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  1. so masks were pointless not too long ago. now they're forcing us to wear them everywhere
  2. few united fans are actually asking him about transfer news
  3. utd looked tired in that second half. hopefully go downhill for them now
  4. this is just like last season. no one wanting 4th spot
  5. feel a draw 1 - 1. they did beat them earlier in the season.
  6. pretty much said not good enough to be comfortable against bournmouth . first half was dominant
  7. did he really say that? just imagine if his players heard that.
  8. i think that's what brendan is telling the players
  9. mcgoldrick to get his first PL hat trick. any other player to score who hasn't scored in the past few years for them.
  10. must feel like crap scoring that many and missing out on champions league. same with ricardo, should be playing CL
  11. i think they would've scored even if kasper hadn't made that mistake tbh. massive difference in the second half
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