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  1. With the exception of Liverpool winning the league, I'd be very happy with the current table being the final league standings and starting whole new season when it's safe to do so. We'll be in the Champions League, Villa relegated and Big Nige having kept Watford up. Just end the league and start the new campaign when we can. Up the City!
  2. Shame I can't go to this one. Otherwise I'd have gone dressed as Alan Partridge. Sorry, not sorry.
  3. I've gone with: HOME Villa - Win Brighton - Win Palace - Draw Sheff Utd - Draw Man Utd - Draw AWAY Norwich - Draw Watford - Draw Everton - Loss Arsenal - Loss Bournemouth - Win Spurs - Draw 15 points. I still think that will be enough to qualify for the champions league.
  4. I don't think his appointment was a bad decision, giving him a new five year contract after 3 months was bizarre though. He seemed baffled by it himself. They may get relegated this season, but judging by their form at the end of last season I think they would have gone down this season with Chris Hughton anyway.
  5. It's a tricky one. Villa Park is probably my favourite stadium in the country, but most Villa fans I've met have been unbearable.
  6. Got one here mate. I go to all the home games and occasionally. I'll hit you up the next away game we've got that's on tele.
  7. Not applicable anymore. All of the top four go straight through to the Champions League group stage now. https://www.premierleague.com/european-qualification-explained
  8. Looking at the table and inconsistency of others, I reckon five more wins will get us a top four finish. If we win five more games that will put us on 63 points, meaning that any team from 5th downwards will need at least 30 points to finish above us from the remaining 14 games. That's with us losing the remining nine games.
  9. I actually love the guy. He's refreshingly honest and great to listen to. As others have mentioned I would have loved him here the season after we'd won the league. I think him and Vardy upfront would have been an absolute nightmare to play against.
  10. I agree. When I watch Tigers they look very poorly coached and generally disorganised. Borthwick will be the guy on the training ground working closely with the players and other coaches and making sure that we're well organised. That in itself I think will make a significant difference.
  11. Hopefully this takes the pressure off Tigers and gives them a chance to rebuild properly. Saracens have been automatically relegated but they can still finish above bottom so the aim should be to at least not finish bottom despite being not able to get relegated. Borthwick looks set to come in after the six nations and supposedly he's coming in as the head coach and not a forwards coach. Interestingly my brother saw Borthwick having dinner with Simon Cohen and Boris Stankovich a couple of weeks ago and Murphy wasn't there. I don't know if that means anything.
  12. He's undoubtedly very talented and I'll never take that away from him. He's one of the most technically gifted players we've ever had. However I just can't warm to him. Everything about him screams dickhead modern footballer. I hate how much he throws himself to the ground too.
  13. Hopefully it's something the club will seriously consider if/when the stadium expansion goes ahead.
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