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  1. https://radiofail.wordpress.com/2009/11/06/food-demonstration-fail/
  2. Are you sure it wasn’t C View ? There’s quite a few Cs in Hinckley
  3. Better than evens apparently
  4. Wonder if he’ll be interested in going to a big ten team
  5. Coming to us will probably give him his best chance of ever winning a PL title medal
  6. In a parallel universe I’m in a king size with Ellie lying in my left arm, Jenna in my right and we’re partying hard celebrating Leicester’s second Premier League title
  7. Utd now beginning to grow into the game against West London’s best football team
  8. I suppose we should just be glad that Jon Miss is a referee and not a heart surgeon
  9. I met Phil Spector's brother Crispin the other day. He's head of quality control at Walkers.
  10. I think I it was its adult offshoot - Good Moaning Britain - Utter filth !
  11. More this https://drserkanaygin.com
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