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  1. The peak is meant to be next weekend chaps so just stick at it.
  2. Corbyn was on the Privy Council.
  3. Thanks - hopefully we'll be in business when its Gary's turn to pick...
  4. Apparently did a classic MOTD last night where Shearer picked 3 of his favourite PL games and they showed them. They don't appear to have put it on iplayer - anyone know what games he picked?
  5. BATE up and running. Huge win for the boys from Mozyr too. Another Minsk derby for the big dogs FC Minsk tomorrow, lets make a statement of intent.
  6. Perfectly reasonable appointments tbh.
  7. DID SOMEBODY SAY ah **** it what's the point?
  8. So you all ate pizza covered in shit?
  9. Wrong to go after the players - should be the owners. And if you're going after the owners there are even more obvious targets.
  10. Real relegation six-pointer down at Spartak Stadium Bobruisk. Tough game for Dinamo aswell after their slow start but they'll fancy themselves to get their season up and running I reckon.
  11. I've heard 2 teams are to be promoted. Does that mean both the half-season winners then?
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