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  1. Marvin Sordell and our very own Lloyd Dyer.
  2. I still think they will shithouse some points to scrape survival. They could be in real trouble if they go down.
  3. I do think they've got enough to scrape 3 or 4 wins which will probably be enough. I'm struggling to see Villa and Bournemouth getting 3 or 4 wins from their remaining games.
  4. I understand that because they've been poor but they've got Burnley, Norwich, Watford, Villa and Newcastle in their remaining fixtures so we'll in their hands. If they fail to stay up they only have themselves to blame.
  5. Who do we think is going down? Taking into account what I saw at the weekend, their issues and their run-in I've gone for Norwich, Aston Villa and Bournemouth. West Ham were poor but after the next two games which are Tottenham and Chelsea they've got a reasonable run-in. Watford's run-in is a little tricky but they've got a few winnable games and with Pearson as manager and players like Hughes, Doucoure, Deeney, Foster etc. they've got experienced who are prepared to scrap for everything. Brighton still aren't out of it but they've got breathing space. Norwich are down, Villa and Bournemouth
  6. As much as I don't like Villa, they add a lot more to this league than West ham and Bournemouth.
  7. Wolves look very good. Would be happy if West Ham dropped. There's nothing likeable about them at all. Rancid owners, awful stadium, deluded supporters, absolute shitshow.
  8. Arsenal are in danger of going the way of Everton and Aston Villa after the mid nineties. They're an absolute mess. I can't see them competing towards the top end of the table for a long time.
  9. To be fair I'm convinced we've had many players in the the past who thought we were a rugby team while actually playing for us.
  10. Unless you follow any of the other clubs in the Ruhr area.
  11. I watched 3 games today. I don't have any objection to behind closed doors football given the circumstances because I agree that playing out the remainder of the season is definitely preferable to voiding it. However it's just not the same. The best things about German football are the flags, scarfs, colour, the jumping up and down, beer flying everywhere when goals go in etc. It just feels hollow without it.
  12. I'm completely the opposite. I find naming the new training ground or new stand if and when the stadium expansion happens after Vichai would be more fitting. It celebrates his huge investment in the club's infrastructure. I'm not against a statue because we should honour Vichai but I would like to see statues of players and managers who contributed more directly to our greatest ever moments. Personally thinks it's a disgrace that we don't celebrate a goalkeeper who won the World Cup whilst playing for us. It's great when I've been to The Emirates, Goodison etc. and have seen statues and pictur
  13. It's like how Graeme Souness says that he thinks Pogba would be easy to play against when in reality he wouldn't have been able to get anywhere near him.
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