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  1. Username - My first name is Mike and I have a very very very long bovine pet Profile picture - I just might be prone to a little bit of exaggeration every now and again
  2. The lad must be excited at the prospect of a move to a bigger club
  3. I think a fvckin gerbil would make more sensible decisions than the muppets manning the system at present
  4. Moss is such a shit-arse He really is a big club fanboi
  5. Shame Shearer wasn’t a pundit on Sky last night
  6. The media script for us is pretty much fvck off out of our top 6
  7. I imagine Meighan will get the chop from the Stringer - Meighan love in show One down one to go
  8. If we make CL I just might give Sako my ticket for the first game
  9. My team was obviously affected by being on the sauce all week. Good luck @Devonfox1884 At least I won’t have to play Leicester now. I’ve enjoyed this and the World Cup. Thanks for organising Des and for the time given up to do this for us 👍
  10. A Mourinho - Kane whinge is truly one of the great pleasures in life
  11. VAR will say the West Ham player jumped too high
  12. Thing is, it’s not VAR. It’s the cnuts that operate it
  13. Three and a half minutes to look at it WTF about clear and obvious ?
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