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  1. So you can do 68mph on a country road without penalty but if you do 69 they'll have your pants down ?
  2. Edited:
  3. Seen this bloke in the ring at the Appleby Horse Fair
  4. Demarai just passed in the box !!!!
  5. Just think though. The fine means that we can now pay for 3 extra police officers for a whole year !
  6. I hear what you say It seemed like a humblebrag without the humble !
  7. Thanks for sharing
  8. Doubt he will be when his cell mate does the same to him !
  9. Everyone would have to go about their day in the noodie On the whole, that would be a pretty bad thing really
  10. Technically inaccurate unless 100% of "Brits" took part in the poll
  11. I'm guessing a tube of smarties would be overkill though ?
  12. Dave Sparrow
  13. I bet you've peeped at P3 though !
  14. Yep, definitely more than one way to skin a cat although this one isn't for me http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/21/you-should-be-putting-weed-up-your-anus-instead-of-smoking-it-doctors-advise-6524139/
  15. Shandy's a gateway to liver disease. Sherry trifle too.