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  1. If a linesman called a 1mm offside correctly they'd be applauded, now tech can call it correctly every time apparently the games gone. Ridiculous saying 'oh but it's ok to be a little bit offside'. It literally isn't, you're either offside or you're not. If you don't want to be caught offside then stay onside.
  2. Our 500th Premier League game today according to SSN.
  3. Equally I expect there are a fair amount who aren't triggered by Ronaldo's behaviour but get apoplectic about Rapinoe.
  4. If we can't take advantage of this we need to call it off now. Couldn't ask for better bowling conditions.
  5. And when someone is 1mm offside beyond the yellow line you'll get the exact same complaints again.
  6. Roy down to 4 or 5, Buttler or Denly out, Sibley in.
  7. Could well lose the series today the way things are going.
  8. I like this. Dropping what will be the best midfielder to have ever played in Scotland into the Rangers team will do wonders to repair our relationship with Celtic.
  9. Defending the Champions League at a raucous King Power Stadium bellowing "Champions of Europe, You'll Never Sing That" at our Group C visitors Celtic, Borussia Dortmund and Marseille.
  10. The first time he went shoulder to shoulder with Jiminez was superb - bloke went absolutely flying
  11. In time, players will learn to not use their arm to score and to stay onside and you will get fewer and fewer incidents like yesterday or the Sterling one. Personally I am lost as to why people are so pissy about handball and offside being deemed against the rules because tHe SpIrIt oF tHe gAmE.
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