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  1. I bought a cheese and onion cob in a canal side pub years back. It was served to me by a bloke who looked like he was out of the Flying Pickets and was more the bollox than I would’ve liked. There was a thick curly black pube right on the cheese
  2. Always thought you’d back a ban FIF
  3. Unless it’s Boris and co dodging media scrutiny ....
  4. Not a fan of the skintight shirt
  5. I heard this happened in the Dover Castle too
  6. Not if they’ve sat on the toilet seat after Savage
  7. Can’t imagine why they never quote Mike Oxlong in their family newspaper
  8. What type of caravan does she have ?
  9. Mike Oxlong

    The gym

    Sure you weren’t delivering a washing machine ?
  10. Was on SSN Paper Talk last night (Daily Express)
  11. Well one of them has history as a Super Spreader
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