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  1. yeah i wouldn't even say he got sacked for his boring football. they probably sacked him because of all the loses/draws and massive spankings from crystal bleeding palace. that's a question, is puel a palace fan?
  2. why not just call in sick? surely 1 day should be allowed at least. anyway, why is she making a big deal about a poxy part time sandwich job?
  3. no reason to go PSG. unless he wanted to go back to france.
  4. 1 nil win at the bridge and a clean sheet against them last season. that was when they had hazard and kante.
  5. i thought they were terrible to watch but they really should've won.
  6. i did think they'd have a good start before the season. i think it'll go downhil quick mid season and he'll be sacked in jan/feb
  7. man u look awful should be 2 nil down
  8. andre marriner is probably the best ref in the league. superb performance
  9. puel would've been proud of that
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