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  1. Mate I’m the same, get drawn in every big tournament, all it ends up doing is pissing me off🤣
  2. The twat had the most luckiest run of a World Cup in history to reach the semi finals, soon as we played a half decent side he bottled it
  3. A draw is pretty poor against this Scotland side tbf
  4. Never liked Declan rice wtf does he offer??
  5. Southgate’s ****ing a clueless ****, we should not be knocking the ball about thinking the opposition are Brazil
  6. Flipping hell no imagination like McCoist says
  7. Will boring bellend Southgate bring on Grealish at half time? I think not
  8. Tbf vardy has been well below average most of the season
  9. Mate come on, there no way in a million years would vardy be any were near effective in this game then Kane
  10. I get the impression you don’t like him, was it you who said you’d rather vardy up front for England?
  11. Must be the old hate mail trick then 🤣
  12. Do you have a dart board with Kane’s face on the bull
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