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  1. because you're over exaggerating. yes his passing has been off but he's had some decent moments in that half.
  2. dont think maddison has been that bad tbh. 2 decent shots at goal at least he's looking close to scoring. no one else is. as i posted that even the commentator said he's been england's brightest player.
  3. glad i tuned in. what a game.
  4. sol bamba for me. was brilliant last season
  5. should take a look at richie wellens and gallagher
  6. i had it on but i didn't watch it. so you can't count my view.
  7. one club league and they never do well in the champions league. same with celtic. ok psg have more money to waste.
  8. psg are like celtic. doubt he'd wanna go there anyway.
  9. gone downhill after 2014. he's probably run out of ideas since he has to make 6 episodes. i remember they only released like 2 or 3 episodes at a time bitd.
  10. well he was in the title winning season but not after. he wanted to leave.
  11. you talking about hazard? he gets plenty of credit and rightly so. definitely not underrated or overrated.
  12. i agree totally, a better option off the bench than vardy.
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