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  1. I'd like to spend the night with Zooey Deschanel...
  2. I don't think it was this commanding performance that certain pundits are making it out to be, but there's no way anyone can seriously suggest that Croatia deserved something out of that game.
  3. I think people are a bit harsh on Southgate. Whenever we beat a team that we're supposed to beat it's taken for granted (Croatia aren't a bad side), but under Hodgson and Capello we often didn't beat teams that we were supposed to. I know it's a low bar but he certainly has more about him as England manager than Hodgson, Capello, McClaren or Sven did.
  4. Reading some of the comments on here you wouldn't have thought that we'd just beaten a decent international side in the first game of the tournament.I'm not getting carried away, but I thought we did well and deserved to win the game, all things considered.
  5. Like I don't mind having a referee's opinion, but all he does is back the officials regardless. Someone could commit GBH and he would still agree with the referee's decision to not card the player.
  6. 38-31 win away at Wasps (got slapped by 50 in this fixture last season) and a 6th place finish, securing a place in the premier European competition. Huge improvement.
  7. Both of those videos representing the East Midlands
  8. My favourite part is that it looks like he's gonna throw-up half way through
  9. Man United finished second last season with a squad that in my opinion isn't the second best in the country. I still don't think he's done a bad job.
  10. I for one would fully support the idea that only the on field captains can speak directly with the referee.
  11. 100% Suggestions that Steve Borthwick may face punishment for calling out Pat Lam and the Bristol bench for trying to con the referee and claiming that Afoa was injured despite the substitution being listed as tactical, all while Bristol are likely to face no punishment for flat out lying to the officials. If this is to happen then all it does is confirm that the RFU are more interested in trying to uphold this Gentlemen image than trying to stamp out cheating in the sport.
  12. He was clumsy and looked awkward but he could be effective. His pace and power could cause teams problems and he seemed to win a lot of free-kicks. I could imagine that played a big part in why Allardyce signed him for Palace.
  13. I may be wrong but I think that he'd be a smart choice. I think he's presentable enough that he can appeal to voters who don't really have an allegiance to a political party, but also he's more in touch with working class voters in the North and the Midlands having earned credibility with his involvement in the Hillsborough inquiry and the way he stood up for Greater Manchester when they put under local covid restrictions.
  14. For me it depends on whether Burnley keep Dyche.
  15. Tottenham are an average team with two World class players.
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