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  1. ealingfox

    Should i get up for the Man City Game (League Cup)

    Itll be 8pm-10pm here and I'll be awake and I still won't be getting up for it.
  2. ealingfox

    What's in the news?

    I don't think I've seen anything like that. At least others remain somewhat coherent. That above is the sort of thing I'd guess was written in smeared faeces on a toilet wall in Whitehall.
  3. ealingfox

    What's in the news?

    Is Soubry alright? Demanding changes of policy from a party she opposes, that cant enact her demands, and that she wouldn't support either way?
  4. ealingfox

    Brexit - Has anybody actually changed their minds?

    But you don't know which way they voted. They might have campaigned one way or the other but it was a secret ballot and their public and private faces are very different. A huge amount of the MPs weren't prominent in the campaigns in any way. People love to trot out these lines about Theresa May being a remainer but nothing about her voting record or tenure as Home Sec tells me that she'd have been likely to vote remain. She's a small-minded and insular nationalist. But she had to be seen to be backing remain because she was a) on the government payroll and b) thinking she'd back the winning horse. That's just 1 example but I think that from the privacy of the booth it's no less likely that she voted to leave than Corbyn. She's probably just one of the many idiots that truly believed we could retain the benefits of membership without being in the union.
  5. ealingfox

    Leicester Tigers

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/46592280 Getting more and more garbage as time goes on it seems. To think they could be playing against Ealing next season mental.
  6. ealingfox

    Missing Mahrez

    Can't believe we're missing our most gifted player ever. Ffs.
  7. Thought it would take longer than that but jeez. Hope we pick up a bit. Are we equal to Wolves, if not worse?
  8. ealingfox

    Time for Puel to go

    I mean, I am the lonely bloke in the pub and even I think it's boring. Ludicrous style of play.
  9. ealingfox

    We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    Ndoggo more like. We've done him in - he's a good player with bags of potential but he's not had good coaching here and he's regressed big time. Don't even think it's his fault.
  10. ealingfox

    Time for Puel to go

    Don't get this - we've lost more than 7 games under Puel surely? What's the timeframe?
  11. ealingfox

    Time for Puel to go

    I'd rather watch an Allardyce team than that, I really would. He's the next most defensive manager to Puel available at the moment, and at least you know you'd get a bit of heart with the performance and some shithousing to boot. This is joyless, attackless and pointless football and I don't think I can continue spending my money on this shite.
  12. ealingfox

    Chrystal Palace Away Match Thread.

    Absolute garbage yet again - getting very boring. What the hell have we done to Ndidi? We're ****ing his career here.
  13. ealingfox

    What's in the news?

    Why do people keep saying this? Particularly political hacks who know full well why that's a crap idea and makes no political sense at this point. 100+ MPs have voiced support for the PM this morning supposedly - doesn't mean a lot given these are Tory MPs we're talking about, but I'd still be confident of May surviving the vote. Probably wouldn't nibble at 1/2 though as I'd want to put more down than I can risk losing to make it worth it.
  14. ealingfox

    What's in the news?

    Politics and especially Breggzit is in the news every day and other stuff that's in the news is likely to fall into categories covered by existing threads. For instance the news relating to Raheem Sterling isn't even in this sub-forum. NZ incident neatly falls into Absolute ***** of Our Time as another example. It's nobody's fault or anything, just an observation. I'd wager this thread remains 90%+ politics as it is now, and therefore it's likely to attract the same issues as the politics thread which was eventually deemed binworthy.
  15. ealingfox

    What's in the news?

    The pigeon stuff is also incredibly dull and not funny at all.