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  1. Channel 4 did something on the dodgy factory practices in Leicester years ago didnt they? I dont think this is a stone that's only just been turned.
  2. It won't happen as they'll be well above us by then, but can you imagine how corrupt the last game would be if Man U needed the win?
  3. Absolutely disgusting that we only had 1 point off these.
  4. Another enabler for the open corruption.
  5. Not what I meant, but if you insist on being like that we finished 2nd in 1928/29.
  6. You dont have to agree. But bottling the Champions League from a 15 point head start with less than half a season to go, bottling a two-legged semi-final against the worst team in the league, instilling a weak, loser mentality in the squad and being so utterly one-dimensional that any old prat of a manager can turn up and do a job on us are not issues that are mitigated because we beat a few of the bottom half teams in a row 8 months ago. Time will do its thing. Him and Congerton are not good for this club and in my opinion, they should go and soon, because they will cause lasting damage. If I'm wrong, I will happily revisit this and hold my hands up. But we've been here before.
  7. I think he deserves to be called shit for producing 4 wins from our last 16 games in the league. Only a run of very good form through a series of favourable fixtures in October and November is making him look any better than Puel at this stage. He's not as shit as Levein, Holloway or Worthington if that makes you feel better though.
  8. They were all shit too. Completely irrelevant though.
  9. Pathetic to go from being 15 points clear in the top 4 in February to finishing 6th or 7th too.
  10. Blowing a 15 point lead in less than half a season, costing the club 70m and god knows how much else in terms of our future prospects, makes his position untenable for me.
  11. Anyone who is insistent on Lee Congerton joining them at clubs despite his track record clearly cannot be any sort of football maestro or genius. Rodgers is basically an overpromoted office middle manager with a very noticeable fraudulent streak and he should go at the end of the season. When will this club learn to stop handing out new contracts willy-nilly and for no reason? Its absurd.
  12. 2 nil defeat sadly, Richarlison usually scores against us.
  13. Sneak past us? We've opened the gates, rolled out the red carpet and laid on a spread
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