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  1. The Final Day - Who Will Lift The Title? It is the final day of The FoxesTalk Ultimate Football League and after an up & down campaign it comes down to the last game of the season to decide who is going down & who is lifting the title! Early on in the season it appeared the title was destined to AKCJ Athletic who were top after 12 games but a turn in form saw challenges from 30 Seconds to Mahrez, The Balotellitubbies, Troll City & P.Y.A FC. Now with 37 games played 30 Seconds to Mahrez with Manager @StanSP know victory at faltering former contenders AKCJ Athletic will be enough to clinch the Silverware. The nearest challengers P.Y.A FC , with Manager @TiffToff88, are just 1 point behind and they play first, visiting Penetrators FC, where they must win to keep the pressure on! At the other end of the table it is just as intriguing as Berton Albion, Whadjuk Wanderers & CSKA Narborough face massive fixtures to try & solidify there place in the league! Even Penetrators FC are not necessarily safe but 2 places will need to be filled before all is said and done, Managers @Bert, @ozleicester, @Dan LCFC & @Facecloth are sure to be nervous with the possibilities. Its anyone's guess what could happen but it sure to be full of drama & excitment along the way!