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  1. Looking forward to the knitted one for the 2015 end of season tour to Thailand
  2. Good at carrying kit bags though Only rarely drops them
  3. To all players Party’s at mine this Saturday/Sunday - late till 8 All welcome
  4. Whilst I think that the players involved are a bunch of selfish shit-arses even I think it’s time to move on now
  5. Do you not have any regrets with Brendan not even putting you on the bench for a single game this season ?
  6. Don’t be silly Webbo. Hope you’re ok. You’re one of the forum’s good guys 👍
  7. Sorry to hear your sad news Webbo. It must be awful for you and your family. Condolences to you all.
  8. When she does they ought to say nothing and just use her Mme Tussauds waxwork at official functions to stop Chas getting the gig
  9. That’s a typo It was a dressing gown, monikered and best quality towelling, to keep them warm when they got out of Ayoze’s hot tub
  10. Just a game of Twister although Maddison went off injured due to a hip injury and Chowdhury got a red for going right through the back of another player
  11. I just wish the club would put up season ticket prices so i can contribute more of my hard earned to these stellar human beings
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