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  1. i think we should ditch the royal family then everyone's appy
  2. i remember it being 1 - 4. they got smacked
  3. villa , bournemouth and norwich down then
  4. all the people writing him off after today. even with ndidi that was a loss. almost every player was shite today
  5. from what i remember it was sky sports that kept going on about it even tho there were no rumours
  6. definitely not alone. his crossing is really hit and miss too, more miss really. he can't pass and his defending is poor. he isn't good enough for chelsea imo.
  7. better player under puel imo
  8. i think i've seen more of the southamtpon fans than the actual match. weird stream
  9. well it'd be 0 - 1 to southampton had youri started
  10. brendan needs to tell them to stop passing to southampton players.
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