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  1. He mentioned that in his interview. It's seen as sour grapes because they lost but I massively agree with him. It's sucking the life out of the sport and they're still getting so many decisions wrong.
  2. I think the Dusty Springfield especially sounds like something you'd hear coming from a Man United away end. Also if you were to look at the demographic of a Newcastle, Leeds or Man United away end you'll find that they consist predominantly of men aged 18-50.
  3. FoxesTalk has surprisingly very good music taste.
  4. Ever listened to Pond? It's the other project Kevin Parker was involved in. Similar sort of feel.
  5. Kevin Parker really came into his own in this record. Have you ever given pond a listen?
  6. That song is seriously brutal considering it came out in the 70s.
  7. Many calls for the referee to go and look at the monitor himself. I definitely don't want to see that. That will just ruin the game as a spectacle even further. The whole thing is an absolute mess to be honest.
  8. I'd be looking at maybe a striker from the championship to give us another option upfront, but more importantly a winger. It won't be the end of the world if we don't sign anyone though.
  9. Good away day in Brighton, I hear all the waitresses in the bars are proper brits straight from the streets of Sussex.
  10. No point in analysing it, just awesome. UP THE ****ING CITY!!!
  11. We need Caglar on this album cover when we play Villa....
  12. Fair point. However it does seem like there's some sort of unwritten rule that City and Tigers aren't allowed to be good at the same time. The year being 1997 being an obvious exception of course.
  13. Did my first half marathon yesterday. Manchester Half in a time of 02:03:47. I started running about six months ago and I could only just about complete a mile. Very happy to have completed a half marathon and in a much better time than I thought I would too.
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