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  1. We want someone who's both absolute horse muck and so uninteresting the draws not a novelty home or away. Forest or Derby would do actually.
  2. I suppose it must look that way when you highlight one sentence and ignore the rest. What do you actually expect ordinary people to do to solve your problem?
  3. When you say stuff like this, what are you actually going to do? Break into a pub and pour yourself a drink? Take up arms and launch a rebellion against the Crown? It's all bollocks, we know that. But aside from going to see your friends and family, which nobody else gives a toss about, what sort of responses are you expecting?
  4. Whatever the reasons are, they really haven't helped themselves in justifying lockdowns by making most people no better off and many worse off after a month lockdown that was unpopular to start with. It's all the ammo the usual suspects need to argue that lockdowns don't work.
  5. Pinning all my hopes on the fact that Zlatan is nearly 40 and still the main man towards the top end of a European major league.
  6. Disappointing. These aren't all that but could be out of sight. We're getting chances though.
  7. Was offside but they've been carved up there. Jonny Evans really needs to buck his ideas up.
  8. Actually it was because of the flitting between the sublime and the ridiculous thing. I'll bow to your greater knowledge of what I meant though.
  9. How many footballers flit between the sublime and the ridiculous as often as Iheanacho? So often he looks like he can't play for shit. He's basically the Selfridges Schlupp.
  10. Personally always wondered why he got so much of the grief for the Hand of God incident when really the vast majority of it should have gone to both the lino and the ref for being utterly blind cvnts. How many players do you think would genuinely fess up to having handled it in that situation, then or now? Would you? I certainly wouldn't have.
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