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  1. Would agree with locking this thread. There's actually nothing happening with this transfer outside the tabloid newspapers.
  2. Seriously though while we're at it can we also have a couple of later trains back to London in the evening, so people don't have to leave evening kick offs early and then jog back to the station?
  3. No, we're paying them £2billion to STOP them giving us a direct route to Coventry.
  4. Mentality just isn't there. All flat track bullies and nobody who can properly stand up against good sides or sides playing well.
  5. Couldn't resist having a chunk on Australia at 11/10.
  6. Might be a laugh if they changed the name to Leicester Foxes, the colours to blue and white and the ground to King Power Road.
  7. I thought it was a penalty tbf. She knew what she was doing.
  8. GSTQ is probably the worst anthem going but Advance Australia Fair isn't far behind.
  9. It is strange that the video in question has triggered so many - if you were ranking them that one wouldn't even make the top 10 for prattiness.
  10. To be fair I think being a terrible leader for the country on its own is a good enough reason for a person to not want someone to be PM. Probably cos of King Jezza though as you say.
  11. We don't get Tielemans and I'd take 10th right now (with a cup run though I would hope)
  12. We can't have people like Boothroyd managing the youth teams anymore, they're too tainted from their league experiences. It's like us with Beaglehole. It has to be more about the style of play and tactics now, you're better off having a coach take the reins. Was Boothroyd ever known for playing good football?
  13. Basically we have to stay up next season and the season after that, as a bare minimum. Getting on TV more and cup runs will help but aren't essential.
  14. Bloody hell Hope that tinfoil hat's not on too tight
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