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  1. only so long i can watch that shiet. i'm sick of watching the ball being played backwards. the only problem is the lack of mangers out there
  2. sounds like a new games console that's coming out.
  3. reminds me of puel a bit before he got sacked
  4. tony k and houghton at forest is a bad sign. not only a sad sight but i can see them progressing
  5. danny higginbotham to take over lineker would be amazing
  6. i think it's hilarious. it's like he'll never get sacked but still give them a tiny glimmer of hope. he needs to be sacked, similar with southgate at england. 2 managers way out of their depth
  7. ole has a knack for keeping himself in a job. i don't think it's very good for utd tbh.
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