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  1. I’ve been told he can make the waves turn back
  2. Best not to give this sort of thing further publicity by posting it on here IMO.
  3. Top 10,000 in the world Not sure how much is due to decision making and how much down to luck but pleased with that
  4. I read that as ‘no, unless a bigger club doesn’t come in for me”. He didn’t seem as integrated with the team in the post match stuff after Chelsea as I had expected.
  5. Not sure he’ll want to be in a relegation fight next season 🤔
  6. Was the correct answer - Freddie Starr’s hamster ?
  7. I’m willing to give him a chance and if it goes tits up we could always hire Claude to do the job
  8. A trophy for Liverpool would be warranted by their play this season but I’d still really love Ajax to win it
  9. Nacho’s just been made the new favourite for Man City’s player of the season
  10. Man City fans booing because we have possession of the ball
  11. Mike Oxlong


    A career in dry cleaning beckons
  12. First in a one horse race is better than third in a two horse race
  13. The two things listed under one can happen simultaneously
  14. Saw a job advertised in the paper for a circumciser Salary was £25,000 plus tips
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