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  1. Their reasoning being that they too had watched Evans, and for longer than we had. Yeah, many years ago, while not at all considering the possibility that he had improved after he left them (like many others) .
  2. As someone who doesn’t follow politics, can someone explain why the £ value dropped after the brexit vote, but increased after the exit poll results?
  3. Too late ... I guess she might be local, here’s hoping
  4. Didn’t have much to do, but whatever he did, he did well. Assisted the first with header from a corner. Commentators mentioned he went out of his way to ask for game time in the U23s.
  5. https://www.owngoalnigeria.com/2017/07/11/man-city-agrees-50m-buy-back-fee-with-leicester-city-for-iheanacho-set-for-medicals-this-week/ Leicester ‎City will pay Manchester City an initial fee of £22.5m for his services and they have also agreed on a buy back clause of £37.5m for the first four years of his stay with the Foxes. However if Leicester are able to qualify for the Champions League during Iheanacho’s first four years at the club, and City want to exercise their buy back option, a fee of £50m has been agreed between both parties.
  6. Pretty sure multiple sources said at the time it was valid for 4 years. Believe it’s 37.5m if we’re not in CL. 50m if we’re in CL. (that’s Man City not buying him back then )
  7. I wonder who “Others” is referring to But seriously, great interview. He made some mistakes and knows it. Glad he’s doing well
  8. Assuming the £15m clause figure was essentially the amount of wages due over the rest of his contract, a doubling in remaining contract length and a 50-100% wage increase should work out to a £50m release clause. Hope we have a lower compensation figure set if we have to sack him!
  9. If there wasn’t VAR, Vardy’s yellow card and no penalty would have stood anyway, because that was the ref’s original decision. And maybe without the anger around VAR he wouldn’t have been as pressured to give us that soft 2nd pen to make up for his own blatant error.
  10. All the mid table teams beating each other and stopping each other from getting anywhere near the CL spots. Love to see it
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