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  1. hope oliver is the ref. get those soft pens
  2. i bet that pen never gets given if the crowd was there
  3. nooo. i felt something dodgy might happen tonight when i asked who the ref was dodgy pen or red card coming up
  4. read the replies. the spurs fan was just quoted what he was valued at.
  5. have a bad feeling we'll never see him back to his prime again. cant believe it's close to a year now
  6. i dont get why people get so wound up on that? the big six wont change until someone outside consistently finishes in that top 6 for a good few years
  7. i don't consider Newcastle a big club. maybe slightly above middle sized. they've been in the championship twice in the last 11 years.
  8. how many more times do we have to see this type of game against this sort of opposition
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