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  1. BenTheFox

    Free agents

    I lose all reason over this one. He's 35, on massive wages and injury prone. On the other hand it's ****ing Arjen Robben so GERRIMIN
  2. BenTheFox

    Free agents

    Mata is an interesting one.
  3. Anyone see Stringer on The Apprentice years ago? He got fired in something like the second week and got caught telling a fat lie. Says a lot about his character.
  4. The new album by The National is lovely. Great to listen to at night with beverage and reflect on sad things.
  5. The most recent QOTSA was a non event, which is a shame really because Like Clockwork was wonderful. This song in my opinion is the best song they've ever written.
  6. K is also a very nice song. I fully understand why he'd want to lose that image. To be honest the album would be so much better just by not having songs like Here comes the cowboy, Choo choo and hey cowgirl on it.
  7. See I'm really underwhelmed by it. I think it's his worst album since his first one. It's not the direction, because This Old Dog had a very strong folk influence and in my opinion was a much better record. I like Nobody, Heart to Heart, All of Our Yesterdays and On the Square but I feel like most of the songs are pretty weak.
  8. Norwich could surprise a few. Sheffield United I think will be spirited like Cardiff but will suffer the same fate. Villa would stay up. Derby no chance.
  9. Someone called him a 'London Demarai Gray'. If Gray put in anywhere near the level of performances as Zaha, there wouldn't be any question marks over him. In fact if we had Zaha as well as Tielemans I'd 100% back us to finish in the top six.
  10. I find it a bit rich that people on here are slagging off Zaha when he's ripped us apart on a fair few occasions.
  11. BenTheFox


    I've never seen anyone in Leicestershire wearing Derby gear apart from when we play them. Seen plenty of Forest and the odd Cov but never Derby.
  12. They're without question the most vulnerable, which is remarkable seeing as Chelsea have a transfer ban and are losing their best player.
  13. To be fair Tottenham have good players and some of them happen to be English. Having said that I don't particularly rate Dier.
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