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  1. How annoying is Peter Drury ffs? I can barely stand listening to his commentary any more.
  2. Stop using straws, especially plastic ones. Don't put fruit and veg in plastic bags at the supermarket. Do the washing machine at 30 degrees. Have one meat-free day or even just evening meal a week. So many little things we can do that you barely even notice but collectively make a significant difference.
  3. Anyone else starting to find all this Solskjaer stuff incredibly tedious? We get it, he used to play for the team he now manages. It's hardly unique. I'm not as exposed to his media appearances admittedly but I don't think I've heard Zidane mention 2002 even once across his tenure(s).
  4. Probably want to put a lot of that in spoilers lads
  5. Whilst it was nice of the players to sponsor the awards themselves, won't it look a bit dodgy if a player wins the award that they are sponsoring?
  6. Good grief - didn't see this at the time. We cannot allow clubs like this to win trophies or finish top 7. Tinpot as you like.
  7. Just watched the first one. Is it just me that thought it was doggo?
  8. Either that or 7 Sunday roasts down the old Salmon.
  9. £5.50?!?! **** me I need to get myself down to the Salmon. I can get the train up from London, go and get a roast there and get the train back down for less than it costs for a roast in London these days.
  10. Do you think we would play that way if Benitez had been in post for 3 years with a spend of 180m or whatever it is?
  11. Yeah personally can't stand going away from home and winning without breaking a sweat
  12. The manager we could have had. Sit back and take it in.
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