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  1. ealingfox

    NYT's British-Irish Dialect Quiz

    Anyone else find nothing shown where the map should be? Either it's a malfunction or my dialect is so unusual it can't be placed.
  2. ealingfox

    President Trump & the USA

    I actually had £100 per flight in total in mind rather than £100 per person per flight, which would be £800 per year v £200 per year, but it's inconsequential as neither of us know what the terms of these measures would be nor are we qualified to decide them. Again I think you're pretty out of touch if you think families on lower incomes can afford lamb or beef every week as it is. Your victim complex slant is pretty weird, nobody is saying anyone isn't allowed anything. I don't agree that introducing such measures would impact the poorest in society the most and it certainly isn't a given but we'll probably have to agree to disagree on that.
  3. ealingfox


    Fun fact: Most people train for the London Marathon by changing for the Piccadilly line at Green Park.
  4. ealingfox

    The joke thread

    Have you no Hart?
  5. ealingfox

    Championship 2018-2019

    I'd have Bristol City over Leeds to be honest. They've not been up before and they'd go straight back down.
  6. ealingfox

    President Trump & the USA

    The people in society who are the poorest. You? My point is the poorest cannot afford these things as it is. So they are unlikely to care all that much as it doesn't make a difference. Even looking at the sliding scale, I would posit that a tax of say £100 on each flight, it's not going to stop a family on lower income going on their one holiday each year. But it is more likely to make a middle class couple think differently about their 3 or 4 international breaks per year.
  7. ealingfox

    President Trump & the USA

    Absolutely. I'll add that the wealthiest also have the capacity to enact carbon offsetting alongside their indulgences, but who does and who doesn't do that I couldn't tell you.
  8. ealingfox

    President Trump & the USA

    The poorest in society tend not to fly regularly, eat much meat or drive cars. It would impact the middle classes more.
  9. ealingfox

    Season Ticket

    They ballot some off each year as well don't they?
  10. ealingfox

    If only...

    There's more than twice as many home seats at Old Trafford than at the KP so it's all relative.
  11. ealingfox

    If only...

    Posted that a bit soon! They've just been shat on for the whole 90 minutes by the away end. Place was like a morgue.
  12. ealingfox

    Michael Appleton

    Best win percentage of any Leicester manager in history. Respect.
  13. ealingfox


    Such a shame we've already chucked away 7th as it would have been in the bag if he'd been playing from a few games earlier
  14. ealingfox

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Another bloody 2 week wait as well! What a shite season this has been.