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  1. Fvckin tough when your butler isn’t allowed to press your newspaper any more
  2. As long as royalty and politicians get tested we’ll be just fine
  3. Trying to keep the unveiling of my new line in knitted willy warmers in the diary for now
  4. Just made a free transfer on FPL so that when Mrs O gets home from work I can tell her that I’ve done something useful today
  5. http://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-how-to-keep-your-husband-happy-in-lockdown-posters-condemned-11966597
  6. Does he pass himself of as an Englebert lookalike ?
  7. Cheese and biscuits with lashings of butter I’m hoping they’ll find some blood in amongst the cholesterol at my next blood test
  8. I’m going out to pick up some milk later provided I can wedge Mrs O in the boot of her mini
  9. I used to because of Britney Spears
  10. Had a fun afternoon with the housemates
  11. Most nurses I know can’t even do three keepy ups
  12. Take breakfast wearing just a vest and socks That clears the house for a couple of hours as they all seem to want to go on a long walk
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