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  1. making them miss a game isn't going to make much difference to them. made a difference in the match tho
  2. how many times have we comeback in a game under rodgers?
  3. they need to start taking them straight off the pitch. 10 mins wasted and only 2 mins will be added on
  4. finally someone who sees what i see. is he good at anything? bang average player
  5. yes we should be joyous in getting smashed in a pivotal top 4 game
  6. funny how i never seen anything solid linking him to a move there. i cant see wenger going for both vardy and mahrez in the same window. also what does he mean he would've arrived at city at 24/25? who's to say he would've gone from arsenal to city anyway?
  7. what was that weird stat about us having 0 percent possession over a 5 min period? pretty sure 4 minutes of that was taken up on that free kick. pointless stat
  8. if we beat southampton i hope chelsea beat man city. otherwise it'd be a pointless final
  9. he just guessed and went on the reaction to kdb. shit ref as usual
  10. evans needs to retire from internationals as soon as poss
  11. depends if he wins or not. if he loses or draws he'll be straight down the tunnel
  12. 2 prem titles, fa cup and the europa + world cup. not too bad tbf
  13. they dont seem to happy over at bluemoon about that 2-5 result
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