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  1. Fair point. However it does seem like there's some sort of unwritten rule that City and Tigers aren't allowed to be good at the same time. The year being 1997 being an obvious exception of course.
  2. Did my first half marathon yesterday. Manchester Half in a time of 02:03:47. I started running about six months ago and I could only just about complete a mile. Very happy to have completed a half marathon and in a much better time than I thought I would too.
  3. Their Season Ticket prices include European group games as well don't they? Still expensive but makes it look slightly more respectable.
  4. Let's just appreciate how good of a holding midfielder Gueye is. He managed to make Michael Keane, Kurt Zouma and Mina look like decent defenders.
  5. KP City Ground Turf Moore Elland Road Goodison Park Oakwell Selhurst Park Old Trafford Etihad Cheltenham's Ground (don't know the name of it) The Hawthorns St. James's Park The Riverside Oxford (The Kassam?) Kenilworth Road Bramhall Lane The Liberty Stadium The Emirates Villa Park Vicarage Road The John Smith's The Ricoh Stamford Bridge The KC (Hull) Rotherham (New York Stadium?) Currently not part of the 92: Notts County York City Filbert Street (Obviously no longer a stadium) Not overly impressive, but not a bad effort either.
  6. Gonna be a sad day when Albrighton leaves. He's the honest club man that every good side needs and he seems to love it here too.
  7. I laughed when I read that bit too. It's almost as if Brendan was trying to set the story straight on that one after Carragher's comments a few years ago.
  8. To be fair, I think he's already having some joy in that respect. Mount, Tomori and Abraham have all made an impression and although they're far from the finished article I can see they are at least trying to play a certain way. At the moment he's not under any pressure to win anything so I think he'll be at Chelsea for at least another year.
  9. And if he does get poached we'll hopefully be at a stage where we would be considered an attractive proposition for many other talented managers.
  10. I've seen Chelsea mentioned a lot on here. I can't see that happening for a while. Whilst they're serving a transfer ban Lampard's remit is to bring younger players through and to develop an identity.The way I see it is that Lampard will be there next season as long as they finish in the top 6/7, which they will. I wouldn't be surprised if they finished in the top four the way things are going.
  11. It's just nice having a situation where everyone is happy with the manager and that he's currently not under any pressure. It certainly feels like if he goes it will be because a club of a certain stature has come in for him as oppose to us having sacked him. Put it this way, if another club comes in for him it probably means that he's either gotten us into the top six, won us a trophy or both. Which would be a win win as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Pickford has got a hell of a boot on him.
  13. The issue I have is that I don't work with women, I don't really have any friends that are women and I don't live with any women. Ultimately I don't see any women. Therefore I'm relying on these apps to try and meet someone and I'm not even really getting any matches. Don't know is my bios/photos are shite or if I really am just that repulsive.
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