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  1. He's better than John, He's better than Joooohn, Harvey Barnes, he's better than John
  2. Was he in their first team last season?
  3. ffs. Reading that bulletin on the website trying to work out how this is going to work...
  4. Shameful effort. Fancied the day off tomorrow it seems.
  5. Feels like chasing a nominal total just makes players effectively not bother sometimes.
  6. I doubt that is true given that it definitely constitutes tapping up.
  7. I seen Beat the Bank won at Newmarket with Crowley on board earlier - that's one of theirs isn't it?
  8. Good grief people it's a small rectangle on a replica football shirt.
  9. Breaking news: EMPLOYED MAN GOES TO WORK
  10. Sounds like someone off Game of Thrones ffs
  11. Not a good deal at all. Get the scouts working on the continent, we can find a player for a better deal than that. I hope this encourages our suits over prices for our players though. Set a ridiculous price, say no to less. You'll either get paid or keep the player.
  12. http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2017/07/03/leicester-and-manchester-city-should-consider-swap-deal-involvin/page/1/ loved this from a few days ago - who on earth writes this shite?
  13. Love the thought of Sean Dyche sitting in his office eating a Ginsters and being offered say Sandro Ramirez for £5m - "nah don't want any of that foreign muck son, Jonny Walters is on t'way round, he'll do a job"
  14. Good signing that.