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  1. Atmos was doggo today but whoever's started this chat that there was booing is bloody weird. Literally didnt even happen and look how many people have reacted. Freak.
  2. Sounds like BRINO to me.
  3. On the contrary, I would say there's plenty of room for progressive economic policy, and it's largely socially where Labour need to improve their image. As I said in another thread I have not seen much evidence that the policy platform was unpopular outside of the obvious Brexit issue and its implications. It might be an inconvenient truth for some but several of the policies did resonate with people. For instance it is pretty hard to argue a compelling case that the market has delivered on things like the railway, given we pay very high prices for very bad service and loads of it is managed by other countries anyway. It needs stripping back and repackaging in a way that can't be dismissed as LOL FREE NETFLIX by Football Twitter banter merchant types. But there are areas which would benefit from radical change and there is a good argument that can be made for enacting that change.
  4. But the larger half of the Labour membership was Remain. And this just demonstrates the bind. We've got people saying that a 'sensible' or centre-left Labour leader would have beaten the Tories easily, and that Labour got thumped because they were too Remainy. Those two things are mutually exclusive, so which one is it?
  5. But their stance was reflective of their membership though and that's where I have a modicum of sympathy. They were being pulled in two directions - for every nod to the Labour leave vote you had someone like Tom Watson saying wHy ArEnT wE bAcKiNg ReMaIn It was unsustainable and lose-lose. They either 'betrayed' one half of the membership or the other and the Conservatives didnt really have this issue because the membership was largely of the same view.
  6. I have not seen much evidence that the policy platform was unpopular, nor that the Conservatives' was popular. Repeated testimony reflects that the principal issues on the doorstep were Brexit and Corbyn himself. The manifesto is largely an extension of 2017s which was popular. The big difference is the Brexit position - 2017 pledged to enact the referendum result and 2019 did not. This drove a few thousand more people to vote Conservative in enough Leave-supporting areas. This is why I am not sure about people saying the centre-left driving Labour's election would have done any better. It was that wing of the party that cornered the leadership into a more Remainy position.
  7. As I've said a few times, I just want them to get on with it now, without excuses or blaming others.
  8. Does the tweet say anybody is thick or stupid, yes or no? I think you're reaching a bit here. It is possible to think that Conservative domestic policy is unlikely to alleviate deprivation in places like Blyth.
  9. Bet you we would vote for it given the chance though
  10. The tweet doesn't call anyone thick or stupid either, but ok, whatever. Neither of us are about to ask you what 5 more years of Conservative government is going to do for places like Blyth.
  11. Where did I say anyone was thick or stupid? I imagine that they largely felt the need to vote for a Conservative government because they want Brexit to happen. As I say, if the stats are as bad as that tweet claims, I hope Brexit goes some way to alleviating them.
  12. Labour haven't been in government for 9 years though?
  13. Hope Brexit sorts all these things out, for their sake.
  14. And if they don't, will Johnson be blamed for that? I still don't really see what the endgame is with Brexit, there's been so much shapeshifting that has gone on with it from the Leave side.
  15. This is the problem though - how long do we get these excuses? Why is it still other people's fault? They had a majority after 2015 - its disingenuous to characterise it as 4 years Brexit infighting. If there was instability, they must have caused it.
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