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  1. @MattP have you got a new job with Dublin council ? Homeless man in hospital after council clean-up removes tent with him inside http://news.sky.com/story/homeless-man-in-hospital-after-council-clean-up-removes-tent-with-him-
  2. Funny how wrong you can be about someone. Having u-turned after giving the impression that you wouldn’t vote in support of Boris if he swerved an Andrew Neill interview I didn’t have you down as the principled sort
  3. Strikes me as similar to Drinky Achieved financial security and lost his motivation
  4. And if she is elected that will be least another 10 years in opposition for labour
  5. From his Wiki page “With outstanding performances in these competitions, he was awarded the grand prize of the 21st Cha Bum-Kun Football Award” SIGN HIM UP
  6. I still live in hope that they’ll report my “The Mercury is a shitrag” post
  7. Sad to see how his career has stalled in the last couple of years Hope he gets some decent playing time Always a legend
  8. He talks so much shit it could’ve been a burp
  9. Sounds like you’ve been hiding in it
  10. I think part of the reason Ben gets so much stick is because he can give the appearance of not being too fussed if he plays awfully and the team loses. Chatting and having a laugh with an opponent that he knows at the final whistle is hardly a heinous crime but I’d like to see him pissed off and not engaging in the social pleasantries any more than he has to at that particular moment. Last season after a home loss it was quite clear that Ricky P was really pissed off. After applauding the fans and quick handshakes with the opposition he was off down the tunnel clearly unhappy. I thought that’s what I want to see in those circumstances. Someone who isn’t fine when we lose or they play rubbish. That type of reaction might result in a more forgiving approach from some fans.
  11. Mike Oxlong


    You get my respect but more importantly you get a medal
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