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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/12/revealed-conservative-councillors-islamophobic-social-media?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other This bit particularly stood out In 2017, one councillor, who has been pictured with Johnson, endorsed a suggestion that all aid to Africa helping feed starving people should stop, allowing “mother nature take her course”. She replied: “It’s nature’s way of depopulation.”
  2. I wonder if buying Slim was in part an effort to keep RM happy Thanks Riyad 👍
  3. On the plus side, should Man City get there, he has a good chance of playing in the Carabao Cup Final in March
  4. All this foreign interference shit is a bit far fetched isn’t it ?
  5. I’m confused - does this mean he usually thinks before he speaks ?
  6. First time I saw him play was in a pre-season game at errmm .... Hinckley Really glad he’s gone on to show what players who have graced the pitch at Leicester Road can go on to achieve
  7. Kante is the only one recently who has gone on to justify the decision to leave us Present squad take note. Think very carefully and appreciate what we have here before moving on
  8. From Priti Patel’s Wiki page A controversial figure, Patel has been criticised by political opponents for defending the tobacco and alcohol industries,[3] and for advocating threatening the Republic of Ireland with food shortages during Brexit negotiations.[4][5] Patel said her comments were "taken out of context" and she did not refer specifically to the risk of food shortages.[4][6]
  9. I guess those odds are pretty meaningless They’ve got Rees Mogg next at 16s and Rory Stewart who won’t even be a parliamentarian at 33s
  10. I’m not so sure that she’s the only one saying it if there’s any truth in any of the linked articles https://www.independent.co.uk/topic/tory-islamophobia-row With the shift in the party to the right I wonder what Saj’s chance of ever becoming PM are ? If it’s 5000-1 I might sneak a quid on it
  11. It’s a shame because if he came back for a game after his career finished I’d like to think that I’d applaud him just as I would any of the legends but notwithstanding that he is the most gifted player I’ve seen in a Leicester shirt, him being such a mardy twat would somewhat temper my enthusiasm
  12. Mike Oxlong

    Keith Vaz

    Surprised he could stand for anything after an all nighter with the Romanians
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