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  1. It was very odd I must admit, I did not have any real injury problems at all as you say, maybe I hit a glitch or just got lucky. I played Ricardo at RW as neither Perez or Under performed that well, he was immense and bagged goals most games. I was using a formation someone created on an FM forum I am part of and it worked a treat. I did make subs throughout matches so I can only think the best eleven screenshot provided only shows games players started not including substitutions, I definitely played some of the players from the bench more than it states above.
  2. Just finished my first season with Leicester, went pretty well including a lot of the individual performances. Champions League Qualification and a League Cup win.
  3. 3-0 up at 'Boro tonight. The big Nige affect already taking hold
  4. Always played with a smile and was an important player for us, I wish him all the best at Tranmere
  5. So I had a season with Leicester which didn't quite go to plan, finished 12th in the League, knocked out the FA Cup by Brentford, Won the Carabao Cup. Ultimately the board were not satisfied and sacked me. Updated the game for the Winter Transfers and I will now give it another go, this time I have an up to date squad at least
  6. Yes I hit a snag when furlough ended and I've had to go back to work since, I'll see what I can do whether I can find time to do it.
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