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  1. Significant reduction in the number of deaths there. Feels much more positive.
  2. Objectively the worst football club on the planet.
  3. This time tomorrow you will sound like guitar distortion pedal..
  4. That's actually a more valid point.
  5. Gerard winning the league with Rangers certainly isn't to be scoffed at, especially winning it at such a canter.
  6. I fancy Sunderland to go up automatically now.
  7. Put it this way, everytime I feel like shit I feel the urge to get absolutely hammered.
  8. What happens if they do come back up though? As far as I'm aware there isn't a salary cap in the championship but they've kept most of their players and therefore wouldn't be complying within the salary cap if were to come back up.
  9. Fulham have been excellent. It seems that a lot of neutrals want them to stay up, myself included.
  10. Two championship standard sides on show here. Dreadful stuff.
  11. I don't know of this is right place for my little rant but it is very frustrating that my job requires university level qualifications and membership of an industry body and I can't afford to buy a house nor can I afford to rent on my own. It's not like I live in London either.
  12. That is correct. They have already stated at a press briefing that they expect to see a significant increase in the number of cases and they have accounted for it in their lock down exit strategy. The most important thing is that it doesn't have a significant impact on the number of hospital admissions.
  13. I like a drink but I must say I hate the feeling I get the next day, not just the physical effects but the anxiety that I get the following day after having drinking several beverages is so intense.
  14. 33-32 win at home vs London Irish. Big win but a bit soft letting them get 2 points in the end. Definitely seeing an improvement though.
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