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  1. “as Southampton and Leicester vie for Brest talent” - snigger
  2. Just the chorus from this old chestnut Fofana, Fofana, Fofana is good enough for me
  3. Sorry but this deserves a WAFTA (Wank Addition (to) Foxes Talk Award)
  4. Brilliant analysis Strider. Really enjoyed reading it
  5. I thought you said that you were taking your wife ?
  6. In just under 5 months that’s only a bit over a measly one page per day
  7. I did chuckle when I saw a post by one of their fans complaining that it was almost a year since they had won 5 in a row
  8. Reminds me slightly of Bernie
  9. So even Mclovin is now interested in our transfer business
  10. Sort of lad that took his ball home before the end of the park game when he got all the best picks but was still getting tonked by the underdogs
  11. Heard Joachim Low saying he loves marmite during one of the recent international games
  12. You’re lucky I have to live with having taught him to play football
  13. Best post match analysis on the Blue Moon forum Trojan63 said: For what it’s worth my sister dated Mendy briefly last year - she agrees he’s a shit LB but said he was a decent ****
  14. Stick that in Google translate “It’s not fair. We cost a lot more than them and compared to what we earn they are like burger flippers in McDonalds. They are meant to let us score many many times but maybe they are too dumb to read the script. Can you stop filming now please cos I’m gonna cry .....”
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