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  1. looked very lizardy there
  2. watched the first episode, thought it was pretty boring tbh. maybe i bought the hype and was expecting more.
  3. did you have 15 beers or just very desperate?
  4. still, resi evil 3 remake tomorrow.
  5. that's a brilliant video. also found this https://engnews24h.com/russian-government-documents-virus-is-not-naturally-formed-天然-apollo-news-network/ long stuff but really interesting
  6. what as in bold? could've just gone down to a number 4
  7. luckily i have a whole bunch of old 20's that i can use.
  8. what by yourself? there are 100's of people out there today. jogging, walking their dogs, out with their families. i seen a bunch of stupid kids playing football on the street yesterday. doubt the police can do much about that many people being out.
  9. yeah strap you up to a lie detector too. i heard that
  10. i think i watched a different alan partridge bitd
  11. because it has corona
  12. RE code veronica. only about half way but definitely my least favourite of the old RE era.
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