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  1. To be fair, people are showing us, Everton and Wolves respect. For me West Ham are potential dark horse. They've actually got a very good squad.
  2. Basically me minus the 'generally very confident' part. I'm not keen on finasteride either as the potential side effects are absolutely brutal. Like you, I'd feel much more comfortable having a hair transplant in the UK for the exact same reason.
  3. Ah fair enough. What is the guy's name?
  4. What I meant by grafts is number of hairs.
  5. Alright mate, where did you go for it? How many grafts did you have?
  6. How long ago was that? Also, how many grafts if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Nothing to do with feeling like less of a man for me. It's more that I'm a single man who doesn't make the best looking bald guy. I shaved my head nearly a couple of months ago and I wasn't keen. One positive about it is, I have start looking at other ways I can improve myself. Going bald has actually made me more determined to lose weight because either way I'll feel much better about myself whether I have hair or not. Bald and in shape is a much better look than bald and overweight.
  8. Never given it any thought to be honest.
  9. Might be an odd topic, but there must be bald/balding men that are regulars on this forum. When did you first notice you were losing your hair? Does it bother you at all? Has anyone considered or even gone through with a hair transplant? I'm 25 and I started noticing it at the age of 19 and since then it's been pretty aggressive. I'm not completely bald but it definitely bothers me.
  10. The irony is I find them to be the least repulsive club out of the so called top six.
  11. Same with me. If Leicester were playing Nottingham at Tiddlywinks I'd still be disappointed if Leicester lost.
  12. As someone who supports both I find the idea of there being a rivalry between supporters of the two clubs to be so damn weird. Granted there are dickheads that follow tigers who I would never want to personally associate with, but guess what? There are dickheads that follow the city too. As for the potential takeover, I'm torn.
  13. Anyone got any training/regime advice? I've managed to get upto 9 miles now and admittedly I'm not running particularly fast (less than 6 mph pace) but I'm aiming to break the 10 mile mark over the next couple of weeks. I've started dieting recently because carrying excess weight can only limit my progress. Just wondered how you guys managed to build the distance/pace up and if there's anything you do in particular as preparation.
  14. This is a forum for fans of a football club to debate on issues concerning said football club.
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