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  1. Bellerin looks such a spiv
  2. Mike Oxlong

    So, what's your plan Puel?

    Reading posts like this help me along that journey.
  3. Mike Oxlong

    President Trump & the USA

    So within days of the media reporting that in light of the government shutdown Donald brought in 1000 burgers for attendees at a White House function we hear that the leader of North Korea has wangled himself an invite to Washington
  4. Mike Oxlong

    That's why we are boring

    As a whole its been more akin to Prince Phillip taking a quiet afternoon drive although last summer was an improvement
  5. Mike Oxlong

    Only one man for the job where we are right now

    Ok - you’re being a bit of a tit.
  6. Mike Oxlong

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    I”m not seeing players that aren’t trying for the manager I’m just seeing players that aren’t very good and have a small football brain I’m not sure which would be more depressing
  7. Mike Oxlong

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Utter desire there from Wes
  8. Mike Oxlong

    Wolves A Match Thread

    That was classic Gray
  9. Mike Oxlong

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Make a change at least now Claude
  10. Mike Oxlong

    The ever obliging Leicester City

    Jota scored more goals today since he last turned out for his kindergarten
  11. Mike Oxlong

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Struggling to see how the PL is the best in the world Some of this from both teams is like pub football
  12. Mike Oxlong

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Fuk yeh
  13. Mike Oxlong

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Superb finish I’m a big critic but hats off to that
  14. Mike Oxlong

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Ricardo - shocking defending for their second
  15. Mike Oxlong

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Kasper’s asking him to help him out and send our back 4 off