the kid and his friends though
  7. Ünder’s stats on Ünderstat
  8. brucey

    Adrien Silva

    Is he out of contract already? Transfermarkt says his contract is until June 2021 so surely we'd get a fee
  9. After reading both threads, here is my summary : Cengiz behaves like Soyuncu but plays like Demarai Gray. Fofana behaves like Demarai Gray but plays like Soyuncu.
  10. He’s going to need about 10 medicals just to make sure with his injury history.
  11. So is he a proper winger or just an attacking player who can play on the wing? We've already got a whole load of non-winger wingers...
  12. He's injured (yet again), no idea what the prognosis is on that. Not sure he would last very long in Belgium with his fragility, haven't lots of your defenders picked up long term injuries?
  13. It might still happen, but I don’t think it’ll be in this window.
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