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  1. What's more incredible is that when Pearson was linked with Sunderland, their fans were turning their noses up at him
  2. Ffs I forgot Congerton was our problem now. Hope he isn't getting any suggestions on the board yet.
  3. Fair play, if its a bit of a text written on a picture on the internet then it must be genuine. Like how Mahatma Gandhi once advised that one should never back the early kick off.
  4. Had to look this one up, bloody hell. Are there any 20 to 30 year old mixed-race blokes that don't play for Bournemouth?
  5. Another tinpot small club receiving swift karma for not bowing down and selling up to the LCFC big dogs. Get well soon though Merih.
  6. Will be scenes when both sets of fans are celebrating Deeney's late winner against us at Vicarage Road. Go on Big Nige.
  7. If he doesn't control it with his arm the goal doesn't go in. I have no issue with those getting ruled out.
  8. Well that's what I'm saying- if we win our game it doesn't matter.
  9. Cliche but if we win our game any result in the Spurs Liverpool game is a good result for us. So can only focus on ourselves.
  10. Well we've got someone to blame if we get knocked out now...
  11. Big blow this especially with so many bloody games coming up, but good that Choudhury seemed in good nick yesterday and hopefully he will get a few starts. Also made the decision to give Mendy a couple of games look even better in hindsight.
  12. Needs a spell on the bench but we're starting to look a bit short on numbers now.
  13. Chilwell letting us down in the big moments this season.
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