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  1. Do you seriously consider Wolves to be a Champions League club, or is that just awkwardly phrased?
  2. Long wait til the next game. Costa Rica are a decent unit and the Serbs look pretty good on paper. Predictions?
  3. ealingfox

    Croatia vs Nigeria - Match Thread

    Nigeria are garbage.
  4. ealingfox

    Argentina v Iceland

    What does that even mean?
  5. ealingfox

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    I hear that but still think there's a difference. Messi has been doing playmaker stuff whilst Ronaldo's been running into the box waiting for a chance to score. All comes down to how you define 'better' I guess. Easy to forget while Real Madrid won the CL they weren't even close to Barca in the league as has been the case through much of their career. Like I said I think they're the best two players there's ever been and I'm very pleased to have watched them both. They've egged each other on throughout the years as well, it's been mental.
  6. ealingfox

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    What about the drugs and that?
  7. ealingfox

    Tunisia vs England - Monday 18th June 19:00

    Agreed, a lot rests on getting an early goal, the longer it goes on at 0-0 the worse it will get for us.
  8. ealingfox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Yep, enough evidence on the table to make significant changes now. Even if you want to stay away from going full legalisation there's a whole lot of good you can do. The UK is the biggest exporter of legal cannabis in the entire world. I'd put it to anyone out there, given that that is a fact, can cannabis really be that bad?
  9. ealingfox

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    I mean tbh that game could happen ten times over but it remains the same - Ronaldo is more effective but Messi is a more gifted footballer. That's the bottom line isn't it? That will always be the case. We're incredibly blessed to have witnessed both of them play out their careers. In terms of the sport of football they're the best two players there has ever been (Pele - played mostly against cloggers plus started counting his goals from U9s, Maradona was a proper cheat) and we just have to wait and hope someone surpasses their level during our lifetimes. Messi is the most gifted player there's ever been in terms of playing the game, but in terms of playing and winning football matches Cristiano Ronaldo is as good as there's ever been. I prefer Messi, but like I say, we should be thankful that we've enjoyed both of them in their prime, they've lifted football to a higher level.
  10. ealingfox

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    He knowingly brushed his trailing leg against a knee after he'd decided to go down?
  11. ealingfox

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    People actually think it was a penalty? Good grief.
  12. ealingfox

    Mario Gotze

    Genuinely wouldn't even want him these days. Not fit, on massive wages and made of biscuits. Swerve all day long.
  13. ealingfox

    The joke thread

    I'm glad the Birch doesn't read this thread willow quality humour like this.
  14. ealingfox

    Tunisia vs England - Monday 18th June 19:00

    England’s provisional starting XI (3-3-2-2): Pickford; Walker, Stones, Maguire; Trippier, Henderson, Young; Lingard, Alli; Sterling, Kane. say the Guardian.